1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat

1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat

The 1986 ‌Ocean Yachts Super⁣ Sport Fisherman Boat holds a significant place in ​the history‌ of offshore⁣ fishing vessels.‌ Renowned for its exceptional performance and‌ sturdy ⁤construction, this iconic boat has captured the⁤ hearts of fishing‍ enthusiasts worldwide. With its impressive size and relentless power, this article delves into the key features, design elements, ⁣and notable ​advancements that⁤ made ‍the 1986 Ocean Yachts‍ Super Sport ‍Fisherman‍ Boat a sought-after choice​ and‍ a legend in ⁣its own right. Join us ​as we navigate through‌ the depths of its history, seeking to ⁤understand its ⁢enduring⁤ appeal and unwavering reliability in the ​realm of‌ sport fishing.
Overview and Specifications of⁣ the 1986 Ocean Yachts⁣ Super Sport Fisherman‍ Boat

Overview and Specifications of ⁢the 1986 ‍Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat

The 1986 Ocean Yachts​ Super Sport Fisherman ⁤Boat ⁤is a‍ true ⁢testament to the craftsmanship and innovation⁤ that Ocean Yachts is known for. This ‍high-performance vessel is an ideal choice for avid anglers and boating enthusiasts looking for a ‌reliable and⁤ efficient ⁣fishing experience.⁤ With its sleek and ⁣timeless design, the Super Sport Fisherman Boat boasts a length ⁢of 45 feet, providing ample ⁤space for ⁣both fishing and ‍relaxation.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and⁣ top-notch features, this iconic boat‌ guarantees ‍an ⁣unforgettable fishing⁣ adventure. ‍In terms of⁣ performance, the Super Sport​ Fisherman Boat is powered by twin ‍diesel ⁣engines, propelling it to reach impressive speeds⁤ while maintaining stability ‍and fuel efficiency.⁣ Its spacious cockpit is perfectly designed for angling, offering⁤ easy maneuverability and exceptional visibility. ⁣Thanks ‍to its⁤ advanced navigational system and‍ reliable onboard electronics, locating‍ prime ​fishing spots has ⁣never ⁤been easier.

Key⁢ Features and Performance of the 1986 ⁢Ocean Yachts Super Sport ​Fisherman Boat

Key Features ⁣and Performance of the 1986 Ocean⁢ Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat

The 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat is ​a true gem for fishing enthusiasts⁢ and boating‌ aficionados alike. This sturdy ‍vessel​ combines top-notch craftsmanship with exceptional ⁣performance,⁤ making it⁣ an unrivaled option for‌ those seeking an⁢ unforgettable ⁣fishing experience.

Equipped with state-of-the-art⁤ features, ‌the Super Sport Fisherman offers a spacious cockpit area, providing ample room for‌ several anglers ⁢to cast their lines simultaneously. ⁣The lavish interior boasts comfortable accommodations with plush seating and luxurious amenities, offering⁣ a serene retreat from the thrill ​of the open⁤ water. Furthermore, this immaculate‌ boat includes cutting-edge navigational​ tools and advanced fish-finding ‍technology, ensuring ⁣that every fishing trip is both efficient and ⁤successful.

Design⁣ and ⁤Construction⁤ of the 1986‍ Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman ‌Boat

Design and Construction⁢ of⁣ the ​1986⁤ Ocean Yachts Super⁤ Sport Fisherman Boat

When it comes⁤ to the , every​ detail has been ‍carefully considered for both functionality ‌and ‍style. From⁤ its sleek exterior ⁢lines ‍to its spacious interior layout, ‍this vessel ⁢offers the perfect combination of performance and‌ luxury.

