1983 Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman Boat

‍ Welcome to our⁤ informative article on​ the iconic 1983 Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman boat. With a rich​ history ⁣and a ‍reputation as ‌a sturdy ‍and versatile ​vessel, this classic model ⁤has stood ‌the test‍ of time. Designed for anglers⁣ seeking a​ comfortable and reliable fishing experience,⁢ the 1983 Post Marine ​42 Sport Fisherman offers a combination of⁤ power, durability, and functionality. Let’s ⁢take​ a closer look⁤ at the features and highlights of this⁣ legendary ⁤boat that ‌has captivated boating enthusiasts for decades.
Specifications and Features⁤ of⁣ the 1983 ​Post Marine 42 Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat

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Specifications and Features of the 1983 ‍Post Marine 42 Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat

The 1983 Post ‌Marine 42 Sport Fisherman Boat is⁢ a fantastic vessel designed for avid anglers and ocean enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted boat boasts a⁢ range ‌of impressive specifications and features that make it a top choice for‍ any fishing expedition. With its sleek⁤ design and ⁤sturdy‍ construction, this ‌boat offers both performance and comfort, allowing ⁤you to enjoy your ​fishing‍ trips to the fullest.

Equipped‍ with twin Detroit Diesel ⁣6V92⁢ engines, ‍this​ boat delivers a powerful performance⁢ on the open ⁣seas. These engines provide a combined⁤ horsepower of over 900, ensuring you have ample power to ⁤chase after​ your prized catch. The 1983 Post Marine‍ 42 Sport ⁤Fisherman Boat also​ features a spacious cockpit area with comfortable seating, perfect ‍for relaxing ‌and ⁣enjoying⁢ the ocean​ breeze​ during those long fishing trips. Additionally,‌ the boat ⁢includes‌ a​ state-of-the-art navigational system, ensuring that you can navigate ⁤with ⁤ease ⁢and precision, even in⁤ challenging conditions.

Overall Condition and ⁤Maintenance History of ⁣the⁢ 1983 Post⁤ Marine‍ 42 Sport Fisherman Boat

Overall ‍Condition and Maintenance History⁣ of the 1983 ​Post ⁢Marine ⁣42‌ Sport Fisherman Boat

‍ The 1983 Post ‌Marine⁤ 42 Sport Fisherman boat is in excellent overall condition, given its age. Careful ⁤maintenance and regular upkeep have‌ preserved‌ its structural⁣ integrity and ensured its reliable performance. The exterior ‌fiberglass hull remains​ solid, showing only minimal ⁣signs of wear‌ and tear expected for a vessel‍ of its vintage. The⁢ gelcoat ​maintains a glossy finish, meticulously cared⁣ for by its previous owner. Its classic​ lines⁢ and​ timeless‌ design continue to be aesthetically pleasing,⁤ making ​it⁢ a truly eye-catching vessel on the​ water.

The maintenance history of this 1983 Post ​Marine⁣ 42 Sport Fisherman boat is extensive, indicating a ‌conscientious owner who understood ⁢the importance of regular servicing and care. Notable⁢ maintenance highlights include:

  • Annual ‌professional‌ engine ⁢servicing, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. ⁤Both engines have​ been diligently ‌maintained, with records detailing routine oil ‍changes, filter​ replacements, and tune-ups.
  • Regular bottom cleaning and⁣ antifouling paint application, preventing marine growth and ⁣maintaining ​optimal hull performance.
  • Recent replacement of⁢ all⁢ through-hull fittings​ and thorough inspection of the ‌boat’s ​plumbing system, ⁤ensuring reliability and ⁣preventing potential water leakage.
  • Routine ⁢electrical system checks​ and⁤ upgrades, including updated ⁣wiring ‍and new batteries, guaranteeing ‍a⁤ trouble-free​ experience on board.

‌ This ⁢level of‌ consistent maintenance ​speaks to ​the​ care and⁤ attention this vessel has received over the years, providing assurance ⁤to ​potential⁣ buyers that they are investing in​ a well-maintained and ​reliable 1983‌ Post Marine ⁢42 ⁤Sport⁢ Fisherman boat.

Performance​ and ⁢Handling‍ of the 1983 ‍Post‍ Marine‌ 42 Sport Fisherman Boat

Performance and Handling ⁣of ‍the 1983 Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman Boat

When it comes to performance and handling, the 1983 ‌Post ⁤Marine ⁤42 ⁣Sport Fisherman Boat⁣ is in a ⁣league of its⁣ own. Equipped with a powerful engine,​ this boat effortlessly​ glides through the water, providing an exhilarating experience ​for ⁣all ‍who step⁤ aboard. The ⁣boat’s robust design ensures superior stability and ⁢control, allowing you to ‌navigate ‍even ⁢the most challenging waters with confidence.

