1989 Tollycraft 44cpmy Boat

The 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY boat is a remarkable vessel that has captivated boating enthusiasts with its exceptional features and craftsmanship. Renowned for its durability, spaciousness, and versatility, this luxurious motor yacht continues to stand the test of time in the boating industry. In this article, we will explore the key characteristics and highlights of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY, offering a comprehensive overview that will undoubtedly intrigue both experienced boat owners and those considering investing in a new vessel. Whether you are seeking a comfortable live-aboard option or a reliable long-distance cruiser, the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY is a captivating choice that merits attention.
Key Features of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY Boat

Key Features of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY Boat

The 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY Boat boasts an array of impressive features that make it a top choice for boating enthusiasts. With its sleek design and exceptional performance, this vessel delivers a remarkable on-water experience. Let’s explore some of its standout features:

  • Spacious Interior: The Tollycraft 44CPMY offers an incredibly spacious interior, providing ample room for both relaxing and entertaining. With its well-designed layout, this boat ensures maximum comfort and convenience.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Equipped with two comfortable staterooms, including a luxurious master suite and a guest cabin, this boat offers the perfect setting for overnight stays. Complete with tastefully appointed furnishings, it guarantees a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Impressive Flybridge: The flybridge of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY presents an excellent vantage point, allowing for commanding views and enhanced visibility. This elevated position ensures safe navigation and a thrilling boating experience.
  • Reliable Engine Performance: Powered by twin diesel engines, this boat delivers exceptional performance and reliability. With its impressive horsepower, it effortlessly cruises through various water conditions, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Technical Specifications

Year 1989
Length 44 feet
Beam 14 feet 8 inches
Weight 32,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity 500 gallons

Performance and Handling: A Closer Look at the Tollycraft 44CPMY

Performance and Handling: A Closer Look at the Tollycraft 44CPMY

When it comes to performance and handling, the Tollycraft 44CPMY is a true standout in its class. Designed with precision and powered by twin 450 horsepower diesel engines, this exquisite vessel effortlessly glides through the water, providing an exhilarating experience for both seasoned boaters and novices alike.

Equipped with a deep-V hull, the Tollycraft 44CPMY ensures exceptional stability and maneuverability, allowing for smooth sailing even in challenging conditions. The combination of its sleek design and advanced engineering enables a top speed of 25 knots, guaranteeing swift and efficient travels to your desired destinations. Whether you’re exploring coastal waters or embarking on lengthy adventures, this exceptional cruiser delivers a truly remarkable performance.

Year Length Beam Weight Maximum Capacity
1989 44 feet 14.5 feet 36,000 pounds 10 people

With a length of 44 feet and a beam of 14.5 feet, the Tollycraft 44CPMY offers ample space for luxurious living and entertaining onboard. Its weight of 36,000 pounds ensures a sturdy and stable ride, even in rough seas. This impressive vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people, making it ideal for socializing or hosting unforgettable gatherings with friends and family.

The Tollycraft 44CPMY is a true testament to exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, delivering an unbeatable combination of performance and handling. With its sleek design, powerful engines, and spacious interiors, this vessel is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable boating experience for years to come.

Comfort and Interior Layout: Exploring the Spacious Features of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY

Comfort and Interior Layout: Exploring the Spacious Features of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY

The 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY is a true gem when it comes to comfort and interior layout. Step aboard this luxurious vessel and prepare to be mesmerized by its spacious features that make it stand out from the rest.

One of the key highlights of the Tollycraft 44CPMY is its expansive salon area. Overlooking breathtaking panoramic views of the open sea, this area serves as the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. With plush, comfortable seating arrangements, you can unwind and enjoy the company of your loved ones. The salon also boasts large windows that flood the space with natural light, creating an inviting and airy atmosphere.

  • The cabin is thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for all passengers. Boasting three separate staterooms, each equipped with its own ensuite bathroom, privacy is never compromised.
  • Speaking of bathrooms, the Tollycraft 44CPMY features modern and well-appointed facilities. You’ll find that the bathrooms are spacious, allowing for easy movement and comfort, an essential aspect for those longer journeys.
  • The galley of this vessel is a testament to luxury and functionality. Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, including a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, preparing meals will be a breeze even while out at sea. The ample counter space ensures you’ll have plenty of room to work your culinary magic.
  • Storage is never an issue with the Tollycraft 44CPMY. This vessel boasts abundant storage spaces throughout, allowing you to keep your personal belongings organized and within reach.
  • Last but not least, the flybridge offers a magnificent vantage point for sightseeing or captaining the ship. With a commanding view of the surroundings, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a drink while taking in the exceptional views.
Year 1989
Make Tollycraft
Model 44CPMY
Length 44 feet
Beam 14 feet

Maintenance and Longevity: Practical Recommendations for the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY

Maintenance and Longevity: Practical Recommendations for the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure longevity and optimal performance for your cherished 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY boat. Here are some practical recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Engine Maintenance: Schedule routine oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regularly check the belts, hoses, and coolant levels to avoid overheating or engine damage. Keeping the engine clean and free of debris will aid in its longevity.
  • Hull and Exterior Care: Periodically inspect the hull for any signs of damage or blisters and promptly address repairs. Regularly waxing and polishing the boat’s exterior will assist in preserving its appearance and protecting against corrosion.
  • Electronics and Electrical Systems: Regularly test and inspect all electronic devices, wiring, and connections. Clean and maintain battery terminals to ensure proper charging and prevent electrical issues. Protect electronic components from moisture and extreme weather conditions.

