1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

⁢The​ 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat: A Classic‍ Vessel⁢ for Any Water Enthusiast

When it comes to timeless⁤ elegance and ‍exceptional craftsmanship, the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat⁤ stands out as⁤ a ‌remarkable vessel‍ in the world ⁢of boating. With its⁢ sturdy build, spacious layout, and⁤ impressive⁤ performance capabilities, this trawler boat⁤ has​ continued to captivate water enthusiasts for decades. Whether you are a⁢ seasoned sailor or a first-time boat owner, the 1981 ‍Eagle Aft ⁣Cabin Trawler ​Boat offers⁣ a unique experience‍ that⁣ combines comfort, functionality, and reliability. In this article,⁢ we will ⁤explore the key ⁢features, ⁢specifications, ​and advantages ‍of this iconic boat, shedding light ⁢on why‍ it has become a preferred choice for those seeking⁤ unforgettable adventures on the water. So, let ⁤us dive deep ​into ‍the alluring ⁣world of the 1981 Eagle Aft ⁢Cabin Trawler Boat and ‍discover‍ what sets it apart from the rest.
Specifications of the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

Specifications ‍of the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler ⁣Boat

If you’re ⁢in search of a timeless and reliable ⁤cruising experience, look no further than ‌the 1981 Eagle ⁣Aft⁣ Cabin Trawler Boat. ⁤This ⁤magnificent vessel boasts an‌ array of impressive specifications⁢ that will ⁣captivate any⁣ boating enthusiast. With its sturdy ‍construction, ⁢sleek design, and exceptional performance, this trawler ⁤boat truly stands out from the ​crowd.

Equipped ⁤with a‌ reliable⁢ diesel engine, the 1981 ‌Eagle⁣ Aft‌ Cabin ⁣Trawler Boat guarantees smooth⁤ and ⁤efficient ‍sailing, making it ⁤perfect for long-distance​ journeys or leisurely⁢ weekend getaways. ⁤Designed for comfort ‍and luxury, this boat features a spacious aft cabin ‌that offers breathtaking views and a​ cozy retreat⁤ for its passengers. Additionally, ‌its practical storage spaces​ ensure that you can sail with all necessities at hand.

Feature Description
Year 1981
Length 45 feet
Engine Type Diesel

Feature Description
Aft‌ Cabin Spacious ⁣and‍ offers breathtaking ⁤views
Storage Spaces Ample and conveniently located
Performance Smooth ‍and‌ efficient ⁢sailing

The Design and Layout of the 1981 Eagle Aft⁤ Cabin ​Trawler Boat

The Design and Layout of the 1981 Eagle⁢ Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

The 1981 ⁤Eagle⁤ Aft Cabin‌ Trawler Boat showcases a timeless ​design and impeccable layout, making it ​a true gem for boating enthusiasts.‌ Crafted⁤ with precision and attention to detail, ‍this ⁣classic vessel embodies both elegance and functionality. ⁣Its sleek‌ exterior is complemented by a thoughtfully designed​ interior that maximizes comfort ⁣and convenience. Step​ on⁤ board and experience a superior⁣ boating‌ experience like no other.

The ‌1981 Eagle Aft⁤ Cabin Trawler Boat features a spacious layout⁢ that seamlessly blends style with practicality. With ample room for ⁣both relaxation​ and entertainment, this vessel caters ‍to ⁣every​ need. The‌ main‌ salon sets a lavish ambiance with ​its‍ plush seating, ​perfect for unwinding or entertaining guests. The aft cabin offers a secluded retreat, ‍boasting⁤ a ⁣luxurious double bed and ensuite facilities.

Features Description
Powerful Engine This⁤ trawler boat is equipped with a robust ⁣engine⁢ that ensures smooth and efficient performance, making it⁤ suitable for long​ journeys.
Generous Storage Space With ample storage‌ throughout ⁣the ⁣vessel, you can‌ stow away your belongings neatly, providing ‌a clutter-free and organized environment.
Spacious Flybridge Featuring a ‍large flybridge,⁢ this boat offers commanding views and is perfect for sunbathing, enjoying panoramic vistas, or hosting⁤ small gatherings.

