2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

The Maxum 4200, a vessel renowned for its exceptional features and performance, powerfully emerged onto the boating scene in 2006. This groundbreaking boat instantly captured the attention of passionate boating enthusiasts worldwide. With its sleek and contemporary design, unrivaled craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology, the 2006 Maxum 4200 embraced immaculate elegance and innovation. In this article, we will dive into the remarkable features and specifications that make the Maxum 4200 a timeless masterpiece, unveiling its potential to provide unforgettable experiences on the water. So, join us as we explore the fascinating world of the 2006 Maxum 4200 boat and its distinctive qualities that continue to captivate boaters to this day.
Highlights of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

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Highlights of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

Looking for the epitome of luxury on the water? Look no further than the remarkable 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat. This breathtaking vessel perfectly blends style with functionality, setting new standards in the world of boating.

Let’s dive into some of the exceptional features that make the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat a true gem:

  • Spacious and well-appointed living areas that provide the utmost comfort during long journeys.
  • State-of-the-art navigation system for precise and effortless exploration of the open waters.
  • Impressive power, thanks to its twin 370-horsepower diesel engines.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, evident in every corner of the vessel.
  • The beautifully designed salon boasts plush seating, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for intimate gatherings or relaxation.
  • The luxurious master suite offers a private retreat, featuring a comfortable bed and ample storage space.
  • Bold and sleek exterior lines that catch the eye and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.
  • Innovative design, ensuring maximum stability and smooth cruising, even in rough waters.
Year Make Model Length Price
2006 Maxum 4200 42 feet $350,000
Experience luxury and sophistication like never before with the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat. Don’t miss your chance to embark on unforgettable adventures with this exceptional vessel.

Detailed Insights into the Design and Features of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

Detailed Insights into the Design and Features of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

When it comes to the design and features of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat, this exceptional vessel boasts a multitude of impressive elements that elevate it above the competition. Built with meticulous attention to detail, the sleek exterior of the boat not only catches the eye but also enhances its performance on the water. Its aerodynamic shape allows for efficient navigation through various water conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the 2006 Maxum 4200 maximizes comfort and convenience for its onboard passengers. The spacious cabin offers luxurious accommodation, with plush seating and tasteful furnishings that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Its expansive windows provide panoramic views and bring in ample natural light, making the interior feel open and airy.

Key Features Specifications
Spacious and luxurious cabin Length: 42 ft
Stylish and aerodynamic exterior Beam: 13 ft
Expansive windows for panoramic views Fuel Capacity: 360 gal
Impressive performance in various water conditions Water Capacity: 90 gal
Efficient navigation system Engine: Twin Cummings QSC500

Exploring the Performance and Handling of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

Exploring the Performance and Handling of the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

When it comes to the performance and handling of the remarkable 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat, enthusiasts and seasoned sailors alike are in for a treat. Designed for those who appreciate power and agility on the water, this vessel delivers a truly exhilarating experience. Equipped with twin 370-horsepower engines, it effortlessly glides through the waves, reaching impressive speeds with ease. Whether you desire a leisurely cruise or a thrilling high-speed adventure, the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat does not disappoint.

One of the notable features that sets this boat apart is its outstanding handling capabilities. With its advanced hull design, featuring a deep-V for maximum stability and maneuverability, the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat provides a smooth and responsive ride, even in rough waters. The hydraulic steering system ensures precise control, allowing the captain to effortlessly navigate through tight turns and tricky docking situations. For utmost convenience, this boat is also equipped with a bow thruster, making it a breeze to maneuver in close quarters. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice enthusiast, the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat offers an exhilarating and comfortable ride.

Specifications Details
Length 42 feet
Beam 13 feet
Weight 22,500 pounds
Engine Twin 370-horsepower engines
Maximum Speed 35 knots

Specific Recommendations for Maintenance and Upgrades on the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

Specific Recommendations for Maintenance and Upgrades on the 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat

Maintenance and upgrades are essential for keeping your 2006 Maxum 4200 Boat in top condition and ensuring optimal performance on the water. To help you make the most of your boating experience, here are some specific recommendations:

