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Etap 30 I Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1996  
Manufacturer: XBOAT
Price: Estimated Mile Range 47,000
(Max Mile Range:64,898)  

MotEstimated Mile Range volvo 2020 18cv, 1200h tres bon etat 2 cabines, 6 couchettes spi asy annexe electronique

Hull Material 
Number of Engines 

Contact Information

+33 821 909 116

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Why the Etap 30 I 1996 is a Great Choice for Boat Enthusiasts

The Etap 30 I 1996 is a sailboat that offers a blend of performance, comfort, and safety features that make it a great choice for boat enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a beginner looking for a reliable vessel, the Etap 30 I is worth considering. In this article, we will explore the key reasons why this boat stands out and why it may be the perfect match for your needs.

1. Unparalleled Safety

One of the standout features of the Etap 30 I 1996 is its exceptional safety measures. Etap yachts are known for their unsinkable design, making them a top choice for sailors who prioritize safety. The boat’s double-skinned construction and watertight compartments provide added buoyancy and ensure that the vessel remains afloat, even in the event of a hull breach. This feature offers peace of mind for both experienced sailors and those new to the sport.

2. Impressive Performance

The Etap 30 I 1996 offers impressive performance capabilities, making it an excellent choice for both cruising and racing. Its sleek design and well-balanced hull allow it to easily glide through the water, providing a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. The boat’s rigging and sail controls are designed with ease of use in mind, making it suitable for single-handed sailing or for those who prefer a smaller crew. The Etap 30 I’s performance capabilities make it a versatile choice for various sailing conditions.

3. Comfortable Living Spaces

Despite its compact size, the Etap 30 I 1996 offers comfortable living spaces that cater to the needs of its occupants. The interior layout is efficiently designed, maximizing the available space without sacrificing comfort. The main salon provides ample seating and can be quickly converted into a cozy sleeping area. The galley is well-equipped with a stove, sink, and storage space, allowing for convenient meal preparation while onboard. Additionally, the boat features a separate head compartment, providing privacy and convenience.

4. Durability and Low Maintenance

The Etap 30 I 1996 is built to last, with a robust construction that ensures durability even in challenging weather conditions. The boat’s materials are carefully selected for their strength and resistance to corrosion, reducing the likelihood of maintenance issues. Etap yachts are known for their quality craftsmanship, and the Etap 30 I is no exception. Owning this vessel means you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your sailing adventures.

5. Excellent Resale Value

If you ever decide to sell your Etap 30 I 1996, you can expect to receive an excellent resale value. Etap yachts have a reputation for holding their value well, making them a wise investment for boat enthusiasts. The combination of safety features, performance capabilities, and comfort make the Etap 30 I an attractive choice for potential buyers. This is especially beneficial if you are looking for a boat that can provide long-term enjoyment while also retaining its value.

In conclusion, the Etap 30 I 1996 is an impressive sailboat that offers a unique blend of safety, performance, and comfort. Its unsinkable design, impressive performance capabilities, comfortable living spaces, durability, and excellent resale value make it a top choice for boat enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking a reliable vessel for cruising or racing, the Etap 30 I is an option worth considering.

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