2023 Opportunities: Transform a Higgins Trawler US Army T Boat Into a Luxurious Yacht for $135,000

If you are looking for a T boat -, you can check out the details on reshipped.net. The 1953 Higgins Trawler US Army T Boat Yacht is a pretty yacht with a length of 65ft and a beam of 17ft. It is powered by a D-375 Caterpillar model engine that runs on diesel. The hull material is steel, and it has sleek features such as ample space, refrigerator, double sink, cabinets, microwave, and trash compactor.

The Higgins Trawler US Boats Review and Specs:
– Year: 1953
– Manufacturer: Midcoast Yacht & Ship Brokerage
– Max Mile Range:135,000
– Major price reduction to $135,000. Must be sold. This price is firm. The vessel listing is getting significant attention.

The boat is a 65′ US Army T-boat built by Higgins industries. It was made famous by the Higgins landing craft. There were 86 of these vessels built, and most are still in operation around the world. This particular vessel has a large cargo hold, spacious saloon and galley, and lots of deck space. It is easy to handle and is ready to cruise or go to work now. The owner has made significant investments in the boat, and it is in very good condition.

The boat was built in 1953 by Higgins and converted to a live-aboard cruiser between 1999 and 2006. It has an overall length of 65ft, a beam of 17ft, and a draft of 8ft when fully loaded. The engine is a Caterpillar D-375 rated at 285 hp. The boat has undergone various upgrades and renovations, including a new wheelhouse, engine throttle control, transmission shift control, and more.

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