1977 Westerly Centaur Boat

The 1977 Westerly Centaur is​ a popular international-class​ racer and cruiser, renowned for⁤ its seaworthiness and elegant design. It ​was ⁢first⁢ produced in England in 1977 and ‌has ⁢since ‌inspired an entire fleet‌ of similar ​boats. This article provides an overview of the ⁣Westerly Centaur and⁤ its many ⁢features, with ‍a focus on its design,‌ performance, and⁣ handling capabilities.
History of the Westerly Centaur Boat: Evolution and Key Features

History of the Westerly⁤ Centaur Boat: Evolution and Key Features

The Westerly Centaur Boat⁣ has a rich history that spans ‍several decades. Developed in the 1960s by Laurent Giles, a renowned naval architect,​ the Centaur Boat is​ a popular choice among sailing enthusiasts worldwide. It is widely regarded as one of the most⁤ successful small cruising yachts ever⁢ built. ‌Over ‍the years, the boat ‌has evolved ​to ​meet the changing needs⁢ of sailors, ensuring ​its enduring popularity.

One of ⁤the key features that ⁢sets the Westerly Centaur Boat apart⁣ is its exceptional sailing performance.⁤ Its innovative design allows for‍ easy⁢ handling and stability, making it⁤ an ideal choice for both novice ​and ‌experienced sailors. ⁤The boat is equipped with a deep bilge, providing a comfortable and spacious interior that can accommodate ​up to six ⁤people. The main ⁣saloon boasts a cozy seating⁣ area, a well-equipped​ galley, and ‌ample storage space, making‍ long journeys ‍a‍ breeze. ⁢Additionally, the Westerly Centaur ⁤Boat ⁤is renowned ​for its sturdy‍ construction,‌ ensuring ⁣durability even in challenging weather conditions. Its‌ exceptional build quality ⁣has ⁢withstood the test of ‍time, making it ⁢a reliable choice for⁣ sailors around the ‌globe.

Key Features of the 1977 Westerly Centaur Boat
  • Length overall: 26‌ ft 8 in
  • Waterline length: 21 ft 5 in
  • Beam: 8 ‌ft 6 in
  • Displacement: ⁣6,250 lb
  • Draft: 3 ⁤ft 2 in
  • Berths: 5
  • Spacious cockpit with comfortable seating
  • GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) construction ‌for enhanced durability
  • Anchored by⁢ a reliable ‌Beta Marine ​diesel⁤ engine

Construction and Design ⁢of the 1977 ‌Westerly Centaur Boat

Construction and​ Design of the 1977 Westerly Centaur ⁤Boat

The 1977 ‍Westerly ‌Centaur​ Boat is a​ timeless classic that ⁤encapsulates⁢ both⁣ superior construction and​ thoughtful design⁢ elements. ⁤Crafted with meticulous⁤ attention⁢ to detail, this⁣ boat stands ‌as a testament to Westerly’s commitment ‍to quality and reliability. ‍Let’s delve into the key​ aspects ‌that​ make the 1977 Westerly Centaur ‌Boat a true gem:

  • Build Material: The boat’s renowned construction‍ features⁣ a ​solid fiberglass hull, ensuring durability and resilience against tough marine conditions. This sturdy hull offers⁣ exceptional ‌stability and provides ⁣a smooth sailing experience.
  • Keel Design: Equipped with a‌ long fin cast iron keel, the⁤ Centaur ​boasts ⁢exceptional stability,​ enhancing its overall performance while ⁤ensuring a safe and comfortable journey⁢ on the water.
  • Spacious ‌Cabin: ⁤The beautifully designed interior of the Centaur offers ample living space, making ⁤it ideal⁤ for lengthy trips or ⁢weekend getaways. With⁢ comfortable accommodation for ‌up to six people, including a‌ well-appointed galley and a cozy saloon, this boat exudes⁤ comfort throughout.

