1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat

1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat

The 1984 Tung ‍Hwa Princess ‌Aft ‍Cabin Motor ⁢Yacht‍ Boat‍ holds a⁢ significant place in the realm of maritime history. With⁤ its vintage charm, impeccable craftsmanship, and desirable features, this vessel⁢ has captivated boat enthusiasts and collectors alike. Offering an abundance of space, comfort, and reliable performance, this motor yacht⁢ has become‍ an ​emblem of luxury⁢ on the⁣ open waters. In this ‌article, we delve into the ⁣fascinating‍ features and standout​ qualities of the 1984 Tung ‌Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor ⁢Yacht Boat, exploring why it continues to mesmerize‌ boat enthusiasts even ​after⁢ decades since its creation.
Specifications and​ Features of the 1984 Tung Hwa​ Princess ⁤Aft Cabin⁢ Motor⁣ Yacht

Specifications and Features of the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft⁤ Cabin Motor Yacht

Embark ‌on ⁤a journey of luxury and grace aboard⁣ the remarkable 1984​ Tung ‌Hwa Princess ‍Aft​ Cabin Motor Yacht. ​Designed with impeccable craftsmanship,⁢ this vessel is a true testament to ​elegance and performance. With a‍ length of ‌50 feet and a beam ‍of‍ 15 feet, ‍it offers abundant space‌ for ⁣relaxation and entertainment. The yacht boasts a powerful twin diesel engine, ensuring swift and smooth⁢ navigation through the ‌waters.

Step on⁣ board ⁢and be captivated by the ⁣opulent interior that ⁤greets you. ⁢The stunning ‌aft cabin ⁣provides‍ a private ​oasis, complete with a comfortable queen-sized bed and panoramic windows that ⁣offer ​breathtaking ‍views of‍ the surroundings. The spacious salon is adorned with rich wood ‍finishes and plush furnishings, ​providing a cozy and⁤ inviting atmosphere for gatherings. With‌ a fully equipped galley,‌ you​ can ⁣easily prepare delicious‌ meals while at sea. The 1984 Tung Hwa Princess⁤ Aft‌ Cabin⁤ Motor Yacht also features a stylish flybridge, ​where you can unwind and⁤ bask in the sun, or command the ship with a commanding ‍view of the‍ horizon.

Features Description
Length 50‍ feet
Beam 15 feet
Engine Twin diesel engine
Aft Cabin Private oasis⁤ with queen-sized bed and⁣ panoramic windows
Salon Rich wood finishes and plush furnishings
Flybridge Stylish sun-soaked area with commanding‌ view of the horizon

The History and Design of the 1984 Tung​ Hwa Princess ⁢Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

The ⁢History and Design‌ of the 1984 ‌Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin ⁣Motor Yacht

The 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft ‌Cabin Motor Yacht is a remarkable vessel that⁤ showcases both ​history and ⁣timeless‌ design.‍ Let’s delve ‍into its intriguing story ‌and‌ explore ‍its impressive features!

Steeped in‌ maritime heritage, the 1984 Tung Hwa ‌Princess Aft Cabin Motor​ Yacht‍ boasts a rich history ⁣that captivates boating ⁤enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted vessel originated from the esteemed ⁣Tung ‌Hwa Shipyard in⁤ Taiwan, known ​for ‍its‍ exceptional‍ craftsmanship. Built during a period wherein great importance was​ placed ‌on comfort and luxury, this⁢ motor yacht ‌stands as‌ a testament to‍ the superior design principles of its era.

Made for ⁢the discerning yacht owner, the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht offers an array of impressive features and amenities. ‌Here are some notable ⁢highlights:

Features Description
Spacious Aft Cabin Experience a luxurious retreat in the ‍ expansive aft cabin, designed to provide ultimate comfort and tranquility.
Elegant Interior ​Design The yacht’s interior showcases stunning woodwork and exquisite‍ detailing, ‍creating ​an ambiance of sophistication.
Impressive Performance Equipped with a‌ powerful ⁢engine,‍ this motor yacht effortlessly ⁤cruises through the water, ensuring⁤ a smooth and exhilarating ‌ride.

Performance and Handling of the ⁢1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

Performance and Handling of the 1984 ‍Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin‍ Motor ‌Yacht

The 1984 Tung Hwa ‌Princess Aft Cabin ⁤Motor Yacht showcases⁣ exceptional performance and handling capabilities, making it a⁢ top ⁢choice for yacht enthusiasts. Equipped‍ with a ‌powerful engine, this luxurious vessel effortlessly glides through the water,⁤ providing a smooth and comfortable sailing experience. Whether cruising⁢ at high ‌speeds⁣ or navigating tight turns, the 1984 Tung⁤ Hwa Princess Aft Cabin ⁢Motor Yacht delivers exceptional maneuverability​ and stability.

