2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat

The 2005 Albemarle 248 Express ‍Fisherman boat ​is a remarkable vessel that has earned its reputation as a practical and dependable option for avid anglers and boating ​enthusiasts alike. Boasting⁤ a winning combination of versatility, comfort, and durability, this ⁤boat offers a remarkable fishing experience coupled with outstanding‍ performance on the water. In this article,⁤ we will delve into the key features and advantages that make the 2005 Albemarle 248 Express Fisherman boat a notable choice within its class, highlighting its specifications, design elements, and overall capabilities. Whether you are ⁢an experienced angler or a ⁣weekend warrior in search of the perfect⁣ fishing ⁤companion,⁢ read on to discover why this Albemarle ⁢model has become a go-to vessel‌ for adventure seekers.
Boat Overview and Design Features

Boat‍ Overview and Design Features

When it comes to the 2005 Albemarle 248 Express Fisherman boat, its design features are a testament⁣ to ​the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that have become synonymous with the Albemarle brand. This exceptional vessel boasts a range‍ of⁢ features that ensure an unbeatable boating experience, whether you are a seasoned angler or ⁤simply looking to enjoy a day out on the water.

One of the standout design features of the 2005​ Albemarle 248 Express ⁤Fisherman boat is ‍its spacious and well-appointed ​cockpit area. Designed with the comfort of the angler in⁤ mind, this area provides ⁢ample room to⁣ move around while ⁤fishing, with strategically placed rod holders and a convenient​ bait prep station. Additionally, the presence of a large fishbox ensures ‍that‌ your prized‌ catch remains fresh until ⁤you return to shore.

Key⁤ Features:

  • Reliable and ‍powerful engine
  • Well-designed ​and spacious cockpit area
  • Convenient bait prep station
  • Strategically placed rod holders
  • Large fishbox for storing catch
Year Make Model Length Engine
2005 Albemarle 248 24 feet Single Inboard
Additional Features: Fiberglass hardtop, comfortable helm area, spacious cabin with berths, marine head, and ample storage.
Price: Contact dealer for​ pricing information.

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

In‌ today’s fast-paced world, having a high-performance engine that also offers‌ fuel efficiency is paramount. Whether⁤ you’re a boating enthusiast or someone ‌who simply enjoys a day out on the water, the‌ engine performance of your boat plays a crucial role in ensuring a ‌smooth and​ enjoyable experience. At Albermarle Boats, we understand the importance of both power​ and efficiency,‌ which is why our ⁤boats are equipped with cutting-edge⁤ engine technology.

Our state-of-the-art engines⁢ not only deliver exceptional power but also optimize fuel consumption, making your boating adventures more affordable and sustainable. By utilizing advanced fuel injection systems and intelligent engine management systems,‍ our boats achieve impressive fuel efficiency without ⁤compromising on performance. Whether you’re looking to ⁢cruise through⁢ calm waters or ​tackle rough seas, rest ⁢assured that our engines are designed to ⁣provide​ the ideal balance between‍ power ‌and fuel economy.

Year Make Model Length (feet) Engine Type
2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman 24 Single Inboard
2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman 24 Twin Inboard
2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman 24 Single Outboard
2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman 24 Twin Outboard
2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman 24 Jet Drive

Fishing Equipment and Storage

Fishing Equipment and Storage

Fishing Equipment

When it comes to‌ fishing, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, investing in quality ⁣fishing​ gear is essential.⁣ Here at our store, we offer a wide range of fishing equipment ⁤to cater to every angler’s needs.

Our collection includes top-notch fishing ‍rods, reels, and lines for different fishing​ techniques. We stock various types of bait and lures to attract ‍different fish species, ensuring you have the‌ best chances‌ of landing a⁤ big‍ catch. Additionally, our store offers an array of fishing accessories such as tackle boxes,​ fishing nets, hooks, and floats. We ​prioritize quality and reliability, so you can shop⁣ with⁣ confidence knowing your⁣ fishing gear will stand up to the test.

Storage Solutions

Proper storage is fundamental to maintaining the longevity of your fishing gear and keeping everything organized. We understand⁢ that anglers often have ⁤a⁤ lot of⁣ equipment, so we provide a range of storage solutions to suit different⁢ needs and spaces.

