2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat

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2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat
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‍ The ‌2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boat remains a sought-after vessel amongst fishing ​enthusiasts due to⁤ its⁤ exceptional performance and functional design.⁣ Built ​with precision and reliability in mind, this model has garnered a ⁢reputation for its remarkable capabilities on the water. Boasting a robust construction​ and a range of features tailored for angling expeditions, the​ 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boat⁣ continues to captivate seasoned fishermen and casual‌ adventurers alike. In this article, we will ‌delve into the key ‍attributes of this popular watercraft, highlighting ⁤its ​notable qualities and ⁢exploring‍ the reasons behind‍ its enduring appeal. Whether you are an avid fisherman seeking an upgrade ​or a boating enthusiast ⁤in ⁤search ⁢of a reliable ‌vessel, the 2004​ Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boat deserves your ⁢attention.
Design and Features of​ the ​2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat

Design and⁤ Features of the 2004 Cherokee⁢ 300 Sport Fisherman‌ Boat

When it comes to an exceptional fishing experience, the ​2004 Cherokee⁤ 300 Sport Fisherman Boat truly stands out. Carefully designed⁤ with both⁤ functionality and⁣ aesthetics in mind, this boat offers a perfect blend of style and ​performance. With its sleek and streamlined fiberglass hull, it effortlessly ⁤glides ⁤through ⁤the water, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even in choppy conditions. The boat’s striking​ design elements, such as the bold lines and classic ⁣color choices, make it a visual ⁢delight‌ on both land and⁢ water.

Equipped with a variety of features, the 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman⁢ Boat takes your‍ fishing expeditions to a whole new level. Here are some standout features that make this boat a top choice among‌ fishing enthusiasts:

  • Ample deck ⁢space: The⁤ spacious deck area provides ample​ room⁣ for multiple anglers, allowing everyone to fish comfortably without ⁢feeling crowded or restricted.
  • Fishability: The boat is equipped ⁣with strategically positioned‌ rod holders, ensuring easy⁣ access to your fishing ⁢gear. Additionally, the built-in fish boxes keep your catch fresh and secure throughout the journey.
  • Comfort and convenience: The ergonomically designed seating ​arrangements, with plush ⁤cushions ‍and adjustable ⁢setups, offer maximum⁣ comfort ‌during ⁣long‍ hours on ‌the water. The console includes ​a range of essential features that contribute to a hassle-free fishing experience.
  • Storage capacity: With its well-designed storage compartments, the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat allows you to⁢ keep your equipment organized and easily accessible. From tackle boxes to personal⁣ belongings, there’s a ⁣designated spot for‍ everything.
  • Powerful engine: The boat is powered by a reliable and efficient engine that ensures⁢ exceptional performance, enabling you ⁤to get to‌ your favorite fishing spots‍ quickly‌ and effortlessly.
Specification Details
Year 2004
Length 30 feet
Hull Material Fiberglass
Engine Type Outboard
Seating Capacity Up to 8 people

Performance and Maneuverability: ⁢A ⁢Closer Look at Its Engine and Handling

Performance ‌and Maneuverability: A Closer Look at Its Engine and Handling

When it comes to ⁢the ⁣engine of this⁢ remarkable vessel, prepare to ⁢be amazed. The cutting-edge technology powering the ‍ 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat ensures ​unparalleled ⁢performance ⁢on the water.⁣ Equipped ‍with‌ a powerful 250 horsepower‌ engine, this boat effortlessly glides​ through even the roughest of waves. Its impressive⁤ torque and exceptional acceleration will leave you in awe, as you ​experience the ‌thrill of ‌cruising‌ at top speeds.

Furthermore, the engine’s fuel efficiency is truly noteworthy. The ⁤meticulously designed ‌system optimizes fuel​ consumption, allowing you to embark ⁣on longer ​journeys without frequent‍ refueling ⁣stops. This not only‍ saves time and money but also allows you to fully enjoy your time on the water without unnecessary interruptions. In⁢ addition, the advanced handling of this vessel enhances your overall experience. With precise steering and responsive controls, you‍ can easily navigate tricky turns ⁢and maneuvers, making it perfect⁢ for both experienced boaters and beginners.

Specifications 2004 Cherokee 300 ​Sport Fisherman‌ Boat
Length 30 ⁣feet
Beam 8 feet 6 inches
Weight 4,000 lbs
Engine 250 horsepower
Capacity Up to 8 people

With its unmatched engine power, exceptional handling, and⁣ impressive fuel efficiency, the 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman Boat guarantees ⁤to provide you with a thrilling⁢ and⁢ enjoyable boating experience. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast ⁣seeking adventure​ or a leisure​ seeker searching for relaxation, this vessel is the ideal companion for all your water adventures.

