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“Discover timeless elegance with a 1969 Coronado Coronado 30 . Perfectly crafted, this boat offers a captivating sailing experience. Don’t miss out! #yachts”


Coronado Coronado 30 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1969
Manufacturer: All Seasons Marine
Max Mile Range:8,000

This 1969 Coronado 30 is in great shape and ready to cruise. It has a good sail inventory and has been upgraded over the years.

Hull Material
Engine Make
Engine Model
Engine Year
Number Of Engines
Atomic 4

Contact Information

(269) 637-3655

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Coronado Coronado Boats & Coronado Coronado Specs & Pictures

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Why You Should Consider a Coronado 30 1969 Boat


If you are in the market for a reliable and classic sailboat, the Coronado 30 1969 is an excellent choice. This boat offers a combination of vintage charm and durability that is hard to find in modern boats. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why you should consider purchasing a Coronado 30 1969 boat .

1. Classic Design

One of the main attractions of the Coronado 30 1969 is its classic design. These boats were built during a time when aesthetics played a significant role in boat manufacturing. The sleek lines, graceful curves, and attention to detail make this boat a true work of art. Owning a Coronado 30 1969 allows you to enjoy a piece of sailing history while turning heads wherever you go.

2. Solid Construction

Another reason to consider a Coronado 30 1969 boat is its solid construction. These boats were built with quality materials and with a focus on durability. The fiberglass hull is not only strong but also lightweight, enabling the boat to sail smoothly through various weather conditions. The well-designed rigging and hardware ensure that the boat can withstand the test of time and provide a safe and comfortable sailing experience.

3. Excellent Performance

Despite its vintage appeal, the Coronado 30 1969 offers excellent performance on the water. The well-balanced design allows for easy maneuverability and responsive handling. The boat’s moderate displacement and the efficient sail plan provide a satisfying and capable sailing experience. Whether you are cruising along the coast or participating in racing events, the Coronado 30 1969 will not disappoint.

4. Comfortable Interior

While the exterior of the Coronado 30 1969 exudes elegance, the interior offers a cozy and comfortable living space. The boat features a well-thought-out layout that maximizes cabin space and creates a pleasant environment for extended cruising. The bright and airy cabin provides ample headroom, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a functional galley. With the Coronado 30 1969, you can enjoy both the thrill of sailing and the comforts of home.

5. Value for Money

Investing in a Coronado 30 1969 boat can be a smart financial decision. These boats often come at a more affordable price compared to newer models with similar features. Despite their age, well-maintained Coronado 30 1969 boats can still retain their value and offer a good return on investment. Moreover, the popularity of vintage sailboats ensures a robust market, making it easier to sell or upgrade in the future.


If you are searching for a sailboat that combines classic design, solid construction, excellent performance, and comfortable living space, the Coronado 30 1969 is an ideal choice. The timeless appeal of this boat, along with its enduring durability, will provide endless joy and adventure on the water. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the proud owner of a Coronado 30 1969 boat and embark on unforgettable sailing experiences.


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