  • Routine Engine Maintenance: Regularly inspect and service the boat’s engines, including changing the oil and filters, checking the belts and hoses, and cleaning the fuel system. This will not only extend the life of your engines but also contribute to better fuel efficiency.
  • Electrical System Upgrades: Consider upgrading the boat’s electrical system to enhance safety and convenience. Install a new battery charger, inspect and replace faulty wiring, and add additional power outlets for electronic devices. Upgrading the navigation lights to LED can improve visibility and reduce power consumption.
  • Hull Maintenance: Keep your boat’s hull in excellent condition by regularly cleaning and waxing it. Inspect the hull for any signs of damage or corrosion, and promptly address any issues. Applying an antifouling paint to the hull can also prevent the growth of marine organisms that can damage the boat.
  • Interior Upgrades: Enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your boat’s interior by upgrading features such as the upholstery, flooring, and cabinetry. Consider replacing outdated electronics with modern navigation systems and entertainment equipment to improve your boating experience.
Specifications Details
Year 2006
Make Maxum
Model 4200
Length 42 feet
Engine Type Inboard


Q: What is the Maxum 4200 boat?
A: The Maxum 4200 is a model of boat produced by the Maxum brand in 2006. It is a spacious and luxurious motor yacht specifically designed for comfortable cruising and entertaining on the water.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Maxum 4200 boat?
A: The Maxum 4200 has an overall length of approximately 42 feet, with a beam (width) of around 13 feet. Its hull is constructed to offer stability and smooth handling in various water conditions.

Q: How many people can the Maxum 4200 boat accommodate?
A: The boat can comfortably accommodate a larger group, with its spacious interior and exterior layout. It typically has enough sleeping space for up to six individuals, making it ideal for weekend getaways or longer trips.

Q: What are the notable features of the Maxum 4200 boat’s interior?
A: The interior of the Maxum 4200 offers a blend of style and functionality. It includes a well-appointed salon with comfortable seating, a fully equipped galley with modern appliances, and multiple sleeping quarters for enhanced comfort during overnight stays.

Q: Can you provide information about the boat’s amenities?
A: The Maxum 4200 is packed with amenities to enhance the boating experience. It often includes features such as a spacious flybridge with seating and a wet bar, a swim platform for easy water access, a well-designed helm station, air conditioning, heating, entertainment systems, and more.

Q: What type of propulsion system does the Maxum 4200 boat have?
A: The Maxum 4200 is typically powered by twin diesel engines, providing ample power for cruising at a comfortable speed. The specific details of the propulsion system vary depending on the boat’s configuration and individual specifications.

Q: Is the Maxum 4200 boat suitable for long-distance cruising?
A: Yes, the Maxum 4200 is designed to handle extended trips with ease. Its spacious layout, ample storage, and reliable performance make it well-suited for extended voyages, whether along the coast or out in the open waters.

Q: What are some of the safety features on the Maxum 4200 boat?
A: The Maxum 4200 prioritizes safety with features such as a sturdy hull design, handrails for secure movement around the boat, properly placed grab handles, fire suppression systems, and high-quality navigation and communication equipment for enhanced safety on the water.

Q: Where can one find used Maxum 4200 boats for sale?
A: Used Maxum 4200 boats can often be found through various channels, including online marketplaces for boats and yachts, specialized boat dealerships, and boat shows. Conducting a thorough search online and reaching out to reputable Manufacturers can help locate available options.

Q: Are there any user reviews available for the Maxum 4200 boat?
A: Yes, user reviews and feedback from owners of the Maxum 4200 can be found on boating forums, dedicated boating websites, or through online communities of boat enthusiasts. Such reviews can provide valuable insights into the ownership experience and performance of the Maxum 4200.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the Maxum 4200 Boat has proven to be a remarkable vessel that combines luxury and performance in a single package. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this 2006 model boasts an array of features and amenities that enhance comfort and safety for passengers on the water.

With its spacious layout and versatile design, the 4200 is ideal for cruising, entertaining guests, or embarking on weekend getaways. The boat offers ample seating areas both above and below deck, allowing up to six people to enjoy the experience of a smooth and stable ride. The well-appointed cabin features a fully equipped galley, cozy sleeping quarters, and a modern bathroom, ensuring a comfortable stay on board.

The Maxum 4200 excels in performance too, thanks to its twin Cummins diesel engines, which provide impressive horsepower and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re navigating calm inland waters or venturing into more challenging sea conditions, this boat delivers a smooth and reliable performance that inspires confidence.

In addition to its outstanding design and performance, the 2006 Maxum 4200 also prioritizes safety. Equipped with advanced navigation systems and safety features, such as GPS, radar, and VHF radio, this boat ensures peace of mind for both experienced and novice captains. Its sturdy construction, strong hull, and dependable propulsion systems make it a reliable choice for any boating enthusiast.

Overall, the Maxum 4200 Boat is a timeless and versatile vessel that has stood the test of time, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you’re seeking a vessel for family outings, entertaining guests, or weekend getaways, the 4200 is a trustworthy companion that promises unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

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