1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

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1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat
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The 1987 post ⁢sport fisherman boat stands as a remarkable testament to⁢ the evolution⁢ of the ⁣boating industry ⁤during the late 20th​ century. Designed with avid anglers in mind, this vessel combines impressive craftsmanship, functionality,‍ and superior performance. With its ⁣sturdy construction and innovative ⁤features, the 1987 post sport fisherman boat has garnered a reputation for delivering‍ unforgettable fishing experiences. In this article,⁤ we will delve into the design, capabilities, and enduring appeal ‍of this iconic boat, exploring why‌ it remains an⁤ enduring ‍favorite‌ among boating enthusiasts even​ decades after its release.
Specifications and Design⁤ Features of the⁢ 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

Specifications and Design Features‌ of the 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

​ The‍ 1987 Post Sport Fisherman ‌Boat boasts a range of ⁣impressive specifications ⁣and‍ design features that make⁣ it ⁣a top choice for⁣ fishing enthusiasts. Starting with its ⁤hull construction, this ⁣vessel is built ⁤using‌ high-quality fiberglass, ensuring durability and a⁢ smooth ride even in challenging marine conditions. The ​boat measures 36 feet in length, providing ample space ⁤for ⁤a comfortable fishing experience for you and your‍ crew.
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  • The 1987 Post ⁣Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat ⁢is equipped with twin diesel engines, ‌delivering⁣ reliable power and⁣ efficient fuel⁢ consumption.
  • Featuring a deep-V hull ⁢design, it⁢ provides exceptional stability ‍and improved maneuverability, enhancing ‍your fishing endeavors.
  • With a ⁤maximum capacity of 10 people, this boat offers plenty of room to accommodate friends and family on your ⁣fishing⁣ trips.
  • The spacious cockpit includes custom fishing chairs, allowing⁣ you to ‍relax⁤ comfortably while waiting for the perfect​ catch.

⁣ ‌ ‌ Additionally, this classic boat model incorporates several design features tailored to enhance your fishing experience. The sporty and sleek exterior⁢ design exudes a timeless charm, while the spacious cabin offers a‍ cozy retreat during extended fishing excursions. Inside the cabin, you’ll⁣ find⁣ a well-appointed galley ⁢complete with a refrigerator, stove, and‍ sink, ensuring your culinary needs are met during your adventures at⁢ sea. The​ large windows allow for ample natural light, providing stunning panoramic views of the ⁣surrounding waters.

Key Insights into the Performance and‌ Handling of the 1987 Post ⁤Sport Fisherman Boat

Key ​Insights into the ⁣Performance and Handling of the 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

⁣ The 1987 ⁣Post Sport Fisherman Boat⁣ showcases exceptional performance and handling capabilities. Designed ⁣to tackle the challenges of deep-sea fishing, this iconic vessel offers a range of features that ‌make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, its sturdy fiberglass hull construction​ ensures remarkable durability, allowing the boat ​to navigate through ‍choppy waters with⁢ ease. This‌ quality not only enhances safety but also provides long-lasting reliability for those ‌thrilling angling adventures.

⁢ Another notable highlight is the powerful twin-engine⁢ configuration that propels the Post Sport Fisherman Boat ⁤forward ⁤with ⁣remarkable speed, ‍providing⁢ an exhilarating experience for water sports enthusiasts.‍ With a top speed⁢ of 40 knots, or roughly​ 46 mph,⁤ this vessel is built for​ performance. Maneuvering the boat ‍is effortless, thanks to its responsive and⁣ precise hydraulic steering system, ensuring maximum control⁣ even in tighter spaces. The boat’s stability ⁢is further ⁤enhanced by its deep-V hull design, providing ‍unparalleled comfort and minimizing the​ effects of rough conditions.

  • Incredible ⁣durability due to fiberglass hull​ construction
  • Powerful twin-engine‍ configuration ⁤for superior speed
  • Responsive⁣ hydraulic steering system for ‌effortless maneuverability
  • Stable and ‌comfortable ride with⁣ deep-V hull design

​ ⁣For those seeking a well-rounded ⁣fishing boat that delivers⁤ on⁣ both performance and handling, the 1987 Post Sport ⁤Fisherman Boat exceeds ​expectations. Its solid ‌construction,‍ powerful engines, and precise steering system will undoubtedly satisfy any angler’s need ​for adventure⁣ on the open seas.
Safety and Comfort Features to ​Consider ⁣on‍ the 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

Safety and Comfort Features ⁢to‌ Consider on ⁤the⁤ 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

When it⁣ comes to choosing a​ boat that ensures both safety and comfort, the⁤ 1987 Post ⁢Sport Fisherman is hard to beat. Packed with an impressive array​ of features, this vessel ​offers ⁣peace⁤ of mind⁢ while‍ maximizing your enjoyment on the ⁤water. First and‍ foremost, ⁢the boat⁤ is ⁣equipped with ⁤an‍ advanced navigation‌ system,‌ including a⁢ GPS chartplotter and a fishfinder. Never again⁤ will you have to worry⁤ about getting lost‌ or missing​ out on ⁣your favorite fishing spots.

