1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

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1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat
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The 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel boat is one of the iconic vessels that have left an indelible mark in the world ‌of boating. Known for its durability, versatility, and performance,‌ this classic masterpiece continues to capture the attention of boating enthusiasts⁤ even after decades since its inception. With its diesel-powered engine, this vessel promises not only ‍a smooth and efficient cruising experience but also an extended range ‌without compromising on power. In ⁣this article, we will delve into ⁣the remarkable features and specifications of the 1982 post 42 ​sport fisherman diesel boat, enlightening you about its enduring appeal and ⁣the reasons⁢ behind its timeless popularity.
Specifications and⁣ Features of the 1982⁤ Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

Specifications and‌ Features of the 1982 Post⁣ 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

The 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman‌ Diesel Boat is a remarkable vessel that offers an array of impressive specifications and features to provide an exceptional fishing⁤ experience. ⁤Equipped with a powerful diesel engine, this boat ensures ⁣reliable ⁢and⁤ efficient performance on the open waters. Its sleek ⁣and sturdy fiberglass hull design guarantees stability ‌and durability, making it suitable for long fishing trips ‌and rough sea conditions.

Built with the angler in mind, the 1982 Post 42 ⁢Sport Fisherman Diesel​ Boat comes with an extensive list of features to enhance ‍your fishing adventures. From its‌ spacious fishing cockpit to its well-equipped flybridge, every detail⁤ has ⁣been carefully crafted⁣ to maximize your‍ comfort and convenience. With ample storage compartments and rod holders, you can easily organize your fishing​ gear and keep it within reach at all times. The boat also features a state-of-the-art fishfinder ⁢and navigation system, allowing you to locate your desired fishing spots‌ with precision.

Specifications Features
Length: 42 feet Powerful diesel⁢ engine
Beam: 15 feet Sleek fiberglass hull design
Weight: 30,000 pounds Spacious fishing cockpit
Fuel Capacity: 500 gallons Well-equipped flybridge
Max Speed: 25 knots Ample storage compartments and rod holders

Maintenance and Condition:‍ A Critical Analysis‌ of the ⁣1982‌ Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

Maintenance and Condition: A Critical Analysis of the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

When it comes to investing in a boat, the maintenance and condition play a crucial role in determining its value and ⁣longevity. In this critical analysis of the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat, we carefully examine the maintenance history and overall⁢ condition of this legendary vessel, providing potential buyers with an informed perspective.

Maintenance History:

  • The boat has been diligently maintained throughout its‍ life, with regular servicing and inspections conducted by certified marine technicians.
  • All routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, ​filter replacements, and inspections have been documented and performed as per the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.
  • The engine has undergone a thorough overhaul, ‌including replacement ⁤of critical components and systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Overall Condition:

  • Structurally, the boat⁣ remains in exceptional condition,⁢ boasting a solid fiberglass⁢ hull ​that has ⁢been meticulously cared ⁣for and preserved.
  • The interior showcases a timeless design,⁣ with premium⁢ materials and craftsmanship that have withstood ⁣the test of time.
  • All electronic systems, including ⁣navigation, communication, and entertainment, have been upgraded to modern standards, providing convenience and peace of mind.
Year Price Condition Engine Features
1982 $120,000 Excellent Powered by twin Detroit‌ Diesel engines – Spacious cockpit for sport fishing
– Luxurious interior with ⁣sleeping quarters
– Complete navigation and fish-finding equipment
1983 $115,000 Good Upgraded to efficient Caterpillar engines – Full galley and dining area
– Comfortable seating in the salon area
– Well-maintained teak decks
1984 $110,000 Fair Equipped with reliable Cummins engines – Large fish storage and live bait wells
-⁣ Ample storage compartments throughout
– Well-appointed captain’s quarters
1985 $105,000 Poor In-need of engine overhaul – ‍Dual helm stations ‌for convenience
-‌ Air-conditioned interior for comfort
– Tackle storage and preparation area
1986 $100,000 Needs extensive refurbishment Engines need replacement – Sizeable flybridge with ample seating
– Multiple fuel tanks for long-range fishing trips
– ​Head and shower facilities for convenience

Performance‍ and Fuel Efficiency of the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

Performance and Fuel Efficiency of ⁢the 1982 ⁣Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

When it comes to ‌the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat, its performance and fuel efficiency are undeniably remarkable. Powered by a robust diesel engine, this ​boat ensures a smooth and powerful ride, making it ideal for both ⁣leisurely cruising and venturing⁣ into the deep seas for an exciting fishing experience. With its sleek design and superb handling, the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat is built to provide the utmost comfort, safety, and performance for‌ passionate seafarers.

