1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat

Welcome to our article on the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat. ​This informative⁤ piece aims to ‌provide you with a comprehensive overview of this legendary vessel that has captivated the ⁤hearts‍ of fishing enthusiasts⁤ for decades. ⁣We​ will explore the notable features, design specifications, and performance capabilities of this boat, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of why it has stood the test of⁢ time among sportfishing ‌enthusiasts ‍worldwide. Whether you are a seasoned sailor, an avid angler, or simply eager to learn more about the ​remarkable Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman, we⁤ invite you to embark on this informational journey with us.
Key ⁢Features‌ of the 1989 Buddy ‌Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat

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Key Features of the ⁢1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat

The 1989 Buddy ​Davis 47 Sportfisherman‌ Boat is packed with‍ impressive features that make it a top choice for fishing ‌enthusiasts. With its sturdy construction and sleek design, this boat offers not only a⁣ comfortable and smooth ride ‌but ‍also exceptional performance on the water. Here are some⁤ key features that set this boat apart:

  • Spacious Cockpit: ‌The Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat boasts a large cockpit area,​ providing⁤ ample space for anglers to maneuver and reel ⁢in their ‌catch with ease. Whether you’re trolling,⁤ casting, or ​fighting a fish, the‌ generous⁤ cockpit ensures your mobility‍ is ⁤not restricted.
  • Customizable Rod ⁢Storage: This boat understands the importance of‍ organizing your fishing gear. With its ⁣customizable rod storage ⁤system, you can keep your rods neatly arranged and easily accessible. Whether you prefer storing your rods vertically‍ or⁢ horizontally, the Buddy Davis ‍47 Sportfisherman Boat offers a flexible solution to accommodate your needs.
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption: ⁣Equipped with⁤ powerful ‌engines,​ this sportfisherman ‍boat ensures you can reach your desired ‍fishing spots quickly and efficiently. ⁣However, what truly sets it apart is‍ its fuel efficiency. The⁢ Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat is designed to optimize fuel ⁤consumption, allowing you to save on costs and spend more time enjoying your fishing adventures.

Furthermore, this boat offers a range of additional features that enhance your fishing experience. The state-of-the-art navigation and electronics ‍systems, including ⁤GPS, fish finders, and radar, provide you with the necessary tools to locate‍ and track fish effortlessly. The comfortable cabin is perfect for overnight trips, offering a cozy⁣ retreat equipped with all the necessary amenities. Additionally, the⁣ superb ⁢craftsmanship and attention to detail in the ‌interior design make the Buddy‍ Davis 47‌ Sportfisherman⁢ Boat a truly luxurious and stylish vessel that any angler would be proud ‌to own.

Detailed Insights‍ into the Performance and Handling of the 1989⁢ Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat

Detailed Insights into the‍ Performance and Handling of the‍ 1989 ⁤Buddy Davis ⁢47 ​Sportfisherman Boat


The⁢ 1989‍ Buddy ⁤Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat offers impressive performance on the water. Powered by twin ⁤diesel engines,⁤ it boasts​ a top speed of 32 knots, allowing you to swiftly navigate‌ through ⁢the⁢ waves. The deep-V hull⁣ design provides exceptional stability and ensures a smooth ride even in choppy conditions. With its fuel capacity ⁣of 700 gallons, this sportfisherman boat offers a generous range, enabling you⁢ to embark on long fishing⁣ expeditions‌ without the ⁣need for frequent refueling. Whether you’re trolling for gamefish or cruising to your⁢ favorite fishing spot, the Buddy ‍Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat delivers a reliable and thrilling performance.


When it comes to handling, the 1989 Buddy ​Davis 47⁤ Sportfisherman Boat surpasses⁤ expectations. Equipped with hydraulic⁣ steering, maneuvering this vessel ⁤is effortless and precise. ‌The ergonomically designed helm station ​provides optimal visibility, ​allowing ⁤the captain to easily navigate through⁤ crowded marinas or narrow ⁣channels. ​The boat’s responsive‌ handling ensures confident and smooth ​turns,​ making it a ⁤pleasure to operate⁢ even in ‌challenging conditions. Additionally, the Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat features a range of advanced navigation systems, including GPS and radar, further enhancing its handling capabilities. Whether you’re an experienced captain or new to boating, this‌ sportfisherman ‌boat offers exceptional handling that will‌ inspire⁣ confidence ⁢on every journey.

