How to Find the Perfect PT Boat – Sailboat

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How to Find the Perfect PT Boat – Sailboat

How to Find the Perfect PT Boat – Sailboat

Finding the Right PT Boat –

Investing in a PT (patrol torpedo) boat can be an exciting decision for boat enthusiasts, history buffs, or anyone looking for a unique and thrilling boating experience. Whether you are interested in owning a piece of naval history or simply enjoy the aesthetics and performance of these boats, finding the perfect PT boat – sailboat requires careful consideration. Here are some essential steps to guide you in your quest:

Determine Your Budget

Before diving into the world of PT boats, it is important to establish a budget. PT boats vary greatly in terms of age, size, condition, and historical significance, all of which affect the price range. Setting a budget allows you to narrow down your search and focus on options that align with your financial resources.

Research and Inspect

Once you have a ballpark figure in mind, start researching potential PT boats -. Look for reputable Manufacturers and browse online classifieds, boat dealer websites, or auction platforms specializing in historic vessels. Pay close attention to the boat’s specifications, photographs, and any historical documentation provided.

While online research provides a good starting point, it is crucial to arrange an in-person inspection before making any purchasing decisions. This allows you to evaluate the boat’s condition up close, check for potential hidden issues, and inquire about the boat’s maintenance history.

Consider Your Intended Use

Think about how you plan to use your PT boat once you become a proud owner. Are you looking for a fully functional boat, a restoration project, or a display piece? Understanding your intended use will help you determine the necessary features, condition, and level of restoration you are willing to undertake.

Connect with Experts and Enthusiasts

Joining PT boat forums, discussion groups, or attending boat shows and maritime events can offer invaluable insights and connections. Networking with experts and enthusiasts in the field can help you gain a deeper understanding of PT boats, their history, and potential buying opportunities.

Pros and Cons of PT Boat –


  • Unique and captivating naval history
  • Thrilling boating experience with high speed and maneuverability
  • Possibility of acquiring a historical artifact
  • Displaying a true masterpiece of craftsmanship
  • Joining a passionate community of PT boat owners


  • Maintenance and restoration costs can be high
  • Finding original spare parts can be challenging
  • Requires specialized knowledge for proper operation and maintenance
  • Storage and mooring arrangements may be difficult to find
  • Not suitable for inexperienced boat owners

PT Boat – Sailboat Properties

Property Description
Boat Type PT boat
Length Varies – typically between 70 to 80 feet
Construction Material Wood, fiberglass, or aluminum
Engine Type Gasoline or diesel
Hull Condition Evaluated based on maintenance and restoration history
Year Built Various, depending on the PT boat’s age and model

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does a PT boat – sailboat cost?

A: Prices for PT boats can vary greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on factors such as age, condition, historical significance, and other specific attributes.

Q: Are PT boats operational, or are they mainly for display purposes?

A: Both options are available. Some PT boats have been fully restored and are ready for operation, while others may require extensive repairs before being seaworthy. There are also PT boats that are purchased primarily for display or museum purposes.

Q: Where can I find specialized PT boat parts?

A: Finding original spare parts for PT boats can be challenging due to their age and rarity. However, there are online platforms, vintage boat dealers, and specialty stores that cater to the needs of PT boat owners, offering reproductions and compatible parts.

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