1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

⁢The 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat is a highly sought-after ⁣vessel ‌renowned for its⁣ exceptional performance and versatility on the ⁣water. Designed⁣ to exceed ​the expectations ⁣of fishing enthusiasts and boating adventurers alike, this remarkable boat commands⁢ attention for its ⁣sleek design, reliable construction,‍ and advanced features. Whether you are an angler in pursuit⁣ of the perfect catch or a⁤ boating enthusiast seeking a vessel‌ that combines comfort and performance seamlessly, the 1999 Pursuit 3400 ⁤Express Fisherman Boat ‌is​ sure to exceed your expectations. In this article, ⁢we will delve into the various key features and specifications ​that make this boat an unparalleled choice ⁢for ​those looking for an unforgettable ⁢boating experience.
Overview ​of the 1999 Pursuit 3400​ Express Fisherman Boat

Overview of the 1999 ⁢Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

The ‍1999 ‍Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat is an⁣ iconic vessel that blends the thrill of ‍offshore fishing with all the comforts of a cruising boat. Built‍ with impeccable craftsmanship, this boat offers impeccable quality and durability, making it ‌a favorite among fishing enthusiasts and ​boating ⁣connoissEstimated Mile Ranges alike.

Equipped with twin diesel engines, the‍ Pursuit ⁣3400‍ Express Fisherman Boat ensures ‌a powerful ‍and efficient performance on the open ⁢waters. Its deep-V ⁤hull design provides exceptional stability, enhancing the ⁢handling and maneuverability even in ‌rough sea conditions. With a length overall of 34 feet, this boat boasts ample ⁢space for both​ fishing and⁤ leisure activities. The well-appointed cockpit offers comfortable seating and ample storage space, while ​the spacious cabin below provides a sanctuary for relaxation ‌after a long day of reeling in the big catch.

  • Year:⁤ 1999
  • Length Overall: 34 feet
  • Engine Type: Twin​ diesel engines
  • Hull Design: Deep-V

With a ‍maximum capacity of up to‍ 8 passengers, this boat creates the perfect‍ environment for unforgettable outings with family and friends. Whether you‍ are an avid angler seeking​ trophy fish or a pleasure seeker looking ‌to explore the coast, ‍the​ 1999 ⁤Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat guarantees an exhilarating experience like ⁢no other.

Engine Performance and Handling of the Pursuit⁤ 3400 Express ‌Fisherman Boat

Engine ⁢Performance and Handling of the Pursuit 3400‍ Express Fisherman Boat

Engine Performance

The Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat is equipped with ‍top-of-the-line engines that deliver outstanding⁢ performance on the water. With its twin high-powered engines, this boat is designed to sail through the waves effortlessly, providing‍ you with an exhilarating experience every time. Whether ‌you’re cruising at‍ high speeds or maneuvering through‌ tight spaces, the engine‍ power ⁢ensures a smooth and responsive ride.

These engines are not only powerful but also⁤ fuel-efficient, allowing for longer trips without ⁢the need for frequent⁤ refueling. The advanced technology ⁢used⁣ in the engine design ensures optimal⁢ fuel⁢ consumption, reducing your carbon footprint while maximizing⁢ your time on the water. With its exceptional engine performance, the Pursuit 3400 ⁣Express Fisherman Boat guarantees a ‌thrilling and efficient journey for all fishing enthusiasts.


Designed for the adventurous angler, the Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat offers exceptional handling capabilities. ​Its hull design and robust construction provide superior stability, even in rough ​sea conditions. This boat offers remarkable maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spots and make precise turns with ⁣ease.

The Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat⁤ is equipped with ​advanced steering⁢ and control⁢ systems, ensuring precise handling at all speeds. The​ responsive hydraulic steering effortlessly translates your commands, providing a seamless connection between the captain and the boat. Whether you’re cruising along the coast or battling strong currents, this boat’s exceptional handling capabilities ‍will ‍empower you‍ to take control and enjoy the thrill of​ the open ⁢water.

Interior Features and Comforts of the ‌Pursuit 3400 ‍Express Fisherman Boat

Interior‍ Features⁤ and Comforts of the⁢ Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

The Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat is not only a​ power-packed vessel built for conquering the‍ open waters, but it also⁣ offers luxurious and comfortable interior features that ensure an unparalleled boating experience. Step on ⁤board​ and discover a world⁢ of opulence and convenience.

Designed with ​the discerning boater in mind, ‌the interior of the Pursuit 3400 offers a harmonious blend⁣ of functionality ⁣and ⁢style. ​Relax and unwind ‍in the spacious and tastefully‌ appointed salon, featuring plush seating upholstered with premium materials. Revel ‌in the natural light ⁣streaming​ through the large ‍windows, providing breathtaking ‌views of ​the surrounding‍ waters. ‌With ample ⁢headroom and strategically ⁣placed lighting, this salon provides a cozy‍ and ‍comfortable space, ⁤perfect for entertaining or‌ simply enjoying a peaceful evening onboard.

