2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround Boat

The 2000 Sea ‍Master 288 Walkaround ‌Boat is a great choice for⁢ any ⁣serious boater who​ wants a versatile, seaworthy craft. This boat has⁤ the‌ potential to become an ⁢ideal pleasure boat, fishing skiff, or even ⁤a diving platform. With 30 ‌years of​ experience ‌behind them, Sea Master has made sure that this ‌boat is designed‌ to provide excellent stability on both⁢ open water ​and inland​ waterways. Its ‍solid construction and quality components ‍also⁤ ensure⁣ the safety of its passengers and‍ crew. Read on to learn more‍ about⁢ the unique features⁣ and capabilities of this ⁢remarkable boat.
Design and Features of the‍ 2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround ⁢Boat

Design and Features ‍of the 2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround‍ Boat

When it ‌comes to⁢ the ⁣2000 Sea⁤ Master 288 Walkaround Boat,​ be prepared to‍ set sail ‌on ​a vessel that seamlessly ‍blends ‍design and functionality.​ Crafted with utmost​ precision, this boat is a​ true reflection of innovation ​and craftsmanship. Whether⁢ you are an avid angler or a recreational ⁣boater, this 288 Walkaround offers everything you‌ could dream of, and more.

Featuring ⁢a stunning ⁤hull design, the ⁢2000 Sea Master ‌288 Walkaround Boat truly stands out from the crowd. Its sleek⁢ silhouette ⁣not‍ only enhances ‍aesthetics but also ⁢ensures smooth ​maneuverability ‌in⁤ various water conditions. The spacious walkaround deck ⁤allows easy access to all sides of the boat, promising hassle-free fishing experiences ‍or simply a ​relaxing time on the​ water. The​ boat’s ‍fine attention​ to detail extends⁢ to its comfortable cabin, where ⁣you can find ‍a cozy berth, ample storage, and ‌a portable marine⁤ toilet‌ for your⁣ convenience.

Features Description
Bow Rail A ⁣sturdy rail‌ encompassing the bow area provides added⁤ safety ⁢and security.
Live Bait Well A specially designed‌ compartment to ⁢keep your‌ live bait fresh and lively throughout your fishing trip.
Swim​ Platform A built-in swim​ platform ‌at the stern allows for ⁢easy boarding or ‌swimming‌ excursions.

Performance and ‍Handling in Various Water Conditions

Performance and Handling in Various​ Water Conditions

When ​it ⁤comes to navigating through different water ‍conditions, the ⁤2000 Sea Master⁤ 288 Walkaround Boat ⁤is designed to provide an exceptional experience.​ This sturdy and reliable vessel is built to⁤ withstand even the toughest ‍environments, allowing you ‌to explore ‌the water with confidence and ⁣ease.

Here are some ‍key features that ​contribute to its ‌impressive performance:

  • Deep V-Hull Design: The 2000 Sea ⁣Master 288 incorporates a deep V-hull design, which‌ enhances stability and provides smoother ‍rides even in ‍choppy waters. This allows you to maintain control and maneuver the​ boat effortlessly.
  • Anti-Spray ⁤Chines: Equipped ⁤with⁤ anti-spray chines, this ⁤boat effectively redirects water ⁤away ‌from the ‍hull, minimizing spray and keeping you ⁤dry.⁣ Whether you’re ⁤cruising at ⁢high speeds or tackling waves,​ these ‌chines‌ help maintain excellent ‍visibility and stability.
  • Trim Tabs: ⁢The built-in‍ trim‌ tabs on⁢ the 2000 Sea ⁢Master⁢ 288 ‍allow ‌you to ​optimize⁤ the boat’s trim and balance.⁤ This helps improve fuel‌ efficiency,​ reduces bow rise, and enhances overall handling.

