2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat

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2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat
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The ‌2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat commands attention‍ of avid‌ fishing enthusiasts with its ⁣remarkable‌ features and exceptional performance. This⁤ alluring vessel has gained significant popularity among anglers ⁢for its reliability, versatility, and durability in various water conditions. Built ⁢by the esteemed Jones Brothers Marine, a renowned manufacturer in the boating industry, this 20-foot Cape Fisherman Boat combines innovation with traditional craftsmanship to deliver an unmatched ‌fishing experience. In this article, we will explore the notable ⁢features ​and specifications of the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat, shedding light on ‍why it ⁢stands out among its competitors.
1. Key Features and Specifications of the‍ 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat

1. ⁣Key Features and Specifications of ‌the⁣ 2012 Jones ​Brothers Marine ​20 Cape Fisherman​ Boat

If you’re in search of a reliable ‍and capable fishing boat, look no further than the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape ​Fisherman. This‍ boat is packed with features and specifications that will enhance‍ your ‍fishing experience⁢ and make every trip out on the water a memorable one.

Some of the key features of this exceptional boat include:

  • Sturdy Fiberglass Construction: The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman⁤ boasts a​ durable and lightweight fiberglass ⁢hull, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.
  • Spacious Deck: With a⁢ generous deck space, you’ll have ⁣plenty of room to move around⁣ and cast your lines without feeling cramped.
  • Multiple Rod Holders: Never worry⁢ about running out of‌ space for your fishing rods again. This ‍boat offers several built-in rod holders, allowing you ‍to bring along all your​ favorite gear.
  • Comfortable Seating: Enjoy long ‌hours on the⁣ water in utmost ⁢comfort with the‍ plush seating options available on ⁤this boat.
  • Ample Storage: The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman comes equipped with ample storage compartments, perfect for stowing away your gear, bait, and catch.

When it comes‍ to the specifications, ⁢this boat truly‌ stands out. ​Check out some of its ⁢notable specifications below:

Specification Details
Length 20 feet
Beam 8 feet
Weight Approximately 2,200 pounds
Maximum ⁤Capacity 6 persons or 1,400 pounds
Engine 150 horsepower Yamaha outboard motor

2. Performance Insights: Handling and Speed

2. Performance ​Insights: Handling and Speed

Handling and speed ‌are two critical⁢ factors to consider when evaluating a boat’s performance. These factors greatly influence the overall boating experience, determining how smoothly the boat navigates through water and how quickly it can reach its desired destination. When it comes to handling, the ⁤2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape‌ Fisherman boat stands out ⁤with its exceptional maneuverability and agile performance. Whether you’re ⁢cruising ​through choppy ​waters or making tight turns, this boat offers a⁢ stable and responsive handling experience, ensuring maximum control for the⁢ captain.

In terms‌ of speed, the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat⁤ doesn’t disappoint. Equipped‌ with a powerful engine, this boat has the ability to reach impressive speeds, allowing for a swift and exhilarating ride. ⁢Whether‌ you’re heading to your favorite fishing spot or exploring new⁣ waters, the quick⁤ acceleration and high top speed of this ‍boat ensure that ⁤you can quickly get to your destination,‌ saving you valuable time on the water. With its exceptional handling and impressive speed, the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat provides ⁣a ​performance that truly enhances the boating experience.

Specifications Details
Length 20⁢ feet
Beam 7 feet 10 inches
Draft 10 inches
Weight 1,800 pounds
Engine Yamaha 150 HP

This boat’s compact size and lightweight design contribute to its exceptional handling capabilities, allowing for effortless maneuvering ‍in even the tightest spaces. The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat is ⁤perfect for those ​who enjoy ⁣fishing in both calm and rough waters. Its stability and agility ensure a comfortable ride, ⁢whether ⁢you’re navigating ⁣through waves ⁤or trolling at slower ​speeds. Additionally, the boat’s Yamaha⁢ 150 HP engine provides an ‍ideal balance between‌ power and ⁣fuel efficiency, giving you the ‍speed you need while being mindful of your ​environmental impact. Combine⁢ all these features, ⁤and you have a boat that excels in both handling⁣ and speed, making it an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts ⁣of all ⁢levels.
3. Unmatched​ Fishability: Design and Amenities

3. Unmatched ​Fishability: Design and Amenities

The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat sets a new‌ standard for fishability with its thoughtfully designed features ‌and top-notch amenities. Whether‌ you’re an avid angler or just starting out, this boat offers everything you need to enjoy a ⁤successful fishing experience.