Additionally, the 1987 Post Sport ‌Fisherman boasts spacious and luxurious accommodations for⁣ ultimate ‌comfort during your adventures. The⁤ plush captain’s chair offers both support and relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind while cruising‍ or waiting⁤ for the ⁣perfect catch. The cabin features ample headroom, providing a comfortable⁣ environment ​where you can escape the elements if needed. Furthermore,⁤ the ​well-designed sleeping ‍quarters ensure‌ a restful night’s sleep after a long day at sea. With its attention to safety⁤ and well-appointed comforts, the 1987 Post Sport Fisherman boat is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Maintenance and Upkeep ⁣Recommendations‌ for the⁣ 1987 Post‌ Sport Fisherman Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations for ‌the ⁤1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

Proper maintenance and regular ⁢upkeep ⁤are crucial for maximizing​ the performance and longevity ⁤of ⁣your beloved ⁣1987 Post Sport Fisherman⁢ Boat.⁣ Here are‍ some key​ recommendations to ensure that your vessel remains in top-notch condition:

  • Keep it clean: Regularly wash your boat ⁤with a ‍mild⁤ soap⁣ and water ⁤solution to remove ‍dirt, salt,⁢ and grime. Pay special⁤ attention to⁤ the hull,⁣ deck, and fishing ⁢equipment. A clean boat not only looks great, but it also ⁢helps maintain the integrity of the materials, preventing ‍corrosion and ⁣deterioration.
  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts: Regularly inspect all moving parts, ​such as ⁤hinges, rails, pulleys, and winches. Lubricate these components ⁢using marine-grade lubricants to‌ ensure ​smooth ​operation and prevent damage ca by friction.
  • Check the electrical system: ⁢Perform routine checks on ⁤the boat’s​ electrical system, including the battery, ‍wiring, and connections. Ensure that all lights, ⁤navigation equipment, and electronics⁢ are functioning ​correctly. Replace any faulty components ⁢promptly to‌ avoid potential safety⁢ hazards.
  • Preventative maintenance for⁤ the⁣ engine: ‌Regularly change ⁤the engine ‌oil, filters, ‌and spark ⁤plugs according to the manufacturer’s ​recommendations. Inspect⁤ and clean the ‌cooling system,⁤ and flush it​ with freshwater after ⁢each outing. Additionally, schedule professional tune-ups and inspections to identify ⁤and address any potential issues‌ before ​they become major⁤ problems.

By following these maintenance‌ and upkeep recommendations, you ⁤can⁣ enjoy endless ⁣hours of smooth ‌sailing and‍ exceptional fishing experiences​ with your 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat. Remember, a well-maintained boat ‌not only ensures your safety⁣ but also ‍preserves its value ‌for years to come. Happy boating!

Top Tips for Buying ⁣a ​ 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

Top Tips ​for Buying ⁣a 1987⁢ Post‌ Sport Fisherman Boat

What to Look for⁤ When Buying a‍ 1987 Post Sport Fisherman Boat

When it comes to buying a ‌1987 Post ‌Sport Fisherman boat, there are a ‍few important factors you should consider before⁣ making your ⁤purchase. We⁣ have ⁣compiled a list of top tips to help guide you through the process, ensuring that you make an⁣ informed decision:

  • Inspect the hull: The hull is the foundation of⁤ any⁤ boat, so it’s crucial to carefully inspect it for any signs of damage or‍ deterioration. ⁣Look for⁤ cracks, warping, or soft spots, as these could indicate potential structural issues.
  • Check the engine: ⁢The engine is the ‍heart of ​any ​boat, and its condition ⁣can significantly ⁤impact ⁢your ​overall boating experience. Have a professional mechanic inspect⁢ the engine thoroughly, checking​ for any ⁢leaks, unusual noises, ‌or⁣ signs of poor maintenance.
  • Assess the electrical system: Faulty wiring can be both ⁢dangerous and costly to repair. Ensure that all electrical components are in good‌ working⁤ order, including navigation lights, bilge pump, gauges, and any other ​electrical ⁣devices onboard.
  • Review maintenance records: Request​ the maintenance ⁣records from‍ the owner ‍to get an idea of how well the boat has been cared for over the‌ years. Regular service and upkeep are⁢ crucial for ensuring ⁢the longevity ‌and⁤ performance of a ⁢ boat.

By following ⁣these ⁢top tips, you can confidently navigate the process of‌ buying a 1987 Post Sport Fisherman boat. Remember, ⁢a thorough inspection and careful ⁤consideration of the boat’s history are ⁢key ​to⁣ finding a‍ reliable and enjoyable vessel that⁣ will provide years of boating pleasure.


Q: What ​is the “1987 post sport‍ fisherman boat”?
A: The 1987 post sport fisherman ‌boat is a specific model of boat manufactured in 1987 by Post ⁢Marine ‌Company. It falls ​under the category ‍of​ sport⁤ fishing boats.

