2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

The Intrepid 350 Walkaround boat ⁤is an impressive vessel released back in 2005. It offers a sleek design and unmatched convenience for fishing and cruising activities. The 350 ‌exemplifies the reliable craftsmanship Intrepid is known ⁤for. This article will explore the ‍features of⁢ the 2005 ⁣Intrepid 350 Walkaround boat in further detail, to help you‍ make an informed decision about its suitability for ​you.
Design and Construction Features of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Design and Construction Features of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat embodies an exceptional blend of sleek⁣ design and sturdy construction, making it an ideal vessel for ‍both leisurely cruises and fishing expeditions. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this remarkable boat‍ boasts a variety of features that truly⁣ set it apart⁢ from the competition.

One of the most noteworthy design elements of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat ⁤is its⁢ spacious cabin, providing a luxurious⁤ retreat for passengers. Equipped with premium amenities, such as plush seating and beautifully crafted wooden finishes, the cabin exudes a sense of sophistication and comfort. Additionally, multiple hull-side windows allow for ample natural light, enhancing the overall sense of openness.

Features Description
Hull Material Fiberglass
Length Overall 35 feet
Beam 10.6 feet

The Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat’s construction features include a robust fiberglass hull, ensuring exceptional durability and⁤ longevity.‍ Its⁢ solid construction allows for ​smooth handling even in challenging ‍water conditions. With a length overall ⁢of 35 feet and a beam ⁤of 10.6 feet, this remarkable boat offers ample deck space for various​ activities, while ‍still maintaining​ a manageable size.

Equipped with top-of-the-line technology, the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround ‌Boat ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience ⁢on the ‌water. From its advanced navigation system to state-of-the-art entertainment options, this vessel combines functionality with convenience. Additionally, with an efficient propulsion system, including powerful⁤ engines, this boat ⁢delivers impressive performance, ⁢guaranteeing an exhilarating ride.

Features Description
Number⁤ of‍ Engines 2
Max Speed 45 knots
Fuel Capacity 300 gallons

Performance and Handling ⁢Characteristics⁢ of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Performance and Handling Characteristics of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

When it comes to performance and handling, the 2005 ​Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat does not disappoint. This sleek and stylish vessel offers a combination of power, agility,⁣ and stability that ensures an exhilarating and comfortable boating ⁢experience. Equipped with a powerful engine, this boat delivers impressive speed and acceleration, allowing you to cruise through the water effortlessly. Whether you’re out for ‍a leisurely day on the lake or heading for deeper ‌waters, the ‍2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat gives you the freedom to navigate with ease while maintaining complete control.

One of the standout characteristics of this boat ​is its exceptional handling capabilities. The deep V-hull design enhances ⁣stability and maneuverability, making it a breeze to ​navigate through choppy waters. Even in challenging weather conditions,​ you can trust the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat to‍ keep you ⁢steady and secure. The hydraulic steering system is responsive and precise, allowing for effortless turns and smooth⁤ handling. Whether you’re making ‌sharp maneuvers or cruising at high speeds, this boat offers a remarkable⁢ level of control that ensures both safety and enjoyment on the⁤ water.

Features Description
Powerful Engine The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat ‍is equipped with a robust engine, delivering impressive⁤ speed and acceleration for an exhilarating boating experience.
Deep V-Hull Design The deep V-hull⁤ design enhances stability and maneuverability, ensuring a‌ smooth and comfortable ride even in choppy waters.
Hydraulic Steering System The⁤ boat features a responsive⁤ and precise hydraulic ⁢steering system, providing effortless control for sharp turns and​ smooth handling.

Comfort and Amenities on the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Comfort and Amenities on the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Comfort and Amenities

When it comes to ⁣comfort and amenities, the 2005 ⁢Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat will exceed your expectations. Designed with⁢ the utmost attention to ⁣detail, this boat offers a⁢ luxurious experience for both fishing enthusiasts and weekend cruisers alike.

