1988 Ericson 28 Boat

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1988 Ericson 28 Boat
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The Ericson 28⁣ is a well-known sailboat ‍with ⁤a long and interesting⁣ history. Originally launched in 1988, the boat was ​crafted by⁢ the iconic Ericson Yacht Company and is​ renowned for⁤ its‌ superior construction and sailing qualities.‌ Over the years, the Ericson 28 has become a​ popular choice due to its‌ reliable handling⁣ in various conditions ‍and its durable construction. In this article, we will explore⁢ the ⁤features and history of ⁤the 1988 Ericson 28 boat.
Specifications and Features of ⁣the 1988 Ericson 28 Boat

Specifications⁣ and Features of the ⁣1988 ‌Ericson ⁣28 Boat

The‌ 1988 Ericson 28 Boat is a true gem that stands⁤ the test of​ time. Crafted with ⁢precision, this vessel boasts a range of ‍impressive specifications​ and ​features that ‌guarantee ⁢an​ unforgettable ⁤sailing experience. Equipped with a‌ robust and dependable fiberglass hull, the ⁢boat’s sturdy construction ⁢ensures stability even in challenging waters.

With a ⁢length overall of ⁣28 feet ​and a beam ​of‌ 10.3 feet,​ the Ericson⁢ 28⁣ offers ‌ample space ⁤for both‌ relaxation and adventure. ⁢Its ‌spacious‍ cockpit provides a comfortable seating area⁣ for up to six passengers, allowing for enjoyable ⁢conversations and unforgettable moments at sea. The thoughtfully ​designed interior offers a cozy cabin with comfortable berths, ​a well-equipped galley, and a functional head, ensuring your every⁣ need is met during extended stays on board.

1988 Ericson 28 Boat Features:

Feature Description
Sleek Design Designed with elegance and style, the Ericson 28 turns heads with its sleek lines ‌and ⁢timeless aesthetics.
Smooth Sailing The boat’s modern sail‍ plan and efficient keel design ensure smooth sailing,⁢ even ⁢in varied ​wind conditions.
Ample Storage From⁤ the spacious cockpit lockers to the well-appointed cabin, the‌ Ericson 28 ‌offers⁣ plenty of storage ‌options for all your equipment and personal belongings.

Renowned Design⁢ and Construction Processes⁢ of the Ericson 28

Renowned ⁤Design and Construction Processes of the ​Ericson 28

The Ericson ‌28 sailboat⁣ is ⁤widely celebrated for‌ its exceptional‌ design ⁢and construction processes,⁢ making ⁤it a⁤ beloved choice among sailing enthusiasts. ⁤Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the‍ Ericson ‍28 boasts ⁤a range of‍ features that set it apart from other‌ sailboats ​in ⁣its class. ⁣One notable feature is its innovative hull design, which combines high-performance and stability seamlessly. The boat’s sleek lines and well-balanced proportions not only enhance its aesthetic appeal ⁤but also ⁤enhance its⁤ maneuverability, ensuring⁢ a smooth ​and‍ enjoyable‍ sailing⁣ experience.

When it comes to ⁤construction, the Ericson 28 ⁣exhibits⁤ top-notch ⁤craftsmanship. Built using high-quality ⁢materials like hand-laid fiberglass,‌ the boat offers remarkable‍ durability and longevity. The sturdy construction​ ensures the vessel can withstand the rigors ⁣of the sea, making it a reliable​ companion for both coastal cruising and offshore adventures. Furthermore, the Ericson 28‌ boasts ​a well-appointed interior that ⁢maximizes‍ comfort and functionality. With ample headroom, spacious berths, ⁢and a thoughtfully designed galley,‍ this sailboat provides a ⁤retreat-like atmosphere⁤ for extended journeys on the ‍water.

Year Length Beam
1988 28⁣ ft 9 ft 3 in
Key Features:
  • Efficient​ and⁣ well-balanced ​hull design for optimal performance
  • High-quality ⁢construction‌ using hand-laid fiberglass
  • Spacious and comfortable interior with ample headroom
  • Functional ⁣galley ⁣for convenient meal preparation
  • Reliable and⁤ sturdy build‌ for coastal and⁢ offshore sailing

Superior Performance and⁢ Handling on the Water

Superior Performance ⁣and Handling on the Water

When ⁢it comes​ to dominating the waves, the 1988‌ Ericson 28 boat is in a league of‌ its own. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled ⁣performance, this vessel guarantees an unforgettable ⁢experience ⁤on the water. The Ericson⁣ 28 boasts ⁣a sleek and slender ⁤hull, allowing for⁣ exceptional ‍speed and maneuverability. Whether‌ you’re engaging in a thrilling⁣ race or‍ embarking ​on a leisurely cruise, ⁤this ​boat effortlessly glides‍ through ⁣the water, providing a⁣ smooth and exhilarating ​ride⁤ that ⁢will leave you‌ craving for‍ more.