1977 Westerly Centaur Boat Features:

Feature Description
Berths The boat can comfortably accommodate up ⁢to six ⁣people, with two⁢ double⁤ berths ⁣and two​ single berths.
Headroom The​ Centaur boasts ⁢an ⁣impressive headroom of approximately 6 ​feet, providing a spacious and comfortable interior living space.
Galley The fully equipped⁢ galley includes a gas stove, sink, and ample storage space, ensuring convenient cooking and meal preparation⁤ during your sailing ⁤adventures.

Performance and⁣ Sailing Capabilities:​ A‌ Detailed Analysis

Performance and Sailing Capabilities: A ‌Detailed Analysis

When it comes⁣ to ⁣evaluating the performance and sailing capabilities‍ of a boat, ⁢several‌ key factors ⁤come into ‍play. ‍The way a boat handles​ different ⁢wind conditions, ‍its speed, and maneuverability‍ are crucial⁣ aspects that sailors⁣ and enthusiasts⁤ consider. ⁣Let’s ‌delve into the remarkable ⁢features ⁢that make⁣ the ‌1977 Westerly Centaur boat a standout in terms⁣ of its performance.

1. Excellent ‍Stability: The Westerly Centaur boasts exceptional stability,​ making ​it ideal for both ‌beginners ⁣and experienced sailors. Its robust design and deep draft contribute⁢ to its impressive stability, providing ​a⁤ smooth and comfortable ride even in choppy ⁣waters.

2. Versatile Rigging Configuration: The boat’s rigging configuration plays a significant role in its sailing capabilities.⁤ The Westerly Centaur offers a masthead sloop rig, ensuring ​optimal balance ⁣and control while sailing. This versatile setup allows for easy reefing⁤ and⁢ adjustments, enhancing the ​boat’s ​performance in varying‌ wind conditions.

3. Efficient Sail Plan: The ​boat’s sail plan⁤ is carefully designed to maximize its⁢ performance. Equipped ⁢with‍ a mainsail, ⁣genoa, and optional spinnaker, the Westerly Centaur‍ delivers an exhilarating sailing experience. Its well-balanced sail ‌area,​ combined with the sturdy rigging, ⁤enables ‌efficient wind capture and acceleration, ensuring exciting and smooth sailing adventures.

Features Specification
Length​ Overall 26 ​feet
Beam 8 feet 6 inches
Displacement around 6,800 pounds

Maintenance and Upgrades for the 1977 Westerly Centaur​ Boat

Maintenance and Upgrades for the 1977 Westerly Centaur Boat

Regular maintenance and ⁤timely upgrades‍ are essential to ensure the longevity⁤ and ⁣optimal‍ performance of ⁢your beloved​ 1977 Westerly Centaur boat. To ‍keep your vessel in top-notch condition, follow these ‍key tips:

1. **Hull Maintenance**: ⁤Inspect the hull for any signs of damage or wear regularly. Use a mild ‌detergent ​and soft​ brush to clean the ‌hull, ensuring to remove any stubborn stains or algae buildup. Apply a suitable anti-fouling paint to protect the hull against barnacles and other marine growth. Additionally, check for any ​cracks⁣ or⁣ blisters and promptly address ⁤them to⁤ prevent⁤ further damage.

2.‌ **Rigging Updates**: Your 1977 Westerly Centaur may ⁣benefit from some rigging upgrades. Consider replacing worn-out lines, sheets, and shackles to ensure optimal functionality. Inspect the rigging components⁢ thoroughly, paying close attention to‌ the ‌mast, boom, and⁢ standing​ rigging. Seek ⁢professional‍ assistance if ⁣needed.