Stepping onboard, you’ll immediately notice the spacious and well-appointed cabin, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day ⁤on the water. Equipped ⁢with plush seating and ample natural‍ light, the cabin provides a comfortable ‍retreat for you and your​ guests. With a well-designed galley featuring a refrigerator, microwave, and stove, you’ll have all the conveniences of home ‌while enjoying your time⁣ at sea.

  • Plush seating for ultimate‌ comfort
  • Ample natural light​ in the cabin
  • Well-equipped galley with modern appliances
  • Elegant and functional interior design
Features Specifications
Length 35 feet
Maximum Capacity 12⁢ passengers
Power Twin Yamaha engines

Safety ​Features and Reliability of the 2005 ⁤Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Safety Features and Reliability of the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

When it comes to boating, safety is always a top priority. ‍The 2005 Intrepid ​350 Walkaround Boat is equipped with a range ⁤of safety features that provide peace of mind ​while out on‍ the⁣ water. With its reliable construction and advanced​ technology, this boat is designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience for all.

1. Unsinkable Hull ‍Design: The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround⁣ Boat features a ⁣ unique unsinkable ‍hull⁢ design,‍ providing added safety in case of unexpected accidents​ or rough seas. Made from durable materials, the hull is foam-filled, meaning it will remain buoyant even if the hull is breached.

2. Robust Navigation System: This boat is ⁢equipped with ⁢a state-of-the-art navigation⁢ system, including GPS, radar, and fishfinder, ensuring that ⁤you can navigate with confidence. The integrated technology helps you stay on course, avoid obstacles, and reach your‍ destination safely, ⁤even in low visibility conditions.

Features Description
Powerful Engines The ⁤2005 Intrepid⁣ 350 Walkaround Boat is powered⁢ by twin Yamaha outboard engines, delivering ample power and speed.
Spacious Cabin Inside ⁣the boat,⁣ you’ll‌ find a spacious cabin with comfortable ⁣seating, berths, and a well-equipped galley, providing a cozy retreat for extended trips.
Fishing Amenities For avid anglers, this boat boasts a range⁢ of fishing amenities,‌ including rod holders, a live bait well, and ample fish storage, making it ideal for any fishing adventure.

Maintenance and Upkeep Recommendations‌ for the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Maintenance‌ and​ Upkeep Recommendations for the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat

Regular maintenance and proper upkeep are essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your beloved 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat. By following‌ these recommendations, you will ⁣be able to maintain ​the pristine condition of your vessel, enhancing both your boating experience and⁢ its overall ⁢value.

1. Keep it clean: Regularly wash the boat with fresh ‌water and mild soap to remove salt, dirt, and grime. This helps prevent corrosion and keeps your boat‍ looking ⁢its‌ best.

2. Check and maintain electrical systems: Inspect all electrical connections and wiring for any signs of damage⁤ or loose connections.⁣ Ensure that all lights, electronics, and other electrical components are working correctly.

3. Protect⁢ against‍ UV rays: Apply a quality wax or UV⁢ protectant to the boat’s gel coat to protect it from the​ damaging effects of the sun. This‍ will help prevent fading and keep your boat’s exterior looking vibrant for years to come.

4.⁤ Perform routine engine maintenance: Regularly check and change the engine oil, filters, and spark plugs according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, inspect belts, ⁢hoses, and other engine components‌ for wear and tear.

5.⁤ Ethanol and fuel: Use high-quality fuel and⁢ be aware of the ethanol content. Ethanol can cause damage to your boat’s fuel system, so consider using a fuel stabilizer to minimize its harmful⁢ effects.

6.​ Trailer maintenance: If your boat is stored on a trailer, it’s important to maintain ‍the⁤ trailer ​as well. Regularly check and maintain ⁢the trailer’s tires, brakes, and lights to ensure ⁣a safe and smooth towing experience.