The boat’s hull ⁤is crafted⁣ from high-quality fiberglass, ensuring durability and⁢ a smooth‍ ride even in rough waters. ‍The​ deep-V design enhances stability and ‍maneuverability,⁣ allowing for easier handling ⁤during fishing trips or leisurely‍ cruises. With a length of 45 feet, the Super Sport⁤ Fisherman‌ offers ample ⁢space for fishing ⁤enthusiasts and their guests to​ enjoy a day out ⁢on⁢ the ‌water. Featuring a spacious cockpit with convenient⁢ storage compartments, bait freezers, and rod holders, this boat ⁣provides all the necessary‌ amenities for a ‍successful fishing expedition.

  • Equipped with twin diesel engines, the Super ‍Sport Fisherman boasts​ impressive power and ​speed, making it‍ an ideal choice for⁢ offshore ⁢fishing.
  • The interior of the‍ boat is thoughtfully designed with a spacious ⁣salon, fully equipped ⁤galley, ⁤and ‍comfortable sleeping accommodations.
  • The salon features plush ⁤seating, a dining area, and large ​windows that provide panoramic views ⁢of the ⁣surrounding⁣ ocean.
  • The galley is ⁤equipped with ‌modern appliances, ‍including a stove, refrigerator, and microwave, allowing for easy‌ meal preparation during ⁢extended trips.

Overall,⁤ the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman⁤ Boat sets the⁣ standard for ⁤excellence in design and construction. Its superior performance, luxurious amenities, ⁤and‍ timeless​ aesthetics make it⁣ a true masterpiece on the water.

Comfort and Amenities on board ⁤the 1986 Ocean⁣ Yachts ​Super ⁢Sport Fisherman Boat

Comfort and Amenities on board the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman​ Boat

The⁤ 1986‌ Ocean Yachts Super Sport‍ Fisherman Boat is designed to⁣ offer unparalleled ​comfort‍ and top-of-the-line amenities,‍ ensuring that every ⁣moment‍ spent‍ on board is one of ⁣pure indulgence. Step onto the expansive deck and be⁢ greeted⁢ by the stunning panoramic‍ views of the open sea, with‌ ample seating⁢ areas for⁣ lounging ⁣and enjoying⁤ the ocean breeze. The⁢ boat is equipped with luxurious⁣ furnishings and plush seating,‌ allowing you to relax in style during your fishing adventures or ‍leisurely cruises.

  • Spacious cabins with⁣ large, ​comfortable‌ beds for a restful⁣ sleep after​ a day on the water
  • Well-appointed bathrooms with modern fixtures and hot ⁢water showers
  • A ⁢fully-equipped galley featuring⁣ a refrigerator,​ stove,⁤ and microwave, perfect‍ for preparing‍ meals onboard
  • Ample storage throughout the boat‌ to accommodate all your belongings and fishing equipment

Further enhancing your‍ comfort is the air-conditioning system, ensuring a pleasant⁣ temperature regardless of‌ the weather ‍outside. Entertainment options abound ⁢with ‌a state-of-the-art sound system,‌ allowing you to⁢ enjoy your favorite ​playlists⁣ while cruising. For those looking ​to unwind, ​the boat also offers a spacious salon⁤ area where you can kick ⁣back and watch your favorite shows or movies on the‍ flat-screen ⁢TV.

Whether you are ⁣a seasoned‌ angler or ​simply seeking a luxurious retreat on the water, the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super ‍Sport Fisherman Boat has everything you need to⁢ make‌ your experience⁤ unforgettable. ​Indulge in the‍ utmost comfort and revel in the exceptional amenities on board,⁣ as you embark on unforgettable aquatic adventures.

Maintenance‍ and Upgrades for the 1986 ⁣Ocean ⁤Yachts Super Sport ⁢Fisherman Boat

Maintenance and Upgrades ‌for the⁣ 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat

Owning a classic⁣ 1986 Ocean Yachts ⁣Super Sport Fisherman Boat is ‌both a delight and a ​responsibility.‍ To ensure your vessel ⁢remains in prime condition, ‍regular maintenance and strategic ⁢upgrades are essential. Here ​are some⁢ practical tips to⁣ keep your boat⁢ operating smoothly and enhance its performance:

  • Hull Maintenance: Inspect the ‌hull ‍annually to identify any signs of wear or damage. It’s vital to address⁤ any small cracks or blisters promptly to prevent further water intrusion. ⁤Regularly ‌clean and⁢ wax the​ hull​ to maintain ‍its ⁣appearance and protect it ⁢from the elements.
  • Engine and Mechanical Systems: Schedule ⁤routine⁣ engine ‍maintenance with a certified ⁢marine⁣ technician to⁤ increase longevity and reliability. Regularly ‌check the fuel lines, filters,⁢ and belts for any signs⁢ of deterioration. Consider upgrading to more efficient and environmentally friendly ​systems to minimize your carbon ‍footprint.

Continued upkeep is key ⁤to preserving the value of your 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat. In addition to⁢ the‌ essential maintenance, explore the possibility of these‌ upgrades:

  • Electronics and Navigation: ​Enhance‍ your boating⁤ experience with modern navigation systems⁤ and radar. Investing in⁢ up-to-date electronics can ​significantly improve safety and⁢ efficiency while sailing.
  • Fishing⁢ Equipment: If you enjoy​ fishing, consider upgrading your fishing gear to optimize your catch. Installing the ‍latest fish⁢ finders and upgrading your rod holders ​and outriggers⁢ can ⁤help⁣ improve your fishing ‍skills aboard your Super Sport Fisherman ‍Boat.


Q: What​ is the 1986 ⁣Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: The 1986 Ocean​ Yachts Super Sport⁣ Fisherman Boat is‌ a ​specific ‌model of boat produced by Ocean Yachts in 1986. It‍ is⁢ known for its design ‌and features suitable‌ for sport fishing⁣ enthusiasts.

Q:⁢ What are the⁢ key features of the 1986 Ocean​ Yachts Super ⁤Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: The 1986 Ocean Yachts Super​ Sport Fisherman Boat offers ​a ⁢range of features ⁢aimed at enhancing the sport fishing experience. Some notable features include a ⁤spacious‍ cockpit, ample ⁤storage for fishing ‌equipment, a‍ built-in bait and tackle center, multiple ⁤rod⁤ holders, and a comfortable ‍cabin for ‌extended trips.

Q: What is⁢ the ‌size and capacity of this boat?
A: The ‍1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat typically measures around 44 feet in length. It‍ has a generous capacity to carry a good ⁣number of passengers comfortably, making it suitable ‌for​ families or groups‌ of friends who ‍enjoy fishing ‍excursions.

Q:‌ What⁣ type of engine does the⁤ 1986 ​Ocean Yachts‌ Super Sport Fisherman ‍Boat come with?
A: The 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat​ is commonly ​equipped with twin diesel​ engines that provide both power and‍ efficiency ⁢for smooth operation on the⁢ water. ‍These​ engines⁣ are designed to⁤ deliver ⁤the necessary performance‌ required for ⁣sport fishing activities.

Q: Is the 1986 Ocean Yachts​ Super Sport Fisherman Boat equipped ⁣with modern‍ navigation ⁢and communication systems?
A: While the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super ‍Sport Fisherman Boat ⁢may ⁣not have ⁤the advanced technology found in more recent models, it still ⁢comes with basic ​navigation and ⁢communication⁣ systems. This ensures the⁢ safety and ease of⁣ navigation during fishing trips.

Q: How⁢ does the 1986 Ocean ‍Yachts‍ Super⁣ Sport⁣ Fisherman Boat perform on the water?
A: ⁤With⁣ its solid construction and ⁢hull ⁤design, ⁤the ​1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat ‌is renowned for⁣ its excellent performance on ​the⁤ water. It offers stability,⁤ maneuverability, ​and a smooth ride, even in challenging conditions, making it a reliable choice​ for serious sport fishing enthusiasts.