Moreover, ⁤this ⁢boat also ⁤offers exceptional‍ handling characteristics ⁤due to its advanced features. Here’s ​what ‍sets it apart:

  • Hydraulic Steering: ‍The hydraulic steering system ⁤ensures smooth and responsive steering, allowing ‌for effortless control in any⁣ water condition.⁣ This feature enhances your overall boating⁢ experience, making each trip⁤ a pleasure.
  • High-Performance Outboard Motor Options: The 2000 Sea Master 288 is‌ compatible with ‌a range of‌ high-performance ⁤outboard motors, providing ⁤you with the⁣ power​ and speed required to tackle varying water conditions. ⁣Choose the motor that⁤ suits⁣ your needs and enjoy an exhilarating ‌ride.
  • Advanced‍ Stability Technology: With advanced stability technology integrated into its⁣ design, this boat⁤ maintains ⁤superior​ stability, even in rough seas. ​This‍ ensures maximum comfort and⁣ safety, allowing you to confidently⁣ explore different ⁤water environments.
Features Specification
Length 28.8 feet
Beam 9.8 ‌feet
Weight Approximately 6000 lbs

Comfort and Amenities for a Enjoyable Boating Experience

Comfort and Amenities for a Enjoyable Boating Experience

Comfort ⁤and Amenities for an Enjoyable Boating ​Experience

‍ ‌⁤ When it comes to boating, comfort ⁢and amenities ⁤play ‌a ⁣crucial role⁤ in enhancing the overall ‍experience ​on the⁤ water. Whether you are planning​ a​ peaceful⁣ day of fishing or​ a fun-filled‍ family adventure,⁣ having ⁤the‍ right features⁣ on your boat⁢ can make all the difference. ⁤To ensure that your time⁤ on the water is nothing short ‍of extraordinary,⁢ the **2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround Boat** offers an array ‌of‍ incredible features designed to⁤ maximize your comfort and ⁤enjoyment.

One of the ⁢standout features of the Sea Master‍ 288 Walkaround‌ Boat is its spacious ​and ⁣well-designed cabin. Equipped with plush‍ seating, ‍lounge areas, and ample storage, ‍this cabin ​provides a cozy retreat from the elements.​ The ⁢boat’s ⁢well-appointed galley‍ ensures that you have all⁢ the necessary⁣ amenities at hand, allowing you⁢ to​ prepare delicious meals without⁤ sacrificing convenience. Moreover, with its integrated sleeping quarters and a private head compartment, you can ⁢take a⁤ break ‌and rest ⁤comfortably during longer ⁤journeys.

Features Description
Spacious ⁣Cabin The ⁢Sea Master ⁢288 Walkaround Boat offers a roomy cabin with comfortable ⁣seating, lounge areas, and abundant storage⁢ space.
Well-Appointed Galley Equipped with all necessary amenities, the ​integrated‍ galley ​allows for convenient meal⁣ preparation during your boating adventures.
Sleeping Quarters The​ boat’s cabin ‍features integrated sleeping quarters to provide‌ a comfortable​ resting space for longer journeys.

Durability and Construction Quality of the Sea Master ​288

Durability and Construction Quality of the‌ Sea⁢ Master 288

The Sea Master ⁣288 is ⁢built to withstand the most demanding conditions, ensuring‍ its ‌longevity and reliability. Crafted​ with meticulous attention ⁢to detail, this boat boasts exceptional durability‌ and construction quality that sets​ it⁤ apart from‌ its‌ competitors. Here’s​ what ⁢makes the ⁢Sea​ Master 288 ​a‍ true titan ⁤on the water:

  • Solid Hull: The⁢ Sea Master 288 features a solid fiberglass⁣ hull, ensuring‌ its strength and ability to ​handle⁢ rough waters without compromising maneuverability.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: ‍All⁢ hardware components on the Sea Master 288 are made from high-quality‌ stainless‌ steel, enhancing resistance to corrosion and improving overall longevity.
  • Advanced⁣ Stringer System: Equipped with an advanced stringer system,‌ this boat offers increased structural integrity and‍ reinforces its overall toughness.
  • Resilient Gelcoat Finish: The Sea‌ Master‍ 288 is coated ‍with a resilient⁣ gelcoat finish that ⁣not only enhances ‌its appearance but also protects⁣ it against ⁢minor scratches and ⁢UV damage.
  • Multiple Bulkheads: To ⁤further​ reinforce its construction, this ​boat‍ incorporates multiple bulkheads that enhance rigidity⁢ and support the overall structural integrity of the ​vessel.

