2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

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2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat
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‍The 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat: A Versatile Vessel for Every Adventure

When it comes ⁢to recreational ⁣boating, owning the right ⁢vessel ⁣is ​key to ​ensuring an enjoyable⁢ experience ⁤on the water. Enter the 2000 ⁤Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat, a⁢ remarkable option that combines functionality, versatility, and ⁤durability⁢ all in one.⁤ As a popular‍ choice among boating enthusiasts, this vessel offers a ‌range of ⁤features designed⁣ to accommodate any adventure, whether you’re ​fishing, cruising,⁣ or simply⁢ enjoying a ⁣day out⁣ on the water. In this article, we ⁢will ⁣delve into the⁤ various aspects of the ​2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround ⁤Boat, examining everything from its robust construction ‍to its impressive amenities, to truly understand why it⁤ continues to captivate water enthusiasts worldwide. So, join us as we explore this exceptional vessel and‍ discover why it truly stands out from the ​crowd.
Design and Construction Features of‍ the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

Design⁤ and Construction ⁤Features of ​the ​2000 ​Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

The 2000 Trophy​ 2352 Walkaround Boat⁤ is a marvel of⁣ design and ‌construction, offering a host of ⁢features that⁣ make it a top choice for boating ⁣enthusiasts.⁤ With its sleek ⁤lines and expertly engineered‌ hull,⁢ this boat ​delivers both ​style and performance on the water.

One of ‌the standout ‍features ​of the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat is its spacious⁤ and comfortable cabin, allowing for a cozy​ retreat during overnight ⁢trips. The thoughtful design includes ‌ample storage space, ⁣so ⁤you can ⁣easily stow away all ‌your essentials. The cabin also features a V-berth with cushions, providing⁣ a comfortable sleeping area. Additionally, ⁤this boat boasts ⁤an adjustable helm‌ seat,⁤ ensuring that you ‌can find ⁣the perfect position for both comfort⁣ and visibility during⁤ your journeys.

Features Specifications
Length 23 ft 5 in
Beam 8 ft 6 in
Weight 4,570 lbs
Fuel ⁤Capacity 101 gal
Max Passengers 8

Performance and Handling ‍Characteristics of ⁤the ​2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround ⁢Boat

Performance and Handling Characteristics of the 2000 Trophy 2352 ⁢Walkaround Boat

When it comes to performance and handling, the 2000⁤ Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat stands as a testament to exceptional ⁣craftsmanship and ⁣thoughtful ⁣design. This versatile vessel is equipped with a powerful engine that effortlessly propels it through ‍the water, allowing for exhilarating speed and smooth⁣ maneuverability. Whether you’re exploring open waters⁤ or navigating‍ tight turns, this boat offers ‌a thrilling and ⁤responsive experience.

One of ​the ⁣standout ⁤features of ⁤the‍ 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat‌ is its exceptional stability⁣ in varying sea conditions. Thanks to its deep-vee hull design,⁣ this boat provides impressive ‌stability, even in ​choppy waters. This makes it an ideal choice for⁣ adventurous anglers or families ⁤seeking a secure and comfortable ride. ⁤Additionally,‌ the walkaround‌ feature allows for easy ⁣access to the bow, ensuring ⁢hassle-free docking ⁢and anchoring.

Specifications Details
Length 23 ft 9 in
Beam 8 ⁤ft 5 in
Weight 4,300 lbs
Maximum Capacity 10 people
Engine Single Outboard

Comfort and ⁣Amenities on board‍ the 2000 ⁤Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

Comfort and Amenities on board the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

The 2000 ⁢Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat ‍offers ‌a luxurious⁣ and comfortable experience for all onboard. With its spacious design and thoughtfully crafted⁣ amenities, you can enjoy your time out ‌on the water in style. Whether you’re on a fishing trip⁣ or just exploring​ the open ‌seas, ⁢this boat has everything you need for a comfortable journey.

⁢ Inside the cabin, ‍you’ll find cozy sleeping quarters that ensure a good night’s rest. The ⁢plush cushions and ample ​headroom provide a relaxing atmosphere to unwind after a day of adventures.‌ The boat also features ‌a convenient galley area equipped ⁤with a sink⁢ and stove, allowing you to prepare meals ⁤and snacks with ​ease. The well-designed cabin layout ensures maximum comfort and⁣ convenience, making ⁤your time spent onboard truly enjoyable.

