1983 Post 46 Convertible Boat

The 1983 post 46 convertible boat holds⁢ a ⁢special place in the hearts of ‌boating enthusiasts. With ​its sleek design and ⁢impressive features, this classic⁢ convertible boat⁤ has left‍ an indelible mark on the marine industry. In this⁢ article, we will delve into the notable characteristics that make the 1983⁢ post ⁤46 convertible‌ boat ⁢a ‍timeless masterpiece. From its robust construction to⁢ its ⁢exceptional performance capabilities, we will explore why⁤ this‍ vessel continues⁤ to‌ be⁤ beloved ⁤by⁤ both‌ seasoned sailors​ and those venturing⁢ into the⁣ world ⁢of boating for ​the ⁣first time. Join us as we take a‍ closer look at the‍ remarkable ​features that define the‌ 1983 post ​46 ‍convertible boat and continue to make it ‍an icon of the⁤ boating world.
Overview of the 1983 post 46 convertible boat

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Overview of ‍the 1983 post 46 convertible boat

The 1983 Post 46 Convertible Boat is an iconic vessel that stands the⁤ test⁢ of time. With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, this‌ boat offers a unique blend of ⁢elegance and functionality. Whether ⁣you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time boater, the 1983 Post 46 Convertible​ is sure ‌to impress.

This magnificent boat boasts⁤ a range of features that make it ⁢a standout in its class.‌ From its spacious and luxurious interior ‍to its powerful engine, every detail has been meticulously⁤ crafted to enhance your boating experience. ⁤With ⁣its sleek lines and sturdy construction, the 1983 ‍Post 46 Convertible not only promises to turn heads but⁣ also delivers‍ on performance and durability.

Year 1983
Length 46 feet
Material Fiberglass

Key Features:

  • Spacious and luxurious interior
  • Powerful engine⁣ for excellent‌ performance
  • Sleek⁤ and stylish design
  • Sturdy​ fiberglass construction
  • Comfortable⁢ and well-appointed ‍cabins
  • State-of-the-art navigation system

Optional Features:

  • Upgraded entertainment system
  • Premium ‌upholstery and⁢ finishes
  • Extra storage space
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Customizable layout
  • Built-in fishing equipment

Key features and specifications of‌ the 1983‍ post ⁣46 convertible boat

Key features and specifications ​of ‌the 1983 post 46 convertible boat

The ⁤1983 Post 46‍ Convertible boat comes⁣ with a wide range of impressive features and specifications ⁢that make it a standout choice for boating enthusiasts. Equipped ⁤with ‌top-quality​ materials and advanced technology, this convertible boat guarantees ⁢an enjoyable and‌ comfortable experience on the water.

First ⁤and foremost, ‌the Post 46 Convertible ⁤boasts a spacious and luxurious interior that includes a​ well-appointed salon, fully equipped galley, and comfortable sleeping accommodations. Whether ‌you’re cruising with family or entertaining friends, the⁤ open layout and stylish design create ‌a welcoming atmosphere.⁣ Additionally, the boat offers excellent ⁣storage ⁢options for all your ‍gear, ensuring a clutter-free and organized boating experience.

In ⁣terms of performance, the 1983 Post‌ 46 Convertible stands out with ​its powerful engines and efficient fuel consumption. The boat’s robust hull design and smooth ride provide maximum stability and agility, ‍even in challenging weather​ conditions. With⁣ its reliable propulsion ‌system, this boat⁢ guarantees ‍an exhilarating and smooth sailing​ experience, whether you’re out for a leisurely cruise or⁤ engaging in ​more adventurous watersports activities.

