2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

⁢ The pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat is an⁣ impressive and reliable vessel that was first introduced to the market in 2001. This model is an innovative and luxurious boat that provides a⁣ comfortable, safe and enjoyable aquatic experience. It‍ is equipped with plenty of amenities, giving passengers various activities ‍to⁤ enjoy while on ​board. This article will provide an overview of the features, performance and safety protocols of‍ the Pursuit 2470⁣ Walkaround Boat, to help potential boaters decide if this is the right boat for them.
Design and ⁤Construction Features of the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround ⁣Boat

Design and Construction Features of the⁢ 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat blends a sleek design with ​robust construction, making it an ideal vessel ‌for⁣ both fishing enthusiasts and leisure seekers.⁣ Crafted with precision, this boat offers a plethora of standout features that elevate its​ performance and user experience.

Advanced Hull Design:

  • The 2001 Pursuit 2470 boasts a deep-V hull design that not only enhances ‌stability ⁣but also provides a comfortable and⁣ smooth ride.
  • Equipped with a modified V-shaped‍ bow, it offers improved maneuverability even in challenging weather conditions,⁤ ensuring a safe⁢ and enjoyable experience on the water.
  • Featuring‍ a sharp ⁣entry to cut through waves effortlessly, this boat minimizes spray⁢ and offers exceptional seaworthiness.

Premium Construction Materials:

  • Constructed ⁤using top-grade fiberglass, the Pursuit 2470 exhibits ⁢exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity.
  • The hull’s hand-laid fiberglass reinforcement is further fortified with a ⁤foam-filled fiberglass stringer grid, enhancing⁣ the boat’s structural integrity.
  • This walkaround boat⁢ is equipped with a one-piece welded stainless-steel bow rail, ensuring the utmost ‌safety and providing stable handholds for passengers.
Features Description
Bow Seating ⁤Area This boat includes a spacious bow seating area ‌with cushioned seating, offering a comfortable space for passengers to ⁣relax and‍ enjoy the breeze.
Rod Holders A set of sturdy rod⁢ holders are strategically placed for easy access, providing a convenient solution for anglers to keep their fishing rods secure while on the move.
Live Bait Well The​ Pursuit 2470 features a built-in live bait well, ensuring that bait remains fresh and easily accessible, enhancing‌ the efficiency of fishing trips.

Notable Performance and Handling Characteristics ‍of the ‌2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

Notable⁤ Performance and Handling ​Characteristics of⁤ the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround⁤ Boat is renowned for its exceptional performance and⁢ handling capabilities in the⁣ boating world. Designed to tackle a variety of water conditions with ease, this boat offers a memorable experience for any adventure seeker. Equipped with powerful engines, it exhibits impressive speed⁣ and acceleration, ensuring a thrilling‍ ride on the open ‌water.

Moreover, the Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat boasts excellent maneuverability, making it effortless to​ navigate through tight spaces and crowded ⁢marinas. Its precision steering allows for smooth and responsive handling, providing a sense of control even in challenging circumstances. ⁤Whether you’re ‌cruising along the coast or participating in fishing tournaments, this boat’s exceptional performance will never disappoint.

Features Description
Spacious Cabin The boat ⁤offers a comfortable cabin ⁣with ample headroom, providing a cozy retreat during overnight trips.
Fishing Amenities Equipped with rod holders, a bait station, and a livewell, this boat is perfect for avid anglers looking to reel​ in their prized catch.
Ample Storage Space With numerous compartments⁢ and lockers, storing equipment and personal belongings⁤ is a breeze, allowing for a clutter-free deck.

Comfort and Amenities on Board the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

Comfort and Amenities on Board the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

‍ Step‍ aboard the 2001 Pursuit​ 2470 Walkaround Boat and prepare to indulge in a world of ‍comfort and‌ luxury. Designed ⁣with the utmost attention to detail, ⁣this vessel offers an unrivaled experience on the water. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous⁤ fishing ​trip or a relaxing day cruise, the Pursuit 2470 guarantees you’ll have everything you need for an unforgettable journey.

The spacious cabin of the Pursuit 2470 is thoughtfully designed to​ provide ⁤a haven of relaxation and convenience. Equipped with plush seating and‌ ample headroom, it offers a‌ comfortable retreat from the elements. The cabin also features a convertible dinette, allowing you to ⁢transform the area ‌into a cozy sleeping space. With its soft lighting and luxurious ⁢finishes, the cabin sets the tone for a truly indulgent experience.

