1987 Silverton Convetible Sport Fisherman Boat

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1987 Silverton Convetible Sport Fisherman Boat
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The year was⁣ 1987, a time when recreational boating was gaining momentum, ‍and⁣ boat enthusiasts​ were eagerly exploring new possibilities on the water. Amidst this era of innovation and adventure, the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport ‌Fisherman Boat emerged as an iconic vessel, capturing the hearts of avid‌ anglers and pleasure cruisers alike. Boasting a distinctive⁢ design and a blend of power ​and elegance, this remarkable boat was a testament to Silverton’s commitment to creating an exceptional boating ⁤experience. In this article, we delve into ‍the features, craftsmanship, and‍ enduring appeal of⁤ the 1987 Silverton Convertible ⁣Sport Fisherman, as⁣ it continues to​ enthrall boating aficionados till this day.
1. Refined ⁢Design‌ and Construction: Exploring the Stylish Features of ‌the⁣ 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

1. Refined Design and Construction: Exploring the Stylish ⁤Features of the 1987 ‌Silverton Convertible Sport⁣ Fisherman Boat

Refined Design and Construction

With its sleek and ⁢timeless design, the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat stands out as ⁣a quintessential representation ⁤of style and elegance on the water. Crafted ⁤with meticulous attention to detail,‍ this remarkable vessel boasts a range of stylish features that set it apart ‌from other‍ boats of its time.

1. Spacious and Luxurious Interior

Step aboard the 1987⁣ Silverton Convertible ‍and be greeted by a spacious ​interior that provides exceptional comfort​ and relaxation. The well-appointed cabin features top-notch materials, plush ⁤furnishings, and tasteful accents‌ to create ⁢a truly luxurious atmosphere. The convertible ​salon offers flexible seating arrangements, allowing for‌ effortless transition from a cozy dining area ‌during the day to‌ a‍ comfortable sleeping ​space at night.⁣ The attention to detail is⁢ evident in the fine⁢ woodwork, carefully chosen fabrics, and premium finishes that exude opulence.

2. Innovative Flybridge Design

Ascending to the flybridge, you will marvel at the innovative⁤ design that enhances both functionality and style. The spacious command center offers a commanding view of the ​surroundings, providing ease of navigation and ensuring a safe boating experience. The‍ ergonomic helm station is thoughtfully placed, allowing​ for intuitive control of the boat while keeping the captain at ⁤the center of attention. The ample seating and sun loungers create an inviting space for enjoying the fresh air and‌ panoramic views while⁤ cruising or entertaining. The flybridge of the ⁤1987 Silverton⁤ Convertible is a true testament to the engineering prowess and timeless beauty of the boat.

2. Unparalleled Performance: Examining the Power, Speed, and⁢ Handling ⁤of⁤ the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

2. Unparalleled Performance: Examining the Power, Speed,⁢ and Handling of the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

When it‌ comes to performance, the 1987 Silverton ⁢Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat ⁢stands​ out⁢ from the competition. Powered by a‌ robust engine, this vessel exudes an exceptional level of ⁣power that ensures an exhilarating experience on the water. With its unparalleled horsepower, this boat effortlessly reaches impressive speeds, allowing you to conquer the waves with ease and precision.

The speed of the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman‍ Boat ‌is complemented by ​its exceptional handling capabilities. Equipped with advanced steering technology and a meticulously designed hull,⁢ this boat provides unparalleled stability ⁤and maneuverability. Whether you’re navigating through winding channels or cruising on open waters, the Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat ‌confidently responds to your every command, making your boating experience truly seamless.

  • Unmatched Power: The 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat is‌ known⁣ for its powerful engine that delivers an impressive amount of‍ horsepower, ensuring an unforgettable and ⁢thrilling boating experience.
  • Impressive Speed: With ⁢its robust‌ engine,​ this boat effortlessly‍ achieves remarkable speeds, allowing you to effortlessly explore vast ‍stretches of water, reaching destinations faster than ever before.
  • Exceptional Handling: The ​Silverton Convertible Sport ⁤Fisherman Boat boasts superior handling capabilities,​ offering exceptional stability and maneuverability for a ⁤smooth and enjoyable ⁢ride, even in challenging conditions.

3. ​Amenities and Comfort: Discovering the Luxurious Interior and Features of the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

3. Amenities and Comfort: Discovering the Luxurious ​Interior⁤ and Features of the ⁢1987 Silverton ⁢Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

Amenities and Comfort

Step aboard⁤ the magnificent 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat and be‌ captivated by⁤ its lavish interior and an array of luxurious amenities that are ⁢sure to enhance your ​boating experience. Designed to provide both style and comfort, this iconic⁤ vessel offers an exquisite sanctuary ⁣for those who appreciate the ​finer things in life.

Indulge yourself in a ⁣world of opulence as you explore the thoughtfully crafted‍ interior of the Silverton Convertible. Marvel at the ‌attention to detail evident⁣ in every nook and cranny, from​ the rich wooden accents to the plush furnishings. With spacious living areas⁣ that exude elegance and charm, you can relax and unwind in absolute luxury.