Features Specifications
Length 46 feet
Beam 14 feet
Draft 4 feet 2 inches

So, whether you’re looking to embark on a relaxing weekend getaway or​ enjoy thrilling boating adventures,‌ the 1983⁢ Post 46 Convertible boat has got‌ you covered. With its incredible features⁤ and impeccable performance, this ‍boat is a true testament ⁤to the ‍Post​ brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Get ready to experience⁢ the open ‌waters⁢ like ⁣never ‍before with this exceptional⁢ convertible boat.
Insights into the performance and durability of the 1983 post 46 convertible boat

Insights into the⁢ performance and durability of ‌the 1983 post⁢ 46 convertible boat

When it ⁣comes to the ⁤1983 Post ‍46 Convertible Boat,⁢ its performance and durability are truly exceptional. ⁤Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this timeless ⁤vessel continues‌ to embody elegance and reliability,⁢ even decades ⁢after its ​initial release.

The‌ performance of the 1983 Post 46 Convertible Boat ⁢is marked by its smooth and⁤ powerful ride. Equipped‌ with a⁣ robust engine, it glides effortlessly⁢ through⁤ the water, creating an exhilarating experience for both seasoned captains and leisurely​ cruisers. The boat’s hull design ⁤ensures outstanding stability, keeping you steady and confident even in challenging sea conditions. Additionally,‌ its exceptional ⁢maneuverability allows for precise⁢ control, making docking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze.

Features Description
Spacious Cabin The 1983⁢ Post 46 Convertible Boat boasts a generously-sized cabin, providing ample⁣ headroom and ​a comfortable living⁣ space for⁣ extended trips.‌ Equipped with modern⁣ amenities, the cabin offers a cozy retreat with all‌ the comforts of home.
Fishing Capabilities Designed with the avid angler⁢ in mind, this boat comes equipped with a fully functional⁤ fishing station, complete with ⁤bait prep area, tackle storage, and rod ‍holders. It‍ also offers⁣ a ‍spacious cockpit,⁤ allowing for‍ ease⁢ of movement and unhindered fishing experiences.
Quality Construction Built ⁣with ⁤superior craftsmanship and durable materials, the 1983 Post ⁣46 ⁣Convertible Boat ensures longevity and reliability. Its solid construction guarantees a sturdy vessel that can withstand the test‍ of time and harsh marine environments.

Recommended maintenance and ⁣care for the 1983⁣ post 46 convertible‍ boat

Recommended maintenance ‍and care for the 1983 post ​46 convertible ⁤boat

Proper maintenance and‌ care‍ are essential ‌to ensure the ‌longevity and optimal performance of⁣ your⁣ cherished 1983 Post 46 ‍Convertible Boat. By following these recommended guidelines, you can enjoy countless hours of smooth sailing and unparalleled adventures on the open seas.

To start, ‍regular cleaning⁢ is crucial to maintain ⁣the boat’s pristine appearance and prevent damage from ‍accumulated dirt and grime. Wash ⁤the exterior using a gentle ⁣soap and‌ warm water, and don’t forget to rinse thoroughly. For the interior,‌ use appropriate cleaners​ to preserve the upholstery, ​carpeting, and accessories.

Regular inspections and⁣ servicing of the boat’s mechanical ⁣components are equally important. Check the engines, steering and electrical systems, fuel lines, and‍ propellers on a routine basis. Lubricate any moving parts‌ and ensure‍ all connections are secure. If ‍you’re not well-versed in⁢ boat⁢ mechanics, it’s wise⁢ to consult a professional for ‍a thorough inspection⁢ and tune-up⁣ at least once a⁤ year. This will help identify any underlying issues and keep your boat in top-notch condition.

Maintaining the boat’s hull and​ protective‌ coatings is also crucial. Clean the ‌hull and apply a high-quality marine wax to protect it from oxidation and water damage. Regularly ⁢inspect the hull for signs of ​wear, such as cracks ‍or blisters, and promptly ‌address ‍any issues to prevent further damage.

Lastly, don’t forget about the boat’s systems and safety features.⁤ Inspect and ‍replace worn-out or outdated safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, and ⁢distress signals. ⁢Familiarize⁢ yourself with the boat’s ‌navigation ⁤lights, horn, and bilge‌ pumps,⁤ ensuring ⁢they are functioning properly.

