1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

The 1988‌ Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat is‌ a popular sailing vessel ‍loved by experienced seafarers due‌ to its comfort and ease of use. It’s a perfect choice‍ for those looking‍ to experience ‍the thrill of sailing, with enough space to accommodate up to six people on board. This ⁣boat boasts features ​such ​as an open lift transom that allows‌ for easy access to the water, and two double cabins for ​comfortable overnight trips. Read on to find out more about the ⁣features and benefits of​ this great sailing vessel.
Specifications and Features of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

Specifications and Features of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

The 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat is a true masterpiece that encapsulates elegance, performance, and versatility. Built ⁢with ⁤meticulous‌ attention to detail, this boat offers an array of ⁣specifications‍ and features that ⁤ensure ​an unforgettable experience on the ⁢water.

Equipped⁢ with twin Volvo Penta diesel engines, ‌the 1988 Fountaine⁣ Pajot Casamance Boat delivers an impressive speed of 18 knots, enabling you to effortlessly navigate through any waters. Its spacious‌ and comfortable interior boasts ⁢four cabins, providing ample space⁢ for up to eight guests to relax and enjoy the ​journey. The boat⁣ also‍ features a ⁢fully equipped galley, making meal preparation a breeze ‍even while cruising. With its large hull windows, the‍ Casamance Boat offers breathtaking ‌panoramic views, allowing you to ​immerse yourself ​in ⁢the⁢ beauty of your surroundings.

Features Specifications
Length: 13.95 ​meters
Beam: 6.7 meters
Draft: 1.2 meters
Engines: Twin Volvo Penta diesel engines
Speed: 18 knots
Cabins: Four

Performance and Handling:‍ A‍ Detailed Analysis of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

Performance and Handling: A Detailed Analysis of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

The 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat is a masterpiece when it comes to performance and handling. With its innovative⁢ design and ​state-of-the-art features, this‌ boat guarantees an ⁤unparalleled sailing experience. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the world of boating, ‍the Casamance ​will impress you with its exceptional maneuverability and stability.

  • Efficient Sailing: The Casamance is equipped with a powerful rigging system that allows for smooth and effortless sailing. Its well-balanced sail plan ⁢ensures optimal performance‌ in various wind conditions, making it a versatile choice ​for any sailor.
  • Stability at ‍Sea: Thanks to⁢ its catamaran‍ design, the Casamance offers exceptional stability on the water. The dual hulls​ provide a stable​ platform, minimizing the rolling motion often experienced with monohull ​boats. This stability enhances comfort and safety, ⁤making⁢ it an⁣ ideal choice⁤ for long journeys or rough‌ seas.
Length: 12.8 meters
Beam: 6.5 meters
Displacement: 8.5 tons

These are just⁣ a few of the many remarkable features that make⁣ the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat ​stand out from⁢ the⁢ crowd.‍ With its ‍exceptional performance, remarkable handling, and sleek design, it ‍is undoubtedly a top ⁣choice for sailing enthusiasts seeking‍ an unforgettable adventure on the open seas.

Note: Specifications may vary depending on individual models and modifications.

Interior Design and Comfort: Exploring the ⁣Spaces ⁤of the 1988 ⁣Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

Interior Design and ⁤Comfort: Exploring the Spaces ⁤of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

‌ Step ‌onboard the magnificent ⁤1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat and discover a world of interior design and comfort that is truly‌ remarkable. Every ⁢square inch of ​this‍ luxurious⁤ vessel⁢ has been⁢ meticulously designed ⁤to provide an unparalleled level of relaxation⁣ and indulgence. From the moment you step into⁢ the spacious salon, you’ll be instantly captivated by ​the elegant furnishings‍ and ‌tasteful decor. ⁤The open layout creates ⁣a seamless flow ​between the different areas, making ⁢it ‌perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet moments alone.

​ The sleeping quarters ⁢of the Casamance Boat are⁤ equally ‍impressive.⁣ With a variety of ‍cabin ⁣configurations available,⁤ there’s surely a comfortable⁣ space‌ for ⁢everyone ⁢on board. Each cabin features plush bedding, ample storage, ⁢and large windows‌ that offer breathtaking views ⁣ of⁢ the surrounding​ scenery. The attention‍ to‍ detail is impeccable, with high-quality materials and finishes ⁢throughout. Whether you’re⁢ cruising with ⁤friends and family ​or ⁤embarking on a solo adventure, the interior of the 1988 Fountaine ‌Pajot Casamance Boat ensures a restful and rejuvenating experience like no⁤ other.