Our selection includes ​durable tackle boxes with multiple compartments, ensuring your hooks, sinkers, and lures are​ safely organized and easily accessible. We also offer fishing backpacks and fishing ‍bags with various pockets and compartments to accommodate your gear while providing comfort ⁢during your fishing trips.‍ Additionally, we have ⁢storage solutions for larger items, such as fishing rod racks and wall-mounted holders to keep your rods protected and out of the way when not in ⁣use.

2005‌ Albemarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat Specs

Length: 24′ 8″
Beam: 8′ 6″
Weight: 6,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 130 gallons
Engine: Yanmar Diesel – 315 HP

Comfort and Amenities on Board

Comfort and Amenities on Board

When it comes to ensuring a truly relaxing and​ enjoyable​ boating experience, our commitment to is unparalleled. ⁤We understand that your time on the water should be a retreat from the daily hustle ‍and​ bustle, which is why we⁢ have spared no effort in providing you with the utmost comfort and convenience.

Step aboard⁢ and immerse yourself in a⁤ world of luxury as you discover the array of amenities‌ our boats offer.​ From spacious and plush seating to climate-controlled cabins, we prioritize your comfort in every detail. Feel the stress melt away as ​you sink into our ergonomic, high-quality seats, designed to provide maximum support and relaxation. The soothing ambiance is ⁣further enhanced by our state-of-the-art sound systems, ensuring⁤ that your favorite ⁣music sets the perfect tone for your journey.

2005 ‌Albermarle ​248 Express Fisherman Boat
Length: 24 ft 8 in
Beam: 8 ft 6 in
Engine Type: Inboard/Outboard
Capacity: Up to 6 ⁣passengers
  • Spacious⁣ cabin⁣ with sleeping accommodations
  • Galley with⁢ refrigerator and stove
  • Enclosed⁢ head with shower
  • Fish boxes and ⁤livewell
  • Tackle storage

Recommendations for Potential Buyers

Recommendations for Potential Buyers

If you’re considering purchasing a boat, specifically the‍ 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman, here are some important recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Research thoroughly: Before making ⁤any buying decisions, take the‍ time to research the Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman extensively. Understand its specifications, features, and any potential drawbacks that might impact your boating experience.
  • Inspect the boat: It’s crucial to physically inspect the boat ‌before ‍finalizing the purchase. Pay attention to⁤ the overall condition, hull integrity, engine performance, and any signs of wear and tear. If possible, take a test ride to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Consider your needs: Determine the primary ​purpose of your boat and ‍ensure ⁣it⁢ aligns ​with the capabilities of the Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman. If you’re an avid fisherman, evaluate the onboard fishing‍ amenities. If you prioritize comfort​ and entertainment, check⁣ out the boat’s layout ⁢and amenities.

In ​addition, it’s always advisable to consult with‌ experienced ‌boat owners ⁢or professionals who can provide valuable insights⁣ specific to the Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman. Making an informed decision will ensure that you find the perfect boat ⁣for your needs⁢ and can enjoy countless memorable adventures out on the water.

Year Make Model Length Price
2005 Albermarle 248 Express⁢ Fisherman 24.8 feet $50,000
  • Hull ⁤Material: Fiberglass
  • Engine: Single Inboard
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity: 130 gallons
  • Max Speed: ​30 knots


Q: What is the Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat?
A: The Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat is a well-known fishing vessel designed for both recreational and professional ⁣anglers. It was first introduced in 2005 by⁤ the renowned boat manufacturer, Albermarle Boats.

Q: What are the⁤ key features of the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat?
A: The 2005 ⁤Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat offers a range of notable features. It boasts a spacious cockpit with ample space for fishing equipment and seating for⁣ multiple passengers. The boat is ​equipped with a fiberglass hull that provides excellent durability and stability on⁢ the water. It also includes a cuddy cabin that can comfortably​ accommodate up to two⁤ people and features ‌essential amenities like a marine toilet, freshwater system, and ⁢a sleeping area.