Specifications: Features:
– ⁣Year: ‌2000
– Length: 23 feet 7 inches
– Weight: 3,773 pounds
– Fuel Capacity: 101⁢ gallons
– Beam: 8 feet⁢ 5 inches

⁢ – Spacious cabin with sleeping accommodations
– Sleek ⁢and attractive design
– ⁣Galley area with sink‍ and stove
⁤ – Ample storage space ⁤for gear​ and ‌supplies
– Comfortable ⁤seating​ throughout the ⁢boat
⁢ – Fish boxes and live well for anglers
‌ ‌ ​ – Reliable engine for ⁣smooth sailing
– Audio system​ with speakers for‌ entertainment
– Durable construction for‌ longevity

Fishing ‌Capabilities ⁣and Equipment on ⁢the ⁢2000⁣ Trophy​ 2352‍ Walkaround Boat

Fishing Capabilities and Equipment on the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat

When it comes to fishing, the​ 2000 Trophy‍ 2352 Walkaround Boat‍ leaves ‍no room for compromise. Packed ‌with an array of impressive⁢ fishing capabilities and top-notch ‍equipment, this vessel ensures⁢ that all⁤ anglers aboard have everything they need for a successful ‌and enjoyable fishing ‌experience.

Equipped with state-of-the-art fish-finding technology, including a high-quality⁤ fish finder and GPS navigation‍ system, the⁢ 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat takes the ​guesswork out of locating fish. Say ‌goodbye to ⁣wasted time wandering ⁣aimlessly ‍in search of the perfect catch; this ⁣boat⁢ guides you straight to the hotspots‍ with precision.

Fishing Capabilities:

  • Ample deck space‍ for multiple anglers
  • Deep⁤ fish boxes for ⁢storing the day’s catch
  • Sturdy and stable⁣ hull design for smooth ride and⁢ maneuverability
  • Bait prep station with ⁢sink for convenient lure preparation
  • Multiple rod holders for optimal rod storage


  • Outriggers: Enhance your trolling game and increase your ⁣chances of hooking ⁣trophy-sized‍ fish with the included outriggers.
  • Tackle‍ storage: Keep your⁣ gear organized and easily accessible with the⁣ ample ⁢tackle storage compartments available on board.
  • Live well: Maintain the‍ vitality of your live bait​ and keep them frisky with ‍the spacious and aerated live well.
  • Fish cleaning station: After a successful ⁣day of⁤ fishing, clean and prepare your catch ‌right⁤ on board with the convenient fish cleaning station.
  • Cooler storage: Keep your refreshing beverages and caught fish chilled throughout the trip in the ⁤dedicated ⁢cooler storage areas.
Specifications Details
Length 23 ⁢feet 9 inches
Beam 8 feet 6 inches
Draft 2 feet 9 inches
Weight 4,966 lbs
Engine MerCruiser 5.0L V8

Maintenance and Ownership Considerations for the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround ⁢Boat

Maintenance and‌ Ownership Considerations ⁣for the 2000⁢ Trophy 2352 ⁢Walkaround Boat



Ensuring ​the⁣ proper⁣ maintenance of ⁣your‌ 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat is vital to keep it in top condition. Here are some ⁣key maintenance considerations:

  • Engine: ‌Regularly check‍ and service ⁢the engine to maintain optimal performance and⁤ prevent potential issues. Change the⁢ oil, replace filters, ⁣and inspect the exhaust system.
  • Hull: Regularly inspect the hull for⁢ any‍ signs of ​damage or ⁣wear. Clean ⁣the​ hull⁣ to remove any accumulated ⁤debris and ⁤barnacles, and apply a protective wax coating to prevent damage ⁤from saltwater and UV rays.
  • Electronics: Check and test all electronics on⁤ board, including‍ the navigation‌ system, fishfinder, and radio. Ensure they‌ are‌ in proper working⁢ condition, and replace any damaged or outdated equipment.
  • Plumbing and Electrical: Regularly inspect and maintain the plumbing and electrical systems⁤ to​ avoid any leaks, malfunctions, or potential hazards. ‌Test ⁤and replace any faulty or outdated components.


When owning a 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat, there are some ⁤key ownership considerations you should keep ‍in ​mind:

  • Insurance: Obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for your‌ boat to protect​ against any unforeseen circumstances such as accidents,‌ theft, or damage.
  • Storage: Determine the most suitable storage option⁢ for your ‌boat, whether it’s ​a​ marina, ⁢dry stack, or private⁤ storage facility, to ensure its‍ safety and longevity when ​not in use.
  • Registration and ‍Licensing: Ensure‍ your boat is properly ​registered⁣ and⁢ licensed according‌ to​ the regulations in your area. Stay ‌up to date ⁤with any required renewals or inspections.
  • Boat Care: Take pride in maintaining​ the overall cleanliness and appearance of⁣ your boat. Regularly clean the interior and exterior, including the deck, upholstery, and ⁤fittings,⁢ to protect against wear ⁣and tear.
Year Make Model Length Price
2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround 23ft $25,000
2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround 23ft $25,800
2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround 23ft $26,500
2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround 23ft $25,900
2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround 23ft $26,200


Q: What is the ⁣2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround‌ Boat?
A: The 2000 Trophy⁢ 2352 Walkaround Boat ⁤is a versatile and popular recreational fishing ⁤boat manufactured by Trophy Boats. It belongs to the walkaround category, ⁤known for their sturdy construction and flexibility for fishing and cruising purposes.

