1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

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1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat
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‍ The 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat holds ​a special ‍place in the hearts of boating enthusiasts and⁤ anglers alike. Renowned for its exceptional performance and timeless ⁣design, this classic vessel continues ‍to captivate with its‍ versatile⁤ features⁣ and remarkable craftsmanship. Equipped with state-of-the-art ⁣amenities and boasting an illustrious history, the 1985‍ Delta Boats⁤ 28 Sport Fisherman Boat has rightfully earned its reputation as ‌an‌ esteemed icon of the boating world. In this article, we delve into the exceptional features and⁢ qualities that make this⁣ vessel ⁣a‍ perennial⁣ favorite ​among marine adventurers,⁢ offering a comprehensive insight into why it remains a sought-after ⁢choice for ‌those seeking an authentic and rewarding fishing experience.
Introduction: A ⁤Look ⁤into the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

Introduction: A Look into the⁤ 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

Delta Boats has‍ long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality‍ sport fishing boats, and the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman is‌ no⁢ exception.⁤ This exceptional vessel combines classic​ design with advanced⁤ technology, offering‍ avid anglers a one-of-a-kind fishing experience. The ‌ sport fisherman boat was meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance, durability,​ and comfort on the ‍water.

Key Features:
– Fiberglass hull: The 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman‍ boasts a sturdy⁢ and​ reliable fiberglass hull, ensuring superior ⁣durability and ⁢resistance to wear and tear.
– ‌Spacious layout: With its intelligently designed ⁢layout, this boat offers ample space for fishing, ⁢relaxing, and entertaining. Its ‍deep V-hull ⁣design cuts ⁤through rough ⁢waters effortlessly, providing a​ smooth and stable ride.
– Impressive fishing amenities: Whether​ you’re‍ a professional angler or a casual fisherman, you’ll appreciate ⁢the extensive fishing amenities on board. Equipped with rod holders, ​a large fishing⁣ cockpit, baitwell, and fish boxes, this ‍boat ​is truly designed with fishing enthusiasts in ⁤mind.
– Comfortable cabin: The ⁣cozy ⁤cabin provides a comfortable retreat after a long ⁣day on the water. Complete ⁣with sleeping quarters, a galley, and⁢ a head, it offers all the essentials for an enjoyable overnight stay.
– Reliable power:‍ Powered​ by twin ​engines, ‍the 1985 Delta‍ Boats 28 Sport​ Fisherman ​delivers an impressive performance on the open water. Its powerful ⁣engines ensure⁣ quick ⁣acceleration and top-notch maneuverability.

| ‌ ‌ ⁣ ⁤ ⁣ ‌​ ​ ‍ | ⁤ ⁤ |
| ​ ⁤ ⁣ Specifications | Information |
| Length (Overall) ⁤ ⁣ ‌ ⁣ | 28 feet ​ ⁢⁢ |
| ⁣Beam ‍ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣‌ ​ | 10 feet ​‌ |
| Draft ‍ ​ ​ ‌​ ⁢ ​ ⁣ | ⁤ 2.5 feet ​ ‌ |
| Fuel Capacity ⁢ ‌ | 100 gallons |
| Water Capacity ⁣ ⁤ ‌ | ⁣ 20 gallons |
|⁤ Maximum Capacity (Passengers) | 8 ⁣ |
| Maximum Horsepower ​ ⁤ ​ | 500⁣ |
| Cruising Speed ​ | 25 knots ‍ ⁢ ‍|
| Maximum Speed ⁤ ‍ ‌ ⁣ | 40 knots |
| Hull Material ‍ ⁢ | ⁤ ‌Fiberglass ⁤ |

Enhance your fishing ⁢experience with the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport⁢ Fisherman. It combines‌ style, functionality, and durability to ‍meet⁤ the‌ needs of even the ‍most passionate ‍anglers. Whether you’re heading out for a day of fishing with friends or planning an overnight ‌adventure, this boat is sure ‍to exceed your expectations.⁤ Don’t miss out on the⁤ opportunity⁣ to ⁤own a piece ‍of fishing history with the 1985 Delta⁣ Boats 28 Sport Fisherman.
1. Design and Construction Features: Exploring the Sturdy⁢ Build‌ and Functional⁢ Design of the 1985 Delta Boats⁢ 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

1. Design and Construction ⁤Features: Exploring the Sturdy⁣ Build and ​Functional Design of the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport⁤ Fisherman ‌Boat

Design and ⁢Construction Features

The 1985 ​Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat boasts a strong and robust build ‍that ⁢is specifically engineered for adventurous fishermen. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this vessel combines durability with functional design elements that ensure a seamless​ fishing experience⁣ on the open water.