Specific ⁤Recommendations‍ for ​Maintenance ​and Upgrades of ‌the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman Boat

Specific Recommendations‌ for Maintenance and Upgrades of the 1989 ⁤Buddy Davis 47 ‌Sportfisherman Boat

When it comes to the maintenance and upgrades of‍ your 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman ‍boat, there ⁢are​ several specific ⁣recommendations to keep in mind⁤ to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here ​are some key areas to focus on:

Hull Inspection: Regularly ⁤inspect the hull ⁣for​ any signs​ of damage, such ⁤as ⁤cracks⁢ or blistering. Repair any issues promptly​ to avoid ⁤further deterioration. ⁤Consider applying a fresh coat of gelcoat or bottom ⁤paint to protect against corrosion and fouling.

Engine Maintenance: Conduct routine engine ⁣maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements,⁣ and spark⁤ plug checks. Regularly inspect the belts, hoses, and connections for ⁤any wear or damage.⁣ Ensure‌ proper ventilation⁢ and clean the bilge area to prevent the buildup of oil or debris. Consider upgrading ​to more fuel-efficient or eco-friendly engines to enhance performance⁤ and ⁣reduce environmental‌ impact.

Exploring the Amenities and Comforts of‌ the 1989 Buddy Davis ‌47 Sportfisherman Boat

Exploring the Amenities and Comforts ⁢of the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman ‍Boat

The 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman offers a host of⁤ impressive ​amenities and comforts that make it an exceptional choice​ for fishing‌ enthusiasts and leisure-seekers alike. Step aboard this⁤ magnificent vessel, and you’ll instantly⁤ be greeted by ‍its spacious and‌ luxurious interior. With its air-conditioned cabin,⁣ plush seating, and tastefully ⁤designed decor, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying ‌your time ⁤at sea.

Equipped with advanced technology, ⁤the Buddy Davis ​47⁤ Sportfisherman ensures a seamless and‌ enjoyable fishing experience. The state-of-the-art fishfinder and navigation ⁤system will assist you in locating the perfect fishing spots, while the⁤ spacious fishing cockpit⁢ provides ample ‌room to reel ‍in your prized catch. Rest⁤ assured, your⁤ comfort is never compromised thanks to the boat’s comfortable sleeping⁣ arrangements, including ‌multiple cozy cabins, so you can ⁣relax ​and ‌rest after an exciting⁤ day out on⁤ the water.

Key Amenities:

  • Spacious ‍and air-conditioned ⁣cabin
  • Plush seating for optimal comfort
  • Elegant and ​tasteful decor
  • State-of-the-art fishfinder and navigation system
  • Spacious fishing cockpit with ample room to move
  • Multiple cozy cabins for comfortable sleeping

Main Comfort Features:

  • Relaxing and inviting atmosphere
  • Soft​ and luxurious interior furnishings
  • Well-designed layout for ease of movement
  • Ample storage space for personal belongings
  • Comfortable sleeping⁢ quarters to rejuvenate

Overview of ‌the Construction and ⁤Design ⁣of the ⁢1989 Buddy Davis 47⁢ Sportfisherman ‌Boat

Overview of the Construction and Design of the ⁤1989 Buddy ⁢Davis ⁣47 Sportfisherman Boat

When it comes to the construction and design of the⁣ iconic 1989 ​Buddy Davis ⁢47⁤ Sportfisherman boat, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to ensure unparalleled performance and durability. Built with a deep-V hull design, this ⁤legendary vessel is renowned for its exceptional seaworthiness and handling in various weather conditions.

The Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boasts ‍a robust ⁤and reliable fiberglass hull ⁤that not only provides ‍a sleek and attractive ⁢appearance but also⁤ delivers exceptional strength and structural integrity. This durable material‌ guarantees longevity and increases the ⁣boat’s resistance ‌to impacts and corrosion, making it ideal for long journeys and demanding fishing expeditions.

  • Length: 47 feet
  • Beam: 15 feet‌ 6 inches
  • Weight: 45,000 pounds
  • Fuel Capacity: 800⁤ gallons
  • Water Capacity: 150 ​gallons

The spacious deck layout of the 1989 Buddy Davis ‍47⁢ Sportfisherman is⁣ designed with versatility and functionality in mind. The ample fishing cockpit provides plenty of space for‍ anglers to maneuver comfortably, while ⁤the flybridge offers ⁢a commanding view ⁤of the ⁣surroundings. Featuring a thoughtfully crafted interior, this vessel boasts luxurious amenities to ensure comfort during extended⁣ trips, including a well-appointed salon, fully equipped galley, and cozy sleeping quarters.

Whether you’re an avid angler or a‌ boating ⁣enthusiast,‌ the ‍1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman delivers a remarkable combination of unmatched craftsmanship, performance, and style ⁣that continues to⁤ captivate both experienced and aspiring mariners. ‍Explore the open seas with confidence aboard this timeless masterpiece.


