Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat: Luxury Voyage Awaits, Set Sail!

Welcome aboard the magnificent Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat! With its elegant design and exceptional performance, this luxurious vessel offers a voyage like no other. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or an enthusiastic beginner, the Oceanis 34 promises an unforgettable sailing experience. From its spacious interiors to its state-of-the-art navigation equipment, this sailboat is redefining the standards of luxury on the sea. So hoist the sails, set a course, and embark on a remarkable journey filled with adventure and tranquility. Welcome to a world where dreams come true, and where the open water becomes your playground. Get ready to set sail on the Beneteau Oceanis 34!
Design and Comfort: A Sophisticated Blend of Elegance and Practicality

Design and Comfort: A Sophisticated Blend of Elegance and Practicality

Step aboard the Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat and prepare to be awed by its impeccable design and unmatched comfort. This impressive vessel seamlessly combines elegance and practicality, creating the perfect haven for discerning sailors and adventure enthusiasts alike.

The design of the Beneteau Oceanis 34 is a true masterpiece. Every detail has been carefully crafted to offer a luxurious and visually stunning experience on the open waters. From sleek lines and a graceful silhouette to the finest materials and finishes, this sailboat exudes sophistication in every inch. Whether you’re cruising through calm seas or tackling challenging waves, the sturdy construction ensures a smooth and stable ride.

  • Spacious interiors that maximize comfort and enable convenient movement.
  • Thoughtfully designed cabins provide a peaceful retreat for restful nights.
  • Large windows and ample natural light create an airy atmosphere.
  • Ergonomic helm stations and strategically positioned controls for effortless sailing.
  • Modern amenities that cater to your every need, including:
    • A fully equipped galley with top-of-the-line appliances.
    • A luxurious saloon for entertaining and relaxation.
    • Plenty of storage space for all your belongings.
Length 10.34m
Beam 3.65m
Displacement 5,487 kg
Sail Area 56.6 m²
Draught 1.82m

Efficient Sailing: Unleash the Potential of High Performance

Efficient Sailing: Unleash the Potential of High Performance

Setting sail on the vast open waters is an exhilarating experience that brings a sense of freedom and adventure. To fully embrace this thrilling journey, it is essential to choose a sailboat that combines excellent performance, advanced technology, and luxurious amenities. The Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat is meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable voyage, catering to even the most discerning sailors.

Designed with efficiency as the cornerstone, this high-performance vessel maximizes speed and stability, while ensuring exceptional maneuverability. The Oceanis 34 boasts a sleek hull shape and advanced rigging systems, allowing it to effortlessly slice through the waves and harness the power of the wind. This sailboat offers optimal efficiency on the water, allowing you to unleash its full potential as you embark on thrilling adventures.

Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat: Luxury Voyage Awaits, Set Sail!

Key Features Specifications
  • Oceanis Chine Hull for enhanced stability
  • Efficient and powerful sail plan
  • Luxurious and spacious interior
  • Comfortable cockpit with ergonomic design
  • Length Overall: 10.34m
  • Beam: 3.65m
  • Draft: 1.82m
  • Displacement: 5,273kg
  • Engine Power: 29HP
Whether you desire a thrilling performance under sail or a comfortable cruising experience, the Beneteau Oceanis 34 offers the perfect blend of style, versatility, and efficiency. Sail the open seas with confidence and embark on a luxury voyage of a lifetime.

Spacious Interior: Enjoy a Luxurious and Functional Living Space

Spacious Interior: Enjoy a Luxurious and Functional Living Space

Step into a world of unparalleled comfort and style aboard the Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat. Designed with a focus on maximizing space, this stunning vessel offers a spacious interior that will make you feel right at home on the open sea. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-term voyage, the luxurious living space of the Oceanis 34 guarantees a truly unforgettable sailing experience.

