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Condor Comtess 2 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1981  
Price: Estimated Mile Range 89,900
(Max Mile Range:124,134)  






For english description look further down.Einrichtung & Aufteilung:AchterkabineInnenfahrstandInnenfahrstand 22.
Steuerstand auf Fly2. Steuerstand auf AchterdeckBack-to-back SitzePantryDunstabzugshaubeBackofenAnzahl Kochplatten : 2Herdplatten :
Ceran FeldKuehlschrankNautikEcholotFischfinderSumlogKompassGegensprechanlageAutopilotUKW SeefunkRadarPerseningPersening
FlyPersening Salon FrontSonnensegel AchterdeckTechnische AusruestungLandanschluss : 220 VAnzahl Ladegeraete : 2Spannung Ladegeraete :
24 VBordspannungsnetz : 24 VoltAnzahl Lichtmaschinen : 2Positionslampen SeePositionslampen BinnengewaesserPositionslampen
AnkerSuchscheinwerfer : elektrischZubehoerErsatzpropellerAnzahl Bugankerwinden : 1DruckwasseranlageBoilerHeckduscheDeckduscheHeizung
: Eberspächer 5DLFensterrahmen : AluSeereling HolzrandlaufSeereling Material : in NirostaInteriors & Cabin Layout:Aft
cabinDriver cabinDriver cabin 22. fly helmstand2. helmstand at afterdeckBack-to-back seatPantry Exhaust hood Oven Number of
hot plates : 2 Hobs : Ceran Feld Fridge NautikDepth-sounder Fish finderSumlogcompassintercom AutopilotUKW marine
communicationsRadarPerseningPersening flyPersening salon frontAwning afterdeck Technical EquipmentShore power : 220
VValues chargers : 2Voltage chargers : 24 VBoard voltage network : 24 VoltNumbers alternators : 2Positionlamp
seePositionlamp inland waterPositionlamp anchorSearchlight : elektrischAppendix Spare propellerNumber bug winding
armatures : 1Water compressive systemBoilerStern showerDeck showerHeating : Eberspächer 5DLWindow frame : AluGuardrail
wood edge overGuardrail material : in Nirosta commission number: PJ10973Please contact at +49 (0)421 56 60 70

Hull Material
Cruising Speed
Maximum Speed
17 miles per hour
20 knots

Contact Information

+49 (0)421 566 07 0
+49 (0)421 566 07 600

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Condor Comtess 2 1981 Boats & Yachts


If you’re a boat enthusiast and looking for a classic sailboat that combines elegance, performance, and durability, the Condor Comtess 2 1981 is an excellent choice. This boat has a rich history and has proven to be a favorite among sailing enthusiasts for decades. In this article, we will discuss the key features, benefits, and why you should consider buying a Condor Comtess 2 1981 boat.

Key Features

The Condor Comtess 2 1981 offers several features that set it apart from other sailboats on the market. Here are some of the key features that make it an attractive option for both experienced sailors and beginners alike:

1. Classic Design: The Condor Comtess 2 1981 boasts a timeless design that is both elegant and eye-catching. Its sleek lines, teak wood finishing, and spacious interior make it a pleasure to own and sail.

2. Durability: Built in 1981, the Condor Comtess 2 has proven its durability over the years. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and provide a safe sailing experience.

3. Performance: The Condor Comtess 2 1981 offers excellent performance on the water. Its sleek hull design and properly balanced sail area-to-displacement ratio make it maneuver easily and sail smoothly, even in challenging conditions.

4. Spacious Cabin: One of the standout features of the Condor Comtess 2 1981 is its spacious cabin. Designed for comfort, the cabin features ample headroom, large berths, a well-equipped galley, and plenty of storage space.

5. Easy Handling: Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice, the Condor Comtess 2 1981 is easy to handle. Its well-designed cockpit layout, responsive steering, and easily adjustable sails make it a joy to sail.

Why Choose a Condor Comtess 2 1981?

There are several reasons why choosing a Condor Comtess 2 1981 boat is a great decision:

1. Heritage: The Condor Comtess 2 1981 has a rich history and a strong reputation among sailing enthusiasts. Owning one of these boats allows you to become part of a proud legacy and connect with a community of passionate sailors.

2. Investment Potential: Classic sailboats like the Condor Comtess 2 1981 have a strong resale value. These boats are highly sought after by collectors and sailing enthusiasts, making them a smart investment choice.

3. Versatility: Whether you’re interested in coastal cruising, day sailing, or even racing, the Condor Comtess 2 1981 is versatile enough to meet your needs. Its excellent performance and maneuverability make it suitable for various sailing adventures.

4. Timeless Beauty: The classic design of the Condor Comtess 2 1981 ensures that it will always turn heads wherever you go. Its timeless beauty and elegant lines make it a stunning addition to any marina or sailing event.

In conclusion, the Condor Comtess 2 1981 is a highly recommended choice for anyone looking for a classic sailboat that combines style, performance, and durability. Its timeless design, excellent performance, and versatile nature make it a pleasure to sail in various conditions. If you’re in the market for a sailboat that will turn heads and provide a memorable sailing experience, the Condor Comtess 2 1981 should be at the top of your list.

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