1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

The 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat is a remarkable vessel that encapsulates the essence of luxury, comfort, and functionality. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this timeless cruiser is perfect for those seeking a spacious and versatile boating experience. From its sleek exterior to the thoughtfully arranged interior, the Carver 355 promises to deliver an unforgettable journey on the water. In this article, we will explore the key features, performance capabilities, and notable highlights of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat, shedding light on why it continues to be a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Keep reading to discover more about this exceptional vessel and all that it has to offer.
Key Features and Specifications of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Key Features and Specifications of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

When it comes to luxurious cruising, the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat stands out from the rest with its impressive range of features and specifications. This well-designed vessel is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring comfort and style for all onboard.

One of the standout features of the Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat is its spacious living accommodations. With two private staterooms and two full bathrooms, this boat provides ample space for relaxation and entertaining guests. The aft cabin boasts a comfortable queen-size berth, while the forward cabin offers a cozy double berth. Both staterooms include abundant storage space to keep your belongings organized during your trips on the water.

Specifications Features
Length overall (including swim platform) Swim platform with boarding ladder
Beam Spacious aft deck with seating
Weight Full galley equipped with refrigerator, stove, and microwave

With a length overall (including swim platform) of XX feet and a generous beam, the Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat offers a stable and comfortable ride on the water. The boat’s weight distribution ensures optimal handling and maneuverability, making it a dream to navigate.

Additionally, the Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat comes equipped with an array of features tailored to enhance your boating experience. The spacious aft deck with seating provides the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the scenery, while the swim platform with a boarding ladder offers easy access to the water. Inside, the boat boasts a full galley complete with a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, ensuring all your culinary needs are met during your adventures at sea.

Performance and Handling of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Performance and Handling of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

The 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat boasts exceptional performance and handling, making it a sought-after choice for boating enthusiasts. Equipped with a powerful engine and advanced technologies, this vessel delivers a smooth and exhilarating ride on both calm and rough waters.

One of the standout features of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat is its responsive handling. The carefully designed hull provides excellent stability, allowing the boat to navigate through waves effortlessly. Whether you’re cruising at high speeds or maneuvering in tight spaces, the Carver 355 maintains control and ensures a comfortable experience for both the captain and passengers. The integrated hydraulic steering system further enhances its agility, making it easy to make precise turns and dock with precision.

Key Features Benefits
Spacious Aft Cabin Provides ample room for relaxation and sleeping, ensuring a comfortable overnight stay.
Flybridge with Dual Helm Stations Allows for increased visibility and control, making navigation a breeze even in inclement weather conditions.
Wide Side Decks Ensures easy and safe movement around the boat, making docking and anchoring hassle-free.

Interior Design and Amenities on the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Interior Design and Amenities on the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Step into the luxurious interior of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat and be prepared to be amazed. Crafted with style and functionality in mind, this vessel offers a remarkable interior design that combines elegance with comfort. The spacious salon is adorned with rich wood accents, plush upholstery, and large windows that flood the space with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether you are hosting a gathering or simply unwinding after a day on the water, the salon provides ample seating and a well-equipped entertainment center to ensure your every need is met.

The well-appointed galley in the Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat guarantees any culinary enthusiast’s dream. Featuring modern appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and sink, preparing meals aboard has never been easier. The galley’s clever layout optimizes storage space, ensuring all your kitchen essentials have their designated place, allowing for easy meal preparation throughout your journey. Additionally, the boat boasts a spacious master and guest stateroom, both furnished with cozy berths and abundant storage, providing a peaceful retreat after a day out exploring the water. The luxurious interior design of this exquisite vessel truly sets it apart from the rest.

Features Details
Berths Master and guest stateroom with cozy berths
Salon Spacious and well-equipped with ample seating and entertainment center
Galley Modern appliances, clever layout, and ample storage space

Safety Features and Recommendations for the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Safety Features and Recommendations for the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

When it comes to ensuring the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your beloved 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the numerous safety features and recommendations specifically designed for this remarkable vessel. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a first-time boater, adhering to these safety precautions will provide you with peace of mind and an enjoyable experience out on the water.

  • Life Jackets: Make sure to check that you have enough US Coast Guard-approved life jackets on board for all passengers. Keep them readily accessible in case of an emergency.
  • Fire Extinguishers: Investing in multiple fire extinguishers, strategically placed throughout your boat, is imperative for preventing fire accidents. Ensure they are fully charged and in good working condition.
  • Navigation and Safety Equipment: Equip your 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat with essential navigation tools, such as a compass and GPS, to help you navigate safely. Additionally, have a well-stocked first aid kit, flares, and a whistle or horn for signaling distress.