When it‍ comes to durability and construction quality, the‌ Sea Master ​288 takes no shortcuts. From the ‍solid hull to the stainless steel ‌hardware, every aspect of this boat is engineered to​ withstand the rigors of the sea.

Features Description
Spacious ‌Deck The Sea Master 288 offers a generous ⁣deck ⁣area, providing ample ​space‌ for ⁣fishing, lounging, ‌and⁣ entertaining.
Comfortable Seating With plush seating options, this ​boat ensures‌ comfort during long ‌trips and leisurely ‌cruises.
Integrated Fishboxes The ‍boat is equipped with built-in fishboxes, ‌allowing anglers ​to ⁤conveniently​ store their catch while on the ‍water.

This is just ⁣a ⁢glimpse of the many features the Sea‌ Master ‍288 offers. Whether you’re a passionate ⁣angler or a leisure-seeking adventurer, this boat​ guarantees durability, construction quality, and ⁤an enjoyable time on the open⁢ water.

Recommendations for Potential Buyers of the 2000 ⁢Sea Master 288 ⁤Walkaround Boat

Recommendations ‍for ​Potential Buyers of⁢ the ⁣2000⁤ Sea Master 288 Walkaround​ Boat

When considering ‌the 2000 Sea ​Master 288 ⁣Walkaround Boat, there are several ⁣key factors⁤ to keep in ‌mind to ⁤ensure you​ make⁤ an ​informed purchasing decision. First and foremost, the boat’s size and‌ layout make it an⁤ ideal choice for fishing and cruising enthusiasts alike. ⁤The walkaround ⁢design provides easy access to the‌ bow, allowing for convenient fishing‍ and anchoring, while still ‍offering ample ‍cabin space for comfort⁣ during longer‌ trips.

Additionally, the 2000 Sea Master 288⁣ boasts an exceptional construction quality ⁢that guarantees durability‌ and ⁢long-lasting ⁤performance. The⁤ boat’s fiberglass hull is not only sturdy but ‌also resistant to impacts‌ and harsh weather ⁤conditions. Moreover,⁣ with its powerful engine options, this model offers impressive speed⁤ and efficiency on the water, allowing⁣ for thrilling⁣ adventures and extended range. Whether you’re ​an‌ experienced⁢ boater or⁤ a ⁣novice⁣ looking‌ to explore​ the open seas, the 2000 ⁤Sea Master 288 Walkaround ​Boat​ is a reliable and versatile⁣ choice that⁢ won’t disappoint.

Features Description
Walkaround Design The convenient walkaround design provides easy access to the bow,⁢ enhancing fishing and anchoring experiences while still ‍offering comfortable ​cabin space ​for ‌longer trips.
Durable Construction The 2000 Sea Master 288 ⁤boasts a well-built fiberglass hull that ensures durability and resistance to impacts and harsh weather conditions, providing peace of mind on⁣ the water.
Powerful Engine Options Equipped with powerful engines, ⁣this boat⁣ model offers impressive speed ​and efficiency, ‌allowing for thrilling adventures and extended range.


Q: What‍ is the 2000 Sea​ Master 288 ⁣Walkaround boat?
A: The‌ 2000 Sea⁣ Master 288 Walkaround is a versatile boat ⁤model manufactured ⁤ in the year ‍2000 by ‍Sea Master Boats.‍ It‌ is a popular⁢ choice among boating ‌enthusiasts for‌ its fishing capabilities and comfortable amenities.

Q: What‌ are⁢ the key features of the ​2000 Sea ‍Master 288 Walkaround?
A: ‍The 2000 ‍Sea Master 288 Walkaround boasts several notable features. It has a sleek design with a⁤ spacious⁣ deck⁣ that allows for easy maneuverability. ‌The boat‍ includes‍ a​ cabin area ⁣with a V-berth, cabin lights, and a​ portable head, providing ⁣a ‍comfortable space for overnight ⁣stays. The ‍walkaround ​design allows⁤ easy access to the bow for‌ fishing ⁤or⁤ lounging.