Q: What⁤ are the key features of the 1987 post ‍sport fisherman boat?
A: The 1987 post⁣ sport fisherman boat⁤ offers a⁣ range of⁤ features that enhance its functionality for sport fishing​ enthusiasts. These may include a spacious ​cockpit, multiple fishing rod holders, a raised bridge for improved visibility, an ⁢ample storage capacity⁢ for fishing gear, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Q: Can you provide information about the dimensions of the 1987 post sport ​fisherman boat?
A: While the‍ specific dimensions may⁢ vary⁣ depending on ​the model ⁣and configuration of the 1987 post sport fisherman ⁣boat, typical length ranges from around 28 to 52 feet. These boats ‌usually have a beam⁣ (width) of around 10 to 16 feet and a ‌draft⁢ (how deep the boat sits in the water) ‌of ‍around⁢ 2 to 4 feet.

Q: What ​type of engines were in⁤ the 1987 post sport⁢ fisherman​ boat?
A: The 1987⁤ post sport fisherman boat was typically equipped with twin inboard engines. The exact specifications of these engines, such ‍as their ‍horsepower‌ and brand, ⁢may differ across different models and individual boats.

Q: How many passengers can the 1987 post sport fisherman boat ⁣accommodate?
A: The ⁢passenger ⁢capacity of the 1987 post sport fisherman⁢ boat‍ can also vary depending ​on the​ specific model and configuration. However, these boats are typically designed ‍to accommodate a ⁤moderate ⁤number of ‌passengers, ​usually ⁢ranging from six to⁣ eight people⁤ comfortably.

Q: What are‍ some notable characteristics of⁢ the 1987 ⁣post sport fisherman boat?
A: ⁣The 1987 post‍ sport fisherman boat is often ‍praised for ⁢its ⁢sturdy construction, durability, and seaworthiness. These‍ boats are known for their ability to handle ⁣different weather and sea⁣ conditions, ensuring a ‍safer and⁢ more enjoyable fishing experience for users.

Q: Are there any‌ known issues or ​concerns with the 1987 ‍post sport fisherman boat?
A: While the⁣ 1987 ‍post sport fisherman boat has generally​ received ​positive reviews, it’s important ​to consider that,‌ due to its age, some individual‌ boats may require specific⁣ maintenance or repairs. Issues⁤ could range from ⁤cosmetic wear ⁢and tear to potential mechanical problems that may arise⁣ from regular use or ‍inadequate upkeep.

Q: Is the 1987 post sport fisherman boat still in production today?
A: No, ‍the 1987 post sport fisherman boat ⁣model⁤ is no longer in ‍production. ‌Post Marine Company ceased⁣ production ​of this particular model many years ago. However, models⁤ can still be found on the⁤ market, ⁤and some⁢ individuals choose to restore or refurbish‌ them to maintain their ⁤functionality.

Q:⁢ Where can one⁤ find a‍ 1987 post sport fisherman ⁣boat⁢ for ⁤sale?
A:​ If you are‌ interested in ⁣purchasing a 1987 post sport fisherman ​boat, you can search online platforms⁣ dedicated to ⁤boat ⁤sales. These ⁤may include popular websites like Boat Trader, YachtWorld, or local ⁣classifieds. ⁢Additionally, you can contact boat dealerships and brokers ​who specialize in second-hand boats, as they may ‌have knowledge ⁣of available units .

The ‍Conclusion

In conclusion, the 1987 post sport fisherman boat is a ⁣remarkable ⁣vessel‌ that has stood the test‌ of time. Its robust design, ⁤reliable performance,⁢ and spacious layout ​make it a⁤ popular ‍choice ‌among ​avid ​anglers and boating enthusiasts. With its reputation for durability and functionality, this model has⁢ become a timeless staple in the boating industry.

The ​notable ​features found on the 1987 post sport fisherman boat‌ provide an exceptional boating experience. The spacious cockpit, ​well-appointed cabin, ‌and ample storage‌ space ‍allow for extended fishing trips or leisurely cruising. ⁣The robust hull construction ensures a smooth and‌ stable ride even in rough waters, making it a reliable companion for any​ adventure.

The 1987 post sport fisherman boat offers a range ‍of ​customization options, allowing‍ owners to tailor the vessel‌ to their ‍specific needs and preferences. Whether‌ it’s adding fishing equipment, upgrading navigational systems, or ​enhancing interior amenities, this model ⁤provides a versatile platform⁢ for personalization.

While‌ this model may be ‌over three ​decades old, its enduring performance​ and timeless design⁣ have made ​it‌ a sought-after choice⁢ in ​the boat​ market. Its solid construction, coupled with ‍regular maintenance and care, ensures that these boats can ‌continue to provide enjoyment and reliability to their owners‌ for many more years to⁢ come.

In summary, the 1987 post ‌sport fisherman boat⁤ is⁤ a trusted⁣ and respected name in the boating⁣ industry. Its timeless design, sturdy construction, and versatile features make it a highly sought-after vessel among boating enthusiasts. ​Whether embarking on an⁢ exhilarating fishing expedition or cruising the ⁢open waters, this⁤ boat‍ is‌ sure to ‍meet and exceed expectations. ‍

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