1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat

⁤ For 40 ‌years, the Cabo Rico Cutter boat has been one of ⁣the ​most popular⁣ sailboats ⁣on ⁢the market. This renowned classic first debuted in 1987 and over​ the years, it has become a beloved choice for sailors of all skill levels.⁤ Buyers‍ of the Cabo Rico Cutter boat may be attracted by its impressive performance, dependability, ‌or rich history. To better ⁤understand​ this​ popular vessel, it’s important to explore its origins and specifications.
Overview of the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat

Overview of the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat

The 1987⁣ Cabo Rico Cutter Boat is a classic vessel⁢ that continues to capture the hearts of⁤ sailing enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for⁢ its timeless design​ and exceptional craftsmanship, ⁤this boat offers a combination of ​elegance, comfort, and performance.‌ Built to withstand the test of time, the Cabo Rico⁤ Cutter Boat is a true representation⁢ of excellence in sailing.

Equipped with a range of ⁤outstanding features, the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat provides an ‍unforgettable sailing experience. ⁤Here are some notable highlights:

  • Superior Stability: The boat’s full keel design ensures exceptional stability, ⁣allowing for smooth navigation even in challenging conditions.
  • Spacious Interior: Internally, the Cabo Rico Cutter Boat offers ample space for relaxation and entertainment, boasting a well-appointed salon, allowing you to unwind in‍ style.
  • Premium Materials: Constructed​ using high-quality fiberglass and hand-laid teak, this boat exudes durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment.
Features Description
Efficient Sail Plan The specially designed sail plan ensures⁢ optimal performance and easy⁤ handling,‌ utilizing the power of the wind efficiently.
Comfortable Accommodation The spacious cabins offer cozy berths and ample storage,​ providing a comfortable living space during extended ‌voyages.
Robust Construction With meticulous attention to detail and rigorous craftsmanship, the boat ⁢boasts superior construction, equipped to handle​ the demands of offshore ​sailing.

Whether ‌you’re ⁣a seasoned sailor or a passionate ⁢boating enthusiast, the 1987⁤ Cabo Rico Cutter Boat delivers⁤ an exceptional combination of performance, comfort, ‌and classic elegance. ​Its enduring ⁣appeal and reliable⁤ design make it a cherished vessel that stands the test of time.

Notable‍ Features of the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat

Notable Features of the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter⁢ Boat

The 1987 Cabo‌ Rico Cutter Boat is renowned for its exceptional features and⁣ craftsmanship. Built with precision and attention to detail, this ⁢remarkable vessel offers an⁤ unparalleled sailing experience. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Timeless Design: The 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat boasts a classic design that​ exudes elegance and sophistication. ⁤Its graceful lines and sturdy construction make it a timeless beauty on the water.
  • Superior‍ Quality Materials: Crafted using high-quality materials, this boat ensures durability and longevity. From the exceptionally strong fiberglass hull to the teak deck, every​ component is carefully selected ​to withstand the test⁢ of time.
  • Spacious Interior: Step inside, and you’ll ‌be captivated by the spaciousness‌ and‌ comfort the 1987 Cabo Rico ‍Cutter Boat offers. The well-designed layout provides‍ ample living and​ storage space, making long ‌journeys or weekend getaways a breeze.
Feature Description
Efficient Cutter Rig The 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat is⁣ equipped with a cutter ⁣rig, allowing for versatile ⁤sail configurations. ⁤This rigging arrangement enhances the⁤ vessel’s ⁢performance and‌ stability even in‌ challenging weather conditions.
Full Keel The full keel on this ⁢boat‍ ensures excellent⁢ control and tracking, providing a smooth and stable ride. It ⁢enhances the boat’s overall maneuverability, making it reliable and ‌predictable in ⁣various sailing conditions.
Well-appointed Galley The 1987 ‍Cabo Rico Cutter Boat features a well-equipped galley, complete with a stove, refrigerator, and ample storage space for provisions. It allows for convenient meal preparation, ensuring that you can enjoy‌ delicious meals while on your sailing adventures.

Performance ⁤and Handling of the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat

Performance and Handling of the 1987 Cabo Rico ⁤Cutter Boat

The 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat offers outstanding performance and handling characteristics that set it apart‍ from other vessels ⁢in its class. Equipped with a sleek hull design and a well-balanced fin keel, this boat⁤ effortlessly glides through the water, ⁢providing​ a smooth and comfortable ride for ‌both experienced sailors and beginners alike.

Thanks to its exceptional stability and responsiveness, the 1987 ⁣Cabo Rico Cutter Boat⁢ is a joy to sail in various weather conditions. ⁢Whether you’re navigating calm coastal⁣ waters or challenging offshore passages, this boat’s excellent handling capabilities ensure that you ‍can confidently tackle ⁤any ‍sailing adventure. Additionally, the thoughtfully positioned sail controls, including the easily ​adjustable sheets and halyards, contribute to the boat’s exceptional performance, providing optimal sail ⁤shape and maximizing speed.

