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Emily Cutter 1999 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Bellhaven, Inc.
Price: Max Mile Range:14,900

30ft Emily Cutter, built ’99. Fiberglass on wood, Douglas fir frame/yellow cedar, Hard Chined with Marine Ply 1 1/2in thick, white spruce mast, concrete keel balast, steel chain plates; great San Juan Sound cruiser. Needs little work; painting paint on the topsides 3 layer reinforcement and two layer epoxy fiberglass layup of the complete hull. Equipt: 18h Yanmar (800hrs run time), Lowrance GPS, Raytheon depth sounder, VHF, Stereo, sails, 170 ft 3/8s chain, 8ft of 1 1/4 in chain , 33lb Bruce anchor, 25lbs danforth, bronze windlass, Dickenson diesel heater, Gimballed Force 10, propeign 2 burner stove and oven. Four Sails, Main, stay, Jib 100%, jib 120% Running rig in good condition, chain plates will need replacement, but still solid.

Hull Material
Max Draft
Engine Make
Length at Waterline
Length Overall
Engine Hours
Number of Engines
8 ft 2 in
4 ft 6 in
25 ft 1 in
30 ft

Contact Information

(360) 733-6636
(360) 647-9664

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Tips on Buying Boats for Sale & Yachts

1. Determine Your Budget

Before beginning your search for boats for sale and yachts, it’s important to set a budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend and stick to it. Keep in mind that apart from the initial purchasing cost, there are other expenses such as maintenance, insurance, docking fees, and fuel to consider.

2. Research Different Types of Boats

There are various types of boats and yachts available in the market, each designed for specific purposes. Research different options and understand their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Consider factors such as the size, purpose, and usage of the boat before making a decision. This will ensure that you find the right vessel to meet your needs.

3. Inspect the Boat Thoroughly

When looking at boats for sale, it’s crucial to inspect them thoroughly before making a purchase. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or engine issues. Also, inspect the boat’s documentation, including its registration and maintenance history. If you are unsure about the inspection process, consider hiring a professional surveyor to do it for you.

4. Consider New vs. Used Boats

Decide whether you want to buy a new or used boat. While new boats may come with warranties and fewer maintenance issues, they can be more expensive. On the other hand, used boats are more affordable, but you need to be cautious about their condition and any potential hidden problems. Assess your needs, budget, and preferences to make the right decision.

5. Get a Marine Insurance

Boats and yachts are valuable investments. To protect your investment, it’s vital to obtain a comprehensive marine insurance policy. This will cover any potential damages, theft, or liability issues that may arise. Research different insurance providers, compare their policies, and choose one that offers the best coverage for your vessel.

6. Test Drive the Boat

Before finalizing your purchase, request a test drive of the boat. This will give you an opportunity to experience its performance and handling firsthand. Pay attention to its speed, maneuverability, and overall comfort. Additionally, check all the onboard systems, including navigation equipment, communication devices, and safety features, to ensure they are in proper working condition.

7. Consult with a Boat Dealer or Broker

If you are new to the boating world, consider consulting with a reputable boat dealer or broker. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, and can provide valuable guidance throughout the buying process. They can help you find the right boat within your budget, negotiate the price, and handle all the paperwork involved.

In conclusion, buying a boat or yacht requires careful consideration and research. By setting a budget, researching different options, inspecting the vessel, considering new vs. used options, obtaining marine insurance, test driving the boat, and seeking professional advice, you can ensure a successful purchase. Enjoy your new vessel and make lasting memories on the open waters!

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