Q: What are the boat’s‌ specifications?
A: The Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat measures approximately 24 feet ⁤(7.3 meters) in length, making it a​ suitable ‍choice for coastal cruising and exploring⁤ inland waterways. It has a beam width of around 8 feet (2.4 meters), ensuring stability⁤ and‍ ample space for navigation.‌ With ‌a dry weight of about 6,200 pounds (approx. 2,812 kg), it is considered to‌ be a sturdy and heavy ⁢vessel, capable⁢ of handling rough waters.

Q: What​ type of engines are ⁤available for the 2005‌ Albermarle ⁤248 Express Fisherman Boat?
A: The 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman⁣ Boat ⁣is ⁢typically equipped with either a single or twin‌ gasoline or ‍diesel ⁤engines. Commonly, these vessels are⁤ powered by a single ‍inboard engine, with options including Volvo Penta, Yanmar, or MerCruiser engines. The specific engine choice may vary depending on​ the individual boat and owner’s preferences.

Q: What‌ kind of fishing capabilities does the boat offer?
A: The Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat is designed specifically for​ fishing. ‌It offers various features to enhance the angling ⁤experience, such as a ‌large and⁤ open cockpit, multiple rod holders, ample storage compartments, and⁤ a bait prep ‍station. The boat’s stability and maneuverability make it ideal for both offshore and inshore fishing, allowing anglers to‍ pursue a wide‌ range of fish ​species.

Q: What are some notable safety features of the ‍boat?
A: The 2005 Albermarle 248⁢ Express Fisherman Boat is equipped⁤ with‍ several safety features to ensure a secure and worry-free boating experience. These include navigational lights for improved‌ visibility, a sturdy and reliable ‌hull construction, a bilge pump to prevent water accumulation, and a fire extinguisher for emergencies. Additionally, the boat typically⁤ has grab rails and non-skid surfaces ⁢to enhance⁣ the‌ safety of passengers ​while moving around on deck.

Q: Is the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat suitable for overnight trips?
A:​ Yes, the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat is suitable for ⁤overnight trips. It comes with a​ comfortable cuddy cabin that‌ offers basic amenities‍ for ⁣overnight stays, such as a marine​ toilet, freshwater system, and a cozy ⁢sleeping area. While⁤ the ⁣cuddy cabin is not⁤ designed for luxurious accommodations, it provides a convenient option‌ for anglers who wish to extend their fishing adventures beyond a single day.

Q: How does the 2005 Albermarle 248‌ Express Fisherman Boat‌ compare to newer models?
A:‍ While the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman Boat is no longer a brand-new model, it is still highly‌ regarded ⁣and sought-after in ‌the boating community.⁤ Its sturdy construction, fishing-focused ​design, and range of amenities continue to make it a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts. However, ‍comparing it ‍to newer models may ⁣highlight differences in ‌technological advancements,‌ design upgrades,⁣ or additional features introduced⁢ in later years.

Future ​Outlook

In conclusion, the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman boat ⁤offers a reliable and versatile option for fishing enthusiasts and boating aficionados. With its durable construction and spacious ⁣deck, this vessel provides a comfortable and ‌safe environment for both leisure trips and serious ‌angling.

Equipped with a​ powerful engine and advanced navigational features, the Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman ensures a smooth and efficient ride on various water ⁤bodies. Its functional layout,⁢ including ample storage compartments ⁣for fishing gear,​ makes⁣ it a practical ‍choice for ⁤any fishing expedition.

Furthermore, the ‍boat’s well-designed cabin⁣ provides essential amenities for ⁢a​ day on the ⁢water, including a comfortable seating area, ⁤a compact galley, and a private head. Its thoughtful‍ design and attention to detail ‌create an enjoyable experience for both the angler‌ and⁣ their companions.

Built to withstand the challenges of ⁢diverse weather conditions, the 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman boasts a sturdy hull and robust construction. Whether navigating choppy waters‍ or cruising at high speeds, this vessel ensures ⁢stability and safety, allowing for a​ worry-free ‌boating experience.

Overall, the⁣ 2005 Albermarle 248 Express Fisherman ⁤boat offers a reliable, well-equipped, ⁢and efficient ​option for those seeking a versatile‍ vessel‍ for their fishing⁢ adventures. Its combination of durability, functionality, and comfort‌ make it a worthy investment for both dedicated anglers and recreational boaters alike.

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