Egret Boats -: Review, Price, and Latest 2023 Models

Egret Boats – at a price of $175,000 USD. These used Egret Boats come equipped with a Volvo diesel engine. We are offering a well-maintained boat that is very spacious. This Egret 306 Offshore is from the 1st owner and has only approximately 145 operating hours. It features the Axius Premium joystick for easy handling during maneuvering and mooring, as well as a hydraulically lowerable bathing platform with teak covering. The boat is self-sufficient with a generator, making it perfect for life on the ship.

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When it comes to a review and specifications, this Egret Boat was manufactured in 2009 by Morehead Yacht Sales and is priced at Max Mile Range:175,000. It is a lightly used boat with carbon fiber and kevlar construction. Only 145 hours have been logged on this boat, with a total investment of over $220,000. You can see this boat at Matthews Point Marina, featuring the new generation of offshore fishing machines. It offers an economic fuel consumption rate of 8.9 Gph at 32 mph, thanks to its Volvo D6 Diesel engine.

If you are interested in purchasing an Egret Boat, there are great options available -. You can find used Egret boats, new boats, and specialized yachts – online on YachtWorld. The average size of Egret boats is around 29 feet wide, with a maximum draft of 3 feet. The power size typically ranges around 400 HP. Currently, there are three used boats available for auction on the website. If you are interested, you can contact the Manufacturers to arrange a viewing.

When buying an Egret boat, it is important to consider its size, overall length, and price. The 290CC model, for example, is a fantastic choice for a day of fishing. It has a shallow draft and wider beam, making it ideal for fishing enthusiasts. In addition to its easy handling, this model offers ample storage and user-friendly features. If you’re planning a long trip, you can also find an Egret boat – with a trailer.

One of the models you can consider is the Egret Boat 290CC, which is designed specifically for hardcore fishermen. It has a vacuum-bagged construction, making it easy to clean and lightweight for convenient storage. The fuel-efficient engine provides an excellent horsepower to weight ratio, making it an excellent choice for guides or charter boats.

If you are searching for an Egret boat -, you will find various models available. They range from 19 to 30 feet in length, with an average size of 29 feet. BoatTrader, the company’s website, lists four used Egret boats – . These listings include offerings from private Manufacturers, professional boat dealers, and online brokers. The boats vary in age, with the oldest model being built in 1996 and the newest one being a 2016 model.

Egret boats are popular choices for both recreational and professional use. They can be found in different sizes across the United States, with an average length of 29 feet. On Boat Trader, the manufacturer lists four used Egret boats -. These listings include boats from private Manufacturers and professional boat dealers.

For more information about Egret Boats -, you can visit the website Their contact information is as follows:
Phone: (252) 726-6862
Fax: 252-726-1939

Please leave a comment before contacting Egret Boats so that they can reach you via email or phone. For more pictures and detailed information about Egret Boats, you can explore the full listing on the platform. It is the leading platform for buying and selling boats and yachts. All the pictures and information provided in the listing are captured and received directly from the Manufacturers.

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