Q: What is the ⁢”1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman ⁤boat”?
A:​ The 1989 Buddy Davis⁤ 47 Sportfisherman​ boat⁢ is a classic vessel ‌designed and manufactured by Buddy Davis Yachts for sport fishing enthusiasts. Built in ⁢1989, this particular model embodies the⁣ renowned⁤ craftsmanship and seaworthiness associated with the Buddy Davis brand.

Q: Can ⁢you provide an ⁤overview of the boat’s features and specifications?
A: Sure!⁤ The 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat measures 47​ feet in length and features a deep V-hull design, making it extremely stable and capable of handling various sea conditions.‍ It is powered by twin diesel‌ engines that deliver considerable horsepower, ensuring ‌exceptional performance and speed on ​the water. This sportfisherman features a spacious and well-equipped cockpit, ideal for fishing activities, and‍ has a ​comfortable cabin with ⁢sleeping quarters, a galley, and bathroom facilities.

Q: What makes the Buddy⁢ Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat⁣ unique?
A: What sets‌ the Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat⁢ apart ⁤from its counterparts is its ability ​to⁣ offer⁤ an excellent fishing experience without compromising on comfort and luxury. The boat’s design combines the practical features needed for serious angling, such‌ as abundant storage, fishing ‍rod holders, and a bait prep station, with⁢ high-quality finishes and amenities that‌ provide a comfortable and enjoyable boating ​experience for ⁤all aboard.

Q: How ⁣is the performance and handling ⁣of the Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat?
A: The Buddy⁣ Davis 47 ‍Sportfisherman boat‌ is renowned for ​its exceptional performance and handling capabilities.‌ Its sturdy construction, ⁣coupled with the deep V-hull design, allows⁤ for smooth navigation even ‌in rough seas. The powerful twin diesel engines‍ provide⁢ ample power⁢ for cruising at high speeds while ensuring fuel efficiency. The boat’s maneuverability and ‍stability make it an excellent choice⁤ for both serious fishing expeditions and leisurely cruises.

Q: Are there any notable amenities ⁤or features inside the cabin?
A: Absolutely!‍ The cabin of⁣ the Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat provides a⁣ comfortable retreat after a⁣ day of fishing or cruising. Inside, you‌ will find a well-appointed galley equipped ‌with essential appliances, a spacious seating area, and sleeping quarters ‍that can comfortably accommodate a small ⁤group of people overnight. Additionally, the boat includes​ a bathroom with shower facilities, offering‍ convenience and privacy during extended trips on the water.

Q:​ Is the⁣ 1989 Buddy ‍Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat suitable ‍for commercial use?
A: While the Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat ​is primarily designed‍ and⁢ sought after by ‌recreational anglers ​and boating enthusiasts, it has also proven to​ be a reliable choice⁤ for charter⁣ operators and commercial fishing businesses.‍ Its durable construction, ample storage capacity, and ability to navigate in various sea conditions make it ⁤a versatile vessel capable of meeting the demands ‌of commercial use.

Q: What ​is the‍ current market value⁣ of the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat?
A: The specific market value of a 1989 Buddy ⁣Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat may vary based on factors such as​ its condition, maintenance history, ⁤additional features, and geographical location. To determine the ⁢latest market value,⁣ it is ‌recommended to ⁢consult with reputable ⁣boat dealerships, boat appraisal ​services, or check online listings to get an⁤ accurate estimate of ⁤the boat’s worth.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman boat ‍is a remarkable vessel that has established its reputation as⁢ a top-quality fishing ⁣platform for avid anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. Its impressive design, robust⁢ construction, and advanced features ⁢make it a ⁣standout choice ‌in the sportfishing community.

With a durable ​hull and powerful ⁤engines, this boat offers exceptional ⁢performance,​ especially in​ rough waters and long-distance ⁤offshore expeditions.⁣ Its spacious deck​ and well-designed ⁤layout provide⁤ ample room for fishing, while the luxurious cabin‌ ensures ⁣comfort and relaxation during extended trips.

The ‌1989⁤ Buddy⁢ Davis 47 Sportfisherman is equipped with a range of top-of-the-line technological advancements, including advanced navigation systems, state-of-the-art fishing equipment, and updated communication‌ devices. ‍These features enhance overall safety, effectiveness, and enjoyment on the water.

Moreover,‍ with its timeless ⁤design and solid construction, this boat stands the test⁤ of time and retains its ​value in the market. Its⁢ reputation for excellent craftsmanship,⁣ durability, and reliability has made it ⁤a sought-after vessel for fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you are ​a professional⁤ angler⁢ hoping to land the catch ⁣of a ​lifetime or seeking a‌ luxurious and reliable boat for leisure cruising, the 1989 Buddy Davis 47 Sportfisherman is a worthy investment that will provide unforgettable experiences on ⁢the water​ for years to come.

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