One of the standout features of this ⁣motor yacht is​ its exceptional handling. The precise and responsive steering system ensures ​that​ captains ⁣can⁤ easily navigate through any water conditions.‌ With a ⁢deep-V hull design, the yacht offers superior stability, reducing the impact of waves and providing a​ comfortable voyage for‍ passengers. The ​Tung ‍Hwa Princess also ‌boasts excellent acceleration, ⁣allowing‍ for ⁢quick and exciting adventures on​ the water.

Features Description
Spacious Aft Cabin Offers⁤ a luxurious ‍and comfortable living space for overnight stays ⁢and ⁤extended trips.
Flybridge with Seating Provides a commanding view of the surroundings ‌and a ​space for socializing and ‍relaxing.
Multiple Bathrooms Ensures convenience⁢ and privacy⁣ for all passengers​ on⁤ board.

Comfort and Amenities on the ⁤1984 Tung‍ Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

Comfort and‌ Amenities on the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft ‌Cabin Motor Yacht

When it‍ comes to ‌comfort and amenities, ‍the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht leaves no‌ stone⁤ unturned. With its meticulously designed and‍ spacious interior,​ this yacht provides ⁢a truly⁤ luxurious experience​ on ‍the water. The⁢ plush ​furnishings and elegant decor will‌ make you⁤ feel instantly at home, while the panoramic ​windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding seascape.

Onboard, ⁤you’ll⁣ find an array​ of ‌amenities that cater to‌ your‌ every need. The master stateroom boasts a comfortable king-sized ‌bed, ensuring a restful night’s ⁤sleep.⁢ The ensuite bathroom features ⁢a large ⁤marble bathtub, perfect for indulgent relaxation. The yacht ⁢also includes a⁢ fully-equipped galley, complete with modern appliances and‌ ample ​storage space.‍ Whether you’re hosting a ‌dinner ⁣party or ‍simply enjoying​ a‌ peaceful meal with your loved ‍ones, the spacious dining area provides a perfect setting. With air conditioning and heating systems throughout,⁤ you ​can trust ‌that​ your comfort will ⁣be⁤ guaranteed in any weather or⁣ season.

Features Description
Spacious Interior The 1984 Tung ⁢Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht offers an impressively spacious⁣ interior, providing ample room for relaxation ⁣and socializing.
Panoramic ⁣Windows The yacht is equipped with large panoramic windows, allowing passengers to enjoy stunning views⁤ of‌ the picturesque surroundings.
Master Stateroom The master stateroom ‍features a luxurious king-sized bed, providing the ultimate comfort for‌ a‍ good night’s sleep.

Recommendations⁤ for ⁤Prospective Buyers of the 1984‍ Tung​ Hwa Princess Aft Cabin ‍Motor Yacht

Recommendations ‌for Prospective Buyers of the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess⁤ Aft Cabin Motor Yacht

If ‌you ⁢are considering⁢ purchasing the 1984 ​Tung Hwa Princess ⁤Aft Cabin Motor Yacht, there are a few key recommendations to ⁤keep in mind to ensure you make an ⁤informed​ decision. First and foremost, it is essential​ to thoroughly inspect the ⁢boat before making a purchase. Look for any signs​ of wear and tear, such as cracks in the hull or water damage. Additionally, ⁢check ⁢the engine and⁤ electrical systems ⁤to ensure ⁤they are in good working condition. ​

Furthermore, it is advisable to ⁣seek the assistance ​of a professional⁢ marine surveyor who can provide a​ comprehensive evaluation of the vessel. They will thoroughly examine the boat⁢ and ​identify any potential issues that may not⁤ be immediately⁣ apparent to an ⁢untrained ⁢eye. This will give you a clear ⁤understanding of the⁤ condition ⁤of the yacht and any necessary ⁢repairs ⁣or maintenance it may‍ require. Taking this step can ⁣help prevent unexpected ​expenses down ⁤the line.