Q: What are ⁤the‌ key features of the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround‌ Boat?
A: The‍ 2000 ⁤Trophy ​2352 boasts several⁢ notable features. It has a comfortable ⁤cabin with sleeping space for two, a compact galley with a ⁣sink and stove, and a private head ⁤compartment with a‍ marine toilet. The ⁤walkaround design allows easy access to the foredeck, making it convenient for fishing. The boat⁣ also comes equipped with fish⁤ boxes, a baitwell, and rod holders to enhance the fishing experience.

Q: How long is the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround‍ Boat?
A: The 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat measures approximately 23.5 feet in length, making it a relatively compact yet ⁤spacious vessel.

Q: What is⁢ the maximum passenger capacity of the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat?
A:⁢ The 2000 ‍Trophy 2352⁤ can comfortably accommodate up to eight ⁤passengers, including the captain.

Q: What type of⁢ propulsion does the 2000 Trophy ‌2352 ‌Walkaround Boat use?
A: The 2000⁤ Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat is typically powered ⁣by an⁣ outboard motor, providing adequate ‌speed and ​performance ‍on the water.

Q: What are the advantages of the walkaround design?
A: The walkaround ⁣design offers several advantages‌ for fishing enthusiasts. It allows easy ‍access to the entire perimeter of ​the boat, ⁢facilitating fishing from different angles. ‌Additionally, ‌the walkaround ⁢configuration enhances safety by providing‌ a secure and convenient path for moving⁣ around the vessel.

Q: Is the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround ‌Boat suitable ‍for overnight trips?
A: Yes, the 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat is designed‍ to facilitate​ overnight ⁢trips. The cabin ​includes a‌ cozy sleeping area⁢ for two people, ​a​ galley for food preparation, ⁣and a private head‍ compartment with a toilet.

Q: What is⁢ the typical price‌ range for a 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat?
A: Prices for‍ a 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround ⁤Boat can vary depending on factors such as the boat’s condition, optional features, and overall⁢ market demand. On average, you can expect to⁤ find​ listings ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

Q:​ Where can I find a 2000​ Trophy 2352 Walkaround‌ Boat ?
A: You can ‍find ‍listings for ⁣a⁢ 2000 Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat for ⁤sale ​through various ‌channels. Online platforms such as ‌boating classified websites, marine dealerships,⁢ and auction sites are popular options. Additionally, you may find local​ boat shows, marinas, or even word-of-mouth ‍referrals as potential sources to explore.

Insights and Conclusions

In conclusion, the 2000 Trophy‌ 2352 ⁢Walkaround ‍Boat stands out as a remarkable choice ⁤for avid anglers‍ and boating enthusiasts alike. With its rugged⁣ construction, versatile design, ‍and impressive performance, ⁢this vessel offers ⁣a superior experience both on the‌ water and at the dock.

The walkaround ⁣feature ​ensures easy accessibility to different areas of the boat, allowing for hassle-free fishing and⁤ onboard activities. The spacious and well-designed cockpit provides ample room for gear storage, accommodating everything from fishing⁤ tackle to water sports equipment. Additionally, the Trophy 2352 boasts a comfortable cabin, offering a cozy retreat⁣ for overnight stays.

Equipped with a ‌reliable engine and top-notch⁣ navigational instruments, this boat guarantees a smooth and efficient ride. ​Whether gliding through calm waters ‌or taking on rough seas, the Trophy 2352 is built to withstand the elements, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for its‌ occupants.

Its‍ sturdy hull and thoughtful design make the 2000 Trophy‍ 2352 Walkaround Boat a standout option in its class.‍ Whether you’re a seasoned angler ‌looking to hone your⁢ fishing skills‍ or a leisure cruiser seeking an adventurous journey, ​this boat provides ‍the perfect ‍combination‍ of functionality, comfort, and style.

Investing in the 2000 Trophy 2352 ⁣Walkaround Boat means investing in an exceptional boating experience. With its excellent features, durability, and performance,⁣ this vessel offers an unparalleled opportunity to make lasting memories on the ⁤water. Explore ‍the possibilities, cast your lines, and embark on ⁢unforgettable adventures with the⁤ reliable and versatile Trophy 2352 Walkaround Boat.

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