1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat

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1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat
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⁤ The 1982 post 46 convertible ‍boat holds an undying ⁤allure among‍ boating enthusiasts, embodying the epitome of timeless elegance combined ⁣with ⁣cutting-edge functionality. As a vintage⁤ vessel ⁣that has withstood the test of time,‌ this particular model‌ has captured ‌the hearts of those ‍seeking​ a nautical adventure like no other. In this article, we ‍delve into the ​realm of this iconic boat to shed⁣ light on its remarkable features,‍ exceptional craftsmanship, and enduring legacy in the‍ marine ​industry. Whether⁢ you consider yourself ⁣a seasoned seafarer or⁢ simply⁢ harbor a penchant for boating history, join ⁣us ‍as⁢ we ​embark ‍on a‌ journey ⁣to uncover the captivating ‌story ⁢of the 1982 post 46 ⁤convertible boat.
Design‍ and Features of​ the‌ 1982 ‍Post 46 Convertible Boat

Design and Features of the 1982‌ Post 46 ​Convertible Boat

The 1982⁣ Post ​46 Convertible Boat showcases a stunning⁤ combination of sleek design and top-notch features, ‌making​ it a coveted vessel for boating enthusiasts.​ Its exterior exudes elegance with its streamlined shape and sleek finish, ensuring an eye-catching presence on the water. The boat’s advanced hull design allows for ‍smooth ⁤and⁣ stable‍ sailing,‌ even in choppy ‌waters, guaranteeing ‍a ⁣comfortable and enjoyable experience for all aboard.

Equipped ​with an⁢ array of outstanding features,‍ the 1982 Post 46⁢ Convertible Boat ‍ensures convenience‌ and luxury. Its spacious cabin provides ​ample ⁣room for relaxation and ⁢entertainment, complete with ⁣tastefully designed furnishings and modern⁤ amenities. Whether it’s ⁤fishing⁢ or hosting gatherings, this boat offers exceptional⁢ versatility, thanks to its ⁣well-thought-out⁢ layout. The helm ‍area is thoughtfully designed to provide optimal visibility and ⁤ease of use, ensuring a safe ⁤and⁣ seamless boating experience. With​ amenities⁢ like⁣ air conditioning, ​a fully-equipped galley, and​ a well-appointed restroom, the 1982 Post 46 ⁢Convertible‍ Boat offers ultimate comfort and convenience,⁣ making it‍ ideal for extended trips on‌ the ‌water.

Features Description
Built-in Fish Boxes The boat ​is equipped with large built-in⁤ fish boxes to store ⁣the day’s catch while keeping‌ it fresh.
Spacious Flybridge The expansive flybridge provides‌ ample seating and a commanding view for ⁢the⁤ captain and‍ guests.
State-of-the-Art Electronics The boat boasts advanced ⁤electronics, ‍including⁤ GPS navigation ‌systems and fish finders,⁣ ensuring ⁢precision and ⁣efficiency while​ out on the water.

Performance Review:⁤ Power and ⁣Efficiency of the 1982‌ Post 46 Convertible Boat

Performance Review: Power⁣ and Efficiency⁣ of the ​1982 Post 46 ‌Convertible ‌Boat

When it comes to power⁢ and efficiency, the 1982 Post⁣ 46 Convertible ‍Boat truly stands out from the crowd. This magnificent vessel⁣ effortlessly combines top-notch performance with exceptional fuel⁣ economy, making ‌it a dream ⁢come true ⁤for boating enthusiasts. ⁢Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating ride or a⁣ leisurely cruise,⁣ this boat delivers on⁤ all fronts.

Equipped with a‍ powerful and reliable engine, the 1982 Post ⁤46 Convertible Boat guarantees an unmatched performance that will leave you in awe. Its advanced propulsion system smoothly glides through the water, effortlessly reaching high speeds. The ​boat’s⁣ superior maneuverability ensures‍ easy handling, ‌allowing for ‌seamless ⁢navigation even in ​choppy waters. No matter the conditions, this vessel offers stability and control ⁤like ‌no other.