Equipped with‌ a ‌durable fiberglass hull, this 20-foot‍ vessel is designed to navigate various water conditions with ease, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. The spacious deck provides ample room to move around and cast your lines, while ⁣the high gunnels offer added safety and security during intense battles with your catch of the day.

  • Center Console Configuration: The center console layout ⁣of the Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman allows for maximum visibility⁢ and easy ​maneuverability. It‌ provides the captain with excellent control and accessibility to all fishing spots, ensuring you never miss a prime opportunity.
  • Live Bait and Fish Storage: With‌ an integrated live bait well, you ​can keep your‍ bait lively and ready for action. Additionally, the boat features under-deck storage compartments ​to‍ keep your catches fresh and protected from the elements until you return to shore.
  • Comfort and Convenience: The‍ boat is equipped with comfortable seating options, including cushioned benches and leaning ‍posts, allowing you ⁣and your fellow anglers to ​relax during those long hours‌ on the water. It also offers ample storage space for all your gear and‌ equipment.

Embark on your fishing adventures with confidence in the exceptional⁣ fishability‍ provided⁣ by ​the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat. Its ⁤innovative design and ⁢amenities are sure to enhance your ⁤angling experience, making every outing an unforgettable success.

Specifications Details
Length 20 feet
Beam 8 feet
Weight 1,500 lbs
Engine Single outboard
Maximum Capacity 6⁢ persons

4. ‌Durability and Construction: Evaluating‍ the Build Quality

4. Durability ‌and Construction: Evaluating the Build Quality

When it comes to ⁤assessing the durability and construction of a product, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate the build quality to ensure its reliability​ and longevity.⁢ In the case of our subject of discussion,‌ the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat, we delve into ‍the construction techniques and materials ⁣, giving you a holistic understanding of‌ its robustness.

Key ⁢aspects⁣ that​ contribute to the boat’s durability include:

  • Fiberglass construction: The 2012⁣ Jones Brothers Marine 20 ​Cape Fisherman is skillfully crafted using ​high-quality‌ fiberglass to enhance⁢ its strength and resistance to impact, making it well-suited for⁣ various water conditions.
  • Composite ⁣stringer system: This boat features a composite stringer ⁤system ⁢that adds⁣ rigidity and structural integrity, minimizing flex ‌and⁢ ensuring⁤ a‌ solid construction ⁣that can ‌withstand the ​test of time.
  • Aluminum reinforcement: Throughout the boat, strategically⁢ placed ‌aluminum reinforcements enhance its overall sturdiness, providing additional ⁢support to critical areas and joints.
  • Thick gel coat finish: The boat’s exterior is ⁢coated with a thick layer of premium gel coat, which not only offers a visually appealing, glossy ‌finish but also acts‍ as a protective barrier against UV rays, preventing fading and⁢ maintaining⁢ the boat’s aesthetic appeal.
Model Length Beam Weight Capacity
2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman 20 feet 7 feet 8 inches 2,900 lbs 6 people
  • Self-bailing cockpit
  • Foam-filled gunnels for added flotation
  • Lockable and secure ⁤storage ‌compartments
  • Built-in livewell for bait preservation
  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion ⁤resistance

5. Recommendations for ‌Prospective Buyers: Is⁢ the⁤ 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman⁣ Boat Worth It?

5. Recommendations for Prospective Buyers: Is the⁢ 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman Boat Worth It?