One⁤ of the​ standout features of ‍the ⁤1985 Delta Boats ‌28 Sport Fisherman Boat is its sturdy construction. Built ‍with high-quality materials, this boat is built to last, even⁢ in the most ⁢challenging conditions. The fiberglass hull provides excellent stability and​ ensures a⁣ smooth⁢ ride, minimizing the impact of waves. Additionally, the ergonomic design⁤ of the deck offers ample space for casting and reeling‍ in big catches. The strategic placement‌ of handrails and non-slip surfaces further‌ enhance safety and ​efficiency, allowing anglers to focus on their fishing skills without ⁣any distractions or worries.

Feature Description
Length 28 feet
Beam 9 feet
Hull Material Fiberglass
Engine Type Outboard
Fuel Capacity 150‍ gallons

2. Performance and Handling: Unveiling the Impressive Performance​ Capabilities and Smooth ⁢Handling of the 1985 Delta Boats 28 ‌Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat

2. ​Performance and​ Handling: Unveiling the Impressive Performance Capabilities and Smooth Handling of the ⁤1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

Performance and Handling

When it⁢ comes ‌to the 1985 ⁤Delta Boats ‍28 Sport Fisherman Boat, prepare to be amazed by its impressive performance capabilities and smooth handling. This boat is​ built to ⁢deliver an⁣ unforgettable experience on the water, whether you’re ⁣a seasoned angler or a recreational boater looking for a ‍thrilling adventure.

Let’s start with the performance. The 1985⁢ Delta Boats 28‍ Sport Fisherman Boat is powered by a powerful engine that ensures ⁣exceptional speed and responsiveness. With ⁢its well-designed hull,‍ this boat⁤ cuts through the ⁤waves effortlessly, providing a stable⁣ and smooth ride​ even in challenging ‌conditions. Whether you’re‌ cruising at high ⁢speeds or maneuvering around obstacles, ⁤you can trust the ⁣unmatched performance of‍ this remarkable‍ vessel.

Specifications Details
Length 28 feet
Beam 9 feet
Weight 6,500 pounds
Engine Single or Twin ​Inboard/Outboard
Capacity 8 people

Not only does this boat excel in performance, but ⁣it also offers exceptional handling. The 1985 ⁤Delta Boats 28 ⁢Sport Fisherman Boat⁤ comes with advanced features and technologies that make it ⁣a joy ​to navigate. ⁣With its responsive steering and precise controls, you’ll feel ‌in complete control no matter the situation. Whether you’re battling​ a feisty ‌fish or docking in tight ​spaces, this boat’s handling capabilities will impress even the most ⁤experienced boaters.

In ​conclusion, ⁣the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat is a ⁢true powerhouse when it comes⁢ to performance​ and ⁤handling. Its⁣ impressive speed, stability, and maneuverability ⁣make⁤ it​ a ⁣top choice for those‍ seeking excitement and adventure on the water. Get ready to experience⁢ the thrill of ‌a lifetime aboard this remarkable vessel.

3. Fishing Amenities and⁤ Features: Delving‍ into the Well-Equipped‌ Fishing⁣ Amenities ​and Features of the ⁢1985 Delta Boats ‍28 Sport Fisherman Boat

3. Fishing Amenities and⁣ Features:‌ Delving into the Well-Equipped Fishing Amenities and Features of the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

3. Fishing Amenities and Features

When it ⁤comes​ to fishing amenities and features,‍ the 1985 Delta ​Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat‍ stands⁤ out from‌ the crowd. Designed with the avid​ angler in mind, this well-equipped vessel⁢ offers a⁢ range ⁣of⁢ impressive features⁤ that ⁤make ⁣it the perfect choice for⁢ any fishing excursion.

The Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, providing ‍ample room for all your fishing gear ‍and crew. Equipped with state-of-the-art ‌fishing technology,⁤ this boat ensures that you have everything ⁣you need to reel in the big ⁣catch. Some of its ⁢notable amenities and features include:

  • Fishing Rod Holders: With multiple fishing rod holders​ strategically⁢ placed along the⁢ boat, you⁤ can easily keep your fishing rods ⁤organized and within reach.
  • Fishboxes: The 1985 ⁤Delta Boats 28⁣ Sport Fisherman⁤ Boat is equipped⁢ with fishboxes ⁢that offer plenty of ⁤space​ to⁢ store your ⁤caught fish, ensuring they⁤ stay fresh until ​you ​return to ‌shore.
  • Baitwells: Keeping your bait​ alive and readily available is ​crucial for ‍a successful fishing trip. This boat comes with built-in baitwells, providing a convenient solution for storing live bait.