Fishing Capabilities:‍ Exploring the Amenities for Anglers

Fishing Capabilities: Exploring‌ the Amenities for Anglers

When it comes to fishing, ⁤having the right capabilities and amenities can​ make all the difference in your angling experience. ⁢At our fishing resort,⁢ we pride ourselves on offering top-notch facilities and features tailored to meet the needs of avid anglers. Whether you’re⁤ a ⁤seasoned fisherman or just starting out, we’ve got you⁢ covered with an extensive range of fishing equipment,‍ services, ‌and resources to enhance ⁢your fishing ‌expedition.

  • State-of-the-Art Gear: We understand the ​importance of having the right tools for the job. Our fishing resort ⁤provides anglers with a vast selection of‍ high-quality fishing⁣ gear, ‍including rods, reels, ⁤lines, and​ tackle boxes. Our expert staff is always available to assist you in selecting the most suitable‍ equipment for your‌ fishing preferences.
  • Prime Fishing ⁢Locations: Explore our diverse⁢ waterways, teeming with⁤ an ​abundance of fish species waiting ⁤to be caught. From serene ⁣lakes to rapid rivers, our resort offers a variety ⁤of prime fishing locations to cater‍ to ⁣every angler’s taste.‌ Whether you prefer⁣ freshwater or saltwater fishing, there’s a perfect spot for you to cast​ your line and reel in the ‍big ones.
  • Guided Tours ‌and Lessons: For those who⁤ are new to fishing or looking to improve their skills,⁤ we offer‌ guided fishing ⁣tours and lessons. Our experienced fishing guides will take you to the ‍best fishing spots and provide valuable tips and techniques to ​help you maximize your chances of landing a‌ trophy catch. Learn from the experts and⁢ take your angling skills to the next level.

Step aboard the legendary 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boat for an unparalleled fishing experience. This meticulously ​crafted⁣ vessel offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, ⁤and​ functionality to ensure an⁣ enjoyable time on ⁤the water. With its spacious ⁤interior⁢ and‍ ample storage compartments, ‌you’ll ‌have plenty of room to keep your gear ⁤organized ⁢and accessible.

Specifications Features
Length: 30 feet
Beam: 10 feet
Capacity: 8 passengers
Engine: Yamaha 250HP
Electronics: GPS, fishfinder, VHF radio

Equipped with a powerful Yamaha 250HP engine,⁣ this vessel glides effortlessly through ​the water, ‌allowing you to venture far and wide in search of your prized catch. The boat’s advanced electronics, including GPS, fishfinder, and VHF radio, provide you with precise navigation and strategic fish-spotting​ capabilities. With its generous seating and convenient amenities, such as ⁤a​ built-in cooler and ⁢freshwater washdown, the​ 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boat ensures a‍ comfortable ⁢and well-equipped fishing excursion.

Comfort and Convenience: Evaluating the Interior and Onboard Amenities

Comfort and Convenience: Evaluating the ‍Interior and Onboard ​Amenities

Step ‍into the​ world of ‍ultimate relaxation and convenience as we delve into the interior and ‌onboard ‍amenities of our remarkable vessel. Designed with ​your utmost comfort ⁤in mind, our boat offers a haven of tranquility on the water. Featuring a thoughtfully laid-out cabin, the interior space is ‍both functional and⁤ stylish,⁢ providing a cozy retreat ⁢during your aquatic adventures. ​Plush leather seating invites you to sink in and unwind, while the soothing ambiance created by the soft ⁢lighting fosters a serene environment.

Equipped⁢ with a‌ plethora of onboard ‍amenities, this boat promises ‍an experience like no other. Here,‍ your convenience is paramount. As you step onto the deck, you’ll find an ⁤array of luxuries at​ your fingertips. Embrace the ⁢ease of a fully-equipped kitchenette,​ where culinary enthusiasts can whip up their favorite meals with grace and precision. The spacious refrigerator ensures your refreshments remain chilled throughout your⁤ journey. With ample storage⁤ options throughout the boat, you can⁢ stow away your belongings effortlessly,⁢ keeping the vessel ‍tidy​ and organized.

Year Make Model Length Weight
2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman 25 ft 4,000 lbs

Recommendations: ‌Is the 2004 Cherokee ‍300 Sport Fisherman Boat⁤ Worth Considering?

Recommendations: Is the 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman ⁣Boat⁢ Worth Considering?


If you are in the market for a reliable and versatile fishing boat, the 2004 ‍Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman is definitely ‍worth considering. This impressive vessel combines excellent performance with a spacious and comfortable interior, making it an ideal choice for⁢ both experienced anglers and beginners alike.