Features Description
Comfortable Accommodations The Cabo ‍Rico Cutter ⁢Boat features a spacious interior with ample headroom, offering a comfortable living space ‌for extended trips at sea. The well-appointed cabins provide cozy berths, ensuring a good night’s sleep‍ during long passages.
Quality ​Construction Constructed with high-quality⁣ materials and‌ meticulous craftsmanship, the 1987 Cabo ⁤Rico Cutter Boat is built for durability and ​reliability.​ Its sturdy hull and deck ensure ​that you can confidently ‍sail in various conditions, knowing that your boat⁣ is up to the task.
Efficient Sail Plan This‍ boat’s well-designed⁢ sail plan allows for easy handling and optimal performance. With a versatile cutter rig, adjustable genoa, and a powerful mainsail, you can effortlessly adjust to changing wind conditions, maximizing your sailing experience.

Maintenance and ⁣Upgrades⁣ for ⁤the 1987 Cabo Rico​ Cutter Boat

Maintenance and Upgrades for the 1987 ‍Cabo ⁣Rico ‌Cutter Boat

Maintenance and‍ upgrades are crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of⁣ your⁤ 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter ‍Boat. To ensure smooth ⁢sailing and prolong the life⁣ of your ⁤vessel, occasional maintenance and⁤ timely upgrades are essential. Here are some key aspects to consider ​when it comes to maintaining and upgrading your beloved boat:

Regular check-ups: Schedule routine⁢ inspections to identify any potential issues or areas that require attention. This ⁢includes examining the hull and deck, ⁢inspecting ​the rigging and mast, examining the sails, and checking the​ engine and electrical ​systems.

Hull maintenance: Protecting⁣ the hull is paramount to the upkeep of your boat. Regularly cleaning and‌ polishing the gel‍ coat ​not only maintains its appearance but also‌ protects against corrosion and wear. ⁢Applying‍ a fresh⁢ coat of anti-fouling⁣ paint is also important to‍ prevent the growth of barnacles and algae, enhancing ‌the⁢ boat’s overall performance.

Upgrade ⁤opportunities: Enhancing your boat’s ​capabilities can contribute‍ to a more enjoyable ‌sailing experience. Consider⁣ installing modern navigation systems, upgrading communication devices, ​and improving⁢ safety equipment. Upgrading the onboard entertainment system can also add a touch of luxury to your‍ voyages.

By investing time and effort into maintenance and thoughtful upgrades, you can ensure your 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat remains seaworthy and provides you with unforgettable adventures for years to come.

Year Make Model
1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat
  • Length: 38 feet
  • Beam: 11 feet
  • Displacement: 20,500 lbs
  • Classic design with a full keel for enhanced stability
  • Spacious cockpit, perfect for entertaining or relaxing
  • Efficient‍ cutter rig with a roller⁤ furling head sail

Key Considerations When Owning a 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter ​Boat

Key Considerations When Owning a 1987 Cabo Rico⁣ Cutter Boat

When it comes⁢ to‌ owning ‌a 1987 Cabo Rico⁢ Cutter Boat, there are⁣ several ⁤important factors‍ to take into consideration. From ⁢its unique design to its exceptional sailing performance, this classic vessel‌ offers a range‌ of features that make it a sought-after choice for boating enthusiasts. Below, we highlight some⁢ key considerations‌ to keep in mind ⁢before embarking on your‍ Cabo Rico adventure.

  • Construction: The 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat is known for its high-quality construction, combining solid hand-laid ‍fiberglass hull with teak wood accents. This expert craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity, making⁤ it a reliable⁣ choice⁣ for​ long-distance cruising.
  • Spaciousness: Despite its⁢ vintage charm, the Cabo‍ Rico Cutter boasts ample living space both below and on deck. With its well-designed ‌layout, this vessel provides comfortable accommodations for extended trips while ⁤allowing easy maneuverability on deck.
  • Sailing ⁢Performance: Whether you’re​ a seasoned sailor or a novice, the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat offers excellent sailing performance. Its cutter rigging system offers versatility for various wind conditions, providing stability and ease of handling in all weather conditions.
Feature Description
Classic Design The Cabo Rico Cutter Boat showcases a timeless design, combining elegance ​with seaworthiness.
Comfortable Accommodations This vessel offers spacious living quarters, including a cozy cabin, well-equipped galley, and ‌designated storage areas.
Quality​ Materials Constructed with robust hand-laid fiberglass and teak wood accents, ensuring durability ‍and a luxurious aesthetic.


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The Way Forward

In conclusion, the 1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat stands testament to the remarkable craftsmanship and timeless design principles ⁣that have defined Cabo ⁤Rico Yachts over the years. With its solid construction, seaworthy capabilities, and luxurious features, this vessel has captured the​ hearts of sailing enthusiasts worldwide.‌ Whether​ you⁢ are ⁣a seasoned ‌sailor or a passionate adventurer, ⁢the 1987 Cabo Rico ⁤Cutter ‍Boat ⁢offers a reliable and well-rounded sailing experience. Its durable ⁤fiberglass hull, ​spacious interior, and impressive performance make it a highly​ sought-after choice⁢ for​ those seeking to ‌explore the open waters with comfort and peace of mind. ⁤With its classic charm and enduring⁢ appeal, this timeless vessel embodies the spirit of‌ sailing, capturing the essence of both tradition ‍and⁣ innovation. Whether you’re navigating coastal waters or embarking on⁢ lengthy offshore​ passages, the ‍1987 Cabo Rico Cutter Boat is sure to deliver an unforgettable and enriching journey.‍ So,​ if you​ yearn for ⁢the thrill of the open sea and the limitless possibilities it⁣ brings, the 1987 ‍Cabo Rico Cutter Boat stands ready to​ accompany you on your ‌next great adventure.

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