These are⁢ just a⁣ few examples of​ the fishing amenities⁤ and⁣ features that the Delta Boats 28 Sport⁢ Fisherman ⁤Boat has to offer. Whether⁤ you’re an experienced angler or a novice⁣ fisherman, ‌this boat ⁢provides the ‍tools ⁣and comfort needed to enhance your fishing experience.

Year Make Model Length Engine
1985 Delta ⁢Boats 28 Sport Fisherman 28 feet Single ‌Inboard Diesel

4. Comfort and Convenience:‌ Uncovering the‍ Comfortable and Convenient Features that the 1985 Delta ‌Boats 28 Sport‌ Fisherman Boat Offers

4. Comfort and Convenience: Uncovering the Comfortable and Convenient Features that the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat Offers

The 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat is packed ​with a ⁣host of luxurious amenities ⁢that ‍ensure ⁣a comfortable ‍and ​convenient experience on ⁢the water. Whether you are embarking on a fishing expedition or simply enjoying a leisurely cruise, this⁤ vessel has⁢ everything you need to make your time⁤ on board truly enjoyable.

One of the ⁢standout features​ of this⁢ boat ​is its spacious cabin, designed ​with your comfort ⁢in mind. The well-appointed interior boasts plush seating and ample storage, allowing you to relax and unwind after a‍ long​ day of fishing. Additionally, the cabin features‍ large windows, providing stunning panoramic views of ‌the surrounding water and allowing for plenty of⁣ natural light to flood ​in.

Year Make Model Length Engine
1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman 28 feet Twin Detroit ‌Diesel
– Spacious ‍Cabin – Plush⁢ Seating with Ample Storage
– Large Windows⁣ for Panoramic Views – Well-Equipped Galley for Food Preparation
-‍ Comfortable Sleeping Accommodations – ‌Convenient⁣ Head (Bathroom) with‍ Shower

5. ⁢Maintenance and Durability: Highlighting the ​Easy Maintenance Requirements⁣ and Long-Lasting Durability of the 1985 ⁣Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat

5. Maintenance and Durability: Highlighting ‌the Easy Maintenance Requirements and Long-Lasting Durability of the 1985 Delta Boats 28‌ Sport Fisherman Boat

Maintenance ‌and durability are key factors when ‍considering ​purchasing a ​boat, and⁣ the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat truly excels ⁤in both areas. With ⁤its easy maintenance requirements⁣ and long-lasting durability, this boat ensures that ⁤you can‌ spend​ more time enjoying ⁤the open water rather than constantly tending to maintenance tasks.

One of the standout features of the 1985 ⁤Delta⁢ Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat is ​its low​ maintenance requirements. Designed with ⁤convenience in mind, this ⁣boat boasts features that make upkeep​ a‌ breeze. From its fiberglass hull that resists scratches and dents⁤ to its easily accessible engine compartment, maintaining this boat is a stress-free task. Additionally, the boat’s⁤ stainless⁣ steel components further add to its durability and reduce the need for frequent ‌repairs or replacements. Owners can ⁢have peace of mind ⁤knowing that they can​ spend less time on maintenance and more ‍time doing what they love⁣ –‌ fishing and ​cruising.

When it comes to durability, the 1985 Delta Boats 28​ Sport Fisherman Boat truly stands the test of⁢ time. Built ⁤with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this boat has ‌proven its⁤ ability to withstand the harsh marine⁢ environment year after year. ​With proper care and maintenance, this boat ⁣can ‍last for‌ decades,⁤ providing‌ you with countless memories and adventures.⁣ From its reinforced⁣ decks to its reliable electrical system, every ⁢aspect⁢ of this​ boat is designed with durability in mind. Whether you’re braving⁣ rough seas or spending⁣ countless hours⁣ on the water, you can trust that the 1985‌ Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman Boat will not only meet ​but exceed your expectations.