1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY Specifications

Length 44 feet
Beam 14 feet 6 inches
Weight 32,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity 500 gallons
Water Capacity 120 gallons

Conclusion: Is the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY the Right Boat for You?

Conclusion: Is the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY the Right Boat for You?

After a detailed examination of the features and qualities of the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY, it is evident that this boat offers a range of advantages that make it worthy of consideration for both seasoned boaters and newcomers alike.

First and foremost, the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY impresses with its spacious and well-designed interior. With ample living space, including multiple staterooms, a generously sized salon, and a well-equipped galley, this boat provides a comfortable and luxurious environment for extended trips or living aboard. Furthermore, the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident throughout, ensuring a high level of quality and durability.

Key reasons to consider the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY:

  • Reliable engine performance
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Impressive range for long trips
  • Beautifully crafted interior
  • Generous storage space
  • Advanced navigation and safety features
Specifications Details
Year 1989
Length 44 feet
Engine Twin Diesel
Maximum Speed 20 knots
Range 500 nautical miles

In conclusion, the 1989 Tollycraft 44CPMY offers an enticing blend of style, functionality, and performance. Whether you’re looking for a capable vessel to explore coastal waters or a comfortable yacht for extended cruising, this boat delivers on all fronts. Its exceptional features and impressive specifications make it a compelling choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a reliable and enjoyable experience on the water.


Q: What is a Tollycraft 44 CPMY boat?
A: The Tollycraft 44 CPMY boat is a model manufactured by the Tollycraft Yachts company in 1989. It is a popular motor yacht known for its quality craftsmanship and design.

Q: What are the dimensions and specifications of the Tollycraft 44 CPMY?
A: The Tollycraft 44 CPMY has an overall length of 44 feet and a beam (width) of 14 feet. It is equipped with twin diesel engines, usually in the range of 300-400 horsepower each, allowing for smooth and efficient cruising. The boat’s fuel capacity is around 400 gallons, and it has a water capacity of approximately 130 gallons.

Q: Could you please provide more details about the interior layout of the Tollycraft 44 CPMY?
A: Certainly! The Tollycraft 44 CPMY features a spacious and well-designed layout. It typically includes two staterooms, each with its own private head (bathroom) attached. The master stateroom is usually located aft, providing a comfortable retreat for the boat’s owners. The boat also includes a well-equipped galley (kitchen) with amenities such as a stove, refrigerator, and microwave. The main salon offers ample seating and entertainment space, while the cockpit area provides additional seating and a great space for outdoor activities.

Q: How many people can the Tollycraft 44 CPMY accommodate?
A: The Tollycraft 44 CPMY can comfortably accommodate a large number of people. With its spacious layout, it typically offers sleeping accommodations for four to six people, making it perfect for family outings or entertaining guests.

Q: What are some notable features of the Tollycraft 44 CPMY?
A: The Tollycraft 44 CPMY boasts several noteworthy features. One prominent feature is the spacious flybridge, offering a commanding view of the surroundings and providing a great space for socializing while underway. The boat’s wide beam not only contributes to its stability but also allows for increased interior living space. Enhanced by large windows, the interior is bright and offers panoramic views. Additionally, the sturdy construction and well-thought-out design make the Tollycraft 44 CPMY ideal for comfortable cruising and long-range travel.

Q: Is the Tollycraft 44 CPMY boat still in production?
A: No, the Tollycraft Yachts company ceased operations in the 1990s. However, used Tollycraft 44 CPMY boats are still available for purchase on the pre-owned market.

Q: Are there any common maintenance issues associated with the Tollycraft 44 CPMY?
A: Like any boat, regular maintenance is essential to keep the Tollycraft 44 CPMY in good condition. Typical maintenance tasks include routine engine checks, hull maintenance, and system inspections. Some specific areas may require attention, such as the boat’s electrical system or plumbing. It is advisable to consult with a marine professional or surveyor when purchasing a used Tollycraft 44 CPMY to ensure it is in good working order.

Q: What is the approximate price range for a used Tollycraft 44 CPMY?
A: The price range for a used Tollycraft 44 CPMY can vary depending on factors such as age, condition, and installed equipment. As of 2021, prices typically range from $100,000 to $200,000 USD, although pricing may vary based on market demand and individual listings.

Q: Can the Tollycraft 44 CPMY be used for long-distance cruising?
A: Absolutely! The Tollycraft 44 CPMY was designed and built with long-distance cruising in mind. Its sturdy construction, comfortable layout, and ample storage capacity make it ideal for extended trips, whether along the coast or crossing larger bodies of water. It offers a smooth riding experience with its hull design, ensuring both comfort and stability during long hours underway.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Tollycraft 44CPMY boat of 1989 holds a prominent place in the maritime industry with its timeless design and exceptional features. From its sturdy construction to its spacious interior, this vessel continues to captivate boating enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are seeking a reliable fishing vessel or a comfortable cruiser for extended trips, the Tollycraft 44CPMY is a top-tier choice. Its impressive performance on the water, coupled with its luxurious amenities, ensures a memorable experience for both seasoned sailors and newcomers alike. With its rich history and lasting reputation, it is no wonder that the Tollycraft 44CPMY boat of 1989 remains a sought-after gem in the boating community.

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