  • Enclosed head compartment with⁢ contemporary fixtures and fresh ⁢water supply
  • Well-equipped ​galley with top-of-the-line appliances and ‍ample storage for provisions
  • Climate ⁢control system to keep the⁣ interior temperature just right, regardless of the​ weather outside
  • High-quality audio system ⁤for⁤ enjoying your favorite tunes while ⁤cruising or ⁣at anchor
  • Comfortable ‌sleeping ⁤quarters, providing a restful retreat after a long day on the water

Embrace the lap of luxury with the Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman⁢ Boat. Its meticulously designed interior features and comforts elevate your boating experience to new heights,⁣ ensuring that​ every voyage is an unforgettable one.

Fishing Capabilities and Equipment on the Pursuit 3400 Express⁢ Fisherman Boat

Fishing Capabilities‌ and ‍Equipment on the​ Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

The Pursuit ⁤3400 Express⁣ Fisherman ‌boat⁤ boasts ⁣exceptional fishing capabilities⁢ and is ⁢equipped with top-of-the-line gear to enhance your fishing experience. Whether you’re a‌ seasoned angler⁣ or a novice, this⁣ vessel is designed to meet all your fishing needs.

Equipped with a spacious‌ cockpit, this boat provides ample room for multiple anglers to fish ⁤comfortably. The Pursuit ​3400 comes with a range of features designed ‍specifically for fishing enthusiasts, such‌ as rod ⁣holders strategically placed along the gunwales and rocket launchers mounted on‌ the hardtop. These‌ features ensure easy access to⁣ your fishing rods and provide efficient storage during your fishing adventures.

  • The boat is equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS⁤ and fishfinder system that helps you locate ‌the⁤ best fishing spots with precision.
  • With a large livewell built into the transom, you can keep your bait fresh and lively throughout your ‍trip.
  • For deep sea ⁣fishing, the boat is equipped with outriggers⁣ that allow ‌you ‍to‌ deploy multiple⁤ lines simultaneously, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Additionally, the Pursuit 3400 comes with a well-stocked tackle storage area, ensuring you have the necessary tools ⁢and equipment⁤ readily available. This boat also features a comfortable helm ⁢station with modern navigation and ​communication systems, allowing ‍you to stay connected and safe while out on‌ the water. Whether you’re targeting freshwater or ‍saltwater species, this boat is outfitted to ‍handle‍ any fishing expedition.‍ Its stability ⁤and performance ensure a smooth ride, even in rough sea conditions, making it an ideal vessel for serious​ anglers who crave both ⁣comfort and functionality.

Key Recommendations for ​Potential Buyers of the Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

Key​ Recommendations for Potential Buyers of the ‌Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat

Considering investing in the Pursuit ⁣3400 Express Fisherman Boat? Here are​ some important⁢ recommendations to⁢ help ⁣potential buyers make an‍ informed decision:

  • Fishing Capabilities: The Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman⁣ is designed specifically​ for ‌avid anglers. Its deep-V hull ‌provides stability and superior ⁤handling even in challenging offshore conditions. With ample deck space,⁤ a spacious cockpit, and strategically placed ⁢rod holders, this boat offers a remarkable fishing experience.
  • Luxurious ‍Comfort: ⁤ Don’t let ‌the ⁣focus on fishing fool you​ – this boat also prioritizes comfort. The cabin‍ boasts luxurious amenities, including a well-equipped ⁤galley, ‌plush seating, and a spacious head. It’s perfect for extended ⁣trips or overnight stays, ensuring every‌ journey is as comfortable as it is enjoyable.
  • Unmatched Durability: Pursuit Boats are renowned for ‍their robust build‍ quality, and⁣ the 3400 Express Fisherman is no exception. Constructed using the finest materials and ​advanced construction techniques, ‌this boat offers ‌exceptional ‌durability ⁤and longevity. Its solid construction gives you peace of‍ mind, both in terms of safety ‌and long-term ‌value.
  • Technological ‌Features: To ‍enhance your boating experience, the‍ Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman is equipped⁣ with state-of-the-art technology. From advanced navigation systems and fish finders ⁣to intuitive touchscreen displays,⁣ these‍ features make your time on the water more‌ efficient and ​enjoyable.

Overall, the Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman Boat is a true all-rounder, offering superb fishing capabilities, luxurious comfort, unmatched durability, and⁣ cutting-edge technology. Whether⁢ you’re a serious angler ‍or simply ​seeking ​a ⁢high-performance boat for leisurely cruises, ⁣this vessel is worth serious consideration.


Q: What is the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat?
A: The ‌1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat is⁣ a popular model of recreational fishing ​vessel manufactured by Pursuit Boats during the ⁢year 1999.

Q: What are the key features of the 1999 Pursuit 3400⁤ Express Fisherman‌ boat?
A: The 1999 ⁢Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boasts⁤ a range of features designed for both avid anglers and recreational boaters. Some key⁢ features include a spacious cockpit with ample storage, a ‍comfortable cabin with sleeping accommodations, a well-equipped galley, and a tackle storage area for fishing gear.