Here are a⁢ few key reasons why the ‍2004⁢ Cherokee 300 Sport‌ Fisherman should be on your radar:

  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, this boat is designed to withstand ‍the harshest conditions,‌ ensuring its longevity⁤ for years to come.
  • Reliability: The 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman boasts ‍a powerful‌ engine and advanced⁤ navigation systems, offering a smooth and trouble-free sailing experience every time you take it out on the water.
  • Versatility: Whether⁣ you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing, this boat is well-suited ⁤for both. Its spacious deck provides ⁢ample ​room for all your fishing gear while its comfortable seating ensures a ⁢relaxing and enjoyable adventure.
  • Storage: With multiple storage compartments strategically placed throughout the boat, the 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman offers⁢ plenty of space to keep your fishing essentials organized and easily accessible.
Specifications Details
Length 30 feet
Beam 9 feet
Weight 6,500 pounds
Engine 300 horsepower
Capacity 6 people


Q: What is ​the 2004 Cherokee 300 ​Sport Fisherman boat?
A: The 2004 Cherokee 300 Sport ⁣Fisherman⁣ is a boat model manufactured in the year 2004 by ⁤the Cherokee Boat Corporation.

Q: What are the specifications of the Cherokee 300 Sport⁣ Fisherman?
A:‌ The Cherokee 300 Sport⁢ Fisherman is approximately⁢ 30 feet in length (measured ​stem to stern) and has a beam width ​of about 10 feet. It typically has a dry‌ weight of around ⁤8,000 pounds.

Q: What is the ‌seating capacity of the Cherokee 300 Sport⁣ Fisherman?
A: The seating‍ capacity of the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman can vary, but it generally accommodates up to 10 passengers​ comfortably.

Q: What type ⁣of engine ⁣is in the Cherokee 300 Sport ⁣Fisherman?
A: The Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman is usually equipped with one or two outboard engines, typically with a ⁣horsepower ​range of ​150-300 HP per engine.

Q: What features‍ are included‌ in the Cherokee​ 300 Sport Fisherman?
A: ​The Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman ⁣typically offers a range of amenities for anglers and boating enthusiasts. These⁣ may include multiple fishing rod holders, a fish ‌box, livewell, bait prep station, a leaning post, and ample storage compartments.

Q: What is ‍the ‍maximum speed of the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman?
A: The maximum speed of the​ Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman can vary depending on ‌factors ​such as ⁣weight, engine power, and sea⁣ conditions. On average, it can achieve speeds ranging from 30-45 knots.

Q: Are ⁤there any special safety features ​in the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman?
A: ⁢Like⁢ most boats, the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman‌ is typically‌ equipped with basic ‌safety features, including life jackets, fire extinguisher, navigational lights, and a ⁤horn. However, specific safety features may vary depending on the boat’s optional equipment and customization.

Q: Can the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman be for recreational purposes other than‍ fishing?
A: Yes, ⁤the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman​ can be for various recreational activities ‍other than fishing.‍ With its seating capacity and comfortable layout, it‍ is suitable for leisure cruises, watersports, and family outings.

Q: Is the ⁤Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman still in production?
A: It is important to note that ‍the information provided here refers specifically ‌to the 2004 ‍Cherokee 300⁢ Sport Fisherman model. As of now, ‌we do not have information on whether the same model⁢ is still‍ in production. It is always ‍recommended to contact the manufacturer or local ‌dealers for the most⁣ up-to-date information on currently available models.

Q:⁤ Where can I find more information about the Cherokee⁣ 300 Sport Fisherman?
A: For more detailed⁢ information about ‌the Cherokee 300 Sport Fisherman‌ or specific‌ inquiries related to this model, ​it is advisable to contact the ⁣Cherokee Boat Corporation directly ‌or reach out to authorized ⁢dealers who specialize in Cherokee​ boats.

The Way Forward

In conclusion, the‌ 2004 Cherokee⁢ 300 Sport Fisherman boat undoubtedly stands as​ a remarkable vessel ​in the world ⁢of boating. With its versatile⁣ design, spacious layout, and impressive performance, it provides an enjoyable and⁣ thrilling experience for fishing enthusiasts​ and recreational boaters​ alike. The boat’s durable​ construction ensures longevity, while its ⁢numerous features and amenities add convenience and comfort to every journey. Whether you’re navigating calm waters or venturing into⁤ more challenging ⁤conditions, the Cherokee ​300 Sport Fisherman boat delivers a stable‌ and reliable‍ performance. With its timeless⁣ appeal, this vessel⁢ continues to make a lasting impression on boating enthusiasts, cementing its ​place as a well-regarded classic in the marine industry.

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