  • Powerful and reliable ‌engine
  • Advanced​ propulsion system
  • Superior ⁤maneuverability
  • Stability and control ⁣in all‍ conditions
Features Specifications
Length 46 feet
Cruise Speed 26 knots
Fuel Capacity 600 gallons

Comfort⁤ and Amenities: An In-Depth‌ Look Inside the‍ 1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat

Comfort and Amenities:⁤ An In-Depth Look Inside⁤ the 1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat

Step aboard ⁣the magnificent 1982‍ Post ⁤46 ‌Convertible⁣ Boat and prepare ⁤to be transported​ to a world of ⁢unsurpassed comfort‍ and luxury on the⁣ open waters. Designed with ⁣meticulous attention to detail, this vessel offers a haven of relaxation for both‍ day trips‍ and extended adventures.‌ With an array ⁣of ​amenities that cater to ‍your every⁣ need, ​the 1982 Post 46⁤ Convertible‌ Boat ensures an unforgettable experience.

Indulge in the plush‌ seating arrangements found throughout the ⁢boat, allowing you to unwind ⁢in⁤ style while cruising the seas.‌ The spacious⁤ living quarters boast⁢ elegantly​ designed interiors, featuring exquisite woodwork and tasteful accents that reflect the⁤ boat’s timeless elegance.​ The master suite provides ⁣a tranquil⁢ retreat, complete with a cozy queen-size‌ bed and ample storage space‌ for all ‍your ‍belongings.

1982 Post ⁢46 Convertible Boat Features:

Length: 46 feet
Model Year: 1982
Engines: 2 x 450⁤ hp‌ Detroit Diesel engines
Generator: Onan 12.5 kW
Salon: Spacious‌ and⁢ tastefully⁤ decorated, featuring a sofa,​ chairs, and entertainment‌ center
Flybridge: Equipped with comfortable‍ seating, a helm station, and ample space for socializing

Handling and Maneuverability: ​Assessing the Handling ‍Capabilities of the 1982 ⁤Post 46 Convertible Boat

Handling and Maneuverability:​ Assessing the Handling Capabilities‌ of the 1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat

When it​ comes to handling and maneuverability, ⁣the‌ 1982 ⁤Post 46 Convertible ‌Boat proves to​ be an exceptional vessel ⁣on the water. Designed with⁤ precision and engineering ​excellence, this boat⁣ effortlessly navigates⁣ through various maritime conditions, offering⁣ an⁤ unrivaled experience to its passengers.

One standout feature that⁣ contributes to its exceptional ‌handling capabilities is​ the ‍incorporation of a deep-V hull design. This design allows the boat to slice⁤ through‌ the water ⁢with ⁤ease, minimizing‌ resistance and ​ensuring a ‍smooth ride ​even ⁣in ‌choppy seas. Additionally, the balanced weight distribution and ⁤intelligent placement of ‌the‍ fuel tanks ‌contribute ⁣to the boat’s stability, allowing for precise maneuvering and ⁣agile turns that⁢ keep passengers comfortable and​ secure, regardless of the conditions.

Key Features Specifications
Length 46 feet
Beam 15 feet
Engine ‌Power Various⁣ engine options available

Another noteworthy aspect ⁣contributing to the 1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat’s exceptional handling is its⁤ advanced ‍propulsion system.‌ Equipped ‌with powerful⁢ engines, this boat effortlessly reaches impressive‍ speeds, allowing for efficient maneuverability and quick⁢ response times.‍ The dual helm stations, strategically placed on the flybridge‍ and in the cockpit, provide excellent visibility, ensuring the ‍captain ⁤can⁢ easily navigate the boat in any situation.

The ⁢1982 Post 46 Convertible Boat ⁢truly shines​ in terms of ⁣handling ‍and maneuverability, ‍making it an ideal⁣ choice for boating⁣ enthusiasts who value a thrilling ​yet safe experience on the water. Whether cruising along the‌ coastline or embarking on a ‌deep-sea fishing expedition, ⁣this boat offers unmatched performance and precision, ensuring ‌an unforgettable journey for all‍ aboard.

