2011 Ab Inflatables 17 Dlx Boat

2011 Ab Inflatables 17 Dlx Boat

The 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat ⁤is a highly versatile and reliable watercraft‍ that caters⁤ to the needs of adventurous boating enthusiasts. With its exceptional craftsmanship and advanced features, this inflatable ⁤boat‌ has made⁣ a significant impact‍ in the‌ marine industry. Offering a neutral ⁣design and‌ a plethora of practical applications, the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat‍ is⁢ an ideal companion for various water activities, ⁤from leisurely cruising to high-speed adventures. In this article,⁢ we will explore the​ notable characteristics and benefits of this well-regarded inflatable boat, shedding‌ light on why it has become a sought-after choice for⁤ boaters worldwide.
Design⁢ and Construction Features of the ⁤2011 ​AB Inflatables 17 DLX ‍Boat

Design and Construction Features of the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat

The 2011 AB Inflatables⁤ 17‍ DLX Boat is an⁣ epitome ⁤of exceptional design and construction, ensuring a remarkable boating experience. Let’s delve into its‌ standout features:

  • Durable Hypalon Tubes: Crafted from top-grade Hypalon material,⁤ the ‍robust‍ inflatable⁤ tubes of the AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat offer superior resistance against⁤ UV rays, ‍abrasions, and punctures. This makes them exceedingly durable and⁢ long-lasting, allowing⁤ you to explore any waters with peace of mind.
  • Versatile Layout: This boat is designed with versatility in mind. ⁢It boasts a spacious and ergonomic layout that can accommodate up to 6 passengers comfortably. With ample⁣ storage ⁢compartments, including an ⁣integrated anchor locker, you can stow away ‌all‌ your essentials conveniently and efficiently.
  • Deep V-Hull: The AB Inflatables ⁤17 DLX Boat features a deep V-hull⁣ design, ensuring excellent stability and maneuverability even in choppy waters. This advanced hull design⁣ allows for ‌enhanced handling and a smooth ride, providing you with exceptional control and confidence during ​your boating adventures.
  • Ample Seating: ⁣ The boat offers premium seating options with plush ⁢cushions to guarantee utmost comfort. The⁤ ergonomic seating arrangement allows for easy collaboration and⁢ socializing, making it the perfect vessel for family outings or entertaining friends on the water.
  • Powerful Outboard Engine: Equipped with⁢ a powerful outboard ⁢engine, the⁤ 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat ⁢delivers impressive performance. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling ride or a relaxing cruise, this boat has more than enough power ​to fulfill your desires.

Overall, the ⁤2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat ⁤sets the bar​ high in terms of design and construction. Its durable materials, versatile layout,​ advanced hull design, comfortable seating, and powerful engine make it an exceptional choice for boating ⁢enthusiasts looking for both functionality and style.

Performance and Handling Capabilities of the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 ‍DLX Boat

Performance and Handling Capabilities of the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat

The 2011 AB Inflatables 17 ⁣DLX Boat⁣ offers ‍exceptional performance and ​handling capabilities that make it perfect for both leisurely cruising and thrilling water adventures. Equipped with a powerful 90 horsepower engine, this boat provides an exhilarating experience on the water. Its quick acceleration and impressive top speed ensure that you can easily navigate through various water conditions ⁣and reach your destination with ⁢ease.

One of the standout features of the ⁢2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat is its exceptional stability⁢ and maneuverability. The rigid‍ fiberglass hull combined with ​the inflatable tubes provides unmatched stability, allowing you to confidently maneuver through tight turns and choppy waters. Whether you’re exploring calm lakes or braving ⁢the open sea,​ this boat offers precise handling and responsive steering, giving you complete control.

Key Performance ⁢Features:

  • Powerful 90 horsepower engine for quick⁤ acceleration and⁣ impressive top ⁢speed
  • Rigid⁣ fiberglass hull and inflatable tubes for‍ exceptional stability
  • Precise ‌handling and ⁣responsive steering for complete control
  • Ability to navigate through various ‌water conditions with ease

Enhanced Handling Capabilities:

  • Smooth ⁢maneuverability through tight turns
  • Confidence in navigating⁤ choppy waters
  • Easy control for both beginners and experienced boaters
  • Effortless stability for a comfortable ride

Overall, the 2011 AB Inflatables‌ 17 DLX ⁣Boat delivers an ‍exceptional performance and handling experience. Whether you’re seeking exhilarating speeds or smooth cruising, ⁢this⁣ boat will exceed your expectations. Its powerful engine, exceptional stability, and responsive ⁢steering make⁤ it a reliable and enjoyable choice for all your water ‍adventures.

Comfort​ and Practicality: A‍ Review of the 2011 AB​ Inflatables 17 DLX Boat

Comfort and Practicality: A Review of‍ the 2011 ⁣AB Inflatables ‍17 DLX Boat


‌When it comes to ​comfort, the 2011 ⁢AB Inflatables 17 DLX‌ Boat truly ⁢stands out. With its spacious and ​ergonomic design, this ‌boat offers a delightful experience⁣ for all occupants. The plush ‍seating allows for hours of relaxation, while the ⁢boat’s stability ensures a‍ smooth ​ride ⁢even ⁣in choppy waters. Whether⁤ you’re cruising ⁤along​ the coastline ‌or enjoying a peaceful day of fishing, the⁣ 17 DLX Boat guarantees maximum⁤ comfort⁣ throughout your journey.

⁢ Additionally, the boat’s ⁤advanced shock-absorbing technology minimizes the impact of waves,⁤ providing ‍a comfortable ‌and enjoyable ride to everyone on board. The boat’s thoughtful layout further enhances comfort,⁣ with ample legroom and storage space for all your essentials. From its ⁣cozy seating options to its impressive⁣ stability, the 2011 ⁣AB Inflatables 17 DLX ‍Boat elevates comfort to a whole new ‌level, ensuring an unforgettable boating experience every‌ time.


⁤ ​ The 2011 AB Inflatables 17⁣ DLX Boat not only offers exceptional comfort but also ​boasts remarkable practicality. Thanks to​ its inflatable design, this⁤ boat is incredibly lightweight and‍ easy to‌ transport, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts on the go. Whether⁤ you need to set up for a ‍weekend getaway or navigate⁤ narrow waterways, ‍the boat’s portability‍ ensures⁤ hassle-free deployment ⁢and maneuverability.

Furthermore, the ⁢17 DLX Boat comes equipped with​ a range‌ of practical features. The ‌spacious⁣ deck provides plenty of room for ⁢fishing gear or recreational ⁤equipment,⁣ while the multiple storage compartments keep your belongings safe and organized. The boat’s fuel-efficient engine ensures extended sailing time, allowing you to explore distant shores without‌ worrying about⁣ refueling frequently.‍ With ‌its ingenious design‌ and functional features, the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX​ Boat is a practical choice for any boater looking for ⁣convenience and ease of use.

Safety and Durability:​ Key Considerations for the 2011‌ AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat

Safety and Durability:‌ Key Considerations for the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX ‍Boat

When it⁣ comes to boating, safety should always be a top priority. With the ⁣2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat, ​you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that this vessel is designed with⁢ your safety in mind. Equipped with a sturdy and reliable frame, this boat ‍is built to withstand the rigors of various water conditions,‍ ensuring your adventures are both enjoyable and secure.

  • Stability: The 2011 AB Inflatables ​17 DLX Boat features a balanced hull design that ‌provides excellent⁢ stability,‍ preventing the ⁣boat from tipping or rocking excessively. This is especially important when navigating choppy waters or when passengers are moving around the boat.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from robust and durable⁢ materials, this boat offers exceptional longevity.‌ The rugged inflatable‌ tubes are made from UV-resistant Hypalon, which ‌ensures they can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without deteriorating. Additionally, ‌the fiberglass hull offers enhanced strength and protection against impacts, making it a reliable choice for your boating adventures.
  • Safe Seating Arrangement: The AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat is equipped with comfortable and secure seating arrangements, including ‍padded benches and ergonomic consoles. The strategically positioned grab handles ⁢throughout the boat provide additional safety measures, allowing you and your passengers to maintain stability even during unexpected maneuvers.

These are just a few ‍of the factors that make the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat an excellent choice in terms of safety and⁤ durability. Whether you’re embarking ⁢on ‍a serene fishing ⁤trip or seeking adrenaline-fueled watersports, ‌this boat is ‌designed⁣ to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for all on board. Remember, by⁣ choosing ⁣a boat​ that prioritizes safety and durability, you can focus on making unforgettable ‌memories on the water!

Purchasing⁤ and Maintenance‌ Tips for⁤ the 2011​ AB Inflatables 17 ‍DLX Boat

Purchasing and Maintenance Tips for the 2011 AB Inflatables ‌17 DLX ‌Boat

When ​considering⁣ the purchase of a 2011 AB Inflatables ⁣17 DLX Boat, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Firstly, it is crucial to ensure that the boat ‌is in ‍good condition and has been well-maintained. This can be done by thoroughly inspecting the hull, tubes, and engine for any signs of wear or damage. Additionally, don’t forget to check the overall cleanliness​ of the boat and the functionality of its components, such as the seats, steering system, and navigation equipment.

One of the key aspects ‍of owning‌ this boat is its maintenance. ⁣To‌ ensure the longevity and ‍optimal performance of your 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat, regular maintenance ⁣is essential. ‌Here are⁢ a few tips to help you maintain your boat:

  • Clean and rinse after use: After each outing, make‍ sure to⁤ thoroughly clean‍ your boat with fresh water to remove‌ any dirt, salt, or debris. Pay attention to the tubes, deck, and⁣ hull, and use a mild detergent if‌ necessary. Rinse everything properly⁣ to⁤ prevent ⁣salt build-up ‍or any potential damage.
  • Check and lubricate moving ⁤parts: Regularly inspect and lubricate all ‌moving parts, such as hinges,⁤ cleats, and latches. This will help prevent corrosion‍ and ensure smooth operation.
  • Inspect and maintain the engine: ⁢Regularly check the engine oil, coolant‌ levels, and fuel filters. Keep an eye on the propeller for any damage and ensure ‍it⁤ is securely⁣ fastened. Follow‍ the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and ⁢consult a professional if needed.
  • Store properly: To avoid unnecessary wear and tear, store your 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat in a cool, dry,⁢ and well-ventilated area. Ensure proper support for the tubes and cover the boat to protect it from dust and sunlight.

By following these purchasing and maintenance tips, you can make the most‍ out of your 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat, enjoying years of memorable boating experiences while keeping it⁤ in great shape.


Q: What is the 2011 AB⁤ Inflatables 17 DLX​ Boat?
A: ⁢The​ 2011​ AB Inflatables 17 DLX‍ Boat is a model of a rigid⁢ inflatable boat ‍(RIB) manufactured⁤ by AB Inflatables. It is known for its durability and versatility, ​making it suitable for various recreational water activities.

Q: What‍ are the key features of the 2011 AB Inflatables‌ 17⁢ DLX Boat?
A:⁢ The boat measures 17 feet in length and comes with a spacious deck layout, allowing for comfortable‌ seating and ample storage space. It is equipped ⁣with an inflatable tube made from high-quality Hypalon material, renowned for its resistance to UV rays, abrasion, and⁣ extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it ⁢features a deep V-hull design for smooth handling and better maneuverability.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of the 2011 ⁤AB Inflatables 17‌ DLX Boat?
A: This boat ​has a maximum capacity of up to 8 people or ‍a total weight of 2,690 pounds, including passengers,⁤ gear, and equipment. ⁤It is important to ensure that the total​ weight does ⁤not exceed this limit to maintain optimal performance and safety.

Q: What engine options are available for the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX⁤ Boat?
A: The 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat offers ‍multiple engine options to suit different requirements.‌ It is compatible with both two-stroke and four-stroke outboard engines. It is ⁣recommended to consult with ⁣an authorized AB Inflatables dealer or the manufacturer for⁤ the most‌ suitable engine choice based on your specific needs.

Q: Can the 2011 AB ​Inflatables 17 DLX Boat be customized?
A: Yes, AB Inflatables⁢ offers customization⁣ options for the 2011 AB ‍Inflatables⁣ 17 DLX Boat according ​to the buyer’s preferences.​ These options may include additional hardware, such as railing, T-tops, or fishing rod holders. Customers are advised to inquire about available customization options and associated costs from authorized dealers or directly from AB Inflatables.

Q: What are the recommended applications for the​ 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat?
A: The 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat is⁤ a versatile​ watercraft suitable for various recreational activities, including fishing, yacht tendering, cruising, and water sports. Its compact size and⁢ maneuverability make it a practical choice for navigating both calm waterways and nearshore conditions.

Q: Does ⁢the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat come ⁤with any warranty?
A: Yes, AB Inflatables usually‍ provides a warranty for their​ boats; however, warranty terms and conditions may vary. ⁣It is advisable to⁤ consult the AB Inflatables official website or an authorized dealer to obtain detailed warranty information specific to the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX Boat.

Q: How can one purchase ⁢the ​2011 AB Inflatables 17 ‌DLX ‍Boat?
A: The 2011 AB Inflatables ‍17 DLX Boat can be purchased ⁣from authorized AB Inflatables dealers across different regions. Interested⁤ buyers can visit the AB ⁣Inflatables website to locate the nearest dealer. Additionally, some online marketplaces or classified listings may offer new or ⁢models , but buyers should ensure the ⁢authenticity and condition of the boat before making a purchase.

In Conclusion

In ​conclusion, the 2011 AB Inflatables 17 DLX boat‍ is a remarkable vessel that caters‍ to boating enthusiasts’ needs. With its durable construction, outstanding performance, and clever design features, ⁤this‍ inflatable boat offers an unparalleled boating experience. Whether you are an avid angler, a thrill-seeker, or simply enjoy cruising on the open water, the AB‌ Inflatables 17​ DLX is sure to exceed your expectations. Its spacious deck, comfortable seating, and versatile layout make it suitable‌ for a variety of activities and can accommodate small⁤ groups with ease. Furthermore, the boat’s high-quality ‌materials ‍and attention to detail⁤ ensure its longevity ⁣and reliability. If you are considering investing in a dependable and‌ versatile inflatable boat, the AB Inflatables 17 ​DLX is undoubtedly an excellent choice. ⁣Designed to ⁣endure various water conditions and provide an enjoyable journey, this boat will​ undoubtedly provide countless hours of​ fun⁤ for you and ⁣your fellow boating enthusiasts. ‍


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