1997 Clever 23 Boat

The 1997 Clever 23 boat stands as an enduring testament to the innovation and craftsmanship that defined the golden era of boating. With its sleek lines, exceptional performance, and unparalleled versatility, this vessel has garnered a well-deserved reputation among boating enthusiasts worldwide. Combining timeless design with cutting-edge features, the Clever 23 embodies the essence of an era when recreational boating reached new heights. In this article, we delve into the captivating story of the Clever 23 boat, exploring its distinct features, remarkable performance, and the lasting impact it has made on the boating industry since its introduction over two decades ago. Join us as we embark on a nostalgic journey to understand why the 1997 Clever 23 boat continues to command admiration and appreciation among boaters and collectors alike.
Overview of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

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Overview of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

The 1997 Clever 23 Boat is a remarkable vessel that seamlessly combines sleek design, exceptional performance, and undeniable durability. Offering both comfort and excitement, this boat is perfect for those who seek adventure on the water. Designed to elevate your boating experience, the Clever 23 boasts a range of features that will impress even the most discerning boat enthusiasts.

Equipped with a powerful engine, the 1997 Clever 23 Boat offers impressive speed and agility, ensuring an exhilarating ride. Its advanced hull design allows for superb maneuverability, making it ideal for water sports and cruising alike. Additionally, the plush seating and spacious layout provide ample room for relaxation and socializing with family and friends.

Key Features:

  • Powerful engine for exceptional speed and performance.
  • Advanced hull design for improved maneuverability.
  • Spacious seating and layout for comfort.
  • Elegant and sleek exterior design.
  • High-quality materials for durability and longevity.
  • Ample storage compartments for keeping belongings safe and organized.


Year Length Width Weight
1997 23ft 8ft 4000lbs
Fuel Type Horsepower Fuel Capacity Drive Type
Gasoline 250hp 80 gallons Sterndrive

Design and Features of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

Design and Features of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

The 1997 Clever 23 Boat showcases a perfect blend of style and functionality. With its sleek and modern design, this boat is a head-turner on the water. Crafted with precision, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride, ensuring a delightful experience for both novice and experienced sailors.

This impressive vessel comes packed with a plethora of features that enhance its performance and user experience. Here are some noteworthy aspects of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat:

  • Spacious Cockpit: The boat’s well-designed cockpit provides ample space for passengers, allowing them to move freely and enjoy the ride comfortably.
  • Smart Storage Solutions: Equipped with cleverly placed storage compartments, this boat ensures all your gear and essentials remain organized and within reach, maintaining a clutter-free deck.
  • Efficient Engine: Powered by a reliable engine, the Clever 23 Boat delivers optimal efficiency and excellent fuel consumption, making it an economical choice for prolonged adventures.
  • Superior Hull Construction: Built with high-quality materials, the boat’s sturdy hull offers excellent durability, ensuring a safe and secure voyage even in varying weather conditions.
  • Integrated Navigation System: The inclusion of a state-of-the-art navigation system simplifies navigation, providing accurate readings and making it easier to explore new horizons with peace of mind.
Year Manufacturer Model Length Weight
1997 Clever Boats Clever 23 23 ft 3000 lbs
1997 Clever Boats Clever 23 23 ft 3000 lbs
1997 Clever Boats Clever 23 23 ft 3000 lbs
1997 Clever Boats Clever 23 23 ft 3000 lbs
1997 Clever Boats Clever 23 23 ft 3000 lbs

Performance and Handling of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

Performance and Handling of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

When it comes to performance and handling, the 1997 Clever 23 Boat truly stands out from the competition. Designed with precision and innovation, this boat offers an exhilarating experience on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a novice, the Clever 23 Boat guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride that will leave you wanting more.

One of the key features that sets the Clever 23 Boat apart is its exceptional speed. Powered by a high-performance engine, this boat can reach impressive speeds, allowing you to zip across the water with ease. Not only does it offer great speed, but the Clever 23 Boat also boasts remarkable maneuverability. With its advanced hull design and responsive controls, you can effortlessly navigate through tight turns and tricky waters, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Specifications Details
Length 23 feet
Beam 8 feet
Weight 2,500 pounds
Engine Mercury 250 HP
Capacity 8 people

Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

Regular maintenance and proper upkeep are essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your 1997 Clever 23 Boat. Here are a few key aspects to consider when it comes to maintaining your beloved vessel:

1. Engine Maintenance:
– Regularly inspect and change the oil and oil filter to prevent engine damage.
– Clean or replace the air filter to optimize fuel efficiency.
– Check the spark plugs and replace them if necessary for smooth engine operation.
– Keep the cooling system clean and flush it annually to prevent overheating.

2. Hull and Exterior:
– Wash the boat’s exterior with a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt and saltwater residue.
– Apply a marine-grade wax to protect the hull from UV rays and maintain its shine.
– Inspect the hull for any signs of damage or cracking and repair them promptly to prevent further deterioration.
– Regularly inspect and clean the propeller to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

3. Interior and Equipment:
– Drain and flush the freshwater system regularly to avoid any build-up of sediments or bacteria.
– Clean and condition the upholstery to keep it in good condition and prevent cracking or fading.
– Inspect all electrical systems, including lights, pumps, and navigational equipment, and promptly address any issues.
– Lubricate hinges and hardware to ensure proper functioning and prevent corrosion.