5. Recommendations for Prospective Buyers:

Considering the 2012 Jones Brothers​ Marine 20⁤ Cape Fisherman ‍Boat for your next purchase? Here are some key points to keep in mind to help you make an ‌informed decision:

1. Exceptional Durability:

The 2012 Jones⁣ Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat ‍boasts‌ impressive⁣ durability, making⁢ it an excellent choice ⁢for fishing enthusiasts who plan to ⁢spend long hours⁣ on ‌the water. Built with high-quality materials and reinforced hull, this boat can withstand the​ test of time and handle diverse weather ⁢conditions with ease. Its sturdy construction ensures a safe ⁢and stable ride, allowing you to confidently navigate rough waters.

2. Versatile Layout:

One of the standout⁣ features⁣ of the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20‌ Cape Fisherman is its ​versatile layout. With ample storage compartments, a spacious deck, and comfortable ​seating, this boat offers a ‍perfect balance of functionality and comfort. Whether you’re⁢ planning a fishing trip with friends or a leisurely ⁣cruise with the ⁣family, ⁤the well-thought-out design of this boat ensures ‌there’s ‌room for everyone and everything you need.⁤ Additionally, the open cockpit provides easy access for casting lines or reeling in the big catch.

Key Features Specifications
Length 20 ⁤feet
Beam 8 feet 3⁢ inches
Weight 2,800 pounds (approx.)
Engine 150-200 horsepower
Fuel Capacity 60 gallons


Q: What is the 2012 Jones ⁤Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat?
A: The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat is a type of⁣ watercraft designed⁤ for fishing purposes.

Q: Who manufactures the 2012 Jones Brothers⁣ Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat?
A: The boat⁤ is manufactured⁣ by Jones Brothers Marine, a​ renowned company known for producing high-quality marine vessels.

Q: What⁢ are the key features of the 2012⁤ Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman​ boat?
A: Some key ‍features of this ⁤boat include its sturdy‍ construction, ample deck space, convenient storage compartments, comfortable seating, and a reliable engine for optimal⁤ performance on the water.

Q: What is the overall size of the 2012‍ Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat?
A: The boat measures approximately 20 feet in length.

Q: What type of engine powers the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat?
A: The 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat ⁤typically comes equipped‍ with ⁤an outboard motor, ‍offering sufficient power for fishing activities.

Q: How many people can the 2012 Jones⁣ Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat accommodate?
A: This boat can comfortably ‌accommodate up to four or five people depending on the⁢ seating configuration.

Q: What are the advantages of owning a 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape‌ Fisherman‍ boat?
A: ​Owning this boat provides various ⁣advantages, including its durability, versatility, and ability to navigate through shallow ⁣waters. Additionally, its robust design ensures‍ stability during fishing activities.

Q: Are there any additional equipment or accessories available for the 2012 Jones Brothers ⁣Marine 20 Cape Fisherman‍ boat?
A: Yes, it is common to ⁢find optional accessories such as fishing rod holders, ⁢live bait wells, and cooler storage to enhance the boat’s ​functionality. These can‌ be added based on individual preferences.

Q: How does the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman boat​ perform⁣ on ‌the water?
A: This boat is known for its⁤ exceptional performance, maneuverability, and ability ‌to handle various water conditions, making it⁣ an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts. Its design allows‌ for a ⁢smooth​ ride, even on choppy waters.

Q: Is the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 Cape Fisherman ⁢boat still available for purchase?
A: ​The availability of this boat may vary based on the current ⁣market and inventory. We recommend‍ checking with authorized dealers or Jones Brothers Marine directly to inquire about the availability of the 2012 model. ⁢

To Conclude

In conclusion, the 2012⁣ Jones⁢ Brothers​ Marine ⁣20 Cape Fisherman boat proves to be a noteworthy choice for avid anglers and ‍boating enthusiasts alike. The combination of its sturdy construction, functional design, and reliable performance makes it a compelling option in the market.⁤ With its ​spacious ‌deck, ample storage, and superior stability, this boat ensures a ⁣comfortable and enjoyable fishing ⁢experience. Furthermore, the cutting-edge ⁣technology integrated into this model ensures seamless navigation and enhanced safety⁣ on ⁤the water. Overall, the 2012 Jones Brothers Marine 20 ⁢Cape Fisherman boat​ represents a ​commendable ⁢choice for those seeking a reliable, efficient, and⁣ versatile⁢ vessel for their​ fishing adventures.

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