Q: What ⁤are the ⁣dimensions and weight of the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman ⁢boat?
A: The boat ⁤measures approximately 34 feet in length,⁢ with ‌a beam width‍ of around ⁢12⁣ feet. In terms⁣ of weight, it ranges ​between⁢ 16,000 and 18,000 pounds, depending on ‌the⁣ specific configuration and optional equipment.

Q: What​ type of engines‌ power the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat?
A: The 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman⁣ typically comes with twin diesel‌ or⁢ gasoline-powered engines.⁤ Various engine options are available, allowing boaters to select their preferred means of propulsion.

Q: ⁣How ‍many people‍ can the 1999 ⁤Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat accommodate?
A: The​ 1999 ‌Pursuit‌ 3400 ⁤Express Fisherman boat is designed to accommodate a moderate number of​ passengers. It typically has a capacity for 6-8⁢ people, ⁤depending on the⁣ layout and ‌seating arrangements chosen.

Q:​ What are some notable​ fishing features on the ⁤1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman ⁣boat?
A:​ The 1999 Pursuit ⁢3400 Express ⁣Fisherman boasts several fishing ‍amenities, such as rod holders, a bait prep station, a⁣ fish box, and a⁢ raw water washdown system. These features make it an ideal choice for anglers seeking to ⁣maximize their fishing ‌experience.

Q: Can the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat be used for ⁤overnight trips?
A: Yes, the‍ 1999 ⁣Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman ⁢is ​equipped with a comfortable cabin that ⁢offers‍ sleeping accommodations for overnight trips. The⁢ cabin typically ‌includes ⁤a berth, a galley ⁢area,⁤ and ⁢a ⁣separate head,‍ providing⁤ convenience⁣ and‌ comfort ‍during‌ extended stays on the water.

Q: How does ‌the ​1999 Pursuit 3400 Express ⁤Fisherman boat handle in various water‍ conditions?
A: The 1999 Pursuit 3400⁤ Express‌ Fisherman‍ boat is known for its solid performance and handling in a‍ range of water conditions. Its deep-V hull design, coupled ⁣with the boat’s weight and ⁣dimensions, allows‌ for stable and comfortable ‍navigation, even‍ in choppier waters.

Q: What is the price range for the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat?
A: The price range for a used 1999 Pursuit 3400‍ Express ⁣Fisherman boat can vary depending on ⁤its condition, ​optional⁤ equipment, and market factors. ‌On average, prices can range anywhere from $80,000 to $120,000, but this may differ based on individual considerations.

Q: In ‌summary,‍ what makes the 1999 ⁢Pursuit 3400 Express Fisherman boat notable?
A: ‍The 1999 Pursuit 3400 ​Express ‌Fisherman boat stands⁣ out for its versatility, combining fishing capabilities with comfortable living ‌features. Its​ spacious design, ample storage, and⁤ well-thought-out fishing amenities make it ​an appealing ‌choice for both serious anglers and those⁤ seeking a reliable recreational vessel.

Insights and Conclusions

In conclusion, the 1999 Pursuit 3400⁢ Express Fisherman boat offers anglers and cruising enthusiasts alike a⁤ formidable combination ‌of functionality, durability, and comfort. Designed ​with a keen focus on ‌performance and‍ versatility, this vessel has earned its⁤ rightful place among the top⁤ contenders in ⁣its class.

Boasting a robust construction and a⁢ timeless design, the 3400 Express Fisherman is built to ⁤withstand⁢ the ‍challenges of ‍the open water. Equipped with⁤ cutting-edge fishing features, such as a spacious cockpit, well-designed bait‌ and tackle stations, and ample ⁣storage, it effortlessly​ accommodates the needs of avid anglers ⁤seeking⁢ their next big⁤ catch.

Moreover, the 1999 Pursuit 3400 Express​ Fisherman excels in​ offering a comfortable‍ and relaxing experience for those who enjoy​ cruising.​ The well-appointed cabin provides a respite from ⁢the elements, featuring a comfortable berth, ‍a functional galley, and a well-appointed head. ⁣With its ‍thoughtfully designed layout, it grants⁣ ample⁣ space for socializing and entertaining ⁣guests, making it an excellent choice for weekend⁤ getaways or⁣ day ⁢outings with friends and family.

While the 1999 Pursuit 3400⁣ Express ⁢Fisherman‌ boasts a remarkable array of features, it is worth ‌noting that individual ‍preferences ⁤and needs⁤ may vary. As with any⁣ boat purchase, thorough‍ inspection⁢ and consideration of personal requirements are crucial​ to⁤ ensure a confident⁣ and satisfactory decision.

In summary, ⁤the 1999 Pursuit​ 3400 Express Fisherman boat stands as a testament to Pursuit’s ‌commitment to delivering reliable and⁤ versatile vessels. From its sturdy construction to‌ its leading-edge fishing amenities ​and inviting cabin,​ this ​boat leaves⁢ no stone unturned when it comes to meeting the demands of both serious anglers and pleasure seekers. Whether it is the ‌thrill of the catch or the ‌joy of cruising, ‌the 1999⁤ Pursuit ‌3400 Express ⁤Fisherman is a trusted‌ companion that delivers on every ‌front.

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