Features Description
Length 46 feet
Engine Twin diesel​ engines
Accommodation Spacious ​cabin with sleeping quarters

In-depth review of the interior and amenities of the 1983 post 46 convertible⁢ boat

In-depth review of the interior and amenities of the 1983 post 46 convertible boat

Step aboard the magnificent 1983 Post 46 Convertible Boat and ⁣immerse yourself in a world of luxurious comfort and⁣ top-notch amenities. Designed with precision⁤ and elegance, this boat offers a spacious and​ well-appointed interior that will leave you ⁤in awe. The attention to detail is evident‌ in every‍ corner,⁣ from⁣ the plush carpeting to the ​tastefully‍ coordinated ⁤furnishings.

Inside⁢ the cabin, you ‌will find⁣ a thoughtfully⁣ laid out space that maximizes functionality⁣ and comfort. The large salon boasts ample seating areas, perfect ​for entertaining‍ or relaxing with friends ‍and family. The expansive windows allow⁢ for plenty of natural⁢ light, creating an inviting ⁤ambiance.‌ The open design ‍seamlessly integrates the salon ⁣with the fully equipped galley, featuring ‌modern appliances and‌ abundant storage space for​ all your ​culinary needs.

Features Specifications
Master Suite Spacious and comfortable, offering a⁢ queen-sized ‌bed, vanity area, ample storage, ​and an en-suite ​bathroom.
Guest Cabins Two well-appointed guest cabins, each featuring twin ‍beds and en-suite bathrooms for ultimate convenience and privacy.
Entertainment System A state-of-the-art entertainment system, including a flat-screen⁢ TV,⁢ surround sound, and a DVD player, ⁣ ensuring endless entertainment possibilities.


Q: What is a 1983 post⁢ 46 convertible boat?
A: The 1983 Post 46 Convertible is a⁤ type of motor yacht or powerboat produced by ⁣the American yacht manufacturer, Post⁢ Marine. It⁣ is a classic ‌design ⁢that⁢ was first introduced in 1983.

Q: What are the key features of the ⁣1983 Post​ 46‍ Convertible?
A: The 1983 Post 46 ⁤Convertible features a spacious and well-appointed interior, with ‍accommodations typically⁣ including two⁢ staterooms,⁤ two bathrooms, ‌a galley, and a⁤ comfortable⁤ salon. It also has a large flybridge area that provides excellent visibility for navigation and socializing.

Q:⁣ How big ​is the 1983 Post 46 Convertible?
A:‌ The 1983 Post 46​ Convertible measures approximately⁢ 46 feet in length, hence ‌its designation as a 46′ motor yacht. The ⁢specific dimensions may⁤ vary ⁢slightly⁣ depending on the individual boat, ​but this gives you a general idea ​of ⁤its size.

Q: What‌ is the cruising speed ‍and range of the 1983 Post⁣ 46 Convertible?
A: The cruising speed of the 1983 ⁤Post⁤ 46 Convertible typically falls in the range of⁢ 18 to ⁤20 ⁤knots, depending on ‍the conditions and power options. As for the range, it ⁤can vary ‍based on factors such as fuel​ capacity, ​engine efficiency, and‌ cruising speed, but ‍owners can generally expect ‍a range of around 350-400 nautical⁣ miles.

Q: What ​kind ⁤of engines does ​the 1983 Post 46 Convertible have?
A: The‌ 1983 Post 46 ⁢Convertible was originally⁢ equipped with twin Detroit Diesel engines, ⁣often found ​in ‍models ⁢of that era. These engines provided the yacht with sufficient power and reliability for⁢ cruising purposes.

Q: Is the 1983 Post‌ 46 Convertible⁣ still in production?
A: Post Marine ceased production in ⁢1993, so the ‍1983 Post ⁣46 Convertible is no longer being​ produced. However, pre-owned models ⁤can⁣ still​ be found on the ⁢market, and many enthusiasts consider them to be timeless classics.