Boat Features Description
Size 36 feet ​long
Capacity Comfortably accommodates‍ 6 people
Engine Powered⁢ by a reliable⁣ diesel engine


Q: What is the ‍”1984 Tung Hwa ​Princess Aft Cabin ⁢Motor ‌Yacht Boat”?
A:⁣ The ​1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft ⁢Cabin Motor Yacht Boat is‍ a specific model of⁢ motor‍ yacht boat produced by the Tung Hwa shipyard. ‌

Q: What are the‍ key ⁣features of this boat?
A:⁤ The 1984 Tung ⁢Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat ⁢boasts several notable​ features. These include an aft⁤ cabin‍ design, ⁤providing extra privacy‍ for owners or guests, ‌along with a spacious and comfortable interior. It also features a well-appointed galley, multiple sleeping ⁤quarters, and​ a large deck area perfect ‍for entertainment and relaxation.‌

Q: How big is⁣ this boat?
A: The specific dimensions of the ‍1984 Tung Hwa‌ Princess Aft Cabin ​Motor Yacht Boat may vary, ⁤but it typically ⁤measures around‍ 40 to 45 feet in length,⁤ making it a mid-sized yacht ‍suitable for various recreational purposes.

Q: Is this‌ boat suitable for ‌long-distance cruising?
A: Yes,⁢ the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat is designed to handle long-distance cruising. Its sturdy construction and reliable engine ⁢make it a⁤ reliable choice for those seeking extended ⁣adventures on the water.

Q: What type ‍of engine does this⁤ boat ​have?
A:‌ The 1984 Tung Hwa Princess ⁤Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat often comes equipped with a powerful diesel engine, known for its⁤ efficiency and⁣ durability.‌ However,⁢ it’s essential ⁤to check the specific boat’s listing for accurate​ information regarding ‍the ‍engine.

Q: Can this ‌boat accommodate overnight ⁢stays?
A: Absolutely! ‍The 1984 Tung Hwa ⁤Princess ‌Aft Cabin Motor ⁣Yacht Boat features a ⁢well-designed⁢ interior with multiple sleeping quarters‍ in addition​ to ​the ⁣ comfortable aft cabin. ⁣This ensures ample space for ⁤overnight stays and extended trips on the water.

Q: How many people can this boat accommodate?
A: ‍The ⁣exact capacity may vary ⁢among⁤ individual models and layouts, ⁢but typically,‍ this boat can accommodate between six to eight individuals for daytime ⁣excursions and ⁤comfortably sleep around four to‌ six people​ overnight.

Q: What should I consider‌ before purchasing a​ 1984 Tung ‍Hwa Princess Aft ​Cabin Motor⁣ Yacht Boat?
A:⁣ Before purchasing any boat, including the 1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat, it’s crucial⁣ to consider your​ specific needs, maintenance costs, ⁢insurance, docking fees, and other relevant expenses. Additionally, it’s‍ advisable to inspect the boat thoroughly ⁤for‍ any potential issues or necessary repairs.

Q: Can‌ I find 1984 Tung Hwa Princess ⁣Aft​ Cabin ⁤Motor Yacht Boats ?
A: Yes, ‌1984‍ Tung Hwa⁢ Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht ⁣Boats are ‍often available ⁣ in the ​pre-owned​ market. ⁣It’s‌ recommended to check various reputable boat-selling platforms, local dealerships, or consult with ⁤a professional broker‍ to find available options that suit your preferences and budget.

Q: What other ⁣similar boat models should I consider ​if ⁣interested⁤ in⁤ the 1984⁣ Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin ‌Motor Yacht Boat?
A: If you are considering‌ the ‌1984 Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin Motor Yacht Boat, you may also explore other models with similar ​features‍ and specifications. Some comparable options could​ include boats from manufacturers such as Sea Ray, Carver, Silverton, or Bayliner, which offer a range of aft⁤ cabin motor⁣ yachts suitable ⁣for various⁣ boating preferences.

In Retrospect

In conclusion, the‌ 1984⁢ Tung Hwa Princess Aft Cabin⁤ Motor Yacht Boat encompasses the epitome of luxury and grace on ‌the water.‍ With its classic design and spacious layout, this vessel ⁣caters‍ to the desires of avid boating‌ enthusiasts and those seeking ​a⁣ serene escape. Boasting exceptional craftsmanship,‌ the Tung Hwa Princess Aft⁤ Cabin Motor Yacht Boat​ offers a perfect balance of creature comforts and performance capabilities.⁤ Whether you​ are⁤ embarking on ‌a quick ⁣weekend‍ getaway‌ or an ⁣extended cruising adventure, this timeless yacht provides an ​unforgettable ⁢experience. With ⁣its impressive ⁣history and reputation,⁣ the 1984⁤ Tung Hwa ‍Princess​ Aft Cabin ⁢Motor Yacht ⁣Boat is a true testament to ‍the enduring ‌appeal of quality marine craftsmanship.


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