Featuring a carefully crafted layout, every inch of the Oceanis 34’s interior has been thoughtfully designed to provide both functionality and indulgence. The sleek and modern finishings create an atmosphere of effortless elegance, while the abundance of natural light flooding through the large panoramic windows adds a sense of airiness to the space. With roomy cabins, commodious saloon, and ample storage throughout the boat, you’ll have all the freedom you need to relax, entertain, and unwind.

Specifications Details
Length Overall 10.34m
Beam 3.65m
Displacement 5,510 kg
Engine 30 HP
Fuel Capacity 130 L

Indulge in the ultimate luxury as you embark on a voyage you’ve always dreamed of. With the Oceanis 34, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new horizons while embracing a lifestyle of comfort and sophistication. From the well-appointed cabins to the fully-equipped galley, every detail has been carefully considered to offer you the perfect blend of functionality and opulence.

Bold and dynamic, the Oceanis 34 boasts an innovative design that guarantees exceptional performance on the water. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking for adventure or a novice seeking a peaceful escape, this remarkable sailboat will effortlessly transport you to your desired destination. With spacious interiors and remarkable capabilities, the Beneteau Oceanis 34 is truly the epitome of luxury on the high seas.

Top-Notch Amenities: Experience Unparalleled Luxury Onboard

Top-Notch Amenities: Experience Unparalleled Luxury Onboard

Indulge in the lap of luxury as you set sail aboard our exquisite Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat. With a plethora of top-notch amenities, we spare no expense in ensuring your voyage is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse yourself in pure bliss as you bask in the opulence of our luxurious cabins, each meticulously designed to offer unrivaled comfort and style. Sink into plush bedding, adorned with high-quality linens, and drift off to sleep with the gentle rocking of the waves, creating the perfect ambiance for a peaceful slumber.

Pamper yourself in our sleek and spacious bathrooms, complete with state-of-the-art fixtures and elegant finishes. Step into the rejuvenating embrace of a luxurious shower, enveloped by invigorating water jets and surrounded by pristine marble tiling. Feel the cares of the world wash away as you indulge in the ultimate self-care experience. Our stunning galley is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, allowing you to unleash your inner chef and create gourmet meals with ease. Delight in the unparalleled pleasure of dining in style, surrounded by panoramic views of the mesmerizing sea.

Length Beam Cabins Heads Sail Area
10.34m (34ft) 3.65m (11’11”) 2 1 514 sq ft
Draft Displacement Engine Fuel Capacity Water Capacity
1.82m (6ft) 5,800 kg (12,787 lbs) 30 hp Yanmar 130 L (34 US gal) 290 L (77 US gal)
Designer CE Certification Keel Max Passengers Max Speed
Finnot, Conq & Ass Category A – 8 Cast iron 6 8 knots

Cruising Versatility: Sail with Confidence in Any Weather or Destination

Cruising Versatility: Sail with Confidence in Any Weather or Destination

When it comes to cruising on the open seas, having a boat that can handle any weather condition or reach any destination is crucial. With the Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat, you can set sail with confidence, knowing that you have the perfect vessel for your sailing adventures. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a beginner, this sailboat offers the ultimate cruising versatility, ensuring a comfortable and safe voyage every time.

The Beneteau Oceanis 34 is designed to provide a luxurious and enjoyable sailing experience, no matter the weather or the destination. Here are some key features that make this sailboat stand out:

1. Outstanding Performance:

  • Equipped with a powerful sail plan and advanced rigging, the Oceanis 34 ensures excellent speed, stability, and handling in both light and heavy winds.
  • Its deep keel design provides optimal balance and control, allowing you to navigate through rough seas with confidence.