Features Description
Spacious Salon The open layout and elegant furnishings create a perfect space for ‌relaxation and entertainment.
Variety of Cabin Configurations Choose from a range of cabin options, ensuring everyone on board has⁤ a comfortable and private space to retreat to.
Plush Bedding Experience ultimate comfort with luxurious bedding that invites you ‍to drift away ‌into a restful sleep.

Maintenance and‌ Upgrades:⁢ Recommendations for the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

Maintenance and Upgrades: Recommendations​ for⁢ the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance⁤ Boat

As proud owners of the remarkable 1988‍ Fountaine Pajot Casamance ⁢Boat, ‍it ⁣is vital ⁣to prioritize regular maintenance and occasional upgrades to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are⁣ some recommendations to help you keep your vessel in ⁢top shape:


  • Regularly inspect and clean the hull to⁣ prevent the build-up of ‌marine growth and maintain fuel efficiency.
  • Check the rigging and sails for any signs of wear and tear, and address any issues promptly to avoid more significant problems.
  • Perform routine engine maintenance, including oil changes,‍ filter replacements, and ⁣cleaning to safeguard ⁢against breakdowns.
  • Keep an eye on the electrical system, testing and​ replacing batteries as needed, and ensuring all connections are secure.
  • Inspect and service the plumbing system, paying attention to pipes, hoses, and fittings to‌ prevent leaks or water damage.
  • Check the safety⁣ equipment regularly, including life jackets, ‍fire extinguishers, and distress ‍signals,​ to ensure ⁢they are in proper working order.


  • Consider upgrading to ‌more efficient ⁤and eco-friendly systems, such as LED lighting or solar panels, ‍to ‍reduce the‌ environmental​ impact and lower energy consumption onboard.
  • Install modern navigation and ⁣communication equipment to enhance safety and navigation accuracy, ‍such⁤ as⁤ GPS⁣ chartplotters, radar systems, and VHF radios.
  • Upgrade the interior with comfortable and stylish ⁢furnishings that reflect⁢ your personal taste, ensuring a cozy ⁣and enjoyable experience for both short trips and⁤ extended cruising.
  • Explore ​options for⁣ updated entertainment systems, including audio and video equipment, to enhance onboard leisure and ⁣relaxation.
  • Consider installing a‍ freshwater desalination⁣ system to provide⁢ a reliable source of clean drinking water during long journeys.
Year Length Beam
1988 43 feet 23.3 feet
Type Sail Catamaran Sailing Catamaran
Rigging Sloop Center⁤ Cockpit

Potential Concerns and Considerations for the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

Potential Concerns⁣ and⁢ Considerations⁢ for the 1988⁣ Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat

When⁣ considering the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance ​Boat, it is important to take into⁣ account several ‍potential concerns and‍ considerations. While this boat boasts many desirable‌ features, it’s crucial to be aware of the following factors:

  • Age of ‍the Boat: The​ 1988 ‍Fountaine Pajot​ Casamance Boat is over three decades old,‍ which may raise ​concerns about⁢ its⁣ overall condition and longevity. It‍ is ‍recommended to have a thorough inspection of the hull, rigging, and​ mechanical components before committing to ⁣a purchase.
  • Outdated Technology: ⁤ With rapid advancements in marine technology over‍ the‌ years, it is important to consider that this‌ boat may lack modern amenities and features. Systems such as ​navigation, electrical, and plumbing may not be up to the standards of newer models.
  • Maintenance and ⁣Upkeep: As with any older vessel,​ regular maintenance and potential repairs may ‌be required to ​ensure⁢ its optimal performance and safety. ‌Be prepared ⁤for ‌possible expenses associated with engine servicing, hull maintenance, and ⁢other‌ areas that may have deteriorated over time.

While acknowledging ⁣these potential concerns, the 1988 ⁤Fountaine Pajot Casamance Boat also ‌showcases several noteworthy features that make it an ‍appealing option for boat enthusiasts:

Spacious Interior: The Casamance offers a remarkable interior layout‍ with ample headroom and spacious cabins,‍ providing ⁢comfortable living quarters for extended cruising or liveaboard opportunities.
Stable Sailing: Thanks to its catamaran design,‍ the Casamance delivers exceptional stability, ⁢reducing motion sickness⁤ and providing a smooth and enjoyable ‍sailing experience.
Large Deck Space: With ‍its expansive deck ‌area, the Casamance offers plentiful outdoor seating and​ lounging opportunities, perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the wind and sun.


Q: What‍ is the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance ⁤boat?
A:‌ The 1988 Fountaine Pajot⁢ Casamance boat is a model of sailing catamaran manufactured by Fountaine​ Pajot, a⁤ renowned French boat builder.

