2011 Skeeter ZX 2250 Boats & Yachts Updated for 2023!

Looking for a sleek and powerful boat? Check out the Skeeter ZX 2250 2011! With its high performance and impressive design, this boat is perfect for all your water adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this beauty!


Boats  & Yachts Skeeter ZX 2250 2011 Skeeter Boats
Boats  & Yachts Skeeter ZX 2250 2011 Skeeter Boats

Skeeter ZX 2250 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 2011
Manufacturer: Hans’ Boat Works
Price: Call

Professionals and guides everywhere along the coast know that versatility can mean the difference between a full fish box and a bad day. We know it too! That is why the ZX 2250 rides into the shallows with stunning performance and tackles the long runs through the passes. Brute strength and a smooth ride coupled with a detailed deck layout makes the ZX 2250 the most efficient boat you’ll ever own. – CALL TODAY!!

Hull Material
Hull Shape
Max Draft
Fuel Capacity
Number of Engines
Modified Vee
101 ft
15 ft
60 gal

Contact Information

(559) 739-2627

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Skeeter ZX Boats Craigslist & Skeeter ZX Specs & Pictures

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Skeeter ZX 2250 2011 Boats & Yachts: A Perfect Choice for Fishing Enthusiasts

If you are a fishing enthusiast looking for the perfect boat, the Skeeter ZX 2250 2011 model is an ideal choice. With its exceptional features and performance, this boat will surely enhance your fishing experience. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this boat so extraordinary.

Design and Construction

The Skeeter ZX 2250 boasts an impressive design and construction. It is built with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The fiberglass hull offers excellent stability and maneuverability, making it easy to navigate through different water conditions. The sleek and stylish design of this boat will surely turn heads wherever you go.

Spacious and Comfortable

One of the standout features of the Skeeter ZX 2250 is its spacious and comfortable interior. The boat can comfortably accommodate up to six people, making it perfect for a fishing trip with friends or family. The plush seating and ample legroom ensure that everyone on board can relax and enjoy the ride.

Advanced Technology

The Skeeter ZX 2250 is equipped with a range of advanced technologies, making it a top-notch fishing boat. The integrated GPS system helps you navigate accurately and efficiently, ensuring that you reach your desired fishing spots with ease. The built-in fish finder allows you to locate fish more effectively, increasing your chances of a successful catch. Additionally, the boat’s advanced audio system lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while fishing.

Storage Space

Another notable feature of the Skeeter ZX 2250 is its ample storage space. It is designed with multiple rod lockers and compartments, allowing you to store all your fishing equipment and accessories conveniently. The boat also has a built-in cooler, providing a place to store your drinks and snacks during your fishing adventure.

Exceptional Performance

The Skeeter ZX 2250 is powered by a reliable outboard engine, ensuring exceptional performance on the water. The boat can reach impressive speeds, allowing you to travel quickly to your desired destinations. With its excellent fuel efficiency, you can spend more time fishing and less time refueling.


Overall, the Skeeter ZX 2250 2011 model is a fantastic choice for fishing enthusiasts. Its exceptional design, spacious interior, advanced technology, ample storage space, and outstanding performance make it a top-tier fishing boat. If you are looking for a vessel that combines style, comfort, and functionality, the Skeeter ZX 2250 is the perfect option. Invest in this boat and take your fishing experiences to the next level!

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