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Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 Boats for Sale & Yachts for 2023

Discover the elegance of Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 Boats & Yachts. Unravel the exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled performance of these boats. Sail your way to adventure with Manitou Pontoons.


Manitou Pontoons 22 Boats Review and Specs

Year: 2009
Manufacturer: Grace Marine
Max Mile Range:38,999

It comes standard with everything you need for a summer of high speed water fun, including the exclusive SHP hull. One trip around the lake and you will realize what all the excitement is about. – Great pontoon – FAST!

Hull Material 
Hull Shape 
Engine Model 
Fuel Capacity 
Number of Engines 
F225 TLR
57 gal

Contact Information

(866) 534-6901
(563) 359-1636

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Manitou Pontoons Boats & Manitou Pontoons Specs & Pictures

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Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 Boats & Yachts: A Perfect Choice for Adventure on the Water

When it comes to enjoying the open waters, Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats & yachts offer a perfect combination of style, performance, and comfort. These pontoon boats are not only eye-catching but also provide an exhilarating experience for water enthusiasts. Whether you are planning a day of fishing, cruising, or simply relaxing, the Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats are the ideal choice.

With a length of 22 feet, these boats provide ample space for friends and family to come together and enjoy an unforgettable day on the water. The spacious deck layout ensures that everyone has enough room to move around comfortably. It also allows for easy accessibility to all onboard amenities, such as comfortable seating, storage compartments, and even a dedicated area for barbecuing.

One of the standout features of the Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats is their superior performance. They are equipped with powerful engines that can quickly propel the boat to impressive speeds. This means that you can easily explore different parts of the water, discover hidden coves or even enjoy thrilling water sports activities like tubing or wakeboarding. The boat’s excellent maneuverability and smooth handling ensure a fun and safe experience for all.

In terms of comfort, Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats leave no stone unturned. The seating options are designed with relaxation in mind, ensuring that every passenger can enjoy a comfortable ride. The boats are also equipped with a sound system that adds an extra element of entertainment. Whether you prefer listening to soothing melodies or jamming to your favorite tunes, the onboard speakers will create the perfect ambience.

Furthermore, these boats are equipped with modern amenities that make life onboard enjoyable and convenient. The built-in coolers ensure that your favorite beverages remain cold throughout the day. Additionally, the on-deck grilling area allows you to cook up a storm and indulge in delicious meals while surrounded by the scenic beauty of the water.

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to water activities, and the Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats excel in this aspect as well. The boats are built using high-quality materials and undergo stringent quality checks to ensure durability and reliability. They are also equipped with safety features such as navigation lights, life jackets, and fire extinguishers to ensure a safe and secure journey.

In conclusion, Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats & yachts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy a day out on the water. With their attractive design, powerful performance, and comfortable amenities, they offer an unforgettable experience for boating enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a quiet day of fishing or an action-packed adventure, these boats are sure to deliver. So why wait? Embark on your next adventure and make unforgettable memories with Manitou Pontoons 22 X 2009 boats.


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