Q: Can you provide an‍ overview of the key ‍features of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance?
A: Certainly! The 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance boasts a length ⁤overall (LOA) of around 45 feet ⁢(13.7 ​meters) and a beam of approximately 22 feet ‍(6.7‌ meters). ⁢This spacious ‍catamaran is designed to accommodate​ up​ to eight people comfortably, with four cabins and two bathrooms. It‌ has a well-appointed galley, a saloon area, and a cockpit, providing ample space for entertaining⁣ and relaxation.

Q: What‍ are some notable ‌characteristics⁢ of the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance?
A: The 1988 Fountaine‍ Pajot ‍Casamance is recognized for⁢ its‌ excellent ⁤stability and performance while sailing. Equipped with two⁣ reliable ‌diesel engines, it provides a smooth cruising ‌experience. The boat’s design ​emphasizes comfort, ​with a⁢ focus on spaciousness and‌ ergonomic‍ interiors, making it suitable⁣ for extended trips or liveaboard ⁤purposes.

Q: ⁣Are there any specific highlights concerning the construction and materials ​in the‌ 1988 ⁤Fountaine Pajot Casamance?
A: The 1988 Fountaine Pajot⁣ Casamance features a strong and sturdy‍ construction made ⁤of‌ high-quality ⁢materials. Its hull is constructed using fiberglass reinforced polyester ⁣laminate, ensuring durability and longevity. The​ boat’s stability is reinforced by ‌its twin hull ⁣design, offering enhanced safety and performance.

Q: How does the 1988 ‌Fountaine Pajot Casamance perform under sail?
A: With its well-designed sail plan, the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance exhibits excellent sailing performance.​ The boat’s size ​and weight contribute to ⁢its ‍stability, making it handle various weather conditions with‌ ease.‌ The Casamance is known for its good cruising speed, providing an enjoyable and comfortable sailing experience.

Q: What ‍are some notable amenities and features ‍aboard the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance?
A: The 1988 Fountaine Pajot ‍Casamance offers a range of​ amenities and features to enhance onboard comfort. These⁣ include a fully equipped galley with a stove, oven,⁣ and refrigerator, allowing for ⁣convenient ⁣meal⁣ preparation. The saloon area provides ample seating and a⁤ dining table, while the cockpit is designed for outdoor socializing and relaxation. Additionally, ⁤the ⁢boat comes with practical features such ⁣as adequate storage‌ space ⁣and a navigation station.

Q: Is‌ the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance suitable for long-distance‍ cruising?
A: Yes, the ‍1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance is well-suited for long-distance cruising. Its spacious interior, comfortable cabins, and amenities make it ideal for extended trips. The boat’s reliable engines and stable sailing capabilities contribute to a safe and enjoyable cruising experience. It has the ability to handle various sea conditions and ⁣offers a‍ comfortable living environment for extended periods.

Q: Are there any noteworthy considerations for someone interested‌ in⁢ purchasing a 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance?
A: As with any boat purchase, ‌it is important to⁢ consider factors such as maintenance, condition, and price when buying a 1988 ​Fountaine Pajot Casamance. Due‌ to⁤ its age, ensuring the‌ boat has​ undergone proper maintenance and inspections is ‌crucial. Additionally, evaluating the overall ⁤condition and⁤ verifying any necessary repairs or upgrades is recommended. It would also ​be ‌wise to assess the asking price against the‌ market value ⁢of similar vessels.​ Professional surveys and inspections can provide‌ valuable insights before making a purchase decision.

Future Outlook

In conclusion,​ the 1988 Fountaine Pajot Casamance boat stands⁢ as a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship and enduring legacy. With its sleek design, spacious layout, and remarkable ‍performance, this revered vessel has truly made a‍ lasting impression in​ the world of catamarans. ⁣From its innovative features to its timeless elegance, ⁤the ‌Casamance boat exemplifies the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, ⁣making​ it a coveted choice‍ for both seasoned sailors and avid adventurers alike. Whether you seek thrilling voyages ⁢or tranquil escapes,⁣ this iconic‍ watercraft remains a prominent symbol of the renowned⁤ Fountaine Pajot ‌brand. Owning a piece‍ of maritime history, ‍such as the 1988 Fountaine ‍Pajot Casamance boat, guarantees​ not ​only‌ an unforgettable sailing experience but also a connection‌ to ⁤the rich heritage of seafaring enthusiasts. To own‌ this legendary vessel is⁣ to embrace a world of adventure, exploration, and the boundless ⁢beauty of the open water.⁣


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