In addition to regular maintenance, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use genuine parts whenever possible. Investing time and effort into the upkeep of your 1997 Clever 23 Boat will not only ensure a safer boating experience but also prolong its lifespan, allowing you to enjoy countless memorable moments on the water.

Model Year Length Beam Draft Weight
1997 23 ft 8 ft 2.5 ft 3,200 lbs
Engine Specifications
Engine Type Inboard
Horsepower 250 HP
Fuel Capacity 65 gallons

Recommendations for Prospective Buyers of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

Recommendations for Prospective Buyers of the 1997 Clever 23 Boat

When considering purchasing the 1997 Clever 23 Boat, there are a few key recommendations to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the boat’s physical condition. Look for any signs of damage or wear to the hull, deck, and interior. A well-maintained boat will have fewer concerns down the line and provide a more enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to also check for any signs of corrosion or leaks in the engine compartment and other critical areas.

Secondly, it is wise to research the specific engine and propulsion system used in the 1997 Clever 23 Boat. Understanding the engine’s reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance can help ensure a smoother sailing experience. Furthermore, consider the boat’s performance capabilities and suitability for your intended use – whether it’s cruising, fishing, or watersports. Take note of any unique features, safety equipment, or storage options that may enhance your boating experience as well.

Specifications Details
Year 1997
Length 23 feet
Beam 8 feet
Weight Approx. 3,000 pounds
Engine Various options available


Q: What is the significance of the “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: The “1997 clever 23 boat” is a vessel that stands out due to its unique features and capabilities.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: Certainly! The “1997 clever 23 boat” is a highly regarded watercraft known for its innovation and intelligent design. It is a compact boat measuring 23 feet in length, offering excellent maneuverability and ease of use.

Q: What are some notable features of the “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: The “1997 clever 23 boat” boasts several outstanding features. First, it is equipped with advanced technology that allows for exceptional fuel efficiency, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Additionally, its sleek design contributes to its ability to navigate through rough waters with ease. The boat also provides ample space for seating and storage, ensuring passenger comfort and convenience.

Q: How does the “1997 clever 23 boat” perform on the water?
A: The “1997 clever 23 boat” is highly regarded for its exceptional performance. Its well-engineered hull design ensures stability and agility, allowing for smooth cruising even in challenging conditions. The boat’s propulsion system provides adequate power, enabling it to reach impressive speeds while maintaining control and maneuverability.

Q: Does the “1997 clever 23 boat” have any specific uses?
A: The versatility of the “1997 clever 23 boat” makes it suitable for various activities. It is an ideal choice for recreational purposes, such as fishing, water skiing, or simply cruising along the coast. Its compact size and ease of use also make it suitable for day trips with family and friends.

Q: Is the “1997 clever 23 boat” still available for purchase?
A: As the “1997 clever 23 boat” is a specific model from 1997, availability may be limited. However, it is advisable to check with local boat dealerships or online marketplaces specializing in used boats to explore potential options.

Q: Are there any maintenance considerations for owning a “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: Like any watercraft, proper maintenance is crucial to keep the “1997 clever 23 boat” in good condition. Regular cleaning, engine maintenance, and thorough inspections of the hull and electrical system are recommended. Additionally, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for winterization and storage can help prolong the boat’s lifespan.

Q: What type of customers would benefit from owning a “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: The “1997 clever 23 boat” caters to a wide range of customers. Individuals seeking thrilling water sports experiences, fishing enthusiasts, or families longing for leisurely boating trips would find this vessel particularly appealing. Its adaptable design and outstanding performance make it suitable for both experienced boaters and beginners alike.

Q: Are there any safety features present in the “1997 clever 23 boat”?
A: Yes, the “1997 clever 23 boat” prioritizes safety with various features. It typically includes life jackets and other essential safety equipment, as required by maritime regulations. Additionally, the boat’s stability and reliable handling contribute to overall safety during operation.

Q: How does the “1997 clever 23 boat” compare to similar models from subsequent years?
A: Comparisons with newer models are subjective, as they may incorporate different advancements and design modifications. However, the “1997 clever 23 boat” is widely recognized as a reliable and well-designed vessel, obtaining high ratings from boating enthusiasts. It is recommended to compare features, performance, and user reviews when considering newer models for a comprehensive assessment.

Future Outlook

In conclusion, the 1997 Clever 23 Boat offers a blend of versatility, practicality, and performance that make it a compelling choice for boating enthusiasts. With its spacious deck, comfortable seating, and ample storage capacity, this boat caters to the needs of both weekend cruisers and serious anglers. The Clever 23 boasts a powerful engine that provides excellent maneuverability and helps achieve impressive speeds on the water. Its outstanding stability ensures a smooth and safe ride, even in rough conditions. Whether you are planning a leisurely day on the water or an adventurous fishing expedition, the 1997 Clever 23 Boat is a reliable and smart option that will not disappoint.

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