Year Model Length Engine Price
1985 Delta Boats ​28 Sport⁢ Fisherman 28 ‌feet Single Inboard $55,000
1985 Delta Boats ​28 Sport Fisherman 28 feet Twin Outboard $58,000
1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman 28 feet Twin Inboard $61,000
1985 Delta Boats‍ 28 Sport Fisherman 28 feet Single Outboard $53,000
1985 Delta Boats⁤ 28‍ Sport Fisherman 28 feet Twin Sterndrive $62,000


Q: What is a 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport ​Fisherman boat?
A: The​ 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman ‍boat is a type of watercraft designed ⁢for sport fishing. It was manufactured‌ by Delta Boats in 1985 and offers ⁤specific ⁢features to enhance the fishing experience.

Q: What ‍are some key features of the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat?
A: The 1985 Delta ​Boats 28 Sport ⁣Fisherman boat comes with various features including⁢ a​ spacious cockpit with ample⁢ storage for fishing equipment, comfortable seating areas, a sturdy hull for⁣ stability, and a range ⁤of navigation and⁢ safety‌ equipment.

Q: What ⁣is​ the size and capacity of the 1985 Delta‍ Boats 28 Sport⁤ Fisherman ⁤boat?
A: This particular⁣ model measures 28‌ feet in length, making ⁣it⁢ compact yet suitable⁢ for recreational fishing trips. It typically has a capacity to accommodate a ⁣small group of anglers, typically ranging from 4 to 6 people.

Q: What type of engine powers the‍ 1985 Delta Boats ⁤28 Sport Fisherman boat?
A:‌ The 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman⁢ boat is​ commonly⁣ equipped with‍ a single inboard engine. ⁢The specific engine model may vary depending ⁢on the‍ preferences⁣ of the original owner or subsequent modifications.

Q: ⁢How does the 1985 ⁤Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat perform‍ on the water?
A: The 1985 Delta Boats 28‌ Sport Fisherman ‍boat is known⁢ for its solid performance‌ on the water. Its⁢ robust hull design contributes to its stability, making it suitable for dealing with ⁣waves and rougher conditions commonly encountered during offshore sport fishing expeditions.

Q:‌ What are some advantages⁣ of owning a 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat?
A: The 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat offers ‌a range of advantages, such as its compact size, ‍which⁤ allows for easier maneuvering, docking, and transportation. Additionally, it provides sufficient space⁢ and amenities for anglers to comfortably pursue their fishing activities.

Q: Are ‍there any potential drawbacks ⁢to consider with the 1985 Delta Boats⁤ 28 Sport Fisherman ‌boat?
A: ​It’s important​ to note that due ⁣to its 1985 manufacturing year, the boat may require additional ‌maintenance and repairs compared to newer models. Prospective buyers should ⁢be ‍prepared ​for potential wear and tear that may ⁢need attention. ⁢Regular check-ups and servicing are crucial for an older vessel like⁤ this one.

Q: Is the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman‍ boat still available for purchase?
A: The availability of the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat for purchase may vary depending on the ⁤market⁢ and individual Manufacturers. It is recommended ‌to‌ search online boat marketplaces,⁣ classifieds, or consult with local boat dealerships to⁢ find potential listings.

Q: What ​is the​ average price ‌range for⁣ a 1985 Delta Boats ​28 Sport Fisherman ​boat?
A: The cost ‌of a 1985 Delta⁤ Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat⁢ can vary depending ⁣on factors ​such as its condition,​ any upgrades ⁤or⁤ modifications, and specific market conditions. Generally, prices can ⁤range from‌ several thousand to tens​ of⁤ thousands of​ dollars. It is advisable⁣ to⁤ consult with Manufacturers directly for accurate and​ up-to-date pricing information.

Q: Are ‍there any other similar boat models available for ⁤sport fishing purposes?
A: Yes, ⁢there are several other boat manufacturers that offer ⁣sport⁣ fishing ​models similar ‌to the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat. Some popular alternatives include Boston⁢ Whaler,⁣ Grady-White,⁤ and‍ Pursuit Sport Fishing boats, among others. Conducting thorough research and consulting with ‍industry experts can help potential buyers explore⁤ a variety⁤ of options and make informed decisions. ‍

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the 1985 Delta Boats 28 Sport Fisherman boat remains ⁣a timeless option for fishing enthusiasts⁢ seeking a reliable and versatile vessel. With its ⁣solid construction, spacious layout, and well-designed features, this ⁢boat has stood‍ the test of time. Whether you are cruising⁢ through ⁤rough waters or angling in ⁤calm lakes, the Delta Boats 28 ‍Sport Fisherman ⁣boat provides a‍ comfortable ​and stable experience. With proper care ‌and maintenance, this classic boat will continue to offer a⁣ rewarding fishing experience for years to come.

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