1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Welcome to our article highlighting the remarkable features and history of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat. Renowned for its superb craftsmanship and exceptional performance, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat has earned its rightful place as a timeless classic in the world of boating. Introduced in 1986, this vessel showcases an elegant design, spacious accommodations, and reliable power, making it an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the key details, captivating you with the legacy and allure of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat.
Overview of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Overview of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

The 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat is a classic vessel that offers both style and functionality. With its spacious interior and luxurious amenities, this boat is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind on the water. The aft cabin design provides a private retreat, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Built with quality craftsmanship, the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat is constructed with durable materials that ensure its longevity. This boat is equipped with a powerful engine, allowing for smooth sailing and optimal performance. The spacious layout includes multiple sleeping quarters, making it suitable for overnight trips or extended stays on the water. With ample storage space, you can bring along all your essentials and keep your boat clutter-free. Whether you enjoy fishing, cruising, or simply enjoying the open water, this boat offers versatility and comfort.

Key Features Specifications
  • Spacious aft cabin with privacy
  • Comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Powerful engine for smooth sailing
  • Ample storage space
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Year: 1986
  • Length: 35 feet
  • Beam: 12 feet
  • Weight: 15,000 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 200 gallons

Unique Features and Design of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Unique Features and Design of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Step aboard the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat, and you will be immediately captivated by its outstanding features and stunning design. Crafted with precision, this vessel offers a plethora of distinctive elements that set it apart from its counterparts in the boating world.

The sleek exterior of the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat, with its striking lines and graceful curves, exudes elegance and sophistication. Its durable aluminum construction not only ensures longevity but also grants it exceptional maneuverability and stability. The spacious aft cabin presents an opulent retreat, providing privacy and comfort for overnight stays. Furthermore, the abundance of large windows throughout the boat allows for breathtaking panoramic views, immersing you in the beauty of the surrounding waters.

Features Description
Ceiling-to-Floor Windows Enjoy a seamless connection with nature as the ample ceiling-to-floor windows offer panoramic views of the surrounding waterways.
Aft Cabin Retreat The secluded aft cabin provides a luxurious and private space for relaxation, complete with a comfortable bed and ample storage.
Aluminum Hull Constructed with durable aluminum, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat boasts excellent maneuverability and stability.

Performance and Handling: A Closer Look at the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Performance and Handling: A Closer Look at the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

When it comes to performance and handling, the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat is in a league of its own. This vessel is built to provide an exceptional experience on the water, whether you’re cruising, fishing, or simply enjoying a day of leisure. With its powerful engines and superior design, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat delivers a smooth, stable ride that is unmatched in its class.

One of the standout features of this boat is its advanced hull design, which allows for maximum stability and maneuverability. With its deep V-shaped hull, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat cuts through the water effortlessly, providing a comfortable ride even in choppy conditions. Additionally, the boat’s wide beam and low center of gravity contribute to its exceptional stability, ensuring that you can navigate with confidence.

Features Description
Spacious Aft Cabin The 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat boasts a luxurious and generously sized aft cabin, providing a private and comfortable retreat for overnight stays or weekend getaways.
Flybridge Control Station Equipped with a flybridge control station, this boat allows for convenient and panoramic views, giving you full command of your voyage.
Ample Storage Space With numerous compartments and lockers throughout, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat ensures that you have more than enough storage for all your boating essentials.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Essential Tips for the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep: Essential Tips for the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Regular maintenance and proper upkeep are crucial to keeping your 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat in optimal condition and ensuring years of enjoyable boating experiences. Here are some essential tips to help you maintain and care for your beloved vessel:

1. Hull Cleaning: Keep your boat’s hull clean by regularly washing and waxing it to prevent the buildup of algae, barnacles, and other marine organisms. This will not only ensure smooth sailing but also extend the lifespan of your boat.
2. Engine Care: Regularly check and change the boat’s engine oil, filters, and spark plugs. Ensure the cooling system is properly maintained, and always use the recommended engine oil and fuel additives for optimal performance.
3. Electrical System: Inspect the boat’s electrical connections and wiring regularly. Look for signs of corrosion and make sure all connections are tight. It is advisable to have a professional electrician perform regular inspections to ensure the electrical system is in good working condition.
4. Plumbing and Bilge System: Regularly check the boat’s plumbing system, including hoses, fittings, and pumps, to ensure there are no leaks or blockages. The bilge pumps should be tested often to ensure they are functioning correctly in case of water accumulation.
5. Canvas and Upholstery: To protect your boat’s canvas and upholstery from harsh weather conditions and UV rays, invest in high-quality covers and regularly clean and treat them with a UV protectant. This will enhance their durability and keep your boat looking great for years to come.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable features of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat in the table below:

Feature Description
Length 38 feet
Beam 12 feet
Hull Material Aluminum

This stunning boat offers a generous length of 38 feet, providing ample space for comfortable cruising and entertaining onboard. With a beam of 12 feet, it offers stability and a spacious layout for all your boating needs. The hull is crafted from durable aluminum, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. This ensures the longevity of your vessel and guarantees a smooth ride even in challenging conditions.

In the next section, we will explore additional features that make the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat a standout choice for boating enthusiasts.
Exploring Upgrades and Customizations for the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

Exploring Upgrades and Customizations for the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat

When it comes to the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat, owners often find themselves wanting to enhance their vessel with various upgrades and customizations. Whether it’s improving functionality, aesthetics, or adding modern conveniences, there are plenty of options to consider. Here are a few ideas to help you transform your 1986 Marinette into the boat of your dreams:

  • Engine and propulsion: Upgrading the engine can improve the boat’s power and fuel efficiency. Consider replacing the original engine with a newer, more efficient model to enhance performance on the water.
  • Electronics and navigation: Installing state-of-the-art electronics and navigation equipment can significantly enhance your boating experience. Upgrade the GPS system, radar, fishfinder, and communication devices to ensure you have the latest technology at your fingertips.
  • Interior renovations: Customizing the interior of your Marinette can breathe new life into the boat. Consider replacing outdated upholstery, upgrading the galley appliances, or adding additional storage space to maximize comfort and convenience.

Aside from these upgrades, there are several customization options to make your 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat truly unique. From aesthetic enhancements like repainting the hull, installing custom lighting, or adding a personalized graphic design, to practical additions like a swim platform or a stainless steel railing, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to consider the functional aspects of the boat as well, such as upgrading the plumbing or water system, adding a generator, or replacing outdated electrical components.

Feature Description
Length 36 feet
Beam 12 feet, 4 inches
Weight Approximately 18,000 pounds


Q1: What are the key features of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat?

A1: The 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat offers several notable features. It boasts a spacious and comfortable aft cabin, providing a private retreat for relaxation. Additionally, it offers a sturdy aluminum hull, which ensures durability and longevity. The boat is equipped with twin engines, providing ample power for smooth navigation on the water.

Q2: What are the specifications and dimensions of the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat?

A2: The 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat measures approximately 36 feet in length, with a beam of about 12 feet. It has a draft of around 3 feet, allowing for easy maneuverability in various water conditions. The boat typically weighs around 12,000 pounds and boasts a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, enabling longer excursions without frequent refueling.

Q3: What amenities and comforts does the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat offer?

A3: The 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat provides a range of amenities for a comfortable boating experience. It features a well-appointed interior with a fully equipped galley, spacious dining area, and cozy sleeping quarters. The aft cabin offers a private head (bathroom) with a shower for added convenience. Moreover, the boat includes air conditioning and heating systems, ensuring comfort regardless of weather conditions.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat is a timeless vessel that continues to be a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Its sturdy aluminum construction, spacious interior, and various amenities make it an excellent option for extended cruising or entertaining guests on the water.

With a length of XX feet and a beam of XX feet, the Marinette Aft Cabin Boat offers ample space for every onboard activity. Its aft cabin design provides privacy and comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience for overnight or extended trips. The well-designed layout includes an inviting main saloon, a fully equipped galley, and generous sleeping accommodations.

Built to last, this boat’s aluminum hull not only enhances its durability but also ensures improved fuel efficiency and exceptional cruising performance. The reliable propulsion system, combined with a well-balanced design, guarantees a smooth and steady ride even in choppy waters.

When it comes to amenities, the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat does not disappoint. Equipped with modern comforts, it boasts features such as air conditioning, heating, a full-size head with shower, and a well-appointed galley with a fridge, stove, and microwave. Additionally, the spacious flybridge offers panoramic views and ample seating for both captain and guests.

With its timeless design, reliable performance, and exceptional amenities, the 1986 Marinette Aft Cabin Boat remains a sought-after choice among boating enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a comfortable family cruiser or a vessel to entertain friends, this classic boat is sure to meet and exceed your expectations on every voyage.

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