Key Features Details
Walkaround Design Allows ​easy⁤ access to the foredeck and enhances safety.
Ample Storage Space Multiple compartments to ‍stow your gear and keep the deck clutter-free.
Full Galley Equipped with a refrigerator, stove, and sink for all your cooking needs.

The Pursuit 2470 also goes above and beyond in terms of convenience and amenities.‌ The spacious cockpit provides plenty of ⁤seating for guests to relax and socialize, complete​ with comfortable⁣ cushions that are perfect for‍ lounging or enjoying​ the view. For those hot summer days, a ⁤retractable awning offers shade, allowing you to stay⁣ cool ‌and‌ protected from the sun’s rays.

Additionally, this boat is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, ensuring‍ you can listen‍ to your favorite tunes while‍ cruising the open waters. With a fully equipped galley featuring a refrigerator, stove, and sink, you can effortlessly⁣ prepare delicious meals and snacks on ⁣board. Extensive storage compartments​ throughout the vessel allow you to keep your gear⁣ organized and easily accessible.​ No detail has been⁤ overlooked, making the Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat an exceptional choice⁤ for comfort and luxury on your next marine adventure.

Practical Considerations⁢ and Maintenance Tips for the ‌2001 Pursuit ‍2470⁢ Walkaround Boat

Practical Considerations and Maintenance Tips for ⁢the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

When it comes⁤ to owning and maintaining a 2001 Pursuit​ 2470 Walkaround Boat, there are several practical considerations and maintenance ​tips to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will not only​ enhance the performance of your vessel⁢ but also prolong its lifespan, ensuring memorable adventures on ⁣the water for years to come.

To begin with, regular⁢ cleaning and inspection of your boat is essential. Washing‍ the exterior with fresh⁢ water and a mild detergent after each use helps‍ remove salt residue‍ and prevent corrosion. Additionally, inspect the ​hull for any cracks, scratches, or other damages⁢ that may compromise its integrity. Keeping an eye on the boat’s⁤ functional components, such as the navigation lights, bilge pump, and engine⁣ controls, ensures they ​are in good working order and ready for your next ⁤outing. Regularly checking and maintaining the boat’s steering⁢ system and electrical ⁢connections, as well as lubricating moving ⁣parts, is also crucial to avoid any unexpected malfunctions​ while underway.

Features Description
Walkaround Cabin A spacious and convenient⁢ cabin with comfortable seating and easy access to all areas‌ of the boat, providing ample room to move around and fish from different angles.
Outboard‌ Engine The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround ​Boat is equipped with ⁣a powerful outboard engine, delivering excellent performance, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance,⁣ ensuring smooth navigation even in ⁢rough waters.
Swim Platform A ‌built-in swim platform with a telescoping ladder allows for easy access​ in and out ​of the water, making⁤ swimming, diving, and watersports activities a breeze.

Potential Upgrades and Customizations for the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat

Potential Upgrades and Customizations for the 2001 Pursuit 2470⁣ Walkaround Boat

When it comes ‍to⁤ upgrading and⁣ customizing your 2001⁣ Pursuit 2470 Walkaround Boat, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking to enhance its performance,‍ add comfort and convenience features, or simply personalize it to match‍ your style, there are several ​options worth considering. Here are some potential upgrades and customizations that⁢ can take your‍ boating ​experience to the next level:

  • Electronics: Upgrade to the latest marine navigation systems, fish finders, and GPS units for improved accuracy and advanced​ features.
  • Tower and ⁤Radar Arch: ⁢Install a⁢ sturdy tower or radar arch to improve visibility, provide a spot for antennas, and add a touch of elegance to your boat.
  • Seating and Upholstery: Replace⁢ worn-out⁣ seats​ with luxurious, custom-designed ⁢seating options that offer both style and comfort for long days on the water.
  • Audio System: Enhance your⁢ onboard entertainment with a‌ premium audio system, including marine speakers, subwoofers, and integrated Bluetooth⁤ connectivity.

These​ are just a few ideas to get you started, but remember,⁤ the​ beauty of customizing your‌ boat lies in​ the ability to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s ⁤a fishing rod holder, a custom paint job, or a mini bar, ​explore all the available options and let your ‌creativity run wild.‌ The only limit is ⁢your imagination!