2. Comfort and Convenience:

  • The spacious interior of the Oceanis 34 offers all the comforts of home, with a well-appointed galley, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a stylish salon area.
  • Ample storage space allows you to bring all your essentials and more, making long journeys a breeze.
Key Features Details
Length 34 feet
Beam 11 feet 5 inches
Accommodation Sleeps up to 6 people
Engine Yanmar 29 horsepower
Sail Area Fully battened mainsail and furling genoa

With its luxurious features, exceptional performance, and impressive specifications, the Beneteau Oceanis 34 Sailboat promises an unforgettable and luxurious voyage. Whether you are exploring coastal waters or embarking on a long-distance adventure, this sailboat will take you there in style and comfort. Set sail with confidence and embrace the cruising versatility of the Oceanis 34.


Q: What is the Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat?
A: The Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat is a luxurious and well-designed vessel that offers an exceptional sailing experience.

Q: What are the key features of the Beneteau Oceanis 34?
A: The Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat boasts a spacious and comfortable interior, a sleek and elegant exterior design, excellent performance on the water, and a wide range of amenities for a luxurious voyage.

Q: How many passengers can the Beneteau Oceanis 34 accommodate?
A: The sailboat can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers, making it ideal for both small groups and families.

Q: How is the interior of the Beneteau Oceanis 34 designed?
A: The interior is designed to prioritize comfort and convenience, featuring a well-appointed saloon, a fully equipped galley, multiple cabins, and a spacious head compartment with a shower.

Q: What is the performance like on the Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat?
A: With a modern hull design and advanced sail systems, the sailboat offers excellent performance, stability, and responsiveness. It sails smoothly and effortlessly through various weather conditions.

Q: What amenities are available on the Beneteau Oceanis 34?
A: The sailboat is equipped with various amenities, such as a spacious cockpit with comfortable seating, a swimming platform for easy access to the water, a navigation station with modern electronics, ample storage space, and more.

Q: Is the Beneteau Oceanis 34 suitable for long-distance voyages?
A: Yes, the sailboat is designed to handle long-distance voyages with ease. Its reliable construction, efficient systems, and spacious accommodations make it a comfortable and safe option for extended trips.

Q: Can the Beneteau Oceanis 34 be sailed single-handedly?
A: Yes, the sailboat can be easily handled by a single person. It is designed with user-friendly features and intuitive sail controls, allowing solo sailors to navigate and maneuver the boat effortlessly.

Q: What makes the Beneteau Oceanis 34 stand out among other sailboats?
A: The Beneteau Oceanis 34 offers a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and comfort. Its beautiful design, versatility, and attention to detail set it apart from other sailboats in its class.

Q: Where can one purchase the Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat?
A: The Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat can be purchased through authorized Beneteau dealers and brokers worldwide. Interested buyers can visit the official Beneteau website or contact local dealers for more information.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat offers a truly luxurious voyage on the open seas, inviting adventurers to set sail with unmatched comfort and elegance. With its sleek design, spacious interior, and top-notch craftsmanship, this vessel promises a memorable experience for both seasoned sailors and those new to the world of sailing.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a range of impressive features, the Oceanis 34 ensures a smooth and effortless journey. Its impressive sailing performance, combined with user-friendly maneuvering, guarantees a pleasurable and responsive sailing experience for captains of all skill levels.

The Oceanis 34’s emphasis on comfort is evident in every detail, from its well-appointed living spaces to its fully equipped galley. Take in the breathtaking surroundings from the spacious cockpit, relax in the cozy and stylish interior, or enjoy a gourmet meal prepared in the well-designed kitchenette. No matter where you are on board, you’ll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of pure relaxation and tranquility.

Safety is also paramount on the Oceanis 34, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and meticulously crafted to withstand even the most challenging of conditions. Its sturdy construction and exceptional stability provide peace of mind, allowing sailors to sail confidently in any weather.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-distance adventure, the Beneteau Oceanis 34 sailboat guarantees an unforgettable journey. From its luxurious amenities to its superior performance, this vessel is truly a masterpiece of nautical engineering. So, if you’re ready to explore the open seas in style and immerse yourself in the ultimate sailing experience, don’t hesitate to set sail on the Oceanis 34. Your luxury voyage awaits!

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