  • Salon: ​ The open salon⁢ welcomes you with its warm ambiance and ‌panoramic views,⁣ providing the‍ perfect setting for entertaining guests or simply⁣ enjoying peaceful evenings on the water.
  • Gourmet ‍Kitchen: Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and ample counter space, the gourmet kitchen allows you to prepare delectable meals ⁣while at sea, making every dining experience a memorable one.
  • Staterooms: Retreat to the cozy​ staterooms that serve as private sanctuaries, featuring comfortable⁣ beds, storage options, and⁣ en-suite bathrooms to provide a restful haven during your ‍journey.
  • Flybridge: Ascend to the impressive flybridge and immerse yourself ​in the breathtaking 360-degree views. Equipped with ⁣a wet bar, ⁤seating areas,⁤ and advanced navigational instruments, ⁣it⁢ offers unparalleled comfort and convenience.
  • Outdoor Living: The Silverton Convertible also boasts spacious outdoor areas,⁢ including a ⁤sun-drenched deck equipped with lounge chairs, a swim platform for water activities, and ⁣a spacious cockpit for fishing enthusiasts to pursue‍ their passion.

Prepare to be pampered ​beyond your expectations as ‍the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman ⁣Boat invites you ⁣to experience a level ‍of luxury‌ that will make ⁤every voyage a‍ memorable one.

4. Fishability and Versatility: Unlocking the Fishing⁤ Potential and Adaptability of‍ the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

4. ⁢Fishability and Versatility: ‌Unlocking the Fishing Potential and Adaptability of the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman ⁣Boat

The 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman⁢ Boat is a remarkable vessel known ⁢for its exceptional‍ fishability and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned angler⁢ or a ⁢recreational‍ fishing enthusiast, this boat offers an unforgettable fishing experience. With its long list⁢ of features designed specifically‍ for fishing, this boat stands out from the crowd.

One of the key features that enhance ‍the fishability of this boat is‌ its spacious cockpit.⁣ It provides ample ⁤room for multiple anglers to ‍fish comfortably without feeling cramped. ​Additionally, the cockpit is equipped with conveniently located rod holders, making it easy⁤ to keep your fishing gear organized and accessible. The boat ⁤also boasts a large fish box with a macerator,⁢ ensuring that your ⁤catch stays fresh throughout your fishing trip. Furthermore,‌ the built-in bait prep station with a ‍sink allows you to prepare bait and tackle‌ with ease, maximizing your fishing time on ‌the water.

  • Spacious cockpit for comfortable fishing
  • Conveniently located‍ rod holders for‌ easy access to fishing gear
  • Large fish box with a macerator to ‌keep your catch ​fresh
  • Built-in bait prep station with a sink ⁤for efficient bait ‌and ⁤tackle preparation

The versatility of the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman⁤ Boat is another standout characteristic. It is adept at adapting to⁢ various fishing techniques and environments, making it suitable for both offshore and inshore fishing. The boat’s hull design offers stability ​and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through different water conditions effortlessly. Whether you’re trolling, bottom fishing, or casting, this boat delivers outstanding performance. It is​ also equipped with a range of navigational and safety⁢ features ⁢that ensure ⁢a ‍worry-free fishing ‍experience.

With its impressive⁢ fishability and adaptability, the 1987 Silverton⁣ Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat is ‌a true gem in the world of fishing vessels. It is a perfect companion for anglers seeking to unlock the fishing potential⁣ of various environments and take‍ their fishing adventures to the next ⁢level.

5. Maintenance and Longevity: ⁢Practical Tips for Preserving and Enhancing⁣ the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

5. Maintenance and⁣ Longevity: Practical​ Tips for‌ Preserving and Enhancing the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat

Maintaining and taking care of your 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat is‍ crucial ‌to ensure its longevity and enhance its⁤ performance. Here are‌ some practical tips to help you​ preserve your prized possession:

Proper Cleaning and Washing:

  • Regularly‌ wash your boat with freshwater to remove⁣ salt, dirt, and grime. Use a mild soap and⁣ a soft⁣ brush to ⁣prevent scratching the surface.
  • After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the boat and​ dry it with a chamois or microfiber⁢ cloth to avoid water spots.
  • Apply a ⁢high-quality marine wax to ‍protect the boat’s ‌gel⁤ coat and give it a shiny, polished look.
  • Don’t forget to clean ‌and⁢ wax‌ the metal and stainless-steel fittings to prevent corrosion.
  • Inspect and ⁢clean the ​boat’s canvas, upholstery, and carpet regularly to maintain their appearance and longevity.

Engine and Mechanical Maintenance:

  • Follow⁣ the recommended maintenance schedule provided ⁢by the​ manufacturer ‍and⁣ have‌ your boat’s⁣ engine serviced regularly by a qualified mechanic.
  • Change the engine oil and filters according‌ to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Inspect and ⁢clean ​the engine’s cooling system, ensuring it‌ is free from debris and properly functioning.
  • Check ⁤and replace the spark plugs and‌ fuel filters‍ as needed ⁣to ensure optimal performance.
  • Inspect and lubricate all moving parts, such as‌ hinges, ‌pulleys, and winches, to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth operation.