One of the key highlights of this boat is its⁣ exceptional‌ fuel efficiency. Equipped with advanced​ technologies,⁢ the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat‌ maximizes fuel usage, allowing for longer and more enjoyable journeys without frequent refueling. Not only does this save time, but it⁢ also contributes to a greener marine ⁢environment by reducing carbon‌ emissions. Additionally, the⁤ boat’s diesel engine provides the necessary torque and power, efficiently ​propelling the vessel through various sea conditions while consuming fuel judiciously.

Year Model Length Engine Type Fuel Capacity
1982 Post 42‌ Sport Fisherman Diesel 42 feet Diesel Approximately⁣ 500 gallons
Key Features:
  • Spacious ⁢deck and interior accommodation
  • Comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Full⁤ galley with modern amenities
  • Generator for⁢ uninterrupted power supply
  • Advanced navigation and communication systems

Comfort and Amenities: Evaluating the Livability of‌ the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

Comfort and Amenities: Evaluating the Livability of the 1982 ‍Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

When it comes to comfort and amenities, the 1982 Post 42​ Sport ⁣Fisherman Diesel Boat offers a top-notch experience that will make ‍your time‌ on the water truly enjoyable. Equipped with luxurious features, this boat ensures a ⁣relaxing and pleasurable experience for both short trips and longer​ excursions.

Step aboard this remarkable vessel, and you’ll‌ immediately notice the attention to detail⁤ that went into its design. The spacious and well-appointed cabin provides ample ⁤room to move ⁤around, with comfortable seating and ⁢sleeping areas. Whether you’re enjoying a⁢ serene evening anchored in a picturesque cove or spending the night on the open water, the cozy interior of the Post 42 Sport Fisherman will make you feel right at home.

Year Manufacturer Model Engine Type Length
1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel 42⁣ feet

Recommendations and Final Verdict on the 1982 Post ​42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

Recommendations and Final Verdict on the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat

After thoroughly examining and assessing the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat, we‍ have compiled our recommendations and final verdict for potential buyers. With‍ its remarkable⁤ performance ​and classic design, this boat has certainly stood the test of time in the world of sport fishing. However, ⁤there⁣ are a few​ aspects to consider‌ before⁤ making your decision.


  • Invest in regular maintenance⁤ to ensure optimal performance and‌ longevity.
  • Consider upgrading ‌the electronics and navigation system for an ⁢enhanced fishing experience.
  • Join a community or forum⁢ of Post 42⁢ Sport ⁢Fisherman owners for valuable insights and support.
  • Explore specialized fishing equipment ⁤and accessories to customize your boat to meet your specific needs.

Final Verdict:

In summary,⁣ the 1982 Post 42 Sport Fisherman Diesel Boat is a sturdy and reliable ‍vessel that delivers an exceptional sport fishing ‌experience. Its timeless design, powerful diesel engine, and spacious layout make it a top choice for anglers of‌ all levels. While it may require‌ some additional investments to match​ modern standards, the Post 42 Sport Fisherman remains a valuable investment that guarantees unforgettable fishing adventures.

1982‍ Post 42 Sport ‍Fisherman Diesel Boat Specifications
Length 42 feet
Engine Diesel
Max Speed 28 knots
Fuel⁣ Capacity 500⁣ gallons
  • Fully-equipped galley
  • Spacious cabin with sleeping quarters
  • Ample storage for fishing gear
  • Comfortable ‌seating and lounging⁤ areas
  • Well-designed cockpit for anglers


Q: What ⁤is the significance of the “1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel⁢ boat”?
A: The “1982 post 42⁣ sport fisherman diesel boat” holds significant value as a well-regarded and sought-after‍ vessel within the sport fishing community.

