1975 Pinta 33 : Only $22,000 – New Update for 2023!

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: 1975 Pinta 33, a new and captivating vessel that promises exciting adventures. Only $22,000. Don’t miss out!

Pinta 33 1975 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1975
Manufacturer: cat sale
Estimated Mile Range 18,500
(Max Mile Range:22,000)

Die Pinta 33 ist ein gut segelnder Fahrten-Trimaran. Die Alvilda wurde in den Jahren 2005 bis 2008 gründlich überholt und neu ausgerüstet. Sie bietet fast so viel Platz wie moderne Falt- oder Klapptrimarane, wird aber zu einem drittel des Preises angeboten. The Pinta 33 is a fast cruising trimaran. Alvilda was refitted 2005 till 2008 and new equipped. She offers nearly the same comfort as a modern folding trimaran but asking price is only 1/3.




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Hull Material 
Hull Shape 
Max Draft 
Draft Board/Drive Up 
Engine Make 
Length Overall 
Cabin Headroom 
Stock Number 
Number of Berths 
Number of Engines 
24 ft 11 in
3 ft 11 in
1 ft 4 in
32 ft 10 in
5 ft 11 in
ref.: 3933


Contact Information

+49 (0)421 460 457 32
+49 (0)421 460 457 39
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Pinta 33 1975 Only 22.000$

The Classic Beauty on the Market

If you are a sailing enthusiast or a lover of classic boats, the Pinta 33 1975 is a gem that you shouldn’t overlook. With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, this boat is a true work of art. And the best part? It’s now available at an incredibly affordable price of only $22,000.

The Allure of the Pinta 33

The Pinta 33 is a stunning classic yacht that exudes elegance and grace. With its sleek lines and luxurious interior, it is a vessel that commands attention wherever it goes. Built in 1975, this boat has stood the test of time and remains an iconic masterpiece in the world of sailing.

A True Classic with Modern Features

Despite its age, the Pinta 33 is not lacking in modern features and amenities. The boat has been carefully restored and updated to meet the demands of today’s sailors while preserving its original character. With its spacious cockpit and comfortable cabin, you’ll have all the comforts you need for an enjoyable sailing experience.

A Solid Investment

At $22,000, the Pinta 33 offers an incredible value for your money. Comparable boats of this caliber usually come with a much higher price tag. Not only will you own a piece of sailing history, but you’ll also be making a solid investment that is sure to appreciate in value over time.

Unparalleled Sailing Experience

With its sturdy construction and excellent sailing capabilities, the Pinta 33 promises an unparalleled sailing experience. Whether you are planning a leisurely cruise or participating in regattas, this boat will exceed your expectations. Its impressive performance and maneuverability make it a joy to sail in any weather condition.

A Chance to Own a Piece of History

The Pinta 33 is not just a boat; it’s a symbol of a bygone era. Owning this classic vessel will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history of sailing and be a part of its legacy. Imagine the stories and adventures this boat has seen over the years – now, you can become a part of that story.

Don’t Miss Out

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a classic boat, now is the time to make it a reality. The Pinta 33 1975 is a rare find that won’t stay on the market for long. With its affordable price, timeless design, and exceptional sailing performance, this boat offers an irresistible package that is hard to resist. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of sailing history – contact us today to arrange a viewing or for more information.

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