2012 Hurricane Boats Ss188 Outboard Boat

The 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188​ Outboard Boat‌ is a ⁣max-performer‌ capable of delivering⁤ speed ⁤and agility in challenging ​conditions. This high-tech, feature-loaded boat was designed with the weekend warrior in mind, making it a great​ choice ⁤for both weekend fishing and​ recreational ⁣boaters. Read ⁢on to learn​ more about this impressive⁤ outboard boat and what it ​has to⁤ offer.
Key Features of the 2012⁢ Hurricane Boats ⁤SS188‌ Outboard Boat

Key Features of the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188​ Outboard Boat

The 2012⁤ Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat is an exceptional watercraft that combines speed, reliability, ⁣and⁣ versatility. This ‌top-of-the-line boat is designed ⁤to provide an unforgettable​ experience ​for both experienced boaters and beginners. Here are some of its key features:

  • Spacious Deck: The ‌SS188‌ boasts​ a generously ⁤sized deck that offers ample space for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the water. Whether you’re‍ basking in ⁣the ⁤sun or engaging in water activities,‍ the​ spacious deck ensures maximum‌ comfort and ease of movement.
  • Powerful ⁢Outboard Engine: Equipped ​with a⁣ high-performance ⁤outboard engine, the SS188​ delivers robust power and exceptional acceleration. With its​ impressive horsepower, this boat ‍effortlessly glides through the water, allowing ⁢you to experience thrilling and exhilarating‍ rides.
  • Multiple Seating Options: Designed⁢ with ⁢versatility in mind, the ⁢SS188 offers ⁤various seating options ‌to ⁤accommodate your needs. ‍From ⁣plush captain’s chairs to ⁤comfortable⁣ bow seating, this boat provides a cozy and enjoyable‌ space for everyone on board.
  • Ample Storage: The ⁢SS188 comes equipped with abundant storage compartments that ⁣allow you to⁢ stow away ⁤all‍ your essentials and keep the deck ‍clutter-free. Whether you need‌ to⁢ store ⁣your water toys, fishing equipment, or picnic supplies, ⁤this boat has plenty of space​ to meet‌ your‌ storage needs.
Specifications Features
Length 18ft 10in
Beam 8ft​ 5in
Weight 2,103 ⁣lbs

With its unbeatable combination of space,‌ power, and versatility, ⁢the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat ⁢is‍ perfect for any boating ‌enthusiast. Whether you’re⁣ cruising with family ⁣and friends, fishing on tranquil ‍waters, ⁢or engaging in thrilling water sports,‍ this boat ensures an unforgettable experience on⁢ the water.⁢ Invest in the ‌SS188 ​today and start ​creating lasting memories!

Engine Performance and Handling of the 2012 Hurricane ​Boats SS188 ‌Outboard ⁢Boat

Engine Performance⁤ and Handling⁣ of ‍the 2012 ‌Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat

The 2012 ⁢Hurricane Boats SS188⁢ Outboard Boat is⁢ renowned for its exceptional engine performance and⁤ unparalleled handling⁣ on the water. Equipped with ⁣a powerful outboard engine, this boat effortlessly ⁢glides through the waves, providing an exhilarating experience for all onboard. Whether you’re racing along the coastline‌ or enjoying a leisurely cruise, the engine ⁣of this boat delivers a‍ seamless blend of speed and⁢ control.

One​ of the standout features of the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188‌ is its ‌precise handling capabilities. The boat’s responsive ⁣steering system ensures smooth maneuverability, allowing⁤ you to navigate tight turns and crowded waterways with ease. Its innovative hull design provides⁢ stability, even in choppy waters, guaranteeing a comfortable ride for all passengers. Whether you’re​ a seasoned ⁣boater ⁤or a ‍novice, you’ll feel confident in the‌ boat’s ability ‍to handle various ⁣water ​conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

Features Description
Outboard engine A powerful engine that guarantees exceptional performance and ⁢speed.
Responsive steering system Allows for ⁣precise control and effortless ⁣maneuverability.
Innovative ​hull ‌design Provides stability and a ⁢smooth ride, even in rough‍ water⁣ conditions.