Q: What are some comparable ‍boats⁤ from the same era or⁣ brand?
A:​ In the same era, some comparable boats to the 1986 Ocean ‍Yachts ‌Super Sport ⁢Fisherman Boat‌ may include models from other well-known brands such as Viking, Hatteras, Bertram, and Tiara.⁤ From Ocean Yachts, the ‍Super​ Sport‌ series ‍offered 38′, 42′, and 48’⁣ models ⁢as​ alternatives.

Q: Are there any common issues⁣ or considerations to⁢ be aware of when considering‍ a 1986 Ocean​ Yachts ​Super Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: As with⁣ any‌ boat of‍ its age, it is essential‌ to consider the maintenance history, condition, and any potential repairs or‌ upgrades needed to ensure the boat remains seaworthy. Consulting with a‍ knowledgeable ‍marine surveyor ⁤and conducting⁣ a thorough inspection can help identify⁤ any issues before⁣ purchasing.

Q: Where ​can one find listings⁢ or purchase a 1986 Ocean ‍Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: ⁤Listings⁢ and availability for the ⁢1986⁤ Ocean Yachts Super Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat can be found on various online platforms specializing in boat sales,‍ including‍ dedicated ⁤marine ‌classified websites or ⁣through reputable boat brokers ‍and dealers specializing in​ boats. It ‌is advisable⁤ to thoroughly research and verify the ⁢seller’s credibility before proceeding with a purchase.

Final ⁤Thoughts

In conclusion, the 1986 Ocean Yachts ⁢Super Sport Fisherman Boat is a remarkable⁢ vessel that truly embodies the ⁤spirit‍ of⁣ offshore fishing. ⁤With⁤ its solid construction, spacious ⁣layout, and ‌exceptional ⁤performance,‍ it has ‍garnered a well-deserved reputation among avid anglers​ and boating enthusiasts.

The boat’s sturdy fiberglass hull, expert craftsmanship, and‍ attention to​ detail ensure its durability and longevity.‌ Its deep-V design allows⁣ for excellent stability ‍and a ⁤smooth ride on any ⁢water conditions,⁤ making it perfect ‍for both experienced​ anglers and weekend ⁢warriors alike.

Equipped with ​twin diesel engines, the⁢ 1986⁤ Ocean‌ Yachts Super Sport Fisherman Boat ​delivers exceptional ⁢power and efficiency. Its impressive cruising speed and range provide endless‌ opportunities⁣ for offshore adventures, ⁤whether ⁢it be chasing the big ‌game fish⁢ or exploring new horizons.

Onboard, the ⁤ boat ⁤offers ample deck space for​ fishing, complete with rod⁢ holders, a live bait well, and⁢ a fish box for ​your⁢ catch. The spacious ⁤cockpit⁣ provides ‌comfort and convenience⁤ with⁤ its integrated ⁣seating, storage compartments, ‍and easy‌ access to the helm station.

Below deck, you’ll find‍ a well-appointed interior that offers all the ‍necessary amenities for extended ‌stays. A fully equipped galley, comfortable sleeping quarters, and ‍a well-designed bathroom ensure‍ that you and your crew can enjoy the​ journey just as much as the ⁤destination.

While the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super​ Sport Fisherman Boat is ⁤undoubtedly a timeless masterpiece, it’s important to note that⁢ regular ⁢maintenance and ​proper care are crucial in ‌preserving its condition and value. Routine inspections, timely ⁢repairs, and attentive ⁣cleaning will ensure that this vessel remains a reliable companion ‌for‌ years to ‌come.

In conclusion, the 1986 Ocean Yachts Super Sport ⁤Fisherman Boat represents an era of exceptional craftsmanship ​and dedication to the pursuit of offshore fishing. Its ⁣solid construction, powerful ‌performance,⁤ and thoughtful ​design‍ make it a trustworthy and ‌capable vessel for any fishing enthusiast. Whether ‌you’re planning an‍ adventurous expedition ⁣or a relaxing weekend⁤ getaway, ⁣this boat⁢ will undoubtedly deliver an unforgettable ⁢boating experience ⁣that’s sure to ⁢leave a lasting impression. ⁤


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