2023 Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats **Newest Models at an Unbeatable Price of Only $4K!

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Discover the latest 2020 models of Sugar Sand Mirage Sport boats at an unbelievable price of only $4K. Hurry and own these highly enticing boats, perfect for adventure seekers. Unleash the thrill with Sugar Sand Mirage Sport boats.

Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats create these beautiful boats. These boats are also in the Jetboat category, as they are specifically designed for that purpose. The motors were overhauled in 2018 and currently have only 300 hours of use. Additionally, the boat includes new electrical and water systems, tanks, boilers, inverters, and generators.

Sugar Sand Mirage Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1996
Manufacturer: Doug’s Anchor Marine
Max Mile Range:3,995

The 1996 Sugar Sand Sport Model Jet Boat is equipped with a Mercury 120hp motor. It also comes with a 1996 Sugar Sands Custom Bunk Trailer, Bench Seating, Bow Surround Seating, Swim Platform, and AM/FM STEREO. The interior is in very nice condition with no tears or rips, and the exterior is also in good condition. This is a consigned boat being sold on behalf of a customer. – HARD TO FIND MODEL

Hull Material 
Hull Shape 
Number of Engines 
Modified Vee
81 ft

Contact Information

(888) 393-5853
(605) 886-0113

Sugar Sands boats

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Sugar Sand Boats & Sugar Sand Specs & Pictures

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The price of Sugar Sand Mirage Boats is $4,000.

Doug’s Anchor Marine is the manufacturer of Sugar Sand Mirage Boats.

Sugar Sand Mirage Boats can reach speeds of up to 45 knots.

Yes, you can use Sugar Sand Mirage Boats on a daily basis.

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**Explore the Exhilarating World of Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats!**

If you are a water enthusiast seeking an exciting and thrilling experience on the waves, look no further than the mesmerizing Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats. These state-of-the-art watercraft are the epitome of power, style, and performance, offering an unforgettable adventure for boating enthusiasts of all levels. The best part? You can now own the newest 2020 models for an incredibly affordable price of only $4K! Let’s explore why these boats are generating so much buzz in the boating community.

**Unleash the Power of Mirage Sport Boats:**

Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats are engineered to deliver an unmatched combination of power and speed. These boats are equipped with robust engines that can propel you through the water at hair-raising speeds, giving you an adrenaline rush like no other. Whether you are cruising along the shoreline or engaging in exhilarating water sports, these boats will provide you with a thrilling experience that will leave you craving for more.

**Cutting-Edge Design and Features:**

The design of Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats is a blend of elegance and functionality. Every curve and contour reflects meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. From the sleek hull design, providing exceptional stability and maneuverability, to the stylish upholstery and premium finishes, these boats are a treat for the eyes. The spacious and ergonomically designed cockpit allows you to relax and enjoy the ride while having all the necessary controls at your fingertips.

**Versatile Watercraft for Every Adventure:**

Whether you are into fishing, water sports, or simply cruising, Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats have got you covered. These versatile watercraft are designed to excel in various activities, making them perfect for family outings or solo adventures. With ample storage space for equipment and gear, you can take your water sports tools or fishing accessories along, ensuring you have everything you need for a memorable day on the water.

**Unmatched Durability and Reliability:**

Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats are built to last, thanks to their high-quality construction and premium materials. These boats can withstand the harsh conditions of the water, ensuring durability and longevity. You can enjoy your boating adventures with peace of mind, knowing that your Mirage Sport Boat will handle whatever challenges come its way.

**Unbeatable Value for Your Money:**

Purchasing a boat is a significant investment, and Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats offer unbeatable value for your money. The newest 2020 models, priced at only $4K, provide an unprecedented opportunity to own a high-performance, top-of-the-line watercraft without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer to elevate your boating experience and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

In conclusion, Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats are the ultimate choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a combination of power, style, and affordability. With their thrilling performance, cutting-edge design, versatility, durability, and unbeatable value, these boats are set to redefine your boating adventures. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey on the water with Sugar Sand Mirage Sport Boats – your ticket to the ultimate boating experience!

Michael Johnson

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