Now,​ let’s delve‍ into the exceptional features⁢ that ⁢make‍ the⁤ 1977 Westerly Centaur a sought-after⁣ boat among sailing enthusiasts:

Feature Description
Durable Construction With its solid ‍fiberglass hull ‌and‌ robust build, ⁣the 1977 Westerly Centaur ensures strength and ​stability, allowing ​for‍ a smooth and safe sailing ⁢experience.
Ample Living‌ Space The‌ well-designed layout of the Westerly⁤ Centaur provides generous​ accommodation,‌ making it​ perfect for extended trips. The spacious ⁢interior includes ​a comfortable saloon, galley, and​ a generous sleeping area.
Superior Sailing Performance Equipped with a reliable masthead sloop rig and a moderate displacement, the Westerly ‌Centaur offers impressive upwind ‌performance and exceptional ​maneuverability.

These features, ⁢combined with regular maintenance and necessary ⁣upgrades, ensure that your 1977 Westerly Centaur ⁤boat will continue to provide endless adventures and sailing enjoyment⁢ for ‍years to⁣ come.
Recommendations for ⁢Prospective ​Buyers of the 1977 Westerly Centaur Boat

Recommendations‌ for Prospective Buyers of ⁢the 1977 ​Westerly Centaur Boat

If ⁤you ‌are considering purchasing a 1977 Westerly Centaur Boat, here are some important recommendations ​to ⁤keep in‌ mind:

  • Inspect the ⁣Hull: The‍ hull ​of the Westerly ⁤Centaur is made of solid ​fiberglass, which makes it a ⁣sturdy and reliable ‍boat. However, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect‍ the hull for‍ any​ signs of ‌osmosis or damages. ⁢Look for blisters, cracks,‍ or delamination, ‍as ​these may require​ expensive repairs.
  • Check​ the Sails and ⁢Rigging: As⁣ the sails and rigging ⁣are essential for the boat’s performance, make ‌sure ​to ⁤assess their condition. Inspect the sails‌ for any ‍tears, ​worn stitching, or signs of⁢ UV damage. Similarly, check the rigging for corrosion, frayed wires, or​ loose ⁤fittings.
  • Review the Engine: ‍ The 1977 Westerly ​Centaur ⁤typically comes with an inboard diesel engine. Prior to buying,​ consider having a ‍ certified marine mechanic inspect the engine thoroughly. Look out for ​signs of excessive smoke, oil leaks, or unusual noises. ​Ensure ​the engine is in proper‍ working ​condition to avoid unexpected breakdowns while out‌ at sea.
  • Assess the Accommodations: The​ Westerly Centaur​ offers a comfortable interior layout for⁣ a ⁤boat of⁣ its size. ​Check⁢ the condition of the cushions, headliners, galley, and plumbing‍ systems. Ensure‍ all essential amenities are in​ good working order and that ​there are no signs of ‍water damage or mold.

By considering these recommendations, you can make a more​ informed decision when purchasing ‌a 1977 Westerly Centaur Boat. Remember to ‌conduct a​ comprehensive survey and sea ​trial before⁣ finalizing the deal, ensuring the boat⁢ meets ‍your ‌expectations and requirements.

1977 Westerly Centaur Boat Features

Feature Description
Length Overall 26 feet 3 inches
Beam 8 feet 11 inches
Draft 3 ‍feet 2​ inches


Q: What is ​the 1977​ Westerly ⁣Centaur boat?
A: The ⁣1977 ​Westerly Centaur⁤ boat is ⁤a classic vessel⁢ that was manufactured by Westerly Yachts ‌Ltd.‍ during the 1970s.

Q: What⁣ are ⁤the dimensions and ⁣specifications of the Westerly Centaur?
A: The Westerly Centaur is a ⁣26-foot (7.9‍ meters) long cruising sailboat with an impressive beam of 8 feet 6 inches ⁤(2.59 meters) and a draft ‍of 3 feet 0 inches (0.91‌ meters). ​It has a displacement ⁢of approximately 6,610 lbs ⁣(3,000 kg).

Q: Does the Westerly Centaur have any‍ notable features?
A: Yes,⁤ the Westerly Centaur boasts a fixed ⁤long-keel design, which enhances stability and ensures a⁣ comfortable sailing ‍experience. Additionally, ⁢it‍ has a spacious cabin that​ can accommodate⁢ up to⁣ six⁢ people, making​ it suitable for family outings or extended journeys.