Performance and Handling of the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

Performance and Handling of ‍the 1981 Eagle Aft⁤ Cabin ​Trawler Boat

The 1981 Eagle​ Aft Cabin ⁤Trawler Boat is an epitome ⁢of ⁤impressive⁤ performance and outstanding ⁢handling⁣ on the water.⁤ Equipped with advanced features and‌ designed with precision,​ this boat ⁤offers a seamless cruising experience like no other.

With its powerful engine and efficient hull design,‌ the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat effortlessly glides⁢ through the waves, ensuring a smooth​ and comfortable ride even ⁣in challenging conditions. Whether you’re navigating through calm rivers​ or venturing out into open seas, this boat maintains stability and ‍maneuverability, giving you ​the‍ confidence to explore without ⁣limits.

Key features enhancing performance and handling:

  • Fuel Efficiency: With its efficient engine, this trawler boat maximizes ⁤fuel usage, allowing for extended cruising range and minimizing the need for frequent refueling.
  • Stabilization⁤ System: The integrated stabilization⁣ system ensures decreased rolling ​and increased stability, providing a ​comfortable experience for everyone on board.
  • Responsive Steering: The responsive hydraulic ‌steering system allows⁣ for precise control, ⁢making maneuvering in tight spaces effortless and ensuring a‍ smooth⁤ and enjoyable ride.
Features Description
Spacious Aft Cabin Enjoy a⁣ luxurious retreat in the expansive aft cabin, complete with​ a comfortable‍ bed, ample storage,⁤ and ⁣panoramic ⁢views⁢ of the surroundings.
Large‌ Flybridge The ‍spacious flybridge offers ⁣a commanding‍ view‌ and serves as⁣ the⁤ perfect⁣ entertainment area, ​featuring comfortable seating and ⁢easy access to⁣ controls.
Generous Living Areas Experience⁤ the ‌ultimate⁤ in comfort and ‍relaxation ⁢with the large salon and galley,⁣ designed for‍ easy movement and equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Comfort⁢ and Amenities on the 1981 Eagle Aft​ Cabin Trawler Boat

Comfort and Amenities on the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin ⁤Trawler Boat

Step aboard the magnificent 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin⁣ Trawler Boat and prepare to be⁣ enveloped in a world ‍of ‌unparalleled comfort‍ and luxury. Designed ⁣to cater to your every⁣ need, ⁢this remarkable vessel boasts ⁣a ​wide range of​ amenities that ⁤will make your​ time on the water an experience‍ to ‍treasure.

Indulge in the spacious ⁤and elegantly furnished cabins,⁢ offering a‍ serene‌ retreat after ⁤a day of adventures. The⁤ master aft ‌cabin is a⁤ tranquil ⁢haven, featuring a⁤ plush queen-sized bed ⁤ where you can lay your head to rest, while the ​en-suite bathroom offers ultimate convenience. The guest ⁢cabin provides a cozy escape for ​friends⁢ and family, with twin beds that can be effortlessly converted​ into a comfortable double bed.

Features Description
Large panoramic windows Enjoy ​breathtaking views of the surrounding waters, while⁣ enhancing natural light ⁢and creating an open ambiance.
Spacious salon Relax in style within the ⁣beautifully appointed ⁣salon, complete with a comfortable ‍sofa,⁣ chairs, and a​ charming dining area.
Well-equipped galley Prepare delightful meals with ease‍ in the fully-equipped galley, furnished with a stainless steel ⁤sink, ‌refrigerator, stove, and ample ⁣storage space for all ⁣your culinary needs.

Recommendations for Owning and Maintaining the ‌1981 Eagle⁤ Aft Cabin Trawler Boat

Recommendations for​ Owning and Maintaining the 1981 Eagle Aft‌ Cabin Trawler‌ Boat

When it comes to ⁤owning ⁣and maintaining ‌the timeless 1981⁣ Eagle ‍Aft Cabin Trawler ‌Boat, there‍ are ‌a few key recommendations to‍ keep in‌ mind. By following these suggestions, ​you‌ can ensure that your boat⁤ remains in optimal condition, ‌providing‌ you with​ endless hours of enjoyment on the ⁢water.

Regular ⁤Check-Ups and Maintenance

  • Perform regular ⁤check-ups on the engine,​ electrical ​systems, and plumbing to​ address⁤ any potential issues before they escalate.
  • Keep a thorough maintenance schedule which includes regular oil‍ changes, filter⁤ replacements, and⁢ inspections of the hull integrity.
  • Clean and wax the ​exterior of the boat at least twice a year to ⁢maintain its shine⁤ and protect it ‌from the​ harsh⁤ marine⁣ environment.
  • Inspect and⁤ clean the propeller ⁢regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Protective ‌Measures for Longevity

  • Invest in a high-quality boat cover to protect your​ Eagle Aft‌ Cabin Trawler from ‍the elements when it’s not in use.
  • Consider installing a depth finder ‍and GPS system to​ navigate safely through ⁤unfamiliar⁤ waters ⁣and avoid potential hazards.
  • Regularly flush out the freshwater and holding tanks to maintain cleanliness ⁤and prevent ‌unpleasant odors.
  • Periodically inspect and clean all safety equipment, such as ‍life‌ jackets and fire​ extinguishers,⁣ ensuring ‍they ‌are in good ‌working condition.
Features Description
Spacious Aft Cabin The 1981 Eagle Aft ‌Cabin Trawler ​boasts a generous aft cabin with ample headroom and storage space, providing a cozy and⁤ comfortable retreat for overnight boating adventures.
Fuel ​Efficiency Equipped with a⁢ reliable diesel engine, this trawler boat is known​ for its impressive fuel efficiency, allowing ​you to explore the ‌waters for extended​ periods‍ without frequent refueling.
Sturdy Construction Constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, this‍ vessel offers⁤ exceptional durability, ensuring a​ reliable⁣ and​ safe journey even in challenging weather conditions.


Q: What is ‍a‍ 1981⁤ Eagle⁢ Aft Cabin ‍Trawler Boat?
A:⁤ The 1981 ⁤Eagle Aft‍ Cabin Trawler Boat is a type‍ of motor ⁢yacht that was‌ manufactured ⁢in 1981 by ​Eagle​ Marine Industries. ​It is ⁣designed for⁢ long-distance cruising and offers a⁢ luxurious and ‌comfortable experience ⁤for its passengers.

Q: What ⁤are some key features of the 1981‍ Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat?
A: The 1981 Eagle‌ Aft Cabin ‌Trawler Boat has several notable features. These include a spacious ⁢aft‍ cabin with a private⁣ ensuite bathroom,⁣ a ⁤fully ‍equipped⁣ galley, a comfortable salon with ⁢ample seating, and⁤ a‌ large flybridge for panoramic views. It also typically features a⁤ sturdy fiberglass hull and ⁢a reliable diesel engine for efficient and dependable performance.

Q: What are the dimensions and specifications of the‌ 1981 ⁤Eagle ‍Aft Cabin Trawler Boat?
A: The‍ 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat typically measures around 36 to ‍46 feet ⁣in length, with a beam (width) of ⁣approximately 12 to 15 ⁣feet. It​ has a ⁣displacement of around 20,000 ⁣to 30,000 pounds,‍ depending on the specific model. The boat ⁤usually carries⁢ a fuel capacity of around 300 to 500 ​gallons,⁢ which allows for extended‍ cruising.

Q: How many people can ‍the 1981 Eagle⁢ Aft Cabin ⁣Trawler ​Boat accommodate?
A: The 1981 Eagle ⁢Aft Cabin Trawler Boat ‍can typically accommodate 4 to ​6 people comfortably. The boat is designed to provide ample‌ living ‍and⁢ sleeping‍ space in‌ its aft⁢ cabin,⁣ salon, and flybridge, ensuring⁤ a comfortable cruising experience ‍for all ⁢onboard.

Q: What⁣ are the advantages of owning a‍ 1981 Eagle​ Aft Cabin Trawler Boat?
A: Owning a 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler ⁢Boat has several advantages. The ‍ aft cabin design offers privacy and separation of living spaces, making‍ it ideal for longer trips ⁢or multiday outings. The ‍boat’s⁢ sturdy construction and reliable diesel engine provide peace of mind for safety ⁣and​ efficiency. ‍Additionally, the spacious interior layout and various amenities ⁢ensure a‌ comfortable and ⁤enjoyable experience while onboard.

Q:⁤ What are some recommended maintenance practices for the ‍1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat?
A: To maintain the 1981 Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler Boat in optimal⁢ condition, regular maintenance practices should be followed. These‌ may include⁣ engine servicing, checking and replacing necessary fluids, inspecting the⁢ hull for damage⁤ or wear,​ cleaning and ​maintaining the interior​ and exterior surfaces, and ⁣servicing onboard systems​ such ⁣as electrical​ and plumbing. Following the ⁢manufacturer’s guidelines and consulting with professionals can⁤ help ensure proper upkeep.

Q: Is ⁢it possible to find​ a 1981⁤ Eagle⁢ Aft⁣ Cabin Trawler Boat ?
A: Yes, it is⁣ possible to find⁣ 1981⁤ Eagle‌ Aft Cabin ‌Trawler ⁣Boats . These boats may be⁢ listed by ⁣individual ⁢owners‍ or through boat ‍dealerships and ⁢websites⁤ specializing in pre-owned boats. However, due to their ⁢age, availability may vary, and ⁤thorough​ inspection and ⁣due ​diligence are‌ recommended before making a‌ purchase.

Q: Are there any notable considerations ​when⁢ purchasing a 1981‌ Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler ‍Boat?
A: ⁣When considering the purchase of a ​ 1981 ‌Eagle Aft Cabin Trawler ‍Boat, it is important to thoroughly inspect ⁢the vessel⁤ for any signs of wear, damage, or ⁤necessary repairs. It is ​also advisable to review​ any available maintenance records or obtain a professional survey‌ to ensure ⁢the boat’s condition aligns⁤ with the seller’s ‍claims.‍ Additionally, researching⁢ market prices and comparing various listings can help ensure a⁣ fair purchase.

The Way Forward

In conclusion, ⁤the 1981 ‌Eagle Aft ​Cabin Trawler Boat is ⁤a noteworthy⁣ vessel that ⁤offers a host⁤ of features designed for boating enthusiasts. Its ​impressive size and spacious design provide ample room ‌for ‍relaxation and ​entertaining, making it ideal for extended cruising or ⁣liveaboard ⁤purposes. With a sturdy construction and reliable performance, ⁣this trawler boat offers a comfortable and safe experience on the ‍water.

The well-appointed interior ‌boasts a ⁣range of amenities, including a fully ⁤equipped galley, comfortable​ sleeping quarters, and a⁢ luxurious​ aft cabin. Additionally,⁢ the​ ample⁣ storage throughout the boat ⁢ensures ⁣that all your belongings​ can be conveniently stowed away. ‌The 1981 Eagle ​Aft ⁢Cabin⁢ Trawler Boat truly offers the perfect balance between elegance and ⁤functionality.

From ‍a performance standpoint, ​this boat is powered⁣ by a reliable diesel engine, providing ‌efficiency and⁣ range for extended ​voyages. The large fuel capacity and advanced navigational ⁢systems contribute to a seamless and enjoyable‌ boating experience. With its stabilizing features and‌ well-designed hull, this trawler boat excels in delivering a ‌smooth and comfortable ride, even in challenging sea conditions.

Overall,‍ the 1981 Eagle ‍Aft​ Cabin ​Trawler⁢ Boat ‍is⁣ a timeless and well-designed ⁤vessel that caters to the needs of boating ⁢enthusiasts who ⁢crave comfort and luxury during their time on the water. Whether⁢ you’re planning a ⁢relaxing vacation⁢ or seeking a second home⁢ on the ​seas, this‍ boat presents an excellent option for those who value quality craftsmanship and dependable ‌performance. ​Embodying⁤ the spirit of adventure and offering a delightful cruising experience, ⁣this ⁣trawler boat is sure to provide memories to last‌ a lifetime.


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