Furthermore, regular maintenance and inspections of your boat are essential to ensure its proper functioning and safety. Regularly inspect the hull, engine, and fuel system, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance. Keeping your boat in top condition is not only crucial for safety but also for optimizing its performance and extending its lifespan. Remember, safety should always be a priority, and by following these guidelines, you can enjoy your 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat to the fullest while being vigilant and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat Features:

Feature Description
Length Overall 35 feet 7 inches
Beam 13 feet 3 inches
Draft 2 feet 8 inches

Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat

Keeping your 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat in top condition is essential for a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. Regular maintenance and effective upkeep are key to ensuring the longevity of your vessel. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you keep your 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat in pristine shape:

Routine Inspection:
– Conduct a thorough inspection of your boat before and after each outing. Look out for any signs of damage, wear and tear, or potential issues.
– Check the hull for any cracks or damage, and make sure there are no leaks in the fittings or through-hull connections.
– Inspect and clean the propellers, rudders, and shafts, ensuring they are free from any debris or obstacles that could affect performance.

Regular Cleaning:
– Keep your boat clean both inside and out. Wash the exterior regularly using a mild soap, being careful to remove any salt residue that can corrode surfaces.
– Clean the upholstery and carpets with a suitable marine-grade cleaner to maintain a fresh and appealing interior.
– Don’t forget to clean and polish all metal parts, such as railings and fixtures, to prevent corrosion and maintain their lustrous appearance.

Engine Maintenance:
– Schedule regular engine maintenance to keep your boat running smoothly. Change the oil, filters, and spark plugs at recommended intervals.
– Check the fuel lines and tanks for any leaks or damage. Ensure that the fuel filters are replaced as needed.
– Maintain proper engine cooling by regularly cleaning the raw water strainer and impeller.

Electrical Systems:
– Regularly inspect and test all electrical systems on your boat, including lighting, navigation equipment, and batteries.
– Clean and tighten all electrical connections to prevent loose connections or intermittent issues.
– Store your batteries in a cool, dry place and check their charge levels regularly to avoid any power shortage during your outings.

Now that you know how to keep your 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat in excellent condition, let’s take a closer look at its impressive features:

[Please note that the following table is simulated and does not provide actual information.]
Feature Description
Length 35 feet
Hull Material Fiberglass
Engine Twin Volvo Penta 7.4L 380HP

Feel free to explore more about the incredible features and specifications of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat to enhance your boating experience. Remember, proper maintenance and regular upkeep will ensure that your vessel remains in great shape, allowing for countless memorable adventures on the water.


Q: What are the key features of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat?
A: The key features of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat include spacious accommodation, dual staterooms, a large aft deck, and a fully equipped galley.

Q: What is the overall size and capacity of the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat?
A: The 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat measures 35 feet in length and has a beam width of 13 feet. It can comfortably accommodate up to six people for overnight stays.

Q: What kind of performance can be expected from the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat?
A: Powered by twin 7.4L Crusader engines, the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin boat offers a cruising speed of 20-25 knots and a top speed of around 30 knots. Its deep-V hull provides a stable and comfortable ride.

Future Outlook

In conclusion, the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat exemplifies the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design that Carver Yachts is recognized for. With a spacious and well-appointed interior, luxurious amenities, and excellent performance capabilities, this versatile vessel offers a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience.

The thoughtfully designed layout of the Carver 355 allows for effortless navigation and maneuverability, making it an ideal option for both seasoned boaters and those new to the lifestyle. The spacious aft cabin provides an inviting sanctuary, while the well-appointed helm station offers comprehensive control and visibility.

Additionally, the Carver 355 boasts an array of luxurious features, such as a fully equipped galley, plush furnishings, and ample storage throughout. Whether you are entertaining guests or seeking a private retreat, this boat offers versatile spaces that cater to your needs.

Furthermore, the excellent performance capabilities of the Carver 355 ensure a smooth and comfortable ride even in challenging waters. The robust engine options and advanced hull design contribute to the boat’s exceptional handling, stability, and fuel efficiency.

Overall, the 1996 Carver 355 Aft Cabin Boat is a testament to Carver Yachts’ commitment to excellence in both design and performance. With its timeless styling, versatile layout, and luxurious amenities, this boat remains a highly desirable option for boating enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking a weekend getaway or indulging in the yachting lifestyle, the Carver 355 offers the perfect combination of comfort, style, and performance.

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