Maintenance⁣ and⁤ Upkeep: Recommendations for Keeping the 1982 Post 46⁢ Convertible⁣ Boat in Prime Condition

Maintenance ⁢and Upkeep: Recommendations for Keeping the 1982 Post 46⁣ Convertible Boat ‌in Prime Condition

To ensure your 1982⁣ Post 46 Convertible Boat remains in prime condition, it⁣ is⁢ crucial to ​prioritize ‌regular⁤ maintenance ‍and upkeep. Here are ​some recommendations to ⁢help‌ you preserve the performance and longevity ‌of ‌your beloved​ vessel:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keeping⁣ your boat clean is not only visually appealing⁢ but also vital for preventing the buildup of dirt, grime, and salt. Regularly ⁤wash‍ the exterior using a mild ‌boat soap and rinse thoroughly ⁣to remove any​ residue.
  • Engine Inspections: ​ Schedule routine ⁤inspections ‍for your boat’s‍ engines to identify ‌any⁤ potential ​issues before they escalate. ‌Check‍ the oil levels, belts,​ filters, and ⁤engine ​hoses to ⁣ensure‍ everything is in‌ working ⁣order. Regularly change the oil and replace‍ the fuel filters as⁣ recommended by⁤ the manufacturer.
  • Hull Maintenance: ⁤Inspect​ the hull regularly for any‌ signs of damage or wear. If you⁢ find any scratches or ⁤chips in the gelcoat, repair them promptly⁢ to prevent further deterioration. Also, ⁤consider applying a ⁤fresh​ layer ‍of antifouling paint to ⁣protect ⁢against⁣ marine growth.
  • Electrical‍ System: ​Regularly check the electrical system for corrosion and loose‍ connections.‌ Clean the terminals‌ and apply ‍dielectric grease to⁤ ensure⁢ a ‌good connection. Inspect and test all ​electrical components, including ⁣lights, navigation equipment, and batteries, to ensure they are ⁤functioning correctly.

By following these maintenance recommendations, you’ll be⁣ able to ‌enjoy ‌your 1982 ‌Post 46 ⁢Convertible Boat⁢ for years⁤ to come. Remember, proper ⁢care and attention will not only enhance ⁢its appearance but also contribute to⁣ a‍ safe⁣ and enjoyable boating experience.

1982 Post 46 Convertible​ Boat ‌Features

Features Description
Length 46 feet
Engine Twin diesel engines providing‌ ample power ​and efficiency
Spacious Interior Luxurious and well-appointed cabin with comfortable sleeping accommodations
Flybridge Above-deck helm ⁣station offering⁣ panoramic views ‍and convenient navigation
Cockpit Ample ‌space‍ for fishing or relaxing, equipped⁤ with fish boxes and storage
Navigation Equipment Includes ‍a GPS, fishfinder, and ‌VHF radio for efficient and safe ⁣navigation


Q:​ What is a 1982⁢ post 46 convertible boat?
A: The 1982⁣ Post ⁤46 ‍Convertible‍ boat⁣ is a classic⁤ vessel ⁤that was manufactured in 1982 ​by Post‍ Marine Company Inc.​ It is a convertible sportfishing​ yacht ‌known for its exceptional performance‍ and sleek design.

Q: What ‍are some notable‍ features of the 1982 post ​46 convertible boat?
A: This boat boasts several noteworthy⁣ features. ⁤Firstly, it offers a spacious‌ and comfortable ​accommodation for its ‌passengers,⁣ making ‍it suitable⁢ for‌ extended fishing trips or family ‍outings. Additionally, it is equipped with powerful engines that provide excellent speed and maneuverability⁣ on the water. ‌The ⁣1982 Post 46⁢ Convertible also includes a ‌large⁢ fishing cockpit,⁢ top-of-the-line fishing equipment, and ample ⁣storage⁢ space for gear and supplies.

Q:⁣ What is the size⁣ of the 1982 post 46 convertible boat?
A: The 1982 Post 46 Convertible ⁣measures approximately 46 feet in⁢ length. ⁤Its overall size⁤ and layout⁢ make it‌ ideal ‍for a⁤ range of activities, including ⁣fishing, cruising, and ‍leisurely boating.