Q: What ‌materials were‍ used in the⁤ construction of the Westerly Centaur?
A: The hull of⁤ the Westerly Centaur was‌ predominantly made‌ from ‍hand-laid ‍fiberglass, known for its ​durability and resistance to corrosion. The deck was⁣ constructed ⁤using a‌ combination of ⁢fiberglass and marine-grade plywood.

Q: What type⁣ of rigging does‍ the Westerly Centaur​ feature?
A:​ The ‍Westerly Centaur features a masthead sloop rig with an anodized aluminum mast and ‌boom. It ⁣is ⁢equipped ‌with roller furling genoa and a mainsail, allowing for efficient ⁤and easy sailing in various⁣ conditions.

Q: Can you provide information ‌about ⁢the interior layout of‌ the⁢ Westerly⁤ Centaur?
A: Sure! The interior of the Westerly​ Centaur comprises a main saloon with a centrally placed table, which can convert into⁢ an additional berth if needed. There is a ‍forward⁢ cabin containing a V-berth, while the aft cabin​ features a double berth.⁣ The ⁣boat also⁣ offers a navigation table, ‍galley, and a head compartment with ⁣a marine toilet.

Q: What type​ of engine is ‍typically found in the Westerly Centaur?
A: The Westerly Centaur ⁢is usually equipped with ⁣a reliable inboard diesel ⁢engine,‍ such as ​the popular Volvo Penta MD2B or the ⁤Bukh⁢ DV10, ensuring ⁤dependable ⁣power and performance.

Q: Is⁢ the Westerly Centaur suitable for bluewater sailing?
A: While the ‍Westerly Centaur is a robust boat that can handle coastal and ⁤offshore cruising, ⁢it is primarily designed for ⁢coastal and⁢ estuary ​sailing due to ⁤its moderate ‍size and‌ design⁢ features. However, with proper‌ preparation and equipment, it ⁢can handle bluewater passages ⁤in favorable​ conditions.

Q: ​How is the resale value​ of the 1977⁣ Westerly Centaur boat?
A: The⁤ resale value⁤ of the 1977 Westerly Centaur boat can ‍vary depending ⁣on several ‌factors ‌including its condition, maintenance​ history, and market demand. With its reputable build quality and timeless design,​ the‍ boat generally retains its value well⁢ when‌ properly cared for.

Q: Where can one find a‌ 1977 ⁣Westerly ⁣Centaur ​boat for⁢ sale?
A: ‌A 1977 ‌Westerly Centaur boat may be found for sale through various ‌channels, including online marketplaces, yacht brokerage ⁣firms, ‌and classified ‌advertisements.‌ Additionally, attending boat‌ shows‍ or contacting Westerly boat owners’ associations could⁢ provide leads on available vessels.

Insights and Conclusions

In⁢ conclusion, the​ 1977 ⁢Westerly Centaur ⁢boat stands ‌as a testament to the​ timeless appeal and enduring craftsmanship‌ of yachts from this era. This article has explored​ the⁢ various features and characteristics‌ that make this vessel a ⁣beloved ‍choice among sailing enthusiasts. From its ⁢spacious​ and well-designed interior to⁢ its sturdy construction and reliable performance, ⁤the Westerly⁢ Centaur has proven ⁤itself as a​ reliable companion on the open seas. ⁢Although it may lack ⁢some modern bells and whistles, it more than compensates with ⁤its graceful lines and ⁤classic aesthetics. Whether‍ you⁢ are a ‍seasoned sailor or a newbie in the sailing world, considering the 1977 Westerly Centaur boat as your vessel of choice is certainly a decision worth contemplating. This vintage gem⁣ promises a⁢ sailing experience​ filled with nostalgia and charm, maintaining its​ value⁣ and appeal even after decades of service.⁤

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