One of⁢ the standout features of the 1988 Ericson 28 is‍ its modern sail ‍plan, optimized for ‍maximum efficiency and responsiveness. With a wide range of sail options, including a fully battened main ‌sail ⁤and roller-furling genoa, this boat ⁤excels in various wind conditions. The carefully​ designed rigging and deck layout ​contribute to its superior ⁤handling, making‌ it easy to control‌ even in ​demanding situations. Additionally, the spacious cockpit offers ample ⁤seating ‌ and ergonomic ​designs, ensuring ​comfort and relaxation‍ for⁤ everyone on board. Combining power, agility, and comfort, the 1988⁢ Ericson 28 is the epitome of superior performance‍ in the world ⁣of sailing.

Key Features Specifications
Modern ‌sail plan with fully battened main sail and ‌roller-furling genoa Length overall: 28′ 2″
Efficient⁢ and responsive rigging Beam: 10′ 3″
Spacious​ cockpit with ergonomic seating Draft: 5′ ‍2″

Comfortable ⁤and Functional Interior Layout‍ of the Ericson ⁣28

Comfortable and Functional Interior Layout of the Ericson 28

Step aboard the Ericson 28 and be​ instantly captivated by its ⁢comfortable and functional interior layout, designed to maximize both comfort and space⁤ on this magnificent vessel. With ⁢meticulous attention ⁤to ⁣detail, the interior has been crafted to offer⁤ a harmonious⁤ blend of elegance and‍ practicality, making it the perfect sailboat for ⁣both weekend ⁤getaways‍ and long voyages.

Featuring a thoughtfully‍ laid out⁤ cabin, the Ericson 28 boasts ample headroom and ⁤an open-plan⁤ design that ⁣promotes a sense ⁤of​ spaciousness. The cozy main salon, adorned with beautiful teak ⁤finishes, provides a welcoming atmosphere where ⁣you can ​relax and unwind after⁤ a ⁤day⁤ of ‌sailing adventures. The​ plush ​seating ⁢along the‌ sides of the salon offer comfortable seating for you ​and your crew, while⁢ the large windows allow natural light‌ to​ flood in, creating⁢ a warm and inviting ambiance.

1988 Ericson 28 Features

Length Overall: 28 ‌feet
Beam: 10 feet
Displacement: 7,400 pounds
Fin Keel Draft: 4 feet 11 inches
Engine: Yanmar 2GM20F 18hp Diesel
Berths: 4

Maintenance and Upgrades Recommendations for the Ericson‌ 28

Maintenance and Upgrades Recommendations for⁣ the Ericson 28

Proper maintenance ‍and‍ occasional upgrades are essential for ensuring⁢ the optimal ⁤performance ‍and longevity of‍ your beloved Ericson 28 sailboat. ⁣Here are some expert recommendations to⁢ help you keep your vessel in fantastic​ shape ‌for years ⁢to come:

1. Regular Cleaning and Inspections:

  • Wash the​ hull and deck ‍using⁢ a gentle boat⁣ soap regularly to remove dirt,⁤ salt, and grime. This protects the gel coat and prevents stains.
  • Inspect⁢ the hull ‌for any signs of damage, such as cracks or ‍blisters, and promptly address them to avoid further deterioration.
  • Clean and⁤ lubricate winches, blocks, and⁢ other moving parts⁣ to ensure ⁣smooth operation.

2. Electrical⁢ System Upgrades:

  • Consider ‍installing LED lighting ‍to reduce power‌ consumption and extend battery life while providing ⁤excellent illumination.
  • Upgrade ‌your battery bank and charging ⁣system to meet your‌ energy demands, especially if you plan to add⁣ additional electronics⁤ or equipment.
  • Regularly​ inspect and replace worn-out⁢ wiring, connectors, and switches​ to prevent electrical failures and ⁤potential ⁢safety hazards.
1988 Ericson 28 Boat Features
Length Overall: 28 feet
Beam: 10 feet⁤ 3 inches
Displacement: 7,500 pounds


Q: ⁢What is the⁢ Ericson 28​ boat?
A: The ⁣Ericson 28‍ is a sailboat model manufactured by the‌ Ericson Yachts company ​in ⁢1988. It⁣ is a ‍popular⁢ cruising yacht known for its performance, comfort, and reliability.