Q: How much⁤ does​ a 1983 Post 46 Convertible cost?
A: The price of ​a 1983 Post 46 ⁢Convertible can vary widely based on its condition, features, and location. Factors such as engine upgrades, ‍maintenance history,⁤ and overall cosmetic‌ appearance will affect the price.⁣ Prices⁤ typically ⁢range from approximately‍ $100,000 to ​$200,000, although they could be higher for exceptionally well-maintained‌ or upgraded models.

Q: ⁢What kind of boating activities is the 1983‍ Post ⁢46 Convertible⁢ suitable for?
A: The 1983 Post 46 Convertible is suitable for a variety of boating activities,⁣ including coastal cruising,⁣ fishing, and weekend getaways. Its spacious interior and ample deck space make it ideal for entertaining family and friends, while its sturdy design allows‌ for comfortable ​cruising ​in various weather conditions.

Q: Are there any‍ known issues or common problems associated ⁣with the ‍1983 Post⁤ 46⁤ Convertible?
A: ⁣As with‌ any older boat, specific maintenance and repair issues can vary depending on how well it has been cared ⁣for over the years. However, ‍some common ⁣issues that can ‍arise in older ⁤models include engine ⁣and electrical system problems, ‍hull blistering, or general wear​ and tear. It is important to conduct a thorough inspection and survey before purchasing a used 1983⁤ Post 46 Convertible⁤ to ensure any ​potential issues are identified.

Q: How can I​ find a 1983 Post 46 Convertible⁣ for ‍sale?
A: To find a 1983 Post 46‌ Convertible for sale, you can ⁣search through ‍various boat listings online, ​consult with yacht‍ brokers, visit boat shows, or join boating forums and communities where⁢ fellow enthusiasts ⁣may have ⁢information about​ available listings.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the 1983 ⁢post 46 convertible boat represents ⁤a significant milestone ⁢in the world of boating. Its timeless design,⁢ exceptional performance, and advanced features have made it a beloved choice ​among boating enthusiasts worldwide. From‍ its sturdy construction to its ​spacious and luxurious interiors, this convertible boat offers a versatile and comfortable‍ experience on the water.

The combination of power and grace that‌ the 1983 post 46 ‌convertible boat embodies has established it as a highly sought-after vessel⁢ even to​ this⁣ day. Whether sailing through calm waters or navigating more challenging⁣ conditions, this boat continues to provide a stable and reliable journey, ensuring the‌ utmost satisfaction for its owners.

With its sleek lines ​and stylish‌ profile,‍ the ⁢1983 post 46 convertible boat certainly possesses a captivating allure. It has become⁢ synonymous ⁣with elegance and sophistication, earning ⁣a well-deserved reputation among boating ⁣connoissEstimated Mile Ranges.

Designed with‌ the latest ⁣technology and engineering, this convertible boat offers an array of features that enhance both performance and comfort. ‌From innovative navigation systems ‍to ⁣luxurious amenities, every⁣ aspect of this⁤ vessel has ​been carefully crafted to elevate the boating experience.

Whether for leisurely weekend getaways or⁣ adventurous fishing expeditions, the 1983 post 46 convertible boat‌ is a reliable companion‌ that can cater ⁣to a variety of needs. Its durability, dependability, and versatility make ‍it ⁢a cherished asset ‌for any boating ‌enthusiast.

In summary, ⁢the 1983 post 46 convertible boat stands as a testament to the enduring quality and craftsmanship of its‍ era. ⁤Its ⁣impressive specifications, coupled with⁣ its timeless design, ⁤make it a truly remarkable vessel. As the years go ⁣by, the ‍allure of this classic boat remains intact, continuing to capture the hearts of boating enthusiasts and⁤ leaving ​an indelible mark on the boating industry as a whole.

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