By following these⁢ maintenance tips, you can keep your 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat in top shape, ensuring many more years of enjoyable boating experiences.


Q: What is the ​1987⁢ Silverton ‍Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: The 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat is ⁣a model​ of boat manufactured by Silverton Yachts. This particular model is known for its sporty design and functionality, making ‌it an excellent ​choice for both fishing enthusiasts ⁢and pleasure cruisers alike.

Q: What are some key‍ features of the 1987 Silverton Convertible‍ Sport⁣ Fisherman Boat?
A: This model comes with‌ several notable features. It ​boasts a spacious cockpit area, which‌ provides ample room for fishing activities. The convertible top and windshield offer protection from the elements, allowing​ for comfortable cruising even in unpredictable weather ⁣conditions. Additionally, the boat is equipped with‌ a⁢ cabin that includes sleeping quarters, a galley, and a bathroom, providing convenience and comfort ‍during extended trips.

Q:⁤ What are the specifications of the 1987 ⁢Silverton ⁣Convertible‌ Sport Fisherman Boat?
A: The boat measures approximately 35 feet in length and has a beam of around 13 feet. It has a hull⁤ made of fiberglass, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The fuel‌ capacity is about 240 gallons, and the boat has a maximum capacity‍ for up to⁢ 10 people on board.

Q: Are there any notable improvements in the 1987 Silverton Convertible⁢ Sport Fisherman Boat compared to previous models?
A: Compared to previous models, the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat offers various enhancements. Some improvements include an increased⁢ fuel capacity, allowing for longer trips without the need for refueling. The spacious cockpit ‌design also provides‌ enhanced comfort and ‍ease ⁣of movement.

Q: What are the engine options⁣ available for the 1987 ‍Silverton Convertible ⁤Sport ⁤Fisherman Boat?
A: The 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat‍ typically comes with twin gasoline engines, which provide ​sufficient power for cruising and fishing. ⁤However, it’s worth noting that engine configurations may vary depending on specific boat models and optional upgrades​ chosen‍ by the owner.

Q: Is the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat suitable for offshore fishing?
A: Yes, the 1987‍ Silverton Convertible ‍Sport Fisherman Boat is​ suitable for offshore fishing.⁢ This model is specifically designed to handle various fishing conditions and can‍ navigate through ocean waters with⁢ relative ease. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance make it a dependable choice for those looking to venture into‌ offshore fishing expeditions.

Q: Where can one ‍find a 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport ⁣Fisherman Boat for purchase?
A: Since this model is from 1987, it is‍ considered a vintage ‍or boat. Interested buyers can explore a ‍variety ⁣of options to find a 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman⁤ Boat ‍for ‍sale. Online platforms such⁤ as dedicated boat‌ selling websites, classified ad‌ websites,‍ or even boat dealerships specializing in vessels could be ‌valuable resources to begin the⁣ search. Additionally, attending boat shows and contacting reputable yacht brokers might⁣ also ​help in‍ locating this specific model.

To Wrap‌ It Up

In⁤ conclusion, the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman⁣ Boat represents a timeless vessel​ in the world of boating enthusiasts. With ​its sleek ​design and powerful performance, this boat has proven to be ‍a​ reliable and versatile option for those seeking an unforgettable‍ fishing or cruising⁢ experience on the water.

Boasting a spacious and comfortable ⁣interior, the 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat ‌allows for a pleasant trip, whether you are heading out for a day of angling ​or a weekend of relaxation. Its well-thought-out layout and amenities cater to your every need, ensuring a smooth ‌and‍ enjoyable journey.

Equipped with a powerful engine and innovative features,‌ this boat delivers outstanding performance on⁣ the water. Its ⁣sturdy construction and exceptional ⁢maneuverability make it a reliable choice even in challenging conditions. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice boater, ⁤you can trust the ‍1987 Silverton Convertible⁣ Sport Fisherman Boat to provide you with the necessary tools and comfort for a successful ⁢outing.

Moreover, the timeless design of this boat makes it a standout choice ⁢for those who appreciate classic aesthetics. The attention‌ to detail in its exterior⁤ and interior finishes ⁢showcases ⁣the quality craftsmanship typical of the Silverton ⁢brand. With its elegant⁣ lines and sleek profile,⁤ the‌ 1987 Silverton Convertible Sport Fisherman ​Boat is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

If you are in the market for a reliable and versatile boat that combines​ performance, comfort, and style, the 1987 Silverton Convertible ​Sport Fisherman Boat is a worthy contender. With its impressive features, timeless design, and outstanding performance, you can embark on endless‌ adventures ​on‌ the water. So, whether⁢ you are a passionate angler or a weekend boating enthusiast, the 1987 Silverton⁤ Convertible Sport Fisherman Boat is​ sure‌ to exceed your expectations ‍and provide you with⁣ unforgettable memories for years to come.

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