1979 Canadian Sailcraft Cs 27 Boat

The 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat marked a significant milestone in the world of sailing when it was first introduced to the market. Designed and manufactured by Canadian Sailcraft, a renowned Canadian yacht company, the CS 27 quickly gained popularity among sailing enthusiasts due to its exceptional performance and comfortable cruising capabilities. In this article, we will explore the features and specifications of the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27, shedding light on why it became a beloved choice for sailors during its heyday. Whether you are a passionate sailor, a history enthusiast, or simply intrigued by classic boat models, this article will provide you with valuable insights into the renowned 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat.
Overview of the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat: A Detailed Analysis

Overview of the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat: A Detailed Analysis

The 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat is an iconic vessel revered by sailing enthusiasts worldwide. This meticulously crafted boat showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and unrivaled performance that the Canadian Sailcraft company is known for. With a sleek and timeless design, the CS 27 offers a perfect blend of elegance and durability, making it an ideal choice for both competitive racing and leisurely cruising.

Equipped with a variety of innovative features, the CS 27 ensures a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. The spacious and ergonomically designed cockpit provides comfort and convenience for the skipper and crew, allowing for easy maneuvering and efficient handling. This vessel boasts excellent stability and superior handling capabilities, thanks to its carefully balanced design and state-of-the-art rigging system. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice, the CS 27 offers exceptional responsiveness, making it a joy to sail in various conditions.

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Canadian Sailcraft
Year 1979
Length 27 feet
Beam 9.5 feet
Displacement 6,100 lbs (approx.)


Q: What is the “1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat”?
A: The 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat is a popular sailboat model manufactured in Canada in 1979. It is known for its superior craftsmanship, reliable performance, and sleek design.

Q: What are the key features of the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat?
A: The CS 27 boasts a number of desirable features such as a spacious cockpit, comfortable cabin layout, and excellent overall sailing characteristics. It has a length overall (LOA) of 27 feet, a beam of 9 feet, and a draft of 4.5 feet, making it ideal for coastal cruising and club racing.

Q: What type of construction does the CS 27 employ?
A: The CS 27 is constructed using solid fiberglass, resulting in a sturdy and durable hull. The deck is also made from fiberglass, providing strength and resilience against the elements.

Q: How many people can the CS 27 accommodate?
A: The CS 27 can comfortably accommodate a crew of four to six people, making it suitable for family outings or small group adventures. The spacious cockpit provides ample seating and offers a comfortable sailing experience.

Q: What is the interior layout of the CS 27?
A: The interior layout of the CS 27 is well-designed, offering a saloon with a dinette that can convert into a double berth, a spacious V-berth cabin, a fully equipped galley, and a head compartment. The clever use of space ensures maximum comfort and functionality for onboard living.

Q: How does the CS 27 perform in terms of handling and sailing capabilities?
A: The CS 27 is widely regarded for its excellent sailing performance. With a relatively narrow beam and a deep fin keel, the boat offers superior stability and responsiveness on the water. The sail plan features a large mainsail and a roller-furling genoa, optimizing performance in various wind conditions.

Q: What are some noteworthy characteristics of the CS 27?
A: The CS 27 is praised for its quality construction, attention to detail, and robustness. The boat’s design provides a comfortable yet exciting sailing experience, offering excellent control and maneuverability. The CS 27 is also known for its solid resale value, reflecting its enduring popularity in the sailing community.

Q: Are spare parts and technical support readily available for the CS 27?
A: While the 1979 CS 27 is a relatively older boat model, spare parts and technical support for routine maintenance and repairs are still accessible. Many boating enthusiasts and CS 27 owners are part of online communities and forums where they share information and resources, making it easier to find the necessary assistance.

Q: What is the current market value of the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 Boat?
A: The market value of the CS 27 may vary depending on factors such as the boat’s condition, location, additional equipment, and overall upkeep. It is recommended to consult reputable boat dealers or valuation guides to obtain accurate pricing information for a specific CS 27 boat.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat remains a noteworthy and enduring vessel in the world of sailing enthusiasts. Its remarkable craftsmanship, performance, and timeless design continue to capture the attention of both seasoned sailors and newcomers alike. Boasting a spacious and comfortable interior, the CS 27 provides a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics that enhance the overall sailing experience.

With its impressive sailing capabilities, the CS 27 offers a dependable and exhilarating journey on the open water. Whether you’re embarking on a day trip or planning an extended adventure, this vessel navigates with ease and stability, making it a reliable choice for both novices and experienced sailors.

Additionally, the Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat exemplifies the enduring quality associated with Canadian craftsmanship. Its durable construction and attention to detail not only contribute to its longevity, but also ensure the safety and security of its passengers.

As we explore the history and features of the 1979 CS 27, it becomes evident that this boat embodies the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of the ultimate sailing experience. With its rich heritage and unwavering performance, the CS 27 continues to hold its place as an icon in the world of sailing.

Whether you are a passionate sailing enthusiast or simply intrigued by the allure of this vessel, the 1979 Canadian Sailcraft CS 27 boat is undoubtedly a remarkable choice. Its enduring charm, excellent performance, and timeless appeal make it a vessel that stands the test of time. So, chart your course, hoist the sails, and set off on an unforgettable journey aboard the magnificent CS 27. Happy sailing!
1979 canadian sailcraft cs 27 boat

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