One of‍ the standout features of the‌ 1983‌ Post Marine 42‌ Sport Fisherman Boat is its exceptional ​maneuverability. ​Whether you’re⁣ navigating tight turns or ⁢cruising at high​ speeds, this boat boasts‌ a precise and responsive steering ​system that makes handling a breeze. ‌Additionally, the boat’s advanced hull design minimizes resistance and ⁣maximizes efficiency,⁤ resulting in improved fuel economy and reduced‍ operating costs.

  • Powerful engine for⁣ seamless ⁤performance
  • Superior stability and control‌ in all‍ conditions
  • Precise and responsive ⁣steering system for effortless maneuverability
  • Advanced ‌hull design for enhanced‌ fuel⁤ efficiency

Overall, ‌the 1983 Post Marine 42‌ Sport⁤ Fisherman Boat truly delivers in terms of performance and‍ handling. Whether you’re ‌a ⁢passionate angler‍ or‌ simply seeking a thrilling‍ boating ​experience,⁣ this vessel is ​bound to exceed your⁣ expectations. Get ​ready to​ embark on ‍unforgettable adventures on the water with this exceptional boat.

Important Considerations Before ‌Purchasing⁢ the 1983 ​Post Marine 42 Sport⁣ Fisherman Boat

Important‍ Considerations Before Purchasing the 1983​ Post Marine 42‍ Sport Fisherman Boat

When contemplating the purchase ‌of the 1983 Post‍ Marine⁢ 42 Sport​ Fisherman Boat, it‌ is crucial to assess various factors to ensure you make an informed decision. Here, we highlight some imperative considerations that will help you gauge whether this‍ particular model suits⁢ your requirements:

  • Vintage⁤ Appeal: ‌The 1983 ⁣Post Marine‍ 42 Sport Fisherman Boat carries a‌ timeless allure,‍ making ‍it ‍a standout choice for boating enthusiasts​ looking to own a⁣ piece‌ of​ nautical history. Its‍ classic design and elegant finishes⁣ epitomize ‍the‌ style and craftsmanship ​of the ⁤era.
  • Overall Condition: Before finalizing ⁤your purchase, it is‍ essential ⁢to thoroughly inspect the boat’s overall condition. Check for any signs of wear⁢ and ‍tear, structural integrity, or maintenance requirements. Engage a‌ professional marine ​surveyor to ⁤conduct a ​comprehensive ‍assessment,​ ensuring the vessel is seaworthy and suitable for‍ your anticipated usage.
  • Performance and‌ Handling: ‍ Understanding the boat’s performance capabilities​ is crucial ‍for​ a satisfying boating⁢ experience. ⁣Consider factors⁢ such as⁤ its engine⁣ power, ‍fuel efficiency, ⁤maneuverability, and stability‍ in varying ⁢weather conditions. Evaluate whether⁤ these aspects align‍ with your⁢ boating ⁢needs, be it leisurely coastal ⁤cruising or offshore sportfishing adventures.

Moreover,⁢ it is essential to consider the vessel’s:

  • Size⁢ and Space: ⁤ Assess whether the 1983⁢ Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman Boat ‍provides ‍ample space for your intended use. Evaluate the⁣ layout,‍ cabin⁣ amenities, seating capacity, storage capacity,‍ and ‌the​ overall comfort it‌ offers for extended stays at sea.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Vintage boats often necessitate dedicated‌ maintenance⁣ to preserve their​ condition and performance. Familiarize yourself ‍with⁢ the specific maintenance requirements of the Post Marine 42 ‍Sport ⁤Fisherman, including routine servicing, potential restoration costs, and availability of spare parts.

Considering these crucial factors will empower you‌ to⁤ make an informed decision ​and ascertain‍ whether the 1983 Post Marine ‍42 Sport Fisherman ⁤Boat ​is the ⁤perfect vessel to meet your boating needs. Remember to consult with experts and​ conduct thorough inspections ⁣to ⁢ensure ⁢a seamless ownership experience.


Q:‍ What is the 1983 Post Marine 42 Sport ‍Fisherman boat?
A: The 1983 ‌Post Marine 42 Sport‌ Fisherman boat​ is a⁢ popular fishing​ vessel produced by Post Marine, ⁢a ⁤well-known American boat ‍manufacturer.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the boat’s features?
A: Certainly! The 1983 Post Marine ⁣42 Sport⁢ Fisherman boasts a spacious and comfortable‍ interior, making ⁣it suitable ⁢for both fishing enthusiasts and ‍those seeking a leisurely‍ cruising experience. It features a deep V ⁣hull design, providing stability and excellent performance even in rough seas.‌ This model also comes⁣ equipped with a fishing‍ cockpit, multiple rod holders, and a range of other amenities to ​enhance your fishing experience.

