1987 Gibsea 242 Boat

The 1987 GibSea 242 boat is a well-known, popularly-priced recreational sailboat, and a great choice for any aspiring sailor. It offers a great sailing experience with a good balance of comfort and performance. This article will review the features and specs of the 1987 GibSea 242 boat, providing a comprehensive overview of its design, safety, and performance abilities.
1. History and Background of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: A Comprehensive Overview

1. History and Background of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: A Comprehensive Overview

When looking into the history and background of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat, it becomes clear that this vessel is a remarkable example of craftsmanship and design. Produced by Gibert Marine, the 1987 Gibsea 242 was a popular model that stood out among other sailboats of its time.

The Gibsea 242 was introduced in the late 1980s, capturing the attention of sailing enthusiasts around the world. It quickly gained popularity due to its exceptional performance capabilities and attractive design. The boat’s construction incorporates a combination of fiberglass and aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. With its deep keel and easily adjustable sails, the Gibsea 242 offers exceptional maneuverability, making it a coveted option for both experienced sailors and novices alike.

1987 Gibsea 242 Boat Features:

Length: 24 feet 2 inches
Beam: 8 feet 2 inches
Displacement: 3,000 lbs
Sail Area: 283 sq ft
Number of Berths: 4
Engine Type: Inboard Diesel

2. Key Features and Design Aspects of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Unraveling its Unique Characteristics

2. Key Features and Design Aspects of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Unraveling its Unique Characteristics

When it comes to the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat, there are several key features and design aspects that make it truly unique. With its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, this boat stands out from the crowd. Let’s delve into some of its distinct characteristics:

  • Spacious Cabin: The Gibsea 242 offers a generously-sized cabin, providing ample room for relaxation or overnight stays. The well-designed layout ensures maximum comfort, with plenty of headroom and storage space for all your belongings.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to last, the 1987 Gibsea 242 boasts a durable fiberglass hull that can withstand the elements. Its tough exterior makes it ideal for both calm and challenging waters, ensuring a smooth and safe sailing experience.
  • Efficient Sailing Performance: Equipped with a reliable rigging system and powerful sails, this boat excels in performance. Whether you’re cruising or racing, the Gibsea 242 is designed to deliver exceptional speed and maneuverability.

In addition to these standout features, the 1987 Gibsea 242 also embodies some impressive design aspects. Its sleek and timeless lines not only give it an aesthetic appeal but also contribute to its excellent hydrodynamics. The thoughtful placement of deck hardware ensures optimal functionality, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. If you’re looking for a boat that combines style, strength, and performance, the 1987 Gibsea 242 is a true gem.

Feature Description
Spacious Cabin The generously-sized cabin provides ample room for relaxation or overnight stays, with plenty of headroom and storage space.
Sturdy Construction The durable fiberglass hull ensures the boat can withstand the elements and offers long-lasting durability.
Efficient Sailing Performance The boat’s reliable rigging system and powerful sails deliver exceptional speed and maneuverability for both cruising and racing.

3. Performance and Handling of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Exploring its Nautical Capabilities

3. Performance and Handling of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Exploring its Nautical Capabilities

The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat truly exemplifies remarkable performance and handling capabilities, making it a popular choice among nautical enthusiasts. This vessel is built to tackle a variety of sea conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. Equipped with a sturdy hull design and impeccable stability, the Gibsea 242 guarantees optimum performance even in challenging waters. Its sleek and streamlined shape allows for enhanced maneuverability, enabling sailors to navigate effortlessly through tight spots and crowded marinas.

One of the standout features of this boat is its exceptional sailing performance. With a powerful rigging system and a well-designed keel, the 1987 Gibsea 242 boasts impressive speed and responsiveness. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or engaging in competitive racing, this vessel offers a thrilling ride. Additionally, the boat’s balanced weight distribution and efficient sail plan ensure reduced heeling, resulting in maximum comfort for all on board. With its reliable performance and exceptional handling, the Gibsea 242 is truly a testament to the engineering prowess of its creators.

Feature Description
Spacious Cabin The 1987 Gibsea 242 offers a roomy cabin, providing ample space for relaxation and overnight stays. The cleverly designed layout allows for comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements, ensuring a cozy experience on the water.
Efficient Cockpit Layout The boat’s cockpit is thoughtfully designed to optimize efficiency and ease of use. The placement of instruments, winches, and controls ensures swift maneuvering, allowing sailors to focus on their navigation and enjoy the thrill of sailing.
Integrated Swim Platform The Gibsea 242 features an integrated swim platform at the stern, providing easy access to and from the water. Whether you want to go for a refreshing dip or engage in water sports, this feature adds an element of convenience and fun.

4. Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Essential Tips and Recommendations

4. Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Essential Tips and Recommendations

Ensuring proper maintenance and regular upkeep of your 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat is crucial for its longevity and optimal performance on the water. Here are some essential tips and recommendations to help you keep your beloved vessel in top shape:

  • Clean and inspect the hull: Regularly cleaning the hull helps prevent buildup of algae, barnacles, and other marine growth, which can impair the boat’s speed and efficiency. Inspect for any visible damage or cracks that may require repairs.
  • Check the engine: Oil and filter changes, spark plug replacements, and coolant checks should be conducted at recommended intervals. Regularly inspect belts, hoses, and other engine components for wear and tear. Proper maintenance of the engine ensures optimal performance and reduces the risk of breakdowns while out at sea.
  • Inspect electrical systems: Regularly check the battery, wiring, and connections to ensure everything is in good working order. Test navigation lights, bilge pumps, and other electrical equipment for functionality.