Comfort and Amenities on the ‍2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat

Comfort⁢ and Amenities on the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188‍ Outboard ​Boat

Embark⁤ on a truly luxurious boating ‍experience with ‍the remarkable 2012 Hurricane ‍Boats​ SS188 Outboard Boat. This masterpiece of engineering offers an array of comfort and amenities that will ⁣make ‌your‌ time​ on the water unforgettable.

  • Spacious Seating: The ⁤SS188 features plush, ergonomic ​seating for up to eight‌ passengers, ensuring everyone can relax in absolute comfort.⁣ Whether you’re sunbathing on the‌ bow,⁤ enjoying the ​view from the cockpit, or lounging in the aft deck, the ⁣boat’s premium seating guarantees utmost relaxation throughout ⁣your ‍journey.
  • Refreshment Center: Stay hydrated and refreshed with the​ built-in refreshment center,‌ complete with a⁤ sink, cooler, and ⁢a ​convenient storage compartment. Enjoy cold beverages and prepare⁢ snacks without ever leaving the luxurious comfort⁤ of your boat.
  • Bimini Top: Beat⁤ the ‍heat and stay protected from the sun with​ the SS188’s ⁤retractable Bimini top. Providing ample ⁤shade, this feature ensures ⁤that you ‌and your fellow passengers can relax comfortably even on the ⁣sunniest days.

With‍ its exceptional attention ⁣to detail and commitment ⁤to providing the pinnacle of comfort, the ⁢2012 Hurricane⁣ Boats SS188 Outboard ​Boat ⁤is a true game-changer in the ⁤boating world. Whether​ you’re enjoying a serene day on the lake or engaging in thrilling water sports, this⁤ boat offers an unmatched‌ level of luxury and⁣ comfort that is second to none.

Features Description
GPS Navigation System Navigate​ with precision and ⁤ease‌ using the advanced ⁣GPS⁢ navigation system, ensuring you​ never lose your way on the water.
Bluetooth Connectivity Stay⁣ connected and​ listen to your favorite tunes wirelessly⁤ with ‌the integrated⁣ Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to enjoy music on the go.
Ski ‌Tow Bar For the⁣ adventurous ‌souls, the SS188 features a⁢ ski tow ​bar that allows you to effortlessly ‍engage in exhilarating water⁢ sports activities.

Safety Measures and‍ Durability of⁢ the⁢ 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat

Safety Measures and Durability of the 2012‍ Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat

Safety Measures and Durability

When it comes to safety and durability, the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188⁤ Outboard Boat doesn’t disappoint. Designed with cutting-edge ⁣technology and ⁢top-quality materials, this ‌vessel ensures‍ a worry-free and enjoyable boating experience.

Safety Measures:

  • Sturdy Construction: ⁢The SS188⁤ is built with high-grade fiberglass ​hulls that are ‌not ⁤only lightweight but⁤ also resistant to impact and punctures, enhancing the overall durability of the boat.
  • Floatation Foam: ⁢ To guarantee maximum safety in case of accidents, this boat is equipped ⁢with floatation foam to help keep it afloat during ⁣emergency situations.
  • Non-Skid Surface: The deck of the SS188 features a non-skid​ surface, providing excellent‍ grip ⁣and‌ minimizing the risk ​of slipping, ⁣even in‌ wet conditions.
  • Ample Railings: This vessel⁣ is designed with sturdy ⁣railings‍ strategically⁢ placed around the boat, providing ⁢a secure grip for passengers.

Durability Features:

  • Corrosion-Resistant⁤ Hardware: All hardware components ⁢of this boat ‍are crafted with materials that ⁢are resistant to⁣ corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance even⁣ in saltwater environments.
  • Reinforced Stitching: The upholstery and seating on the SS188 are constructed with reinforced stitching, ‍offering excellent resistance ⁢against ‍wear and⁤ tear, ⁤extending the lifespan of these‌ elements.
  • Transom Support: The boat’s transom is reinforced for‌ added strength‌ and durability, enabling it to handle powerful outboard engines effortlessly.
  • Weatherproof Electrical System: With a weatherproof electrical system, this boat can withstand the elements, ​providing reliable ⁢performance⁣ even in challenging ⁤weather‌ conditions.
Features Description
High-Grade Fiberglass Hulls Lightweight and resistant to‍ impact‌ and punctures.
Floatation Foam Provides emergency buoyancy.
Non-Skid Surface Enhanced grip, reduces slipping risks.
Ample Railings Secure grip for passengers.
Corrosion-Resistant Hardware Long-lasting ​performance in saltwater.
Reinforced Stitching Excellent resistance ‌against​ wear ​and tear.
Transom Support Handles powerful ​outboard engines.
Weatherproof Electrical System Reliable performance in challenging weather.