Q: How ⁣many people can the ⁣boat ‌accommodate?
A: The 1983 Post⁣ Marine‍ 42⁤ Sport Fisherman ⁣is designed to comfortably accommodate a group‌ of⁣ six to eight people. It offers a‍ spacious cabin layout with​ a roomy‍ master stateroom, a guest stateroom, and a convertible dinette which can be used as an additional sleeping⁢ area.

Q: What are the boat’s dimensions and weight?
A: This⁣ model has ⁤an overall⁢ length of 42 ⁣feet ‌and a beam (width) of 14​ feet, providing ample ⁢space ​for⁤ both fishing and ⁢leisure activities. It typically has a⁤ dry weight of‍ around 38,000 pounds,‍ which contributes to its stability ⁢and ⁢performance on the water.

Q: What ‌type⁤ of​ propulsion does this ‍boat use?
A: The 1983 ⁣Post Marine 42 Sport ⁢Fisherman generally utilizes twin diesel engines for propulsion. These engines offer reliable power and efficient fuel consumption, making it suitable for ⁤long trips and ⁤extended ⁤fishing excursions.

Q: What are ‌some notable ​features that make this boat ​stand out?
A: One of the standout features of the 1983 Post Marine⁢ 42 Sport ⁣Fisherman ⁣is its ⁤well-designed flybridge, which provides excellent visibility and command ​over the ⁢vessel. Additionally, it offers ⁤a spacious and well-appointed salon area, a fully equipped galley ⁢with ​all necessary amenities, and a​ comfortable head (bathroom) with a separate ​shower stall.

Q: How is the boat’s overall condition considering ⁤its ‌age?
A: As ‌the boat ​is from 1983, its⁤ condition would depend​ on factors such​ as maintenance, usage, and ‌any refurbishments or upgrades performed​ over the years. It is advisable to inspect the specific vessel‍ of interest thoroughly to evaluate its overall condition, including the hull, engines, ​electrical systems, and ⁤interior ‍components.

Q: Is‍ this boat ⁢suitable for offshore fishing?
A: Yes, absolutely! The ⁣1983 ⁤Post ⁣Marine 42 Sport Fisherman is designed to ⁤ handle⁢ offshore fishing adventures with ‍ease. ‍Its robust construction, deep V hull, and reliable propulsion ‌system ‌make it well-suited for tackling various offshore conditions while ‌ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Q: Are there‍ any known issues ‍or ⁢common​ maintenance requirements⁣ for ⁤this model?
A: While ⁣specific issues can vary depending on the⁤ individual ⁢vessel’s history and ⁢maintenance, some common maintenance ⁢requirements for ‍the 1983 ⁢Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman may ​include⁣ engine and generator​ servicing, hull and deck maintenance, regular inspection of vital systems, ⁢and routine upkeep of interior‌ furnishings and amenities.

Q: What are some comparable boats⁢ to consider in the⁣ same ‍class or era?
A: If⁤ you are considering boats in ⁢a similar class ​and era, you⁤ may want ⁣to ‌explore models such as the Bertram⁤ 42 Convertible, Viking 41‌ Convertible, Hatteras‌ 46 Convertible, or the Tiara 42 ​Convertible.‌ These⁣ boats offer comparable features and are renowned for their quality, performance, and suitability‍ for offshore ​sport fishing.⁢

Key⁤ Takeaways

In conclusion, the 1983 Post Marine 42 Sport Fisherman ​boat⁤ stands as a testament to‌ the ⁣timeless⁤ appeal⁤ and enduring craftsmanship of a true classic. With ‌its remarkable build quality, unmatched ‍performance, and versatile ‍features, this vessel ‍has become a favorite among fishing enthusiasts and boating aficionados alike. The ‌boat’s⁢ solid construction, spacious interiors, and ​exceptional handling ensure‌ a ​comfortable and exhilarating experience on the water. ‌Whether you are pursuing trophy fish⁣ or simply embarking on a leisurely cruise, the 1983 Post‌ Marine 42 Sport Fisherman boat ⁣offers a ⁤reliable and stylish companion ⁣to⁢ fulfill ​your maritime⁢ desires. So, if you are ⁤seeking a vessel⁣ that effortlessly blends functionality ‍with timeless​ elegance, look no⁤ further than ‌this iconic and esteemed ⁤model ⁢from the‌ esteemed Post Marine brand.

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