Bayliner Pilothouse Motor Yacht 1987 Boats for Sale & Yachts Updated for 2023!

“Explore the open waters in style with this 1987 Bayliner Pilothouse Motor Yacht. Sleek design, spacious interior, and top-notch performance make it a must-have for any yacht enthusiast.”

At, we have a review and specifications for Bayliner Pilothouse Motor Boats. This 1987 model from Flying Cloud Yachts is priced at Max Mile Range:129,000 and has only 600 hours on twin 220hp Hino’s with turbos. The yacht has been meticulously maintained and recently upgraded with new features such as a camel color faux leather sectional, beige carpet, fresh water electric toilets, Garmin Chart Plotters, Panasonic Surround Sound, and Flat Screen TVs. The seller, who is a two boat owner, is offering this yacht for a quick sale.

The yacht runs on diesel fuel and has a fiberglass hull with a beam of 14 ft 11 in and a max draft of 3 ft. It is powered by twin U.S. Marine Turbo Hino engines with a fuel capacity of 500 gallons. The overall length is 45 ft with a holding tank size of 48 gallons and a water capacity of 200 gallons. The engines have a total of 740 hours and there are two engines onboard.

For more information on this Bayliner Pilothouse Boat, please contact (562) 594-9716 or (562) 594-0710. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your contact information so that the owner can reach out to you via email or phone.

If you are interested in purchasing this yacht or browsing more Bayliner boats for sale, be sure to visit our website. We have a wide selection of Bayliner boats available, with detailed information and photos provided by Manufacturers. is the leading platform for buying and selling boats and yachts. Check out our website for more information on Bayliner Boats, with a total of 82,000 models available.

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When it comes to buying a boat, many factors come into play – size, style, price, and brand, just to name a few. If you’re in the market for a pilothouse motor yacht, the Bayliner 1987 model is a great option to consider. This classic boat offers a perfect balance of comfort, performance, and style that is sure to impress even the most discerning of buyers.

One of the standout features of the Bayliner Pilothouse Motor Yacht is its spacious and well-appointed interior. With its large windows and open layout, the yacht offers plenty of natural light and stunning views of the water. The comfortable seating areas, fully-equipped galley, and cozy sleeping quarters make this boat perfect for extended trips or weekend getaways with family and friends.

In terms of performance, the Bayliner 1987 model is no slouch either. With a powerful engine and excellent handling, this yacht is a pleasure to drive in all kinds of conditions. Whether you’re cruising along the coast or navigating rough waters, you can trust that this boat will get you where you need to go safely and efficiently.

Another reason to consider the Bayliner Pilothouse Motor Yacht is its reputation for quality and durability. Bayliner is known for producing high-quality boats that are built to last, and this 1987 model is no exception. With proper care and maintenance, this boat can provide years of enjoyment on the water, making it a smart investment for any boat enthusiast.

If you’re in the market for a pilothouse motor yacht, the Bayliner 1987 model is definitely worth a closer look. With its spacious interior, impressive performance, and reputation for quality, this boat has everything you need for a fantastic boating experience. Don’t hesitate to check out this classic yacht – you won’t be disappointed!

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