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International Dragon Classic Boats Review and Specs

Year: 1954
Manufacturer: Palm Beach Power Boats
Price: Max Mile Range:13,900

The International Dragon Classic Boats were built in 1954 by Abeking-Rassmussen. They have varnished Mahogany topsides on White oak Ribs. These boats were originally designed by Johan Anchor in 1928 specifically for racing in the Baltic and North Seas. The Dragon is known for its smooth handling and seaworthiness, as well as its light displacement hull and high aspect ratio rigging. From 1948 to 1968, the Dragon was used for Olympic sail Boat competitions. While newer generations of Dragons are now built with fiberglass, they are still actively raced in Estimated Mile Rangeope. This particular boat has three masts, two aluminum and one wood (for Boat Shows). It comes with three mainsails and three jibs, as well as a dual axle trailer for launching. Whether you’re looking for a classic day boat or a boat with some history, this International Dragon is a great option. It is in great condition and ready to sail. The owner, who is retiring from sailing, is open to offers.

Hull Material 
Max Draft 
Length at Waterline 
Length Overall 
Number of Engines 
6 ft 5 in
3 ft 11 in
18 ft 8 in
30 ft

Contact Information

(561) 644-5004
561 514-0911

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International Dragon Boats Craigslist & International Dragon Specs & Pictures

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International Dragon Classic 1954 Boats & Yachts

International Dragon Classic 1954 Boats & Yachts

About International Dragon Classic 1954 Boats

The International Dragon is a classic sailing yacht that originated in the early 1920s. It was first designed in Norway by Johan Anker and quickly became popular for its sleek design, excellent performance, and competitive nature. The International Dragon Class has a long and storied history in sailing regattas around the world, including Olympic Games.

The International Dragon Classic 1954 boats are a particular model of this prestigious sailing yacht, built in the mid-1950s. These boats are highly sought after by sailing enthusiasts and collectors alike. With their timeless design and excellent sailing characteristics, they offer a unique sailing experience that combines tradition and modernity.

Features of International Dragon Classic 1954 Boats

The International Dragon Classic 1954 boats exhibit several notable features that make them truly exceptional:

1. Elegant Design

The design of the International Dragon Classic 1954 boats is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. The sleek lines and wooden finishes give them a timeless elegance that is hard to find in modern sailing yachts.

2. Superior Performance

The International Dragon Classic 1954 boats are known for their excellent performance on the water. With a low center of gravity and powerful sail area, they offer thrilling speed and maneuverability, making them ideal for both racing and leisurely cruising.

3. Rich History

Owning an International Dragon Classic 1954 boat means becoming part of a rich maritime history. These yachts have been sailed by generations of passionate sailors and have participated in renowned regattas all over the globe. Owning one is like owning a piece of sailing heritage.

Where to Find International Dragon Classic 1954 Boats

If you’re interested in purchasing an International Dragon Classic 1954 boat, there are several avenues you can explore. Online marketplaces dedicated to classic sailboats and yachts often have listings for these boats. Additionally, you can contact specialized boat brokers or attend boat shows and auctions, where these gems might be available for purchase.

It’s essential to do thorough research and inspections before finalizing a purchase. Working with a reputable seller or broker who understands the history and value of these classic boats is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction and the authenticity of the boat.

In Conclusion

International Dragon Classic 1954 boats are a true treasure for sailing enthusiasts. Their elegant design, superior performance, and rich history make them highly desirable in the world of classic sailboats. If you’re in the market for a well-preserved and authentic International Dragon Classic 1954 boat, consider exploring online marketplaces, engaging with boat brokers, or attending boat shows to find your perfect vessel. Once you own one of these outstanding yachts, you’ll embark on a journey filled with adventure, history, and the joy of sailing.

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