Q: ‍Can you provide ‍technical specifications⁢ for‌ the 1982‌ post 46​ convertible boat?
A: Certainly! The Post 46 Convertible has a⁤ beam width of 15 feet and a draft ‌of around 4 feet, making it stable and easy to handle. ‌It has a fuel capacity of approximately 600 gallons,‍ ensuring sufficient range for long excursions. ⁢The ‍boat’s weight is typically‍ around 40,000 pounds, and it ⁢has a cruising speed‌ of 20-25⁣ knots, ⁢with a maximum speed of around 30 knots.

Q: What‌ type of ⁢engines power‌ the 1982 post ⁤46 convertible boat?
A: ⁣The 1982 ⁢Post 46⁢ Convertible is typically fitted with twin diesel engines, providing powerful propulsion⁢ and reliable performance. These engines are‍ renowned for their efficiency, ⁢durability, and ⁢ability to handle various sea⁢ conditions.

Q: Is the 1982 post 46 ⁣convertible boat suitable ‍for offshore ⁣fishing?
A: ‍Yes, the 1982 Post 46 Convertible is considered⁤ an ideal boat for offshore fishing. Its ‍sturdy construction, deep-V hull design, ‍and powerful ‍engines ‌enable it to handle rough waters and long distances ⁢with ease. ‍Additionally, the⁤ boat’s well-equipped fishing cockpit⁢ makes it ⁢perfect for targeting larger game fish ⁢in deep-sea​ environments.

Q: How does the 1982‍ post 46 convertible ⁢boat rank in terms‌ of affordability?
A:‍ The price of a 1982 Post 46 Convertible‍ boat can vary depending on various factors, including⁢ its overall condition, location, and optional features. However, ​considering its reputable brand, solid construction, and timeless design, it is generally⁢ considered a‍ fair⁤ investment for boating enthusiasts‍ seeking a ‌reliable ​and stylish vessel.

Q: Are there ⁣any known⁢ issues or common maintenance requirements with the 1982 post 46 convertible boat?
A: Like any⁢ other boat ⁢of its age, the 1982 ‍Post ​46 Convertible may⁤ require regular ⁣maintenance ⁢and occasional‌ repairs ​related to its mechanical systems, hull‍ integrity, and⁢ interior components. It is important to conduct a ⁤thorough inspection and‍ perform routine upkeep ⁢to keep the boat ⁤in ⁢optimal condition. Consulting​ with a knowledgeable‌ marine mechanic or surveyor before purchasing a model is highly recommended.

Q: Is the 1982 post 46 convertible boat still in production, and where can one ⁢purchase it?
A: ‌No, the 1982 Post 46 ‍Convertible boat is no longer in production ‍as⁤ it was ⁢manufactured solely in 1982. However, ‍models may be available for⁤ purchase from various sources, including online boat marketplaces, brokerage⁣ firms,⁣ and⁢ private Manufacturers specializing ⁣in pre-owned boats. ⁣Conducting a comprehensive search within ​these avenues‌ can⁤ help interested buyers find this classic vessel.⁤

To Conclude

In conclusion, ⁢the 1982 ​post 46 convertible ​boat ⁤stands as a ​testament to the timeless allure of ‌classic marine craftsmanship. ⁣As a model that​ has captured the hearts and imagination‌ of⁣ boating enthusiasts‌ for nearly four decades, ​it showcases ‌the ingenuity and dedication of its creators. With its sleek‌ design, impressive performance, and impeccable attention ​to detail, this‌ convertible​ boat⁢ offers ⁣a unique and unforgettable experience on the water. Whether you’re an‌ avid sailor⁤ or simply‍ appreciate the⁤ beauty of well-crafted vessels,⁢ the 1982 post 46 convertible boat remains ⁤an‍ iconic choice.​ Embodying a ​harmonious blend⁢ of tradition and innovation,⁢ it‌ continues to⁤ be a highly ‍sought-after vessel among collectors ⁣and enthusiasts. So, if you have ⁣the opportunity to embark on a journey aboard this magnificent boat, prepare to ⁣be mesmerized by its⁤ timeless⁣ charm and⁢ undeniable elegance.

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