Finding Your Perfect Flicka 20: A Guide to Shopping for a Used Sailboat

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Finding Your Perfect Flicka 20: A Guide to Shopping for a Sailboat

Finding Your Perfect Flicka 20: A Guide to Shopping for a Sailboat


If you are in the market for a sailboat, the Flicka 20 is an excellent option to consider. Known for its sturdy construction and ability to handle various weather conditions, the Flicka 20 offers a comfortable and reliable sailing experience. However, finding the perfect Flicka 20 that meets your specific needs and budget requires some thorough research and careful consideration. In this article, we will guide you through the process of shopping for a Flicka 20 sailboat, providing you with essential information that will help you make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

  1. Researching the Flicka 20
  2. Setting Your Budget
  3. Where to Look for a Flicka 20
  4. Inspecting the Sailboat
  5. Additional Considerations
  6. FAQ

Researching the Flicka 20

Before diving into the world of sailboats, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Flicka 20 model. Learn about its specifications, features, and its performance in different sailing conditions. This knowledge will enable you to assess whether the Flicka 20 meets your sailing requirements and preferences.

Setting Your Budget

Determining your budget is a crucial step in shopping for a Flicka 20. Consider not only the purchase price but also any additional costs such as transportation, repairs, and maintenance. By setting a realistic budget, you can narrow down your options and focus on sailboats that are within your price range.

Where to Look for a Flicka 20

There are several avenues to explore when searching for a Flicka 20. Online platforms such as boat listing websites, forums, and classified ads are excellent places to start your search. Local marinas and yacht clubs may also have listings or contacts for Flicka 20 sailboats. Networking with fellow sailboat enthusiasts can also lead to potential leads.

Inspecting the Sailboat

When you find a potential Flicka 20 sailboat, it is essential to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure its condition matches the seller’s claims. Inspect the hull, rigging, sails, engine, electrical systems, and any other components. If you are not confident in your inspection skills, consider hiring a professional surveyor to assess the boat’s condition.

Additional Considerations

Before finalizing your purchase, take into account other important factors such as the boat’s history, documentation, and any potential legal issues. Additionally, consider your sailing experience and goals, as well as the availability of spare parts and maintenance support for the Flicka 20 model.


1. What is the average price range for a Flicka 20 sailboat?

The price of a Flicka 20 sailboat can vary depending on factors such as age, condition, location, and equipment. On average, expect to find Flicka 20s priced between $15,000 to $30,000.

2. What are some features to look for in a Flicka 20?

When shopping for a Flicka 20, look for features such as a solid hull, good rigging, functional sails, a reliable engine, and a well-maintained electrical system. The inclusion of any additional equipment or upgrades can also add value to the sailboat.

3. Are there any common issues or concerns with the Flicka 20 sailboat?

While the Flicka 20 is known for its sturdy construction, some common issues to look out for include water intrusion, deck delamination, and any signs of corrosion or rust. It is important to thoroughly inspect the sailboat to detect and address any potential issues.

4. Can I finance the purchase of a Flicka 20 sailboat?

Yes, it is possible to finance the purchase of a Flicka 20 sailboat through various lending institutions. However, the availability of financing options may vary, and it is recommended to check with banks or marine finance companies for more information.

Flicka 20 Properties –

Property Description
Length 20 feet
Beam 8 feet
Displacement 4,500 pounds
Draft 3 feet 6 inches
Ballast 1,800 pounds
Sail Area 220 square feet

Pros and Cons of Flicka 20 –

  • Pros:
    • Sturdy construction
    • Comfortable and reliable sailing experience
    • Can handle various weather conditions
    • Good resale value

  • Cons:
    • Restricted interior space due to compact size
    • May require regular maintenance due to age of sailboats
    • Limited speed compared to larger sailboats

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