To keep your 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat in top condition, make it a priority to follow a regular maintenance schedule. Additionally, here are some additional recommendations to consider:

  • Winterize the boat: If you reside in an area with cold winters, properly winterizing your boat is essential to protect it from freezing temperatures and damage. This includes draining water systems, adding antifreeze, and covering the boat.
  • Keep a logbook: Maintaining a logbook can help you track important maintenance tasks, repairs, and upgrades. This allows for better organization and a thorough understanding of your boat’s history.
  • Get regular professional inspections: Having your boat professionally inspected annually ensures potential issues are detected early on. A professional can identify any hidden problems and provide expert advice on necessary repairs or upgrades.
Feature Description
Hull Material Fiberglass
Length 24 feet
Beam 8.2 feet

5. Buying Guide for the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Factors to Consider and Expert Advice

5. Buying Guide for the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat: Factors to Consider and Expert Advice

Buying Guide for the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat

When looking to purchase a 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Condition: Check the overall condition of the boat, including the hull, deck, and rigging. Look out for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks, and examine the sails for wear and tear.
  • Maintenance History: It is crucial to inquire about the boat’s maintenance history. Ask for records of regular servicing and any major repairs that might have been done. This will give you an idea of how well the boat has been taken care of over the years.
  • Features: Consider the specific features of the 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat that are important to you. This might include the size and layout of the cabin, the presence of a galley or head, and the overall design for comfortable cruising.
  • Price: Compare prices of similar boats on the market to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Take into account any additional equipment or upgrades that come with the boat, as this can affect the price.

When seeking expert advice, it is recommended to consult with knowledgeable boaters or marine professionals who have experience with the Gibsea 242 model. They can offer valuable insights and answer any specific questions you may have about this particular boat. Furthermore, consider joining online boating communities or forums, where you can connect with other owners who can share their personal experiences and provide tips on what to look for when purchasing a 1987 Gibsea 242 Boat.

Features Description
Hull Material Fiberglass
Length Overall 7.35 meters
Beam 2.74 meters


Q: What is the history of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat is a popular model manufactured by Gibert Marine, a French boatbuilding company. It was first introduced in 1987 and gained a reputation for its quality construction and sailing performance.

Q: What are the notable features of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat boasts several notable features. It has a spacious and comfortable interior layout, making it suitable for both weekend getaways and longer voyages. The boat also features a large cockpit area with ergonomic seating arrangements, providing ample space for a small crew or a group of friends.

Q: What is the size and capacity of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat has an overall length of approximately 24 feet (7.3 meters) and a beam of 8 feet (2.4 meters). It can typically accommodate up to 6 people comfortably, making it an ideal choice for small families or groups of friends.

Q: What is the construction and design of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat like?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat features a sturdy and robust construction. It has a fiberglass hull and deck, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The boat’s design incorporates a moderate draft and a balanced sail plan, enabling it to handle various weather conditions with stability and ease.

Q: How is the performance of the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat offers excellent sailing performance. Its hull design allows for efficient cruising and easy maneuverability. The boat is equipped with a keel that provides stability, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience.

Q: What are some of the amenities available on the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat offers a range of amenities for onboard comfort. These may include a well-designed galley with a stove, sink, and storage space for preparing meals, as well as a compact but functional head (bathroom) area. The boat may also have comfortable sleeping arrangements, with berths or cabins designed to accommodate the occupants.

Q: Is the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat suitable for beginners?
A: The 1987 Gibsea 242 boat is often considered a good option for beginners due to its manageable size, ease of handling, and overall stability. However, as with any sailing vessel, it is recommended that beginners acquire basic sailing knowledge and skills through training or guidance to ensure safe and enjoyable experiences on the water.

Q: Is it easy to find spare parts for the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat?
A: While finding original spare parts for an older boat model like the 1987 Gibsea 242 may involve some effort, there are several resources available in the market. Specialized boat part suppliers, online marketplaces, and boating communities can help owners find the necessary components to maintain and repair their vessels.

Q: How does the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat compare to newer models?
A: While the 1987 Gibsea 242 boat may not offer the latest advancements in boat design and technology in comparison to newer models, it remains a well-regarded and reliable sailing vessel. It provides an affordable option for those seeking a solid and capable boat with excellent sailing characteristics. However, it is recommended to assess personal preferences, requirements, and intended usage before making a purchase decision.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the 1987 Gib’Sea 242 boat has proven itself to be a reliable and versatile vessel for both seasoned sailors and newcomers to the world of boating. With its sturdy construction, spacious interiors, and user-friendly features, it offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you’re looking to embark on adventurous cruising or participate in thrilling regattas, this sailboat is equipped to handle various sailing conditions with ease. The reputation of the Gib’Sea 242 as a well-built and seaworthy craft is testament to its enduring popularity among boating enthusiasts. So, if you’re in search of a sailboat that combines performance, comfort, and value, the 1987 Gib’Sea 242 is definitely worth considering.

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