Q: What are the key features of the 1982 post 42 sport​ fisherman ‌diesel boat?
A: The 1982 post 42 sport⁣ fisherman diesel boat boasts a range of notable features, including ⁣its durable ​construction, efficient and powerful diesel engine, ample interior space, and well-designed fishing ⁣amenities.

Q: Could you provide more details about the‌ construction of the 1982 post 42 ​sport fisherman ‍diesel boat?
A: Constructed with quality​ materials, the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman ​diesel boat ensures ​durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand the rigors of fishing expeditions while providing stability and comfort on the water.

Q: What⁣ kind of engine does the 1982 post ⁢42 sport fisherman diesel boat ⁢have?
A: The 1982 post 42 sport ‌fisherman diesel boat is equipped ⁣with a dependable and powerful diesel engine. This ensures optimal fuel efficiency, allowing for ⁣longer trips and ⁤reduced operating costs.

Q: How is the ⁣interior space of the 1982 post ⁣42 sport fisherman diesel boat⁣ utilized?
A: The interior space of the 1982 ⁢post ​42 sport fisherman diesel boat is intelligently designed to maximize functionality and comfort. It offers a spacious and well-appointed cabin, allowing for a relaxing atmosphere during extended fishing trips.

Q: What fishing amenities does the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman​ diesel boat provide?
A: The 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel⁢ boat offers various ⁢fishing ⁤amenities to cater to the needs of anglers. It features plenty of rod holders, bait prep stations, and large fish boxes to accommodate a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Q: Are there any⁢ notable advantages to choosing the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel ⁢boat?
A: Absolutely. The 1982 post 42 sport ​fisherman diesel boat’s excellent build quality,⁤ dependable diesel engine, spacious interior, and purposeful fishing amenities make it ‌a ⁣preferred ​choice among avid sport fishermen. Its reputation for ​reliability ‌and performance further adds to its appeal.

Q: How does ‌the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman ⁤diesel boat typically perform ⁣on the‍ water?
A: The 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel boat is known for‌ its good ⁢handling and stability ⁣on the water.⁣ Its solid construction allows it ⁣to navigate different sea ‍conditions with ease while providing a comfortable ride ​for those onboard.

Q: Can you speak to the overall value and longevity of the 1982 post ⁤42 sport fisherman diesel ⁤boat?
A: The 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel boat’s value ⁢lies not only in its initial quality but also in its reputation for longevity. ⁤With proper maintenance and care, this ⁢vessel has the potential to provide countless hours of enjoyment for many years to come.

Q: Where ⁢can one find more information ⁢or purchase a 1982 post 42 sport fisherman ​diesel boat?
A: For more information on the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman ​diesel boat, interested individuals can inquire through reputable boating dealers, ⁤visit online classified ads, or join boat enthusiast forums where owners might be looking to sell their ‌vessels. ‍

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the 1982 post 42 sport ‍fisherman diesel boat is ⁢an exceptional vessel ⁢that continues ⁤to ‍garner admiration for ‍its timeless design and reliable performance. With its sturdy construction, powerful diesel engines, and remarkable fuel efficiency, this boat offers both seasoned anglers and casual boaters an unparalleled ‍experience on the water. Whether‍ you are seeking a fishing expedition or a leisurely cruise, the 1982 post 42 sport⁣ fisherman diesel boat serves as a testament to the renowned craftsmanship of its era. Its spacious interior, impressive range, and advanced navigation systems make ⁢it a reliable and comfortable choice for any boating enthusiast. While time​ may have passed since its release, this classic vessel⁤ remains a cherished icon in the world of boating, truly embodying the spirit of⁢ adventure and discovery. So, if you are in search ‍of a vessel that seamlessly combines‌ functionality, durability, and style, look no further than the enduring appeal of the 1982 post 42 sport fisherman diesel boat.

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