Features Description
Length 24 feet 9 inches
Engine Single outboard engine
Sleeping Capacity 2 people


Q: What is the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat?

A: The 2001 Pursuit 2470 ​Walkaround boat is a popular fishing and cruising ⁣vessel manufactured by Pursuit ⁢Boats. It ⁤is‌ known for its versatile‍ design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Q: What are the key features of the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat?

A: The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround​ boasts several notable features. It offers a spacious and⁢ comfortable cabin with sleeping accommodations ​for up⁣ to four people. ⁢It also has a large cockpit area with ample seating ⁢and⁣ storage options. The boat features a walkaround design, allowing easy access to the bow area. Additionally,⁣ it is equipped with a reliable and powerful outboard engine for excellent performance on the water.

Q: How big is the 2001⁤ Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat?

A: The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround ​measures approximately⁣ 24 feet in length. It has​ a beam width of around 8.6‍ feet and‍ a draft of about 2.6 feet. The boat weighs around 4,850 ‍pounds, making ⁣it relatively lightweight ⁤for its size. These dimensions make it suitable for ​both ‍near-shore ​and offshore fishing or cruising.

Q: ⁢What is the maximum capacity of⁤ passengers on board the ‍2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat?

A: The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat has a recommended passenger capacity of up to ‍eight people. However, keeping in mind ⁤the comfort and safety‌ of passengers, it is ideal to‍ limit the number of occupants to a more manageable level, especially ⁤during fishing or extended cruising trips.

Q: What types ⁢of⁣ engines are‍ available for the 2001⁤ Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat?

A: The 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround typically comes equipped with a single outboard engine. It is⁤ designed to accommodate engines with a power range of around 200 to 300 horsepower. The choice of engine⁢ depends on the‍ desired performance, fuel efficiency, and individual preferences of the boat owner.

Q: Is the 2001 Pursuit 2470‍ Walkaround suitable for fishing?

A: Yes, the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround​ is widely regarded as an excellent fishing boat. Its walkaround design provides easy access⁤ to the bow area, making it convenient for throwing nets or casting lines. The cockpit area offers plenty⁤ of space for​ anglers to move around, and there are various storage compartments⁣ for keeping fishing gear organized. Additionally, the boat’s stability and performance characteristics lend themselves ​well to various ‌fishing techniques, making it a popular choice among anglers.

Q:⁣ How does the⁣ 2001 Pursuit ‍2470 Walkaround boat handle rough water‌ conditions?

A: Thanks to Pursuit Boats’ reputation for ⁣quality construction, the​ 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround has ⁤excellent seakeeping abilities. Its⁣ deep-V‌ hull design and solid construction allow it to handle rough water conditions with ease. The boat offers a stable and comfortable ride, minimizing the impact of ⁢waves and ​ensuring a smooth experience for passengers.

Q: What are the common amenities ⁣and facilities found⁤ on⁢ the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround⁢ boat?

A: The ‌2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround has several amenities and facilities to enhance the boating experience. These include a well-appointed cabin with sleeping berths,‌ a galley area ⁣with a sink and stove, a marine head (toilet), and a freshwater shower. It also⁤ features rod ⁣holders, baitwells, and fish ⁤boxes to accommodate avid fishermen. Comfortable⁣ seating,⁣ ample storage ⁤space,⁤ and well-designed instrumentation are additional features that contribute to the overall convenience and enjoyment of being on board.

Future Outlook

In ‍conclusion, the 2001 Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat presents a solid option for ⁣boat enthusiasts seeking ‍a versatile and reliable ‌vessel. With its robust construction, ample deck space, and array of amenities, this boat shines in both fishing and cruising scenarios. Its intelligent design ensures maximum comfort ⁣and safety ⁣while out on the water, making it a ⁤suitable ⁢choice for both seasoned boaters and newcomers alike. Whether‌ you’re planning a peaceful day of fishing or a thrilling adventure exploring‌ new horizons, the 2001​ Pursuit 2470 Walkaround boat will ⁢undoubtedly deliver a memorable and enjoyable⁤ experience. Considered a valuable investment‌ in the boating world, this vessel’s enduring craftsmanship and impeccable performance marks it​ as a timeless choice for discerning boat enthusiasts.


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