Exploring John Wayne’s Beloved Sailboat: A Closer Look at the Hollywood Icon’s Yachting Passion

Exploring John Wayne’s Beloved Sailboat

Exploring John Wayne’s Beloved Sailboat


John Wayne, the legendary Hollywood icon, was not only known for his illustrious acting career but also for his passion for yachting. One of his beloved yachts, aptly named “The Wild Goose,” served as a symbol of adventure and relaxation for Wayne.

The Wild Goose: A Closer Look

The Wild Goose was a 136-foot long vessel, initially built in 1943 for the U.S. Navy as a minesweeper before being served as a patrol boat during World War II. Wayne purchased the ship in 1962 and converted it into a luxurious yacht. It quickly became his floating sanctuary and a gathering place for his friends from the entertainment industry.

Exploring John Wayne’s Yachting Passion

John Wayne had a deep love for the sea, and he often spent his leisure time cruising along the coast of California or exploring the Mexican Riviera on The Wild Goose. He would invite friends, including fellow actors and filmmakers, for memorable sailing trips filled with camaraderie and relaxation. Wayne enjoyed fishing, playing poker, and entertaining guests on board.

Pros and Cons of John Wayne’s Yacht

  • Pros:
    • Luxurious amenities and accommodations
    • Spacious deck for socializing and entertainment
    • Well-equipped for fishing and water activities
    • A vessel with a rich historical background

  • Cons:
    • Requires extensive maintenance and upkeep
    • Costly to operate and fuel
    • May experience limitations regarding docking in smaller marinas
    • Limited to maritime adventures

Property Description
Length 136 feet
Year Built 1943
Type Converted Minesweeper
Accommodations Luxurious cabins and staterooms
Capacity Up to 81 guests
Features Spacious deck, fishing equipment, poker table, bar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is The Wild Goose still operational?

No, The Wild Goose is no longer operational. After John Wayne’s passing in 1979, the yacht was sold and is now used for private charters and events.

2. How often did John Wayne sail on The Wild Goose?

John Wayne would frequently sail on The Wild Goose, whenever his schedule allowed him to escape from his demanding film career. He cherished spending time on the yacht with his loved ones and friends.

3. Did John Wayne have any other yachts?

Yes, apart from The Wild Goose, John Wayne owned a smaller yacht called The Northerly. However, The Wild Goose was his preferred vessel for yachting adventures.

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