Q: What‌ are⁤ the key features of‍ the⁣ Ericson 28 boat?
A: The Ericson 28 boasts several ⁣notable‌ features such as a‌ spacious cockpit designed for comfortable sailing, ‌a well-appointed ​and functional interior⁤ layout, a solid fiberglass hull for durability, and a‌ fin keel for⁢ enhanced stability. Additionally, it ‌offers an efficient sail plan, with roller furling headsail and fully ​battened ⁢mainsail.

Q: How long is the Ericson⁤ 28⁢ boat?
A: The Ericson 28 ⁣boat measures approximately ⁣28 feet in⁣ length, giving ​it maneuverability ‌and versatility for various sailing conditions.

Q: What type of engine does‍ the Ericson 28 ⁣boat‌ have?
A: The Ericson 28 is typically equipped with a reliable diesel ⁢inboard engine, providing sufficient⁢ power for⁤ propulsion.

Q: Is the‌ Ericson‍ 28 boat suitable for‌ coastal cruising?
A:⁢ Yes, the Ericson 28 is well-suited for coastal ‍cruising.​ With⁣ its sturdy construction,⁤ comfortable interior,⁤ and efficient sail plan, it‍ offers an​ enjoyable and safe experience in⁣ nearshore waters.

Q: How ⁤many⁤ cabins and ⁣berths does the Ericson 28 boat have?
A: The​ Ericson 28 features ‌a well-designed ⁤interior layout with ‍a‍ V-berth cabin at the bow, ⁣a ⁤spacious saloon ‍area‌ with settees that can convert into additional berths, and an aft cabin⁤ on the port side. This ⁣layout ‌allows for comfortable accommodation for​ up ‌to ⁤4 people.

Q: What ​are some ‌notable advantages of the Ericson 28 boat?
A: The Ericson 28 offers several ⁢advantages, including excellent sailing‌ performance even ⁢in‌ challenging ⁣conditions, a comfortable​ and ergonomic cockpit‍ layout, a well-lit and open interior ‌with ample ⁢storage‍ space, ⁣and a reputation for being a reliable ⁢and seaworthy vessel.

Q: Is the Ericson 28 boat ⁣still in production?
A: No, ⁣the Ericson 28 boat model is ⁣no longer in production. It was‍ manufactured by Ericson Yachts until 1990 when the company ceased ‌operations. However, the boat market​ often ‍has available Ericson⁢ 28 models for purchase.

Q:⁣ What is the typical price ⁤range for a ⁤ Ericson ‌28⁢ boat?
A:⁤ The price range for ⁤a Ericson 28 boat can vary ‌based on⁣ factors such as ⁣the​ boat’s condition,‍ age, equipment, and geographic location.⁣ However, as of‌ the​ time of writing, ‍Ericson ‍28 boats can be found ‍in the ⁢range of $20,000 to​ $40,000 ‌or more, depending⁤ on these ⁢variables.

Q: Are ​spare parts‌ and support ⁣readily available for the Ericson⁣ 28 boat?
A: While ‌the Ericson brand is no longer in ‍production, the ‌Ericson 28 ‍being a ‌popular model, there are‍ still many sources for spare parts,​ accessories, and ⁢support within the sailing community. Online marketplaces, specialty marine stores, and forums dedicated to Ericson boats can ‌be helpful resources ‌for finding what you ⁢need.

In ‍Summary

In conclusion, ⁤the 1988‌ Ericson 28 boat stands⁤ as a testament to the ingenuity⁣ and ⁤craftsmanship of its era. Its sleek design​ and excellent performance ​make ⁢it a sought-after vessel for both​ seasoned sailors and newcomers⁤ to the world of boating.‍ With its spacious interior and comfortable amenities,⁢ it provides a pleasurable cruising experience that can accommodate⁣ both⁢ short day trips and longer journeys offshore. The robust construction ​ensures durability and longevity, allowing owners to enjoy countless hours ‍on the water. Whether you are a cruising enthusiast⁤ or simply seeking a⁣ reliable ‌and well-designed vessel, the 1988 Ericson 28 boat successfully fulfills all expectations with its remarkable​ features⁣ and timeless​ appeal.

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