Q: How is the‌ fishing experience‌ on the 2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround?
A: The 2000 Sea Master⁤ 288 Walkaround is‌ equipped with features ‌that enhance the fishing experience. It has‍ a large‌ livewell, ⁤ample ⁣rod⁣ storage, and ⁣built-in ⁢rod ‌holders for convenience.⁣ The spacious deck provides enough‍ room for​ multiple anglers to fish comfortably. Additionally, the boat’s stability ensures safe ⁢navigation ‍in rough waters.

Q: What is the boat’s maximum capacity?
A: ⁣The 2000 Sea‍ Master 288 Walkaround has a maximum capacity of ​up to 8 ⁤people or 1,600⁤ lbs. This rating ⁤ensures‌ that the boat can⁤ comfortably accommodate a group‍ of individuals ‌for​ a day out on the ​water.

Q: ‌What type of propulsion does the 2000‍ Sea Master 288 Walkaround have?
A: The ‍2000⁢ Sea ‍Master 288 Walkaround is typically fitted with twin outboard motors.‌ With outboard ​motors, owners can ‍easily service and maintain ‌their engines ​while benefiting from their efficient‍ performance and maneuverability.

Q:‌ How does the⁣ 2000 Sea Master‍ 288 ⁤Walkaround ‌perform in different‌ water⁤ conditions?
A: The 2000 Sea Master 288 Walkaround ⁢is designed to‌ perform well in various water conditions.‌ Its deep-V⁣ hull⁢ allows for smoother rides and‌ enhanced ⁤stability, even in choppy waters. ​The boat’s design and weight distribution enable it​ to handle⁣ waves and tides with⁣ ease,⁤ providing ‍a safe and comfortable‍ boating ⁢experience.

Q: What ⁢are some additional amenities available on⁢ the ⁢2000​ Sea ⁢Master 288⁤ Walkaround?
A: The 2000​ Sea Master⁣ 288 Walkaround offers several additional amenities for added comfort and convenience. These may include a built-in cooler,⁤ freshwater ​sink, and a ‍swim platform with a ⁢boarding ladder, ⁣making‍ it suitable‍ for⁤ swimming, snorkeling, or⁣ diving activities.

Q: How much ‍does⁣ the 2000 ​Sea Master 288 ⁢Walkaround typically cost?
A: The cost of a ​used 2000 ‍Sea Master⁢ 288 Walkaround varies ‍depending‍ on factors such as its overall condition, equipment, ‌and optional features. Prices can range‍ anywhere from several thousand dollars ⁤to tens ‍of⁤ thousands of dollars.‍ It is ⁢always⁤ recommended to thoroughly inspect ​the⁢ boat and consult with ‍a professional before⁣ making a ⁤purchase.

Q: Are there ⁢any notable⁤ drawbacks to the 2000 Sea ‍Master 288 Walkaround?
A: ‌While ‌the 2000 ⁢Sea Master ⁣288 Walkaround⁣ has several positive⁣ attributes, it’s‌ important to​ note that individual experiences and preferences may vary. Some potential drawbacks reported by‍ owners ⁣include limited cabin headroom and relatively high fuel consumption⁢ compared to smaller boats. It’s advisable to test drive ⁢the boat and consider‍ personal requirements ⁤before making a final decision.

Key Takeaways

In⁣ conclusion,⁣ the⁢ 2000 ‍Sea Master 288 Walkaround boat remains a ​reliable and⁤ practical choice for boating enthusiasts. With its sturdy build, spacious deck, and ample storage compartments, this vessel offers ⁣convenience and ⁤versatility for various water activities. Whether you are an avid⁤ fisherman or simply seeking a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience, ‍the Sea⁤ Master 288 Walkaround boat delivers. It⁣ boasts‌ a range‌ of features that contribute to its ⁢functionality and safety, making it⁤ suitable for ‍both ​day trips ​and⁢ overnight adventures. ‌With​ proper​ maintenance and⁤ care, this ⁢boat​ can provide years of enjoyment on the water. So,‌ if ⁢you’re in the market for a trustworthy and​ comfortable walkaround boat, ⁣the ⁣2000​ Sea Master 288 is‌ certainly‍ worth considering.

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