Features Description
Length 35 feet
Engine Yamaha Outboard
Capacity 10 passengers

With proper maintenance and⁢ regular upkeep,⁢ your 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround⁤ Boat will continue to provide you with countless enjoyable moments out on the water. ‍Remember to follow these recommendations and refer to your boat’s specific owner’s manual for‌ any additional maintenance guidelines. Taking care of your boat will⁤ not only ensure its longevity but also bring peace of mind knowing​ that you’re ‌maximizing its performance⁤ and value.


Q: What is a 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround boat?
A: The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround is​ a‍ popular model of boat manufactured ​by‌ Intrepid‌ Powerboats. It is ⁣a versatile vessel designed ⁤for both fishing and cruising purposes.

Q: What are the key features of the 2005 ‌Intrepid 350 ‌Walkaround?
A: The⁣ 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround boasts several notable ⁣features. It includes a spacious cabin with a comfortable berth, a fully​ equipped galley, and a compact bathroom with⁤ a shower. It also offers ample deck space for fishing activities, ‍with built-in rod holders and a live bait well. Additionally, ⁤this⁣ boat is equipped with a sturdy hull design that provides a smooth and stable ride even in rough waters.

Q: ‍How long is the 2005 Intrepid⁢ 350 ‌Walkaround?
A: The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround measures approximately 35⁢ feet in length.

Q: What is the engine ​configuration ⁤of the⁢ 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround?
A: The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround typically comes⁤ with twin outboard engines, providing reliable and‌ efficient power for cruising ‍and fishing endeavors.

Q:​ How many people can the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround accommodate?
A: The 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround can comfortably accommodate a group of up to eight people, making it an ideal choice⁢ for family outings​ or fishing excursions with friends.

Q:⁢ What are the advantages of owning a 2005 Intrepid 350⁣ Walkaround?
A: ​Owning a 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround ⁣offers several advantages. Its versatile design allows for both fishing and cruising activities, making it a practical choice‍ for boaters looking for ‌a multipurpose vessel. The comfortable cabin, equipped with amenities such as a galley and a bathroom, adds convenience for‌ longer trips. Additionally, the solid construction and stable ride⁣ of the boat ensure⁢ a safe and enjoyable experience even in‍ challenging conditions.

Q: Are there any known⁣ issues or ‍concerns with the 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround?
A: As with any used boat, it is advisable to inspect the specific vessel thoroughly before purchase to check for any issues. Consult with a professional surveyor or mechanic to ensure that there are no major concerns with the boat’s hull, engines, or other essential components.

Q: Is the 2005 Intrepid⁣ 350 Walkaround still in production?
A: No, since it was manufactured in 2005, ⁤the 350 Walkaround is a pre-owned boat model. However, Intrepid Powerboats continues ⁣to produce newer models of boats suitable for‌ fishing and cruising ‍purposes.

Q: How can one‌ find a 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround for purchase?
A: Interested‍ buyers can search for a 2005 ⁤Intrepid 350 Walkaround through various channels.⁣ This may include checking classified ads both online and in traditional publications, visiting local boat dealerships, ⁢or exploring online platforms or marketplaces ‌that specialize in boat sales. Additionally, attending boat shows ⁢or connecting with boating ⁢communities might provide​ leads or opportunities ‍to connect ‌with Manufacturers.

Insights and Conclusions

In conclusion, the⁣ 2005 Intrepid 350 Walkaround Boat offers boating enthusiasts a unique combination of performance, comfort, and ‍functionality. With its ​sturdy construction and reliable engine, this boat is ​built to withstand the toughest ‌of waters, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. The spacious and well-designed cabin provides⁣ ample room for overnight trips, while⁣ the innovative fishing features make it a versatile choice for anglers of all levels. Whether you’re exploring new waters or seeking a memorable fishing adventure, the 2005 Intrepid ⁤350⁣ Walkaround Boat is a reliable‌ and ⁢practical​ option to consider. With​ its sleek design and impressive features, it’s no wonder this boat continues to be a ⁢favorite among boaters.

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