2004 Etap 24i Boat

The ETAP 24i boat, introduced in 2004, has made a remarkable impact in the world of sailing enthusiasts. Known for its exceptional design and technological advancements, this sailboat has earned a solid reputation for its outstanding performance and remarkable stability. With its unique attributes and innovative features, the ETAP 24i has become a sought-after choice for both seasoned sailors and newcomers to the sailing community. In this article, we will delve into the key characteristics that make the 2004 ETAP 24i stand out from its counterparts, enhancing the sailing experience for all who step aboard.
Design and Construction Features of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

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Design and Construction Features of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

The 2004 Etap 24i Boat boasts a myriad of impressive design and construction features that set it apart from its competitors. With meticulous attention to detail, this vessel has been crafted to deliver an unparalleled sailing experience. From its sleek hull design to its well-thought-out interior, every aspect of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat has been carefully engineered to maximize both performance and comfort.

One of the standout features of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat is its innovative unsinkable design. Built using Etap’s patented Double Hull construction, this boat offers an unmatched level of safety on the water. The double-skinned hull provides two watertight compartments, ensuring that even in the unlikely event of a breach, the boat remains afloat. Whether you’re navigating open waters or exploring coastal areas, you can have peace of mind knowing that the 2004 Etap 24i Boat is built to keep you safe.

Feature Description
Sleek Hull Design The 2004 Etap 24i Boat features a streamlined hull that reduces drag and enhances speed, allowing for thrilling sailing experiences.
Double Hull Construction The double-skinned hull of this boat provides added safety by creating two watertight compartments, ensuring buoyancy even in the event of a breach.
Spacious Interior Despite its compact size, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat offers an intelligently designed interior with ample seating, berths, and storage to accommodate your needs during extended trips.
Efficient Rigging System This boat is equipped with a high-quality rigging system that enables quick and easy sail handling, making it perfect for both seasoned sailors and newcomers to the sport.
Comfortable Cockpit The ergonomically designed cockpit provides a comfortable and secure environment for the crew, even during long hours on the water.

Performance and Handling Capabilities of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

Performance and Handling Capabilities of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

The 2004 Etap 24i Boat offers exceptional performance and handling capabilities, making it a dream boat for both seasoned sailors and beginners alike. Designed with precision and innovation, this sailboat delivers an exhilarating experience on the water.

Equipped with a high-performance rig and a sleek hull shape, the 2004 Etap 24i ensures swift and agile sailing. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless maneuverability, enabling sailors to easily tack and jibe even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re racing against the wind or cruising leisurely, this boat’s impressive sailing performance is sure to leave you in awe.

Feature Description
1. Spacious Cockpit The 2004 Etap 24i boasts a roomy cockpit, providing ample space for comfortable sailing and socializing. It allows you to enjoy the company of family and friends while still being in close proximity to the helm.
2. Easy Handling With its intuitive and user-friendly controls, this boat ensures easy handling for sailors of all levels. The responsive steering and efficient sail management systems make for a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience.
3. Stability The Etap 24i’s unique design includes a double-skinned hull, providing excellent stability and safety on the water. Its unsinkable construction offers peace of mind to sailors during rough weather or unexpected circumstances.
4. Versatile Sailing Options Whether you prefer cruising or racing, the 2004 Etap 24i offers versatility in its sailing capabilities. The adjustable keel provides options for shallow water sailing or increased stability, allowing you to tailor your sailing experience to your preferences.
5. Efficient Performance The state-of-the-art design of this boat ensures efficient performance both upwind and downwind. Its advanced sail plan maximizes speed and efficiency, while the balanced hull shape contributes to excellent control and stability.

Comfort and Accommodation Options of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

Comfort and Accommodation Options of the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

When it comes to comfort and accommodation, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat truly sets the gold standard. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this boat offers a luxurious and relaxing experience for all passengers on board. Whether you’re embarking on a short day trip or a longer adventure, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat will ensure that you and your fellow adventurers are always well taken care of.

One of the outstanding features of this boat is its spacious and well-appointed cabin. With a clever layout and smart storage solutions, the cabin provides ample space for relaxation, dining, and even overnight stays. The plush seating is designed to embrace you in comfort, making every moment on the water a delight. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with large windows that allow for plenty of natural light and stunning panoramic views.

Specification Description
Length 7.32 meters
Beam 2.54 meters
Weight 1360 kg
Engine Yanmar 9 hp
Capacity Up to 6 people

Furthermore, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat offers a range of accommodation options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a cozy double berth or a spacious convertible settee, this boat has it all. The well-designed sleeping quarters ensure a good night’s sleep while maximizing space efficiency. With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

Overall, the 2004 Etap 24i Boat is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in comfort and accommodation. With its luxurious cabin, versatile sleeping options, and meticulous design, this boat is sure to please even the most discerning boating enthusiasts. Step on board and experience the epitome of comfort and relaxation in the 2004 Etap 24i Boat.

Safety Features and Considerations for the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

Safety Features and Considerations for the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

When it comes to boating, safety should always be a top priority. The 2004 Etap 24i Boat comes equipped with an array of safety features that ensure a worry-free and enjoyable experience on the water.

First and foremost, the boat is constructed with high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, providing exceptional stability and durability. The unique double-skinned construction not only enhances structural integrity but also provides built-in flotation, making the boat unsinkable. This added security brings peace of mind and ensures your safety, especially in rough waters.

The Etap 24i is also equipped with a reliable anchor system, allowing you to securely dock or moor wherever you please. The boat’s navigation lights ensure visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions, making it easy for other boaters to spot your vessel. Moreover, the boat is equipped with a horn, an essential safety feature that alerts nearby boats in case of emergency situations.

In terms of personal safety, the 2004 Etap 24i offers an ergonomic cockpit layout, making it easy to move around the boat without any hazards. The large and sturdy handrails provide excellent support, ensuring stability while on deck. Additionally, the non-skid surfaces minimize the risk of slips and falls even in wet conditions.

Specification Details
Length overall 7.32 meters
Beam 2.54 meters
Displacement 1,650 kg
Cabin headroom 1.83 meters
Sail area 30.5 square meters

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations for the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations for the 2004 Etap 24i Boat

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your beloved 2004 Etap 24i Boat requires regular maintenance and diligent upkeep. By following these recommendations, you can keep your vessel in top shape for countless memorable adventures on the water.

Regular Inspections

  • Inspect the hull and deck for any signs of damage or cracks. Address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration.
  • Check the rigging, including shrouds and stays, for any signs of wear or corrosion. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts as necessary.
  • Inspect the sails for tears, loose stitching, or worn-out areas. Repair or replace them to maintain their efficiency and lifespan.
  • Ensure all the electrical systems, including wiring and connections, are in good working condition. Look out for any signs of corrosion or loose connections.
  • Regularly inspect the auxiliary engine, ensuring the oil and filters are changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep an eye on the coolant and fuel systems for any leaks or blockages.

General Upkeep

  • Wash the boat thoroughly after each outing, ensuring to remove any salt or dirt buildup that can cause corrosion or damage.
  • Apply a good quality marine wax to the hull twice a year to protect it from UV damage and maintain its shine.
  • Regularly clean and lubricate winches, cleats, and other hardware to keep them in optimal working condition.
  • Inspect and tighten all the standing and running rigging to prevent any accidents due to loose lines.
  • Before winter, make sure to properly winterize the boat by emptying water tanks, removing cushions, and covering it securely to protect it from the elements.
Specification Details
Year 2004
Model Etap 24i
Length 24 feet
Beam 8.5 feet
Displacement 2,400 kg


Q: What is the origin of the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat is a sailing yacht that was manufactured in Belgium by the renowned boat builder, etap Yachting.

Q: What are the key features of the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat boasts a spacious interior layout with comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to four people. It includes a well-designed galley, complete with a stove, sink, and ample storage space. This boat also comes equipped with a reliable Yanmar diesel engine and a sail-plan that allows for excellent sailing performance.

Q: What is the length and weight of the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat has a length overall (LOA) of approximately 7.50 meters (24 feet 7 inches) and weighs approximately 1,100 kilograms (2,425 pounds).

Q: What type of sailing conditions is the 2004 etap 24i boat suitable for?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat is designed for coastal and offshore sailing. It can handle a variety of wind and sea conditions, making it suitable for both calm waters and more challenging environments.

Q: How many people can comfortably fit on the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat comfortably accommodates up to four people, making it an ideal choice for small groups or couples.

Q: Is the 2004 etap 24i boat easy to handle for solo sailors?
A: Yes, the 2004 etap 24i boat is designed to be easily handled by solo sailors. It features a user-friendly sail-plan and well-positioned controls, ensuring convenient maneuverability even when sailing alone.

Q: What are the safety features of the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: The 2004 etap 24i boat is known for its exceptional safety features. It incorporates etap Yachting’s patented double-skinned unsinkable construction, which provides added buoyancy and ensures the boat remains afloat even in the event of damage. Additionally, it includes robust rigging and sturdy fittings for enhanced structural integrity.

Q: Can the 2004 etap 24i boat be used for racing?
A: While the 2004 etap 24i boat has excellent sailing performance, it is primarily designed as a cruiser. However, it can participate in some non-competitive races or be sailed more aggressively for those seeking a bit of excitement on the water.

Q: Are spare parts readily available for the 2004 etap 24i boat?
A: etap Yachting has a reputation for excellent customer support, and spare parts for the 2004 etap 24i boat are typically available through authorized dealers and distributors. However, it’s always advisable to check with local suppliers or the manufacturer for specific availability.

Q: Can the 2004 etap 24i boat be transported overland on a trailer?
A: Yes, the 2004 etap 24i boat is trailerable, which allows for convenient overland transportation. This feature provides flexibility for boat owners to explore new sailing destinations by land and water.

Insights and Conclusions

In conclusion, the ETAP 24i boat, introduced in 2004, stands as a remarkable testament to quality craftsmanship and innovation in the world of sailing. Boasting a unique Unsinkable Double Hull technology, it ensures unparalleled safety and stability on the water, allowing sailors to venture with confidence into the most challenging conditions. With its efficient design, spacious layout, and excellent performance, the ETAP 24i offers both experienced and novice sailors an exhilarating and rewarding sailing experience. Whether you are seeking an adventurous coastal cruise or competing in regattas, this boat’s remarkable capabilities and enduring quality make it a worthy investment for any seafaring enthusiast. Embark on your next sailing adventure with the ETAP 24i, and set sail with confidence and style.

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