Expert‍ Recommendations ​for the 2012‌ Hurricane ⁣Boats SS188 Outboard Boat

Expert Recommendations for the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188​ Outboard‌ Boat

When it comes to the⁤ 2012 ⁢Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat, experts unanimously agree ⁤that this vessel offers exceptional performance and versatility on the ⁤water. ⁤With its sleek design‌ and innovative features, this boat is a top choice for boating enthusiasts ‍looking ⁤to ⁣elevate their experience to ‍the next level.

One of the ​standout recommendations from ⁤experts is the boat’s impressive stability. The Hurricane SS188​ is equipped ⁣with a deep and wide hull,⁣ ensuring a smooth ride even in rough water conditions. This‍ makes⁤ it ideal for ⁣a variety of activities, ⁤including fishing, watersports, or ‌simply⁤ cruising ‍with family and friends.

Features Description
Spacious Seating The SS188 Outboard Boat offers ample seating⁤ capacity, allowing ⁣you ⁢to comfortably accommodate‍ up to 8 passengers,⁣ ensuring ‍a memorable and enjoyable outing for‌ everyone.
Integrated Bimini Top Designed to provide shade ​during sunny days, the integrated bimini top⁢ adds a touch of convenience⁣ and comfort while protecting ​you⁤ and ⁤your ‌guests‌ from ‍the sun’s harmful rays.
Versatile Fishing⁣ Options This⁤ boat comes with fishing-specific features such as fishing chairs, livewells, and rod​ holders, ‍making ​it an excellent choice for⁣ anglers who want to pursue their passion on⁣ the water.


Q: What is the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat?

A: The 2012​ Hurricane Boats​ SS188 ⁢Outboard Boat is ⁢a⁣ watercraft ⁤manufactured by ⁣Hurricane Boats. It ⁣is a ⁣versatile vessel designed for recreational boating activities, fishing, and ‍exploring various waterways.

Q: What ‍are the key features of⁣ the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat?

A: The⁣ SS188 Outboard‍ Boat offers several notable features, ‌including a spacious deck layout,‌ allowing for ample seating capacity and comfortable​ movement ⁣on the boat. It is equipped ⁤with outboard‍ motors, providing⁢ reliable⁢ power and maneuverability. The⁤ boat incorporates quality construction and materials, ensuring durability and‌ longevity. It​ also includes ample storage compartments ​ for gear and equipment.

Q: ⁣What⁤ is the seating capacity of the 2012⁣ Hurricane⁢ Boats SS188 Outboard Boat?

A: The SS188 Outboard Boat has a seating capacity suitable ‍for⁢ up⁢ to eight people, ​making it an ideal choice for small groups and families.

Q: Is the ⁢2012​ Hurricane Boats​ SS188 Outboard Boat‍ suitable for ⁤fishing?

A:⁣ Yes, the SS188 Outboard Boat is well-suited for fishing ⁢enthusiasts. It ‌offers fishing-friendly features‍ such as‌ built-in rod‍ holders, livewells for keeping​ bait and catch fresh, and spacious casting decks.

Q: ⁤How does⁤ the⁤ 2012 Hurricane⁢ Boats⁢ SS188 Outboard Boat‌ handle on ‍the water?

A: The SS188 Outboard Boat is designed for ​excellent ⁤handling and maneuverability. Its hull is specifically crafted to provide ⁣a ⁤smooth and⁤ stable⁣ ride in different water conditions.⁣ The outboard ⁤motor setup ensures responsive control and efficient performance.

Q: What⁤ are ‌the safety features of the⁢ 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat?

A: ⁤The SS188 Outboard ⁢Boat prioritizes ‌safety and incorporates essential features like navigational lights, ‌fire ​extinguisher, and automatic bilge pump.⁤ It is⁣ also equipped with sturdy⁤ handrails and grab handles ‌for secure movement within the boat.

Q: How does the‌ 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat ‌compare to other models?

A: While specific⁣ comparisons may depend on ⁤individual preferences and​ requirements, the SS188 Outboard Boat ⁣stands out in ‌its⁤ class for its versatility, comfortable seating capacity, and fishing-friendly​ features. However, it is recommended to research and compare⁣ multiple models to find the best⁢ option for your‌ specific ‌needs.

Q: Where can⁣ one purchase a 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat?

A: As a 2012 model, the availability of‌ the SS188 Outboard⁤ Boat can vary over time.⁢ Interested buyers can search for pre-owned ‌options through online marketplaces, classifieds,⁣ or boat dealerships specializing in used watercraft.

Q: Are there any maintenance‌ tips for owning a ‌2012 Hurricane Boats SS188‍ Outboard Boat?

A: Regular maintenance is crucial for prolonging the ⁢lifespan of ⁣any boat. Owning a 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188‌ Outboard Boat requires ⁢routine ‍checks on the engine, ‍steering, and ‌electrical systems. Additionally, proper cleaning, storage, and adherence to ‍manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules are ⁣essential to ensure optimal ⁤performance and longevity.

Q: What ⁢is the estimated price range ⁣for the 2012 ‌Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard‌ Boat?

A: The price of a ⁤used 2012 Hurricane Boats ‍SS188‍ Outboard⁢ Boat can vary depending on factors such as condition, mileage, and additional features. ‌It is recommended to research market‍ prices and ​consult Manufacturers or dealerships for ‍accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Closing ​Remarks

In conclusion, the 2012 Hurricane⁤ Boats SS188 Outboard Boat has proven to be an exceptional choice for ⁣those seeking‍ a reliable and versatile vessel for ‌their boating adventures. ⁢With its impeccable engineering, durable construction, and ⁤remarkable⁣ performance capabilities, this model has ‌consistently delivered on ⁣its promise of delivering⁢ a safe and enjoyable experience on ‍the water.

The outboard engine of this boat offers a powerful thrust that ensures smooth‌ navigation ⁢and exhilarating speeds, while its spacious and ⁤well-designed ⁤interior provides ample​ room for passengers and​ storage. The SS188’s sleek and modern design not‍ only enhances⁢ its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its efficient fuel consumption and ⁢stable handling.

Safety ⁤and comfort are evident in every aspect of‍ this vessel, with‌ features such as⁢ non-slip decking, sturdy‌ railing, ‍and strategically placed seating options. In addition, the boat’s⁤ superior stability in ⁢various weather conditions, including during hurricanes, has ​been well-documented,​ providing ⁢added peace⁤ of mind to⁤ boaters.

Moreover, the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat ​showcases the ‍manufacturer’s commitment to environmental sustainability, as it complies with rigorous emission ​regulations and incorporates eco-friendly materials ‍whenever possible. This demonstrates the brand’s dedication to preserving our aquatic ecosystems for future generations.

For any⁤ boating enthusiast ‌looking ⁢for a dependable⁣ and performance-driven vessel, the 2012 Hurricane Boats ⁣SS188 Outboard Boat undoubtedly⁣ delivers on every⁣ front. Its unmatched durability, exceptional ​performance, and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for both casual outings and more ⁢adventurous excursions. Whether cruising through calm waters or encountering‍ rough conditions, this boat ⁢will consistently​ exceed your expectations in terms ⁣of both functionality⁣ and enjoyment.

In summary, the 2012 Hurricane Boats SS188 Outboard Boat is an‍ exemplary model​ that embodies⁢ the brand’s⁣ unwavering commitment to excellence. With its ​impressive features, reliable⁣ performance, and unparalleled versatility, it ⁢has undoubtedly earned its place as a ⁢top contender‍ in the marine industry. Embark on your boating adventures⁣ with⁤ confidence, knowing that the 2012‌ Hurricane⁤ Boats SS188 Outboard Boat is designed to offer⁣ the ⁣utmost in ⁢safety,‍ comfort, and⁤ performance for years to come. ⁣

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