1982 Contest 35 Boat

The 1982 Contest 35 Boat: A Classic Vessel with Timeless Elegance.
Overview of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat Design and Features

Overview of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat Design and Features

The 1982 Contest 35 boat undoubtedly offers a remarkable sailing experience. Designed with utmost precision and incorporating innovative features, this sailing vessel showcases the ingenuity of its creators. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Contest 35 boasts a sleek and sturdy build. Its classic design exudes elegance, making it a timeless choice on the water. The boat’s deck layout is strategically planned to ensure maximum comfort and convenience while sailing, catering to both experienced sailors and beginners alike.

Equipped with a spacious cabin, the Contest 35 provides a cozy and luxurious retreat on long voyages. The interior offers ample storage space, allowing for a clutter-free environment. The layout is meticulously designed to maximize functionality, ensuring easy maneuverability within the vessel. It features a well-appointed galley, providing the opportunity to indulge in culinary delights even at sea. The cozy sleeping quarters offer comfort and privacy, making overnight stays an enjoyable experience. With its efficient hull design and advanced rigging system, the Contest 35 guarantees exceptional performance, whether cruising or participating in regattas.

Year Length Beam Draft Displacement
1982 35ft 10.8ft 5.6ft 5,700kg
  • Sleek and sturdy build
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Spacious cabin with ample storage
  • Well-appointed galley for culinary indulgence
  • Cozy sleeping quarters for comfort and privacy
  • Efficient hull design for exceptional performance
  • Advanced rigging system

Exploring the Performance and Handling Characteristics of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

Exploring the Performance and Handling Characteristics of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

Performance and Handling Characteristics

When it comes to sailing enthusiasts, the 1982 Contest 35 Boat is a legendary vessel that continues to capture the hearts of many. Built with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, this timeless beauty showcases impressive performance and handling characteristics that set it apart from its counterparts.

Here are some key features that contribute to the outstanding performance and handling of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat:

  • Sleek and Efficient Hull Design: The boat’s hull is meticulously crafted, with sleek lines and optimal underwater contours. This design allows for reduced drag in the water, resulting in enhanced speed and maneuverability.
  • Impressive Sail Plan: The sail plan of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat is well-balanced, providing ease of handling and exceptional control. With its well-sized mainsail and genoa, this vessel is a joy to sail in various wind conditions.
  • Sturdy and Responsive Rudder: The robust rudder on the Contest 35 ensures quick response from the helm, offering precise control even in challenging sea conditions.
  • Efficient Deck Layout: The deck layout of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat is designed with the utmost functionality in mind. Every control line is strategically placed within easy reach of the helmsman, ensuring efficient sail adjustments during various maneuvers.
  • Comfortable Cockpit: The spacious cockpit provides ample seating and a sense of security to the crew, making long journeys or leisurely sails a delightful experience for all onboard.
Year Length Beam Draft Displacement
1982 35 feet 11 feet 6 feet 13,300 pounds
1982 Contest 35 Boat

A Closer Look at the Interior and Amenities of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

A Closer Look at the Interior and Amenities of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

The 1982 Contest 35 Boat is a masterpiece of nautical craftsmanship, offering a combination of elegance and functionality in its interior design. Step aboard and you’ll be instantly captivated by the luxurious teak finishes that adorn the walls and flooring, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The spacious main salon provides ample room for relaxation, with comfortable seating and large windows that allow for plenty of natural light to flood the space.

One of the standout features of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat is its well-appointed galley. Equipped with a stove, oven, and refrigerator, preparing delicious meals while at sea becomes a breeze. The clever storage solutions ensure that every utensil and ingredient has its place, maximizing the use of space. Additionally, the boat boasts a stylish and cozy V-berth cabin, providing a comfortable and peaceful retreat for overnight stays.

Key Interior Features:

  • Exquisite teak finishes throughout
  • Spacious and comfortable main salon
  • A well-equipped galley with stove, oven, and refrigerator
  • Clever storage solutions for maximum space utilization
  • Cozy V-berth cabin as a peaceful retreat


  • Large windows for abundant natural light
  • Plenty of storage compartments for belongings
  • Comfortable and plush seating
  • Easy-to-clean and durable flooring
  • Thoughtful design details throughout
Year Length Beam Weight Sail Area
1982 35 feet 11 feet 3 inches 12,125 pounds 559 square feet

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations for the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations for the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your 1982 Contest 35 boat in optimum condition. By following these upkeep recommendations, you can ensure safe and enjoyable sailings for years to come.

1. **Inspect the Hull and Deck**: Regularly inspect the hull and deck for any signs of damage, such as cracks or blisters. Repair any minor damages promptly to prevent further deterioration.
2. **Clean and Lubricate the Rigging**: Thoroughly clean and lubricate all rigging components to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Check for any signs of wear and replace as necessary.
3. **Check the Sails**: Inspect the sails for tears, fraying, or any other signs of damage. Clean and properly stow the sails when not in use, avoiding exposure to sunlight.
4. **Service the Engine**: Adequate maintenance for the engine is crucial to its longevity. Regularly change the oil, replace filters, and inspect belts and hoses for wear.
5. **Monitor Electrical Systems**: Inspect the wiring and connections of the boat’s electrical systems to ensure they’re secure and free of corrosion. Periodically test all lights and instruments for proper functionality.

For a comprehensive maintenance guide, consult the owner’s manual or seek the assistance of a professional marine technician. Keeping up with regular maintenance will not only extend the life of your 1982 Contest 35 boat but also enhance its performance and resale value.

[table] Year Length Beam Draft Displacement 1982 35 ft 11.25 ft 5.75 ft 14,935 lbs Hull Material Fiberglass Fuel Diesel Engine Yanmar 27hp

Noteworthy Considerations for Prospective Buyers of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

Noteworthy Considerations for Prospective Buyers of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat

When looking to purchase the 1982 Contest 35 boat, there are several key factors that prospective buyers should consider to ensure they make an informed decision. Firstly, the overall condition of the vessel is crucial. Assessing the hull integrity, engine performance, and checking for any signs of previous damage or repairs is imperative. Engaging a professional marine surveyor can provide expert insight and help verify the boat’s condition.

Furthermore, it is essential to carefully evaluate the boat’s equipment and features. The Contest 35 offers excellent sailing capabilities, making it important to inspect the rigging, sails, winches, and other sailing hardware. Additionally, considering the interior layout and amenities will ensure that it meets specific requirements. The boat’s storage capacity, comforts, and overall design should align with the buyer’s needs and preferences.

Key Features of the 1982 Contest 35 Boat:

Length: 35 feet
Year Built: 1982
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Engine: Yanmar 3GM30F
Sail Area: 588 square feet


Q: What is the 1982 Contest 35 boat?
A: The 1982 Contest 35 boat is a sailing vessel that was manufactured by Contest Yachts in the year 1982. It is a classic yacht known for its sleek design and excellent sailing performance.

Q: What are the dimensions and specifications of the Contest 35?
A: The Contest 35 has an overall length of 10.77 meters (35.3 feet) and a beam width of 3.48 meters (11.4 feet). It has a displacement of approximately 6,500 kilograms (14,330 pounds) and a draft of 1.9 meters (6.2 feet). This boat features a sloop rig with a mast height of 14.5 meters (47.6 feet).

Q: What is the construction material used in the Contest 35?
A: The Contest 35 is constructed using high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) for its hull and deck. Contest Yachts is recognized for their expertise in fiberglass boat construction, ensuring durability and longevity.

Q: How many people can the Contest 35 accommodate?
A: The Contest 35 can comfortably accommodate a cruising crew of up to six people. The interior layout typically includes a spacious saloon, equipped with settees, a dining area, a well-equipped galley, and a navigation station. It also offers a forward cabin and an aft cabin with berths for sleeping.

Q: What type of sailing performance can be expected from the Contest 35?
A: The Contest 35 is well-regarded for its excellent sailing qualities. Its sleek lines and optimized hull design contribute to its stability and superb handling in various weather conditions. With its sloop rig and sail area, this boat is known to offer exhilarating and responsive sailing capabilities.

Q: What are some notable features of the Contest 35?
A: The Contest 35 boasts several notable features, such as a deep and secure cockpit designed for comfortable sailing. It also offers ample storage space, both above and below deck, allowing for extended cruising or liveaboard capabilities. The interior is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Q: Is the Contest 35 suitable for long-distance cruising?
A: Yes, the Contest 35 is often regarded as a capable offshore sailing vessel. Its sturdy construction, reliable rigging, and spacious interior make it suitable for extended voyages and long-distance cruising.

Q: How is the resale value of the Contest 35?
A: Due to its popularity and reputation, the resale value of the Contest 35 remains relatively high compared to other boats of similar vintage and size. Well-maintained and updated vessels often retain their value, making it a sound investment for potential buyers.

Q: Are spare parts readily available for the Contest 35?
A: While some original parts may become harder to find due to the age of the boat, Contest Yachts has been in operation for many years, and they continue to provide support for their older models. Additionally, the sailing community often has aftermarket parts available that can be used as replacements if needed.

Q: Is the Contest 35 suitable for novice sailors?
A: The Contest 35 is generally considered more suitable for experienced sailors due to its larger size and performance capabilities. However, with proper training and experience gained, it can be handled by competent novice sailors as well. It is always advisable for less experienced sailors to undergo training before taking a vessel of this size out on the water.

The Way Forward

In conclusion, the 1982 Contest 35 boat holds a revered place in the sailing world as a testament to craftsmanship, performance, and durability. As we have examined the boat’s remarkable features, it becomes evident that its design and build quality have stood the test of time, making it a coveted vessel for sailing enthusiasts even today.

With its sleek lines, spacious interior, and superior sailing capabilities, the Contest 35 offers an exceptional combination of comfort and performance. Its solid construction, utilizing the finest materials available, guarantees a reliable and safe sailing experience. The boat’s efficient design allows for easy handling, making it suitable for both experienced sailors and those venturing into the world of sailing for the first time.

Furthermore, the 1982 Contest 35 boat offers a variety of innovative features that enhance the overall sailing experience. From its well-appointed cabins and functional galley to its reliable navigation and safety equipment, this boat ensures that every aspect of onboard living and cruising is taken into consideration.

Whether you are planning a leisurely coastal voyage or embarking on an adventurous blue-water expedition, the Contest 35 delivers outstanding performance, stability, and seaworthiness. This boat’s notable achievements in prestigious sailing competitions are a testament to its exceptional capabilities and sailing prowess.

Overall, the 1982 Contest 35 boat remains a timeless masterpiece, consistently admired within the sailing community for its exceptional design, engineering, and performance. Hence, it continues to be a sought-after vessel for those who appreciate the fusion of classic elegance with modern functionality. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, the Contest 35 is undoubtedly a sailing companion that will offer